P.S. I’m On My Way launched in 2010 at a time when solo traveling for women was frowned upon.

Born and raised in Subic Bay, Philippines, Trisha is one of those people who left their comfortable life to travel the world and learn about life. Her style is to stay in one place she likes for 3 months (or more) to know what it feels like to eat, cook, speak and sleep in another culture that isn’t hers. She’d like to believe she’s not traditionally traveling but she just chooses to be somewhere else all the time.


Meet Trisha Velarmino

Trisha Velarmino is an award-winning journalist who produced TV and radio shows for major channels like BBC and CNN. She’s given TEDx talks about creating genuine content and making the Internet a better place for learning and development. Trisha runs a BIPOC Creator Fellowship that aims to bring emerging voices from less privileged countries to contribute to the Insider goal: a more diverse, genuine, and honest Internet space.

P.S. I’m On My Way’s Mission

Our mission is to help you live the life you always imagined by giving you information and details about real-life experiences. Opening your own business, going on your own, and taking an entrepreneurship journey is hard as our society dictates that we should be working for someone.

P.S. I’m On My Way has a professional team of researchers and journalists who produce articles, create content and talk about subjects that cut through misinformation about being an entrepreneur and traveling the world alone as a woman, including questions you might not even know how to ask.

As a generation of millennial content creation and journalists, our editorial style is to provide a deep dive into many topics concerning solo travel, digital nomad lifestyle, and remote work. We have been traveling and working remotely for the last 14 years so you will definitely learn a lot, especially if you are a beginner.

P.S. I’m On My Way is operating under Concepts and Consulting International LLC, a modern media company founded in Bern, Switzerland.

P.S. I’m On My Way’s Impact

Very few people know this but a lot of ranking websites on Google have researched articles/stock photos and are not based on personal experiences. Our goal is for you to have someone reachable on the other end of the screen to clarify and confirm the information you receive about digital nomadism and solo travel.

Trisha has hosted successful campaigns with Tourism Boards, like Israel, for example, where she pushed many effective campaigns that show Israel’s other side as one of the unique travel experiences in the Middle East and a technology hub at par with Silicon Valley.

P.S. I’m On My Way’s audiences engage. Trisha has been hosting workshops and meet-ups in many cities around the world. You’d be surprised how people are always drawn to her and they will always show up.

Lastly, Trisha’s audience impact is very strong because she is a successful non-white woman who was able to penetrate in this industry and succeeded. In a social media influencing made for US Influencers, Trisha has definitely stood out by putting content that matters in today’s society.

What you can expect

  1. Our content is made for YOU. many blogs are motivated to create content by high-ranking Google keywords. Here at P.S. I’m On My Way, we focus on our reader’s needs. Our content thrives on your questions so feel free to send us a message any time and we will answer them with a post! We love reader mail!
  2. We really travel around the world. We don’t use other people’s media and just publish about destinations we have not been to. Our pool of journalists is dedicated to doing their own content. We write our articles, we film our own videos, and we take our own photos.
  3. Our reporting is easily understandable. We aim to deliver and publish content that all our audience would understand. You can digest our content even if you have zero ideas about solo travel and digital nomad lifestyle.
  4. We are crazily detailed. We treat all our articles and content targeted to people who are changing their lifestyle for the first time and want to understand everything from scratch.
  5. Our identities are a big part of our work. We are all expats and foreigners across our networks so we feel very privileged to be given a space in each of the countries we base ourselves in and being able to do our transparent and honest journalism. Our editorial ethics and guidelines will give you an idea of how we push ourselves to be responsible expatriates – it is the center of the work that we do at P.S. I’m On My Way

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Trisha’s Story and Travel Timeline

2005: I turned 18 and asked for a trip to Hong Kong

Where I am from, you have to have a big celebration when you turn 18. Like a huge party, an intro to society. I didn’t want to wear dresses or do the 18 roses dance or find my escort so I asked for a Hong Kong trip instead. I always wanted to go to Disneyland! My mom agreed with the condition that she and my siblings come to the trip. That was my first trip outside of my country and I enjoyed it a lot!

2011: Premier League Asian tour

Liverpool FC and Arsenal had an Asian Tour. I followed every match and stalked them wherever they were. I booked expensive tickets, got hungry but still, I was able to see them play live. That was an eye-opener for me to see more places. Thank you, Steven Gerrard and Cesc Fabregas. From there, I learned that I can travel Asia on my own. My mom didn’t even know that I was already out of the country!

2011: I went to fashion school in Milan, Italy

After the Premier League tours, I wanted to see more of them. It was very timely because there was a Fashion Scholarship posted on my school’s bulletin board. Coming from a country like mine, we were not really told that we have unlimited options in life as people of color. I applied and got accepted in a scholarship. From there, I traveled around Europe by myself and told myself, “What?! I can do this?!!!”

2012: I got tired of fashion school and traveled

I am a good student. I swear to you. I was raised by a single mother, I always have to strive extra. But I never really liked being in the fashion industry. It felt so fake and I had to pretend to be someone I’m not all the time. It was taxing! Without my mom knowing, I left school and traveled around Europe (at her expense) and waited until she found out. I explored many European cities on my own and it was great. Life was good.

2013-2016: From Mexico to Argentina non-stop

My mother found out that I quit school so she cut me off. Like $0 USD. Nothing. I still wanted to travel the world so I found ways on how to do it. I did odd jobs, volunteered, stayed with local families, and did whatever it took to keep me on the road. I also started my blog P.S. I’m On My Way and learned that I can make money out of it! Back then, I had a fashion blog so blogging wasn’t challenging for me. I traveled Latin America for 3.5 years and became fluent in Spanish!

2016-2017: Finding a place to call home

After my 3.5 years Latin America trip, I got tired of moving around. I realized I want to have a home – I don’t even know how to pay bills or rent a house! I first moved to Hong Kong and I truly enjoyed living there. After 6 months of living in HK, I had a call from the tourism board of Israel inviting me to come and create content for them. I went to Israel for that trip and decided that I want to live in Tel Aviv. I left my whole life in Hong Kong but more on how that happened when I publish my book.

2017-2018: Getting kicked out of Israel and traveling around Asia

In Israel, I had a great long-term relationship with an amazing guy but it was so hard for me to apply for the residency visa in Israel because of their bureaucracy. My then-boyfriend and I decided we should travel around Asia instead. Israel also told me I need to apply for a visa in my home country. We left Israel and traveled the whole of Asia! I traveled to Europe first as a young girl so traveling to my own region was so fascinating to me!

2018-present: Moved to Mexico

My ex and I decided to go separate ways because no matter what we did, Israel won’t give me a visa. It was a very dark time of my life since I really loved living in Tel Aviv but I had to move on. Originally, I decided to go from Mexico to Argentina again (and take better pics) but when I came to Mexico, I couldn’t leave and got a residency visa! Also, as you know, the pandemic happened so Mexico was the easiest country to be in. I made Mexico my base and I am not living here traveling the whole country and going to other Latin American countries every once in a while.



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