The complete Taiwan packing list for solo female travelers

One thing to keep in mind when traveling to Taiwan: rain is common throughout the year. Here’s a complete Taiwan packing list for solo female travelers.

Yes, you read that right. Taiwan is a rainy country. I did not know this when I first traveled to Taiwan solo so I packed all the wrong things.

However, rain is part of the charm of Taiwan so don’t worry about it – the activities in Taiwan are tailored even for rainy days!

I visit Taiwan every year for my group trips for my group trips so in this post, I will share my complete Taiwan packing list (essentials only). Again, rain is so common in Taiwan that there is no particular best month to visit.

Traveling to Taiwan is great all year round! Here’s everything you need to know about how and what to pack for Taiwan.

🎒 Taiwan Packing List: bags to use

taipei layover

For solo travelers heading to Taiwan, one invaluable tip to streamline your journey is taking advantage of the in-town service check-in for suitcases.

This service, offered at certain stations like the Taipei Main Station, allows you to check in your luggage hours before your flight, so you can explore the city more without the burden of carrying bags around.

The in-town check-in service is available from 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM. Here’s an overview of the best suitcase and bags to use in Taiwan:

taiwan packing list

Best suitcase for Taiwan

Rolling a suitcase around Taiwan, especially in urban areas like Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Taichung, is generally feasible. In major cities, sidewalks are prevalent and mostly well-maintained, making it relatively easy to roll a suitcase.

taiwan packing list

Is Taiwan backpacker-friendly?

ABSOLUTELY! If you are traveling to Taiwan with a backpack, choose accommodation near the train station so you won’t have to carry large backpacks around.

what to pack for Taiwan

Crossbody Bag

Offers a secure and convenient way to carry essentials while keeping your hands free for shopping and photography. For your safety, get an anti-theft crossbody bag.

✅ Extremely important digital items

taipei packing list

Taipei EasyCard

This smart card functions as a contactless payment method for buses, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system, and even some taxis, eliminating the need to fumble with cash or tickets for each journey.

travel packing list

Travel insurance

Do not travel to Taiwan without an insurance and be prepared for the possibility that something unexpected can happen when traveling abroad. I use Ekta for comprehensive travel coverage (from 0-99 years old).

👗 What clothes to bring to Taiwan?

For your Taiwan packing list, consider the island’s subtropical climate, which means warm, humid summers and mild, cooler winters. Clothing should be lightweight and breathable to accommodate the heat, such as breathable t-shirts, lightweight long-sleeve shirts for sun protection, and versatile dresses that can transition from day to night.

Here’s the complete list of clothes to pack for Taiwan:

taipei packing list

Breathable T-Shirts

In Taiwan’s humid climate, breathable t-shirts help keep you cool and comfortable while exploring urban and natural landscapes.

taipei packing list

Lightweight Long-Sleeve Shirts

Lightweight Long-Sleeve Shirts offer sun protection during the day and warmth on cooler evenings, making them versatile for changing temperatures.

taiwan packing list

Waterproof Jacket or Poncho

Pack a waterproof jacket or poncho as udden rain showers are common in Taiwan, especially in the wet season from May to October.

taiwan packing list

Light Cardigan or Sweater

For cooler evenings or air-conditioned venues, a light cardigan or sweater provides warmth without bulk.

taiwan packing list

Versatile Dresses

Suitable for Taiwan’s warm weather, dresses are recommended in Taiwan for evenings out or dressed down for daytime explorations.

taiwan packing list

Light Scarf or Shawl

A light scarf or shawl serves multiple purposes for your Taiwan packing list: sun protection, warmth during cooler moments, and as a modesty cover in religious sites.

taiwan packing list

Convertible Pants/Shorts

Convertible pants or shorts offer flexibility for varying weather conditions and activities in Taiwan, easily transitioning from pants to shorts as needed.

