26 best places for women to travel alone for the first time

I have been traveling the world for 15 years and in this post, I will share with you all my experiences on my best places for women to travel alone.

📧 Hi Trisha! I have spent the last week going through all your posts and I am quite impressed how you have traveled around solo! It is my first-time to leave the confines of my home in New York and I am adamant to explore on my own. What are the best places for women to travel alone? I would prefer anywhere safe and where most females travel solo. I love cities, beaches, and I consider myself a social person. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you so much for all you do and I hope to meet you in person!

Adeline Matthews, United States

Hi Adeline,

Thank you for reading the blog! 15 years ago, when I started traveling alone, safety was never an issue. The world seemed to be safer at the time so this wasn’t part of the conversation.

As my personal rule, I practice vigilance in any destination I visit. I believe that there is no such thing as safe countries for solo female travelers as bad things can happen anywhere – even in the comforts of your home.

I organize group trips for solo travelers (male and female) every year so if this is your first time to travel on your own, I suggest you join my trips where you’ll learn how to travel solo as a woman.

Here’s my list of the best places to travel alone as a woman – I hope you find one that suits you! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

Xx, Trisha

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I have friends and/or know people in these best places for women to travel alone. I know it’s important for you to know people when traveling solo to a place for the first time so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me so I can introduce you to friends in each destination!

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✈️ Best places for women to travel alone for the first time

1. Boracay, Philippines

best places for women to travel alone
Boracay stands out as a haven for solo female travelers, blending safety, cultural richness, and a plethora of activities, all set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most beautiful islands.

I put Boracay as one of the best places for women to travel alone not because I am Filipino but because it is a beautiful and affordable place to travel to.

Boracay is rapidly emerging as one of the best places for women to travel alone, offering an exceptional blend of natural beauty, friendly locals, and a myriad of activities that cater to diverse interests.

This small yet vibrant island is renowned for its stunning white-sand beaches, particularly the famous White Beach, which boasts crystal-clear waters and breathtaking sunsets.

best places for women to travel alone
I feel like everyone who visits Boracay are all traveling alone so it’s really easy to make friends!

Filipinos are very friendly and open, which makes Boracay an even better place to visit by yourself. They are usually happy to help and chat, which makes you feel like you belong and gives you a chance to learn about the rich Filipino culture.

Boracay has a vibrant nightlife with numerous bars and clubs. Most hostels in Boracay are party hostels but many accommodation types will fit your taste (for as low as $45 USD per night).

English is widely spoken in the Philippines, which makes communication easier for most international travelers. The island’s compact size allows for easy navigation, with most areas accessible by walking or short tricycle rides, providing a sense of independence and freedom to explore at one’s own pace.

🛏️ My best friend owns Airbnbs and rental apartments in Boracay so if you plan to visit, get in touch and I’ll make an introduction!

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2. Oaxaca, Mexico

best places for women to travel alone
Oaxaca’s combination of safety, cultural richness, and welcoming atmosphere makes it a top choice for women traveling alone.

I come to Oaxaca every year during Day of the Dead and I love its vibrant culture, including indigenous traditions, art, and festivals. It’s a fantastic place to experience traditional Mexican culture!

Oaxaca, Mexico, with its vibrant culture, rich history, and warm hospitality, is increasingly recognized as one of the best places for women to travel alone.

This charming city offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary experiences, making it an ideal destination for solo female travelers seeking both adventure and cultural immersion.

Safety is a key concern for any solo traveler, and Oaxaca is known for its safe and welcoming environment. The locals are friendly and respectful, often going out of their way to assist visitors, which adds a layer of comfort and ease to the solo travel experience.

Navigating the city is straightforward, with many of the main attractions, colorful markets, and quaint cafes located within walking distance of the historic center.

Join my yearly Oaxaca day of the dead tour and meet other solo travelers!

Oaxaca’s rich cultural tapestry is one of its biggest draws. The city is a hub for traditional Mexican arts and crafts, including textiles, pottery, and folk art. Solo travelers can explore artisan workshops and local markets, offering an authentic glimpse into the region’s artistic heritage.

The city is also famous for its culinary scene, boasting a variety of traditional dishes and flavors unique to the region. Dining alone is a delight in Oaxaca, with friendly locals and communal tables in many eateries.

Oaxaca’s combination of safety, cultural richness, and welcoming atmosphere makes it a top choice for women traveling alone.

