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I started my digital nomad lifestyle journey in 2011, back when remote work and work from home was not a thing yet. I am a self-trained entrepreneur and in this post, I chronicle all the things that I learn to achieve a life of travel and nomadism.

If you are new to this digital nomad website, welcome! My name is Trisha and I have been traveling the world on my own (as a female) for the last 14 years. I started my solo travel when I was 19, which my family really did not understand nor agreed to. I went out on my own as a female and started galloping around the globe.

I had saved up from working as a fashion student in Italy so when I decided to leave school to travel the world, I had savings. I also sold all my designer shoes and bags (freebies from the fashion houses in Milan as an intern) and man, you have no idea what these things amount to when sold!

After 2 years of backpacking South America and living off these shoes and bags money, the funds drained. Initially, my parents wanted me to go home and start a regular job but I did not want that for myself no matter how inviting and comforting.

I started working online as a Social Media Manager, a writer, and many other jobs to keep me afloat. In 2012, I opened this travel blog and learned how to be an entrepreneur. I taught myself about the business side of blogging and up until today, this blog has brought me in all parts of the world, bought me a car, and bought me back those designer bags and shoes.

I am a self-taught digital nomad and on this page, you will have the tools for everything that you need to start your own business and be an entrepreneur.

Want to learn how to become a digital nomad? I got you!

I offer 1-1 consultation to people who wish to become a digital nomad and have no idea where to start. Let’s get on a call and talk about your remote work journey!

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