what to pack for Taiwan


Swimwear is extremely necessary for your Taiwan packing list. Taiwan has beaches, hot springs, and hotel pools! You can wear a 2-piece bikini in Taiwan with no issues. They are not very strict with swimwear requirements but avoid revealing swimwear and pick a slightly modest one.

what to pack for Taiwan

Active Wear

Add active wear to your Taiwan packing list for hiking in Taiwan’s national parks or engaging in outdoor adventures. It is an outdoor country and you can also wear this for night outs or strolling the city.

what to pack for Taiwan

Lightweight, Quick-Drying Clothing

Humidity and rain are common in Taiwan, so clothes that dry quickly will ensure comfort and convenience. Think workout shirts or quick-dry athletic tops.

👟 Shoes to pack for Taiwan

When it comes to shoes for your Taiwan packing list, comfort and versatility are key due to the extensive walking you’ll likely do while exploring cities, historical sites, and natural landscapes.

2 pairs are enough and you don’t need to pack high heels for Taiwan unless you are going to a fine dining restaurant or partying in a club.

taiwan packing list

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Comfortable walking shoes are essential for navigating Taiwan’s bustling cities, historic sites, and scenic trails with ease and comfort. Think non-slip sneakers or lightweight tennis shoes.

what to pack for Taiwan

Comfortable Sandals

Comfortable sandals are ideal for warm weather in Taipei. Sandals keep your feet cool and are suitable for beach visits or casual walks. You can also wear these fashionable sandals for night outs and dinner. You don’t have to pack flip-flops!

👒 Essential items for Taiwan packing list

what to pack for Taiwan

Compact travel umbrella

Unfortunately, an umbrella is a MUST for your Taiwan packing list. Choose a compact and easy-to-carry umbrella that won’t take up space in your suitcase. Pack this because I assure you, you are going to buy an umbrella while you are in Taiwan.

taiwan packing list

Moisture-Wicking Undergarments

Moisture-wicking undergarments help in staying comfortable and dry by drawing sweat away from the body. It’s best to have a breathable seamless or no-show underwear pack.

taiwan packing list

Portable Dehumidifier for Small Spaces

Useful for keeping your accommodation more comfortable and dry, especially for drying out clothes and electronic devices. You will find a portable dehumidifier useful especially on gloomy days in Taiwan.

taiwan packing list

Quick-Dry Towel

: Handy for drying off quickly after getting caught in the rain or for any water activities. Choose a fast-drying and super absorbent towel and make sure it is also compact. Buy something that you can also use back home (for the gym or yoga).

taiwan packing list

Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial in the humid weather, and a water bottle can be refilled throughout the day. You can drink tap water in Taiwan so refilling your water bottle will be easy!

what to pack for Taiwan

Sun hat or cap

A sun hat is essential to your Taiwan packing list as it protects your face from the sun’s intense rays while exploring outdoor attractions and markets in Taiwan. Make sure to buy a foldable sun hat for easy packing.

what to pack for Taiwan


Sunglasses are essential for eye protection against the bright sun, enhancing comfort during outdoor activities.

👠 How do locals dress in Taiwan?

Locals in Taiwan dress in a manner that reflects the island’s subtropical climate, urban modernity, and a blend of traditional and contemporary fashion sensibilities. Here’s an overview:

