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8 days Mendoza and Buenos Aires Tour


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Glad you are interested in joining my Buenos Aires tour! I lived in Argentina for a year and I love taking people around Buenos Aires and Mendoza! This tour is heavy on food, wine, and culture.

Buenos Aires is known as the “Paris of South America” for a reason. The architecture and atmosphere will transport you to Europe without leaving the continent. Argentinean cuisine is one of the most delicious in Latin America. From juicy steaks to delicious empanadas, we will explore all the food and culture of Buenos Aires.

Then we will proceed our adventure in Northern Argentina. Nestled at the foothills of the Andes mountains, Mendoza is a haven for adventure enthusiasts with activities such as hiking, skiing, and rafting. But what really sets this region apart is its reputation for producing some of the best wines in the world.

Buenos Aires tour and Mendoza tour highlights and quick info

  • ☀️ December is summer in Argentina: while North America and Europe will start getting cold, Argentina’s summer month starts in December! This is a great getaway if you want to escape the harsh winter in your home country.
  • 💃 Food, culture, and city: your tour leader lived in Argentina so, in this tour, expect to meet locals and go to spots where tourists don’t go. If you love traveling like a local, this tour is for you!
  • 🏺 Visit iconic attractions in Buenos Aires and Mendoza: we’re not just drinking and going out every night. We will also go to city excursions and do city activities!
  • 🍷 Argentina is known for its wines: The wines of Argentina is known worldwide. On this tour, we will visit vineyards and explore the wine country of Mendoza in Northern Argentina.
  • 🫱🏽‍🫲🏻 Our tours support local communities: we traveled far and wide to find these tours that are not on any tour booking platform! Most of the activities in this itinerary are unique to us, and we only offer them to our clients. The local hosts of the tour have gone through a rigorous selection process (sustainable, honest, and transparent).
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Small group tour: this is a small group tour (maximum of 12 participants) so you’ll meet like-minded individuals. We go on a call with all the participants on tour. From there, we group the participants according to their personalities!
  • Non-gender specific tours: We used to do group tours for female travelers but through the years, more solo travelers who are men. Everyone of all shapes, sizes, and colors are welcome to join this Oaxaca day of the dead tour!

Meet your Mendoza and Buenos Aires tour guide

Trisha Velarmino has been doing her yearly Buenos Aires and Mendoza tour since 2014. She lived in Argentina and has helped thousands of solo travelers, digital nomads, and expats to move and travel to Argentina.

buenos aires tour

Flights are NOT included in this Buenos Aires and Mendoza tour. Our office can help you book a cheaper flight but you can also use the search button below to find the cheapest flights to and from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buenos Aires tour itinerary

Day 1: December 2, 2023

Day 1 is arrival day. Please note that the flight is not included in the final price of this Mendoza and Buenos Aires tour. However, our office can help you find the cheapest flights! Everyone usually arrives at different times on December 2nd, so this will be a chill day/night.

oaxaca day of the dead tour

Our only activity for this day is having dinner and drinks at a casual restaurant. This is our welcome party, where we will get to know each other and, at the same time, enjoy our first night in Buenos Aires! The welcome dinner’s food price is optional and not included in the tour price.

We can get together for lunch or drinks if you arrive before dinner. Just let me know, and I will arrange something!

Day 2: December 3, 2023

9:30 AM – Buenos Aires Walking Tour

We will start the day with a Buenos Aires tour of the city. Please be at the hotel lobby at 9:20 AM so we can start the tour. You need to know the layout of Buenos Aires on the first day so that you won’t get lost in the next few days. On this tour, we will visit famous landmarks, go to rooftops with the best views of the city, take colorful photos of the streets, go to photo spots, and more! Our photographers will take your pictures, so you don’t have to worry about this!

1:30 PM – Empanada Cooking Class with lunch

If you’re in Argentina, one thing that you absolutely cannot miss out on is the empanada. This delicious little pastry is a national treasure and for good reason too! With its flaky crust, juicy filling, and unique blend of spices, the empanada has been satisfying hungry Argentinians for generations.

The origins of the empanada can be traced all the way back to Spain and Portugal where it was originally called “empanar” or “to wrap in bread”. The dish made its way across the Atlantic with colonizers and eventually found a home in Argentina where it was quickly adopted as a staple food. Today, there are countless variations of the empanada depending on where you are in Argentina – from beef to chicken to corn – each with their own unique twist.

In this empanada-making class, we will go to a local’s home and they will teach us how to make a traditional empanada!

4:30 PM – Rest and free time

We are scheduled to be back in Buenos Aires by 4:00 PM. The van will drop you off at your hotel. You can nap, take a shower, and freshen up for the evening. It is important to take naps during this Buenos Aires tour so enjoy this free time!