If you are a solo female traveler looking for group trips, every year, I host a Oaxaca day of the dead tour – feel free to join me!

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3. Tokyo, Japan

I visit Tokyo regularly because of the food. It’s also a huge city with so many things to do and interesting people to meet. For sure, I am not the only one who loves to travel to Japan – everyone does so make sure to put this on your list of best places for women to travel alone, otherwise, you’re missing out!

Tokyo, Japan, stands out as one of the best places for women to travel alone, thanks to its unparalleled safety, organized urban landscape, and rich cultural experiences.

Renowned for being one of the safest cities in the world, Tokyo has a low crime rate, coupled with the respectful nature of its citizens, ensures a secure and comfortable environment.

best places for women to travel alone
Tokyo’s safety, ease of navigation, and rich cultural offerings make it a perfect destination for solo female travelers.

The comprehensive and punctual public transportation system in Tokyo is a boon for solo travelers. The city’s extensive network of trains and buses, complete with English signage, makes navigating this bustling metropolis both simple and efficient.

Tokyo’s culinary scene is particularly solo-traveler friendly. Many restaurants, especially ramen and sushi bars, offer counter seating, making it comfortable for travelers to dine alone. This setup is ideal for sampling Tokyo’s renowned cuisine, from street food to Michelin-starred establishments.

Culturally, Tokyo is a treasure trove, boasting an array of historical temples and museums alongside modern entertainment and shopping districts.

💲 Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Good thing I have local Japanese friends who shows me to the cheap spots! Get in touch and I’ll introduce you!

4. Chefchaouen, Morocco

chefchaouen morocco
Chefchaouen is known for its low crime rate and friendly locals. However, as with any solo travel, it’s prudent to stay alert, especially at night. Stick to well-lit, populated areas and trust your instincts.

Chefchaouen, with its dreamlike streets bathed in shades of blue, is increasingly recognized as one of the best places for women to travel alone. This charming city offers a safe haven for solo female travelers seeking both adventure and cultural immersion.

Engage with the local culture respectfully. Dress modestly to blend in with the local norms, a practice that can also minimize unwanted attention. The people of Chefchaouen are hospitable and often happy to interact, offering a window into authentic Moroccan life.

Chefchaouen’s combination of safety, beauty, and cultural depth makes it an ideal destination for solo female travelers seeking a peaceful yet enriching travel experience.

The compact and walkable nature of Chefchaouen allows solo explorers to comfortably navigate its winding streets. Take this opportunity to wander without a strict agenda, discovering hidden gems and picturesque corners at your own pace.

Embrace eating alone by trying local cafes and street food, where you can enjoy the local cuisine. Many restaurants in Chefchaouen have friendly atmospheres, ideal for solo visitors.

Dressing modestly is recommended to respect the local culture and to attract less attention. This means covering shoulders, chest, and knees.

Arabic and French are the main languages spoken in Morocco. While you can find English speakers, especially in tourist areas, knowing some basic phrases in French or Arabic can be helpful.

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5. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

best places for women to travel alone
Generally, Ho Chi Minh City is safe for solo female travelers, but it’s important to remain vigilant, especially in crowded areas to avoid pickpockets, and to be cautious when crossing the busy streets.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is rapidly becoming one of the best places for women to travel alone, offering an exhilarating blend of vibrant city life, rich history, and friendly locals.

Known for its bustling streets and dynamic atmosphere, this city presents a unique opportunity for solo female travelers to immerse themselves in a culturally rich and diverse environment.

Explore the city’s numerous historical sites, such as the War Remnants Museum and the Cu Chi Tunnels. Respecting local customs, including dressing modestly, particularly in temples and religious sites, enhances mutual respect.

vietnam travel
Grab drivers are very friendly. You might get terrified with the roads but these drivers know what they are doing.

The city is famous for its street food. Solo travelers can comfortably dine at local markets and street vendors, a perfect way to savor authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

While navigating the city, be aware that motorbikes are the main mode of transportation. For longer distances, consider using reputable taxi companies or ride-hailing apps like Grab.

Ho Chi Minh City has a welcoming expat and traveler community. Participating in group tours or visiting popular expat hangouts can be great ways to meet people.

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6. Tel Aviv, Israel

is tel aviv safe
Many friends from different countries visited me in Tel Aviv while I was living there.

In the wake of the Israel-Hamas war, you may question why I included Tel Aviv in this list of best places for women to travel alone. I lived here for a year so my experiences in Tel Aviv are different.

