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The typical reader of P.S. I’m On My Way is solo female travelers, remote workers, and ex-pats between 20-35 years of age who are living in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

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My strength is to put products, brands, and services that I trust to be on Google’s first page. I only work with brands I trust and I prefer to try products and services that I tried first-hand so get in touch and let’s put you on the top of the search ranking!

If you are more interested in social media than Google, then I can also craft great content on social media. I do, however, encourage you to focus more on your search engine visibility than socials.

Branded Content

I make content for different tourism boards all over the world by creating articles that entice people to relocate to that particular country. My recent successful campaign is called Mexico Insider, a website dedicated to relocating and traveling to Mexico.

Sponsored Links

I can place your company’s link in an already existing article. I can give you a list of articles relevant to your brand and from there, we can choose the correct and proper placement for your link for it to rank on Google better.

PR Consult

I do hourly PR Consulting to educate brands on how to work with Influencers, how to properly allot marketing budgets through Internet content, and several social media workshops. I also do brand formation and build effective systems for your marketing strategies.

Sponsored Article

Let’s make your brand rank more on Google! I can make a sponsored article about your company but please note that everything I write in this blog is my own opinion.


I worked with many brands, tourism boards, and travel tour companies where I was able to increase their brand awareness and customers.


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