  • Casual and Practical: On a day-to-day basis, Taiwanese people dress casually and practically, favoring comfort and functionality. This includes t-shirts, blouses, jeans, shorts, and lightweight dresses. The choice of clothing often depends on the weather, with lighter fabrics dominating in the humid and hot months, and layers being added during the cooler season.
  • Work Attire: In professional settings, the dress code can range from smart casual to formal business attire, depending on the industry. Traditional offices and formal events may require suits and formal wear, whereas creative and tech industries might lean towards a more relaxed dress code.
  • Fashion-Forward and Trendy: Especially in urban areas like Taipei, many locals enjoy expressing themselves through fashion, keeping up with the latest trends. You’ll see a mix of international brands, local designers, and unique accessories. Younger generations, in particular, often sport a mix of Western and Asian fashion influences, showing a keen interest in K-pop styles, Japanese street fashion, and Western high-street trends.
  • Traditional Attire: For festivals, weddings, and religious ceremonies, some Taiwanese wear traditional attire. Women might wear the qipao (a form-fitting traditional Chinese dress), though this is more common during special occasions than in everyday life.
  • Seasonal Adaptations: Due to Taiwan’s subtropical climate, locals switch their wardrobes according to the season—lighter, breathable fabrics in the summer and layers in the winter. Rain gear, like umbrellas and waterproof jackets, is essential year-round due to the frequent rain showers.
  • Footwear: Comfort is key, with sneakers, sandals, and flats being popular choices for daily wear. Office workers might opt for formal shoes, but practicality often prevails in the choice of daily footwear, especially given the amount of walking typical in city life.
  • Accessories: Practical accessories, such as sunglasses and umbrellas for sun and rain protection, are common. Fashion accessories also play a significant role in individual expression, with bags, jewelry, and hats adding personal touches to outfits.

🧳 Taipei packing tips

taiwan packing list

For women aiming to pack smartly and uniquely for their Taipei adventure, here are some non-generic, tailored packing tips to enhance your travel experience:

  • Embrace the Local Fashion Flair: Taipei’s fashion scene is vibrant and eclectic. Consider packing a few versatile pieces that can be layered or mixed and matched, allowing you to adapt to the local style. A lightweight, fashionable raincoat or an umbrella with a unique design can also make a statement while being practical.
  • Opt for Smart Accessories: Accessories can transform simple outfits, perfect for transitioning from day to night in Taipei’s diverse urban landscape. Pack a statement necklace or a pair of bold earrings that can add a pop of color or sophistication to your look without taking up much space in your luggage.
  • Incorporate Quick-Dry Fabrics: Given Taipei’s humidity, choose clothing made from quick-dry fabrics not just for activewear but for everyday clothes too. These fabrics will keep you comfortable during your explorations and ensure that any laundry you do will dry overnight in your accommodation.
  • Pack for Temple Visits: When visiting temples or religious sites, modesty is key. Bring along a lightweight scarf or shawl that can cover your shoulders, and ensure your outfits cover knees and shoulders respectfully. A stylish, maxi skirt or loose-fitting pants paired with a modest top can be perfect for such occasions.
  • Choose Footwear Wisely: Beyond comfortable walking shoes, consider water-resistant or waterproof footwear for unexpected showers. Fashionable yet functional sandals can be a great choice for warmer days, offering breathability and comfort.
  • Smart Tech Gear: A portable power bank is a must-have, but also consider bringing a lightweight, compact tripod for your smartphone or camera. Taipei is filled with stunning vistas and vibrant street scenes that you’ll want to capture, and a tripod can help, especially for night markets or panoramic city views.
  • Health Essentials Kit: Beyond basic first aid, pack a small kit with items like electrolyte packets, which can be a lifesaver if you’re not used to the humidity, and a quality hand sanitizer, given the amount of public transportation and street food you’ll likely indulge in.
  • Eco-Friendly Items: Bring a collapsible water bottle to stay hydrated without constantly buying plastic bottles, and consider a reusable straw and cutlery set for enjoying street food in a more sustainable way.
  • Cultural Immersion Kit: Pack a small notebook and pen for jotting down recommendations from locals, phrases in Mandarin you might learn, or details about the cultural sights you visit. This can enrich your travel experience and serve as a wonderful keepsake.
  • Pack for the Night Markets: Taipei is famous for its night markets, so bring a lightweight, secure pouch or money belt for safely carrying cash and cards during these bustling, crowded events.
  • Beauty Essentials for Humidity: A mattifying primer or blotting papers can help manage the effects of humidity on your skin, ensuring you look and feel fresh throughout the day.

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