Tel Aviv, Israel, stands out as one of the best places for women to travel alone, offering a dynamic blend of modern urban life, rich cultural history, and stunning Mediterranean beaches.

This vibrant city is known for its open-mindedness and progressive atmosphere, making it a welcoming destination for solo female travelers.

nightlife in tel aviv
Tel Aviv’s unique combination of safety, vibrant social life, and cultural richness makes it an ideal destination for solo female travelers.

The city’s diverse cultural landscape is a tapestry of historic sites, museums, and bustling markets like Carmel Market, ideal for experiencing the local lifestyle. Dressing modestly, especially when visiting religious sites, is respectful and appreciated.

The city’s beaches are not just for relaxation but also social hubs. They’re great for enjoying the sun and making new friends in a casual, open setting.

Tel Aviv’s café culture and nightlife are perfect for solo travelers. The city is known for its friendly locals and expat community, offering ample opportunities to meet new people.

Public transport in Tel Aviv is reliable and extensive. Familiarize yourself with bus routes and consider renting a bike to explore the city like a local.

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7. Mexico City, Mexico

is mexico city safe

Despite its bad press, I travel to Mexico City solo regularly because I can’t get enough of this city! The food is amazing and it keeps me coming back!

Mexico City, often cited as one of the best places for women to travel alone, offers an intoxicating mix of rich history, vibrant culture, and a lively arts scene. This sprawling metropolis is a hub of activity, where you can immerse yourself in a world of ancient ruins, sprawling parks, and bustling markets.

The city is a treasure trove of historical sites like the Templo Mayor and the Frida Kahlo Museum. Engaging respectfully with the local culture, including trying your hand at some basic Spanish, can greatly enhance your experience.

is mexico city safe

Mexico City is famed for its culinary delights. From street food stalls to high-end restaurants, there are options for every palate. Dining solo is a great way to immerse yourself in the local food scene.

The city has a thriving community of locals, expats, and fellow travelers. Joining walking tours or attending local events can be great ways to meet new people.

⛔ I wrote an article about safety in Mexico City where I discussed my solo female travel experiences there (including tips on how to stay safe!) Check it out and see what it’s really like to travel Mexico City solo.

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8. Singapore

singapore travel guide

Most of my solo travels are driven by food, and Singapore is another destination I constantly visit because of its culinary scene. I think that it’s really unique and few people know about it!

Singapore is often lauded as one of the best places for women to travel alone, thanks to its reputation for safety, cleanliness, and a well-organized urban environment.

This city-state boasts a rich tapestry of cultures, futuristic architecture, lush green spaces, and a world-class culinary scene, making it an ideal destination for solo female travelers seeking a blend of adventure and security.

Explore the diverse neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam to immerse yourself in the cultural melting pot of Singapore. Respect local customs and dress codes, especially when visiting religious sites.

things to do in singapore

The city’s public transportation system is extensive, reliable, and easy to navigate. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) reaches most tourist destinations and is a cost-effective way to travel.

Singapore is a haven for food enthusiasts, with its hawker centers offering a comfortable and casual dining experience for solo travelers.

Despite its bustling urban setting, Singapore offers numerous opportunities to connect with others, from organized tours to cultural workshops and events.

9. Hong Kong

hong kong travel
Fun fact: Hong Kong means “fragrant harbor” in Chinese language.

I also lived in Hong Kong for 3 months and despite it being very expensive (compared to other Asian destinations), I really enjoyed my time there because its a melting pot – everyone is in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is often celebrated as one of the best places for women to travel alone, offering a unique blend of safety, modernity, and cultural richness.

This vibrant city-state is renowned for its stunning skyline, bustling markets, and lush greenery, providing solo female travelers with a diverse and exhilarating experience.

hong kong tour package
Hong Kong is known for its high safety standards, making it an ideal destination for solo travelers.

Dive into Hong Kong’s rich heritage by visiting traditional temples, engaging in the local tea culture, and exploring historical sites. Respect local traditions and customs to fully appreciate the cultural depth of the city.

The city’s public transportation, including the MTR (Mass Transit Railway), is extensive, efficient, and easy to navigate, covering major attractions and simplifying solo travel.

Hong Kong’s culinary scene is a paradise for foodies. From street food stalls to high-end restaurants, there are plenty of options for solo diners to explore the local cuisine comfortably.