8:00 PM: Buenos Aires Street Food Tour (Night)

Please be at the lobby by 7:50 PM and we will all go together to explore the street food of Buenos Aires! Buenos Aires is a vibrant city that’s known for its food scene. From empanadas and choripán, to churros and helado, we will explore that city with a local foodie.

First up on our list is choripán, which consists of a grilled sausage served on a crusty bread roll with chimichurri sauce. This savory sandwich is perfect for lunch or dinner and can be found at various street vendors throughout the city. Another must-try dish is empanadas – small pastries filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables – that are perfect as an afternoon snack or light meal.

After dinner activities are optional, but we encourage you to come! We will go to a few bars and wineries around town. I will introduce you to some friends, we will walk around the city at night, we will drink at bars, and even have a midnight snack if you like! This is completely optional as I know not all of you want to party. We can drop you off at the hotel if you don’t wish to join. For those who are joining, alcoholic drinks after dinner or midnight snacks are not included in the tour price.

Day 3: December 4, 2023

9:00 AM – Gaucho for a day

Yeehaw! Have you heard about the gauchos in Argentina? These horse-riding, cattle-herding cowboys are the epitome of South American culture. With their wide-brimmed hats and colorful ponchos, they have a swagger that’s hard to resist. But there’s more to these guys than just good looks – they also play an important role in Argentina’s history and economy.

The term “gaucho” originally referred to a type of horse with a wild spirit, but it later became associated with the men who tamed them. Gauchos were skilled riders and expert cattlemen who roamed the vast grasslands of Argentina known as the pampas. They lived off the land, hunting game and herding livestock while maintaining their own unique way of life.

👉🏽 What to bring: swimming clothes, hiking clothing, running shoes, towel, change of clothing

4:00 PM – Rest and free time

We are scheduled to be back in Buenos Aires by 4:00 PM. The van will drop you off at your hotel. You can nap, take a shower, and freshen up for the evening. It is important to take naps during this Buenos Aires tour so enjoy this free time!

8:00 PM: Dinner

Please be at the lobby by 7:45 PM. We will go to Palermo, one of the best party and nightlife districts in Buenos Aires. Dinner is included in this price, but you have to pay for your alcoholic drinks.

👉🏽 End of day 3 tour: heading out with us after dinner is optional

Day 4: December 5, 2023

9:30 AM – Tigre Delta and San Isidro Tour

The tour starts with a scenic boat ride through the beautiful Tigre Delta, where you’ll see lush greenery, sprawling mansions, and charming houses on stilts. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit one of the many islands in the delta, where you can sample some delicious local cuisine.

After your boat ride, we willhead to San Isidro, a picturesque town known for its historic architecture and vibrant arts scene. Here, we will stroll through elegant streets lined with colorful buildings and browse local art galleries and shops.

4:00 PM – Rest and free time

We are scheduled to be back in Buenos Aires by 4:00 PM. The van will drop you off at your hotel. You can nap, take a shower, and freshen up for the evening. It is important to take naps during this Buenos Aires tour so enjoy this free time!

6:00 PM: Tango and dinner show

This immersive tour will take you on a journey through the heart of Argentine tango, with plenty of opportunities to learn and dance along the way. With dinner and tango class included, this is the perfect evening activity for travelers who want to experience the true Argentine culture.

The show itself is absolutely mesmerizing – featuring some of the best tango dancers in Buenos Aires. You’ll be transfixed by their skillful footwork and sultry moves as they tell stories of love, loss, and longing through music and movement.

End of Buenos Aires tour: note that we will fly out tomorrow at 9:00 AM so we won’t have a late or crazy night at this time. Our flight to Mendoza is at 9:00 AM, so please make sure you are at the lobby by 6:15 AM.

Mendoza tour itinerary

Day 5: December 6, 2023

We will take a flight from Buenos Aires to Mendoza at 9:00 AM. We are scheduled to arrive in Mendoza at 11:00 AM. You will have the free time until 7:00 PM – rest, nap, shower, settle down in your rooms.

7:00 PM – Mendoza tour welcome dinner

At our casual dinner at the winery resort, we will give a short intro about how our Mendoza tour will go but expect this to be more about wine and food. We will chat, have a bonfire, and sample Mendoza wines this evening.

Day 6: December 7, 2023

9:00 AM – Valle de Uco, Mendoza wine tour

Valle de Uco is a must-visit destination in Mendoza, Argentina. It is located at the foot of the Andes, and it’s known for its breathtaking views, world-class wineries, and outdoor activities. Whether you’re a wine lover or an adventure seeker, this place has something for everyone.

The valley is home to some of the most prestigious wineries in Argentina. You can take a tour and taste some of the finest Malbecs while enjoying stunning views of the mountains. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can go horseback riding through vineyards or try your hand at fly fishing in one of the many rivers that run through Valle de Uco. The scenery alone makes it worth a visit.

