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I’m glad you are here! Ready to change the way you see and live life?

Hey there! Glad you decided to schedule a chat with me! I’ve been traveling the world as a solo female and remote worker for 14 years now and in this private consult, I can help you with ANYTHING that is travel and living abroad related.

You probably landed this page because you need help in planning your travels and/or relocating abroad. I have traveled and lived in many countries all over the world so you are in the right place – I will take care of you!

Meet Trisha, your solo travel and digital nomad expert

Trisha stays in one city for one month to give you the best about living abroad and being a digital nomad. She also immerses deep into the culture of a place to be able to present you with unique experiences that are not in any other guide books or blogs.


Professional Trip Planning

Every traveler is different so Trisha makes sure that the experiences she suggests will definitely fit the type of traveler that you are.

Fluency in languages

Trisha speaks fluent English, Tagalog, Spanish, and Portuguese. She can also speak some Hebrew, French, and Italian. Her language skills will guarantee your local experiences and contacts!

Supporting local communities

Trisha only recommends activities and tours run by local families and individuals. Meaning, she talks to them directly to give you a great price for the activities that you want to avail.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what customers have to say!

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Don’t know what you need help with? Here are some popular consultation ideas.

  • 1-hour consult call (ask anything)
  • Residency and digital nomad visa assistance
  • Pre-departure and arrival assistance
  • Apartment hunting assistance
  • Local staff on the ground
  • Personalized trip itineraries
  • Discounts on tours

Ready to go on a Zoom call with Trisha?

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If you feel like you don’t need a private consultation yet, check out these FREE resources.

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This blog has many tips and tricks on how to travel solo, how to become a digital nomad, and how to effectively move abroad. These resources are 100% FREE. Go on! Indulge!