10. Cusco, Peru

cusco solo travel
2014 vs 2019 visit to Machu Picchu.

I stayed in Peru for a year and have traveled the whole country during my stay. Peru has it all and its one of the reasons why I keep coming back!

Cusco, Peru, nestled in the Andes and brimming with rich history, is increasingly recognized as one of the best places for women to travel alone.

This ancient city, once the capital of the Inca Empire, is a gateway to the wonders of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, offering solo female travelers an unforgettable blend of adventure, culture, and history.

peru travel tips

Cusco sits at a high altitude, so it’s important to acclimatize upon arrival. Stay hydrated, rest adequately, and consider local remedies like coca tea to mitigate altitude sickness.

Cusco has a strong community of travelers and expats. Hostels, guided tours, and local events can be great ways to meet people and share experiences.

The culinary scene in Cusco is a blend of traditional Andean flavors and modern fusion. Solo dining is common and a great way to taste local dishes.

🦙 Every year, I host a 10-day Peru expedition where I bring fellow solo travelers around the country for an adventure! Feel free to join me this year if you are looking for group trips!

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11. Milan, Italy

I went to fashion school in Milan so I’ll always be biased to this city. Though I also loved Rome so check out both if you have at least 10 days for traveling in Italy. Milan, renowned as a fashion and design capital, ranks among the best places for women to travel alone.

This dynamic city offers an elegant blend of historical architecture, high-end shopping, vibrant art scenes, and exquisite cuisine, making it an enticing destination for solo female travelers seeking a blend of culture and sophistication.

Milan is rich in cultural heritage, with landmarks like the Duomo di Milano and Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.” Respect local customs and dress modestly, particularly when visiting religious sites.

Milan’s culinary scene is perfect for solo dining, with numerous cafes and restaurants offering counters or small tables. It’s a great opportunity to savor Milanese and Italian cuisine.

The city’s public transport system is efficient and user-friendly, making it easy to explore. Familiarize yourself with the metro and tram routes to navigate the city like a local.

Milan has a lively expat and tourist community. Participating in walking tours, cooking classes, or visiting popular spots like the Navigli district can be excellent ways to meet new people.

☀️ Summer is the best time to visit Milan. I do a group tour in Italy every August (shoulder season) so come join my fun group for a week of food and fun!

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12. Costa Rica

costa rica travel

I did not have a great time during my first trip to Costa Rica. I observed how they behaved differently towards tourists who speak fluent Spanish (or look Latina like me) versus white tourists.

Most of my (white) American friends have glowing reviews of traveling to Costa Rica and you don’t need to speak Spanish to travel here. Everyone speaks English and they use US dollars!

Costa Rica, with its reputation for being peaceful and its motto of “Pura Vida” (Pure Life), is often considered one of the best places for women to travel alone.

This Central American paradise offers solo female travelers a safe and welcoming environment, lush landscapes, abundant wildlife, and a plethora of adventure activities, making it an ideal destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure.

volunteer travel
I made long-time friends from volunteering in Costa Rica and we’re still in touch up until today!

Costa Rica’s biodiversity is a major draw. National parks like Manuel Antonio and Monteverde offer opportunities for guided tours, which are great for safety and meeting other travelers.

Costa Rica is a leader in conservation. Participate in eco-friendly and sustainable tourism practices to help preserve the country’s natural beauty.

Costa Ricans (Ticos) are known for their friendliness. Engaging with locals can enhance your experience but always do so respectfully and cautiously.

Public transportation in Costa Rica is not the best nor more efficient so you must rent a car in order to get around easily. This is actually better if you are traveling with girl friends as a group.

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13. Cartagena, Colombia

is cartagena safe

Cartagena, Colombia, with its colorful colonial architecture, vibrant street life, and Caribbean charm, is increasingly recognized as one of the best places for women to travel alone.

The city’s historic walled center, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers a journey through cobblestone streets lined with colorful houses. Respect local customs and be open to learning from the rich culture around you.

Cartagena’s locals are known for their friendliness. Engaging with them can enrich your travel experience, but always maintain a level of caution in new acquaintances.

The local gastronomy is a highlight, with fresh seafood and Caribbean flavors. Solo dining is a great way to immerse yourself in the culinary scene.

14. Bali, Indonesia

All leads road to Bali and though I really love this island, it has become super crowded and touristy through the years. Bali is beautiful and cheap so if you don’t mind joining in a big (and touristy) crowd, go to Bali!

