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Hello! My name is Trisha. Welcome to P.S. I'm On My Way!

I didn't quit my job to travel the world. I made a job out of traveling and you can do it, too! I've been moving around for the last 10 years staying with local families, volunteering in humanitarian projects, cooking, and just living!

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Though Trisha is from Southeast Asia, the specialty of this blog is Latin America. From Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, the Caribbean, to Argentina, Peru, and Brazil, explore the world of the Americas through this blog!

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P.S. I'm On My Way's content is highly dependent on its readers. Because of you, there are over a thousand articles in this blog that help a lot of travelers from all over the globe. If you have any travel questions, please send it to Trisha so she can write an article about it!


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Trisha has helped over 5,000 travelers plan their backpacking trips through private travel coaching. She also headed successful Influencer Marketing projects with tourism boards and travel brands. Trisha is also a professional public speaker and have done TED talks in the past. Get in touch to see the possibility of working together!

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