Subscriptions, Advertising, Revenue, and Partnerships

The nature of P.S. I’m On My Way’s content in relation to advertisers and sponsors is clearly marked or announced as “Presented by,” “Paid Content For” or “Advertiser Content,” if and as applicable.

“Presented by” content is created independently by our editorial networks but is made possible through the direct support of advertisers. That content is clearly disclosed on P.S. I’m On My Way’s websites, channels, podcasts and social media accounts where it appears as “Presented by” the applicable sponsor. With “Presented by” content, our sponsors may select which content they wish to support, however, we do not allow our sponsors to control or interfere with the editorial integrity of our editorial teams and the content they create.

“Paid Content For” is used to describe content that has been created with funding from an advertiser and is produced in conjunction with P.S. I’m On My Way. Advertisers may be involved in the creation of this content by collaborating on general topics or themes and/or in other similarly limited ways. In each case, however, where content is designated by “Paid Content For,” P.S. I’m On My Way determines the final content and the advertiser has absolutely no control, review, or approval rights.

“Advertiser Content” is content featured on a P.S. I’m On My Way’s website, channel podcast, and/or social media account that is paid for by a particular advertiser and developed in collaboration with the advertiser. That content is clearly disclosed as “Advertiser Content” wherever it appears.

Some of our content contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a commission for purchases made via those links; when our editorial or commerce teams have manually added affiliate links to our articles, we will include a disclosure within the content. (see Affiliate Disclaimer section)

Advertisements do not reflect the views of P.S. I’m On My Way.

Corrections, updates, and deletions

P.S. I’m On My Way makes every effort for content to be completely accurate upon publication. If a correction is required, however, we are transparent and update a story if new information either adds to or invalidates the original story. We will issue corrections for a factual error or if a typo in the copy could cause audiences to misunderstand the story.

We almost always leave all editorial content live, with notes and corrections as needed. We may, in rare instances, remove content from our websites, social media pages, or related platforms for legal reasons or extenuating circumstances. Removal will never be at the direction of, or be influenced by, our advertisers and will always be approved by editorial leadership.