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Wouldn’t it be nice to live the life you always imagined?

In 2008, I turned 20 years old and realized: what happens if I go out there on my own and work for myself, be an entrepreneur, and travel the world alone? I am still doing that up to now and in this blog, I will share with you all the joys, successes, and struggles of this life adventure.

Hey there! My name is Trisha. Welcome to P.S. I’m On My Way!

I didn’t quit my job to travel the world. I made a job out of traveling and you can do it, too! I’ve been traveling the world non-stop for 14 years now. I’d like to believe I am not traveling anymore – I just choose to be somewhere else all the time.

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The cons of starting your own business

Warning: it’s not easy so condition your mind before starting your own endeavour. Don’t ask for easy!

How to create a professional website

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Making money from your passion is hard. But you shouldn’t choose easy.


Trisha is currently living in Mexico

In 2018, Trisha traveled to Mexico with the hopes of just traveling around for a year. After 2 years of being “stuck” in Mexico, she applied for a residency visa and is now helping people move and travel to Mexico with ease. She spends the summer in Switzerland and Spain where her European businesses are based.

Want to live the life you always imagined?

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