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You probably landed this page because you need help in planning your travels and/or relocating abroad. I have traveled and lived in many countries all over the world so you are in the right place – I will take care of you!

Meet Trisha, your travel expert

Trisha stays in one city for one month to give you the best about living abroad and being a digital nomad. She also immerses deep into the culture of a place to be able to present you with unique experiences that are not in any other guide books or blogs.

Professional Trip Planning

Every traveler is different so Trisha makes sure that the experiences she suggests will definitely fit the type of traveler that you are.

Fluency in languages

Trisha speaks fluent English, Tagalog, Spanish, and Portuguese. She can also speak some Hebrew, French, and Italian. Her language skills will guarantee your local experiences and contacts!

Supporting local communities

Trisha only recommends activities and tours run by local families and individuals. Meaning, she talks to them directly to give you a great price for the activities that you want to avail.


One-time payment of $225 usd for customizing your trip ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!



Give Trisha initial details of your dream trip – where you want to travel and what’s your travel style.



We will get on an initial call via Zoom and start planning your trip. We will do this for 1 hour and it will be done!



Once we are done, your itinerary will be sent to you and you don’t have to worry about anything! Transport, hotels, tours – it will all be booked for you!



As soon as you arrive on your destination and something comes up, you can call Trisha and she will answer and help you with whatever you need.


What people are saying about Trisha’s services

Trishaโ€™s service is both exceptional and extremely valuable.
In particular, itโ€™s exceptional in terms of both rarity of service and quality of service. Trisha has the very rare skill set of the accumulated experience of both living in these countries as someone from abroad, and having traveled both extensively and intensively.
Intensively meaning long stays, working visas, being a digital nomad, speaking local languages, experiencing the health care, making strong connections locally, etc. Not only as a tourist. This intensivity is extremely valuable. During our 1 hour consultation, Trisha shared information that will, in a very real way, save me enormous time, hassle, problems, capital, and more.
She also connected me with a trusted immigration attorney for the country in question. Which, by the way, she offered to do whether or not we proceeded with a paid consultation. Trisha provides deep local experience, and a wealth of knowledge from having traveled the world. She is also personable, friendly, and easy to talk with.
I had a great experience with Trishaโ€™s 1-1 consulting, and I recommend it without question
Bradley Culley
Illinois, USA
I recently decided to leave my job in New York City and had never been to Mexico prior to embarking on a digital nomadic journey. Fortunately in my research I was able to come across Trishaโ€™s insightful blog which provided me with an incredible amount of initial information. I decided to schedule a direct conversation and canโ€™t express how happy I am to have done so. In just one hour, Trisha provided a wealth of knowledge from her years of experience in Mexico and immediately connected me with numerous contacts to help facilitate my journey. I can not recommend her highly enough!
Gregory Barasia
New York, USA
I already learned a lot from Trishaโ€™s blog posts about digital nomads but there was a need to reach out to her for a personal consult. She did not fail me! She is very knowledgeable about local destinations. She also gave me digital nomad tips that I used a lot during my transition. She is like a walking guide book for digital nomads! Her services are highly recommended. Her big beautiful smile also gave me a lot of encouragement! Buena chica!
Damian Williams
Austin, TX, USA
The Embassy of Jordan was closed in the Philippines because of COVID. When I found Trishaโ€™s blog about Jordan visas, I immediately reached out to her. After 24 hours, my family and I got our Jordan visas and we were so surprised that we were allowed to do the visa on arrival. As a fellow Filipina, I was so shocked how well connected she is. Everyone in Jordan knew her and spoke highly of her. So I really recommend her services! Thank you so much for making our Jordan dreams come true!
Melissa Ang
Manila, Philippines
Gracias a Trisha, ahora soy residente legal de Mรฉxico durante cuatro aรฑos. Al principio, insistรญ en ponerme en contacto con ella porque no sabรญa si era real o no. Me impresionรณ mucho lo eficiente que es y cรณmo estรก muy bien conectada en Mรฉxico. Saludos Trisha y muchas gracias por todo!
Javier Jerez
Madrid, Spain
I am only doing this review because Trisha is awesome. Iโ€™m in a very stressful work environment. I donโ€™t have time to plan my travels. When my buddies and I headed to Cabo, I found Trisha and she planned the most amazing guys party ever! We were at the police station for not having ID while walking in Cabo. Trisha came to the station like a boss and picked us up like puppies from the shelter. She was available for us 24/7 during our weekend in Cabo. I wouldโ€™ve paid her more for all the work she put to make our trip amazing. I can go on and on but all I can say is she is the best. She will take care of you.
Anonymous Rabbit
San Diego, CA, USA
We hired Trisha as a trip planner for my familyโ€™s Sayulita trip. We totally saved a lot of money because of her local contacts. We also got a lot of Airbnb discounts! She is very generous with information and what we love the most about this trip is that Trisha gave us a different view about the local life in Sayulita. We love how we are able to contribute to the family-run businesses that she recommended. Trisha is the best and I will pay her double next time! Sheโ€™s great! Highly recommended!
Nate K.
San Diego, CA, USA
Trisha helped me and my son move to Mexico. She assisted us with our residency visa while we were still in LA. She helped us cross the border in Tijuana, did all the translations of documents needed and overall took care of us. She even helped me find a school in Cabo for my son. Sheโ€™s a gem and she is widely connected in Mexico. She will take care of you as she did for us. Thank you Trisha!
Karen Begay
Los Angeles, CA, USA



What’s included in this service

  • 1-hour consult call (ask anything)
  • Choose any country you want in the worldFree initial consult via e-mail (one-time)
  • Residency visa assistance
  • Pre-departure and arrival assistance
  • Apartment hunting assistance
  • Local staff on the ground
  • Personalized trip itineraries
  • Discounts on tours

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