Bali, Indonesia, renowned for its stunning landscapes, spiritual culture, and warm hospitality, ranks as one of the best places for women to travel alone.

Bali’s rich cultural tapestry, evident in its temples, traditional dances, and ceremonies, is a highlight. Dress respectfully, especially when visiting temples, and be open to learning about local customs.

Bali’s friendly locals and thriving expat community make it easy to meet people. Yoga classes, cooking courses, and guided tours are great ways to connect with others.

Bali is a hub for wellness. Engage in activities like yoga, meditation, and spa treatments for a rejuvenating experience. Renting a scooter is common in Bali, but if you’re not comfortable, taxis and ride-sharing apps are readily available.

15. Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador, with its magnificent blend of colonial charm, vibrant indigenous culture, and breathtaking Andean landscapes, is fast becoming one of the best places for women to travel alone.

This high-altitude capital offers solo female travelers a unique opportunity to delve into rich historical sites, bustling local markets, and stunning natural surroundings, all within a framework of safety and accessibility.

The city’s historical center, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is filled with splendid colonial architecture, museums, and churches. Respect local customs and traditions, and be modest in dress, especially in religious sites.

best places for women to travel alone
I volunteered in a hostel in Quito for 45 days and have made friends!

Ecuadorians are known for their warmth and hospitality. Engaging with locals can enrich your experience, but it’s important to do so with discretion.

Quito’s high altitude can make you sick, especially if you are not used to high altitudes. Take it slow upon arrival, stay hydrated, and be mindful of altitude sickness symptoms.

Public transportation is available, but for ease and safety, consider using taxis or ride-sharing apps, especially at night.

16. Taipei, Taiwan

5 days in taipei

Taipei is an underdog when it comes to solo travel in Asia as few travelers know about it. But it is also my favorite destination for food – it’s also super cheap to travel Taiwan!

Taipei is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the best places for women to travel alone. This vibrant city combines the allure of bustling street life with the tranquility of lush green spaces, all within a framework of safety and friendliness that is particularly welcoming to solo female travelers.

Taipei offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, from historic temples like Longshan to the contemporary marvels of Taipei 101. Respect local customs, and be open to the diverse cultural experiences.

taipei nightlife
Meeting new friends in a bar in Taipei.

The city’s public transportation system is efficient, affordable, and user-friendly, with signage in both Mandarin and English, making navigation a breeze.

The food scene in Taipei is a solo traveler’s delight. Night markets like Shilin offer a plethora of options where eating alone is the norm, providing an authentic taste of Taiwanese cuisine.

Taipei’s friendly locals and expat community make it easy to meet people. Joining local tours or classes can be a great way to connect.

17. Jaipur, India

India also has a reputation about being unsafe. Sure, you will get A LOT of attention as a foreign woman in Jaipur but note that they are harmless. Just don’t engage too much and be firm!

Jaipur, India, known as the ‘Pink City’, stands out as one of the best places for women to travel alone. It offers a mesmerizing blend of ancient royal heritage, vibrant markets, and breathtaking architecture.

Explore Jaipur’s iconic landmarks like the Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, and City Palace. Engaging with the city’s history and culture deepens the travel experience. Always show respect towards local customs and traditions.

People in Jaipur are generally friendly and hospitable. While interacting, it’s wise to maintain a balance between openness and discretion. As a foreigner, expect to be invited to occasional selfies. They love taking photos with foreign women!

For getting around, auto-rickshaws and taxis are convenient, but always agree on a fare beforehand. Using ride-sharing apps can also be a safer option.

18. Petra, Jordan

petra jordan tours

Most of you ask if it’s safe for women to travel to Islamic countries. Jordan is actually very lenient and welcoming to tourists. I stayed with a Jordanian family to know about their culture and it was one of my best experiences!

Petra with its awe-inspiring ancient architecture and rich historical significance, is increasingly recognized as one of the best places for women to travel alone.

This UNESCO World Heritage site, famed for its breathtaking rock-cut facades and archaeological wonders, offers solo female travelers a unique blend of adventure, history, and cultural immersion.

Jordanian culture is welcoming but conservative. Dressing modestly, covering shoulders and knees, is respectful and advisable, especially when interacting with locals.

Engage respectfully with local Bedouins who live in and around Petra. They can offer insights into the history and culture of the area.

The site is vast, so wearing comfortable walking shoes is a must. Be prepared for a significant amount of walking or consider hiring a camel or donkey for longer distances within Petra.

19. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

things to do in rio de janeiro brazil

I stayed in Rio de Janeiro for 9 months and each year, I visit during the carnival month (February). I have made meaningful friendships in Rio and they consider me as an honorary carioca!

While Rio de Janeiro has the reputation of being unsafe, I did not feel harmed here – having local friends really help. You’ve got to see Rio so for your peace of mind, I can introduce you to friends!

Rio de Janeiro, with its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and lively atmosphere, ranks as one of the best places for women to travel alone.

is rio de janeiro safe

This iconic city offers solo female travelers a unique experience, combining the allure of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, the historic charm of Santa Teresa, and the infectious rhythms of samba.

Embrace the city’s diverse cultural offerings by visiting landmarks such as Christ the Redeemer, exploring the artsy neighborhood of Santa Teresa, and enjoying the local music and dance scenes.

When visiting Rio’s famous beaches, blend in like a local. Keep belongings minimal and always within sight to avoid theft. Use the city’s metro system, which is reliable and covers many tourist areas. Taxis and ride-sharing apps are also safe options, especially at night.

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20. Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan with its unique blend of ancient history and modern vibrancy, is quickly becoming one of the best places for women to travel alone.

This city, one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited, offers solo female travelers a safe and welcoming environment to explore rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and a burgeoning culinary scene.

Delve into Armenia’s rich history by visiting the Matenadaran, a repository of ancient manuscripts, and the Armenian Genocide Memorial. Respect for local traditions and customs enhances the experience.

Armenians are known for their hospitality. Interacting with locals can provide valuable insights into the culture, but maintain discretion and be cautious in forming new acquaintances.

Because of the cold weather, you will notice that some Armenians are not warm to foreigners and tourists.

Yerevan is a walkable city with an efficient public transportation system. For longer distances, taxis are widely available and affordable. The city’s burgeoning culinary scene offers a delightful experience for solo diners, from cozy cafes to traditional Armenian restaurants.

Visit the vibrant Vernissage Market or the bustling Yerevan Central Market to experience the local culture and craftsmanship. It’s a great way to interact with artisans and understand Armenian traditions.

While Armenian is the primary language, many locals, especially the youth, speak English. Learning a few Armenian phrases can be endearing and useful in daily interactions.

21. Mendoza, Argentina

mendoza wine tours

Wine has been the center of my life (as I study food and wine) and Argentina has the best wine region in the world! Although wineries should be enjoyed with friends, I traveled to Mendoza solo to volunteer in a vineyard.

Mendoza, nestled at the foothills of the Andes, is increasingly celebrated as one of the best places for women to travel alone.

The region’s renowned wineries are a highlight. Joining group tours not only provides a chance to taste exquisite wines but also to meet fellow travelers and share experiences.

For those who love nature, Mendoza offers hiking, horseback riding, and rafting. Participating in organized tours can be both safe and sociable.

Mendoza’s culinary scene is welcoming to solo diners. Enjoy the local cuisine in a relaxed setting, a perfect opportunity to savor Argentine flavors.

22. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

solo travel in asia

Kuala Lumpur, with its striking skyline, multicultural heritage, and culinary delights, ranks as one of the best places for women to travel alone. This vibrant city offers solo female travelers a safe and dynamic environment where traditional Malay culture intersects with modernity.

Explore the city’s diverse cultural fabric by visiting landmarks like the Petronas Twin Towers, Batu Caves, and the Islamic Arts Museum. Embracing local customs and dressing modestly, especially in religious or traditional settings, is recommended.

The city is a food paradise, with a variety of cuisines reflecting its multicultural population. From street food stalls to upscale restaurants, dining alone is common and enjoyable.

Kuala Lumpur’s public transport system, including the LRT and monorail, is efficient and covers most tourist attractions, making it easy for solo travelers to navigate the city.

The city’s friendly locals and expat community provide opportunities to meet people. Joining group tours or visiting popular spots like Jalan Alor or Central Market can be great ways to socialize.

23. La Paz, Bolivia

bolivia brazil border crossing
I crossed the Bolivia-Brazil border on my own!

La Paz is another highlight for me. I spent 3 months volunteering in a hostel here and even if the weather is always cold, I enjoyed this trip because I met an awful lot of amazing people who are still my friends up to now.