We will spend the whole day in Valle de Uco and visit three wineries. We will also have an early dinner at Valle de Uco (around 6:00 PM). We are expected to be back in the Mendoza center by 9:30 PM.

Day 7: December 8, 2023

7:00 AM – Hike to Aconcagua

Today, we will be hiking on a thrilling Mendoza tour focusing on this stunning region’s best sights and experiences. Our day will start with a scenic drive through some of Argentina’s most beautiful landscapes. From snow-capped peaks to lush vineyards, you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty at every turn. Along the way, your knowledgeable guide will share fascinating insights into the history and culture of the region.

As we ascend higher into the Andes mountains, we’ll be treated to panoramic views that will take your breath away. The highlight of the trip is, without a doubt, Potrerillos Dam – an engineering marvel with crystal-clear waters and jaw-dropping surroundings.

7:00 PM – Farewell dinner and drinks

This is the end of our Mendoza tour! We will have a private chef at our accommodation who will make a 3-course meal and wine pairing for our dinner. We don’t have to move – they are coming to our accommodation but since this is our last night, dress up!

End of Mendoza tour: Our flight back to Buenos Aires tomorrow is at 12:00 PM. Make sure that you are ready and at the lobby by 9:45 AM.

Day 8: December 9, 2023

We will arrive at Buenos Aires at 2:00 PM. Some participants will go straight to their flights home after Mendoza. The rest of the participants will stay in Buenos Aires. We can still hang out and do things during this last day of the tour – just let me know if you are staying and I’ll do a casual activity for us!

What’s included

  • Expert tour guides: Trisha will be joined with local co-hosts in Argentina for you to get a glimpse of the local culture
  • Accommodations for the 8-day tour: If you want to extend, let us know, and we will help you extend your stay! You can also arrive early if you like – Trisha will be in Buenos Aires from November 30th.
  • 2-way flight from Buenos Aires-Mendoza and back: The domestic flight to and from Mendoza are already included in the price.
  • All ground transportation: private airport pick-up and drop-off (Airconditioned Van), transportation to all the tourist spots
  • Water and snacks: Our van will have water, beers, snacks, and wine!
  • Breakfast: Your hotel will already have breakfast included but we have snacks in the van if you are still hungry during the drives!
  • Meals: All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Entrance fees and tour tickets are all included
  • Travel Concierge: a Concierge will attend to you via Whatsapp to plan your trip. The Concierge will attend to everything you need before and after the trip. We can also help book your flights!
  • Professional photos and videos: a photographer and videographer will join us, and we will take your photos and videos – you don’t have to worry about this, we will film and document you all the way! Check Trisha’s Instagram, @psimonmyway for sample photos.

What’s NOT included

  • ❌ Flights to/from Argentina. Our office can help find discounted flights for you!
  • ❌ Passport/visa fees to Argentina
  • ❌ Some alcoholic drinks outside of the tastings not mentioned above
  • ❌ Meals and activities not mentioned above
  • ❌ Travel insurance (mandatory). Please get your insurance from Ekta Travel or SafetyWing – these are the cheapest travel insurance for Mexico.
  • ❌ Other gratuities and tips for the local guides

Terms and Conditions

  • $500 USD deposit is 100% refundable until August 18, 2023.
  • Your tour should be fully paid for by September 2, 2023.
  • Full payment tours are non-refundable after September 15, 2023.
  • Emergency? You got sick or need to cancel your trip? Fully paid tours will get a refund (with 25% charge).
  • Travel insurance is mandatory before we accept your payments for this Buenos Aires and Mendoza tour. Your insurance will also cover your emergency trip cancelation.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

I have been going to Trisha’s group trips for years. Last year, I joined her Buenos Aires tour because I want to gain insight about moving to Argentina. This really helped me decide and I am now visiting Argentina on my own – thanks to Trisha for all the local contacts!
United States

I first joined Trisha’s Buenos Aires and Mendoza tour in 2017 – since then, she has connected me with people here and I am now living here full-time! Her tours are very local and you won’t meet any gringos, I promise! She has too many Argentina friends which makes her tours unique!

I was on Trisha’s day of the dead tour in Oaxaca Mexico and after that, I decided to join her Buenos Aires tour! I enjoy her Mexico tours very much so I tried to join her in Argentina. Great value and probably the cheapest all-inclusive travel package I’ve seen for Argentina. Trisha’s services are highly recommended!
United States

Reserve your Buenos Aires and Mendoza tour slot

This 8-day Buenos Aires and Mendoza tour costs $2,722 USD for a shared room and $2,922 for a single room to yourself. As we want everyone to have a great time and travel with like-minded individuals, we need to know about you before you pay for this tour. We will schedule a call to get to know each other and see if we are a match. Remember, this chat is essential for you and me because you don’t want to travel with a person or group you don’t get along with!

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