In 2017, P.S. I’m On My Way launched the diversity and inclusivity program for BIPOC creators who are not Western. We have sponsored girls from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, the Philippines, and many other countries with the goal of bringing emerging voices to a bigger audience harnessing the next generation of talent that are not from Western countries.

Trisha Velarmino, the founder of P.S. I’m On My Way is not American nor European. She is originally from the Philippines and yet her unique and powerful voice on the Internet brought her to the whole world.

Today, 85% of readers of P.S. I’m On My Way are Americans while the rest are from Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

With this, she was inspired to bring difficult conversations on the Internet creating a lucrative scholarship program for aspiring BIPOC writers and creators who are interested and passionate about telling their stories.

“If we want to see real change in the world, then our best investment is WOMEN. “


The BIPOC Creator Program provides extensive training and mentorship from Trisha herself. We have a team of professional content creators who are making a living out of their art.

Every month, we choose one girl to invest US$5,000 which goes to website creation, website design, domain fees, Google Creator courses, intensive writing workshops, Search Engine Optimization training, Native English language courses, sales and marketing training, and many more.

This training lasts from 6 months to one year which we believe is the time to elevate and train promising talents from outside the United States.

The problem is there are many conversations about inclusivity, diversity, and success in the Creator Industry but none of those conversations prioritize creators outside the United States.

Part of our scholar training is working on the job from our networks on The Insider Group such as our revenues and communications team, Mexico Insider, Australia Insider, and our soon-to-be-launched Spain Insider.

This way, we can prepare them for strong careers and succeed on their own. We want all these girls to have their own platforms where they can raise their voices, at the same time, make a living out of it.

Meet our scholars/fellows

Payoshni Jain [she/her]
Thet Gueco [she/her]
Sadikullah Mahmud [he/him]
Carla Zalazar [she/her]


Alyne Tamir [she/her]
Anna Faustino [she/her]
alice nettleingham
Alice Nettleingham [she/her]
Alex Reynolds [she/her]
Sarah Richard [she/her]

How can you help?

At the moment, 15% of this blog earnings and 25% of Trisha’s personal salary goes to this program. Here are some of the ways you can help our fellows and scholars:

💵 Donate any amount: you can donate any amount you like via Paypal. It’s really up to you – any amount will help! Sponsors who donate US$300 and above will be able to meet their scholar/fellow via Zoom call so you’ll get to know them.

💃🏽 Consume P.S. I’m On My Way content: This blog earns every 5 minutes you consume our content. Browse the blog and read some articles. Your views always count! Also, share this blog with aspiring solo travelers who want to get inspired.

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💻 Craft courses with us: If you are in the digital marketing industry and have a certain expertise, get in touch and we can help you create a course for our fellows.

Join our global movement!

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