La Paz, Bolivia, set amidst the Andes Mountains, is increasingly recognized as one of the best places for women to travel alone. Its unique blend of indigenous and urban cultures, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant street life offers solo female travelers a rich, diverse, and empowering experience.

La Paz is one of the highest cities in the world. Take time to acclimatize to the altitude, stay hydrated, and move at a comfortable pace.

Traveling with the same people from Peru to Bolivia. This was the first week that the cable car in La Paz opened. The rides were free for a week!

The city’s rich cultural tapestry is best experienced through its markets, museums, and traditional festivals. Respecting local customs and traditions enhances the experience.

Bolivians are known for their friendliness. While engaging, it’s important to maintain a level of discretion and respect for cultural differences.

The public transport system, including the unique cable car network, provides stunning views of the city and is a safe way to travel around.

24. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, with its vibrant street life, rich cultural landmarks, and bustling markets, is widely acclaimed as one of the best places for women to travel alone. This energetic city offers solo female travelers a safe and exhilarating experience, blending traditional Thai culture with modern urban exploration.

Immerse yourself in the city’s rich heritage by visiting temples like Wat Arun and the Grand Palace. Dress modestly in these sacred places to show respect for local customs.

Bangkok’s culinary scene is a solo traveler’s delight. Street food stalls and open-air markets offer a safe and delicious way to enjoy Thai cuisine.

Navigate the city via the BTS Skytrain and MRT, which are safe and convenient for solo travelers. Taxis and ride-sharing apps are also reliable, especially after dark.

Bangkok has a large and friendly expat and traveler community. Joining group tours or activities can be a great way to meet people.

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25. Baja California, Mexico

baja california sur road trip

I currently live in Cabo San Lucas in Baja California, Mexico so I am pretty biased with this destination! Because of its proximity to the United States and Canada, it is considered one of the safest place for solo female travelers because everyone comes to the Baja!

This beautiful peninsula offers solo female travelers a blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a mix of serenity and exploration.

Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting historic missions, engaging with the vibrant arts scene in towns like Todos Santos, and tasting the region’s renowned wines and seafood.

baja california sur mexico

Whether it’s surfing in the Pacific, snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez, or relaxing on the beautiful beaches, Baja offers a variety of activities for every interest.

Renting a car can provide the flexibility to explore the peninsula at your own pace. Stick to well-traveled routes and keep track of gas stations as they can be sparse in remote areas.

The friendly nature of the locals and the growing community of expats and travelers make it easy to meet new people.

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26. The Maldives

The Maldives has a reputation for being a honeymoon destination but it is actually great for solo travel, especially if you are into surfing. You don’t have to stay in an all-inclusive resort – there are many local islands that are cheaper!

The Maldives is a world-renowned destination for snorkeling and diving. Participating in group water activities can be a great way to meet fellow travelers while experiencing the vibrant marine life.

Book transfers and accommodations in advance, as transportation between islands can require careful planning. If you are on a budget and don’t plan to stay in a resort, I suggest the following cheap islands in the Maldives:

  1. Maafushi: One of the most popular local islands for tourists, known for its guesthouses and budget accommodations. It’s a great place to experience local culture while still having access to various tourist amenities and activities.
  2. Thulusdhoo: Known for its surf breaks, Thulusdhoo is a favorite among surfers. It also has a thriving local industry, including a Coca-Cola factory that’s unique for being one of the few in the world that uses desalinated water.
  3. Dhigurah: Long and narrow, Dhigurah is known for its beautiful beaches and is a great spot for whale shark sightings. The island has a small local community and offers several guesthouses and local dining experiences.
  4. Hulhumale: This is a reclaimed island, developed to ease the population pressure on Malé, the capital city. It’s more urbanized but still offers a local experience, with a mix of residential areas, beaches, and local businesses.
  5. Fulidhoo: This is one of the smaller inhabited islands, known for its traditional Maldivian culture and lifestyle. It’s less touristy, offering a quiet and authentic local experience.

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  1. I’m supposed to be going to Hong Kong for my friends wedding this fall! So glad to hear it’s safe – what neighborhood do you recommend I stay in?

  2. Great – and very varied list of places for women to travel solo. Actually I travelled to some of the places you mention alone and found it wonderful. Tokyo, where I lived for several years, is one of the safest cities I know, not only for women, but for everyone.

  3. My first solo trip was to Malaysia and Singapore and I will heartily agree with they deserve a place on your list. No Canada?! haha But really, so many great options to solo travellers 🙂

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