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Who follows P.S. I’m On My Way?

The typical reader of P.S. I’m On My Way are solo female travelers and digital nomads between 20-35 years of age and are living in the United States of America.

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How we can work together

My strength is to put products, brands, and services that I trust to be on Google’s first page.

I only work with brands I trust and I prefer to try products and services that I tried first-hand so get in touch and let’s put you on the top of the search ranking!

If you are more interested in social media than Google, then I can also craft great content on social media.

I do, however, encourage you to focus more on your search engine visibility than socials.


I worked with many different brands, tourism boards, services, and products from around the globe but here are my favorites.

Airline Insider series on CNN

Trisha hosted a TV show on CNN Philippines called Airline Insider which tackled the aviation industry in Asia.

We chose Trisha to host and produce a travel segment on CNN because she is an Influencer who has a strong voice. We were choosing between 4 other Influencers but Trisha wins because her voice is so unique. What we love about her is that she cares for her clients’ success and she always pitches ideas to our production team even if her job is to only host the show. Highly recommended to work with Trisha, you will not regret it!
Nico Dino
CNN Philippines
We’ve worked with over 130 online influencers from all over the world, and I can safely say that Trisha is one of a kind! Not only is she incredibly savvy in social media influence, she is also very dedicated and caring about her customers and is truly committed to their success. She is honest, straightforward, professional and creates excellent engagement with the target market she is tasked with reaching. I would not hesitate at all to work with Trisha on any project that can bring her strengths to the fore, there are not many like her out there!
Joanna Landau
Vibe Israel

Vibe Israel Press Trip

Number of Influencers invited: Trisha was 1 of 6 content creators who was invited for this trip.

Goal: To create engaging content about Israel in form of storytelling. In the end, Trisha stayed after the press trip and lived in Tel Aviv for a year!

Wonderful Indonesia Press Trips

Trisha was invited by the Indonesian Tourism Board for 3 consecutive years to create content around Indonesia. She has visited the whole country in these 3 years of trip invites and have a lot of content about Indonesia.

There are a lot of great digital influencers in the world, or in Southeast Asia to be specific (based on my last project with Trisha), but Trisha is truly one of a kind. She’s more than a girl with a great and lively personality and she pours her soul in every write-ups, in every digital strategy that she’s developing. For that, you can definitely find professionalism, creativeness and inspirations working with her. Looking forward to work with her again and will definitely recommend her to anyone!
Leyana Riesca
Indonesia Tourism Board
Trisha – has been fighting against stereotypes with firm beliefs and a headstrong attitude. This has anchored her in breaking the conventions dictated by society. Taking the path less traveled is always daunting and Trisha’s blog has given us a peak to her own personal journey. She documents her experiences with such candour and wit that resonates with her readers. We had the pleasure of having her speak on this at our event which contributed to its success.
Lea Riconalla
Air Asia

Air Asia Ambassador

Back when digital nomad was not a thing yet, Trisha toured Asia as a speaker in Air Asia’s Red Convention. Many other speakers were invited but Trisha was the only woman.

After that, she became an ambassador for AirAsia traveling around Asia for a whole year.

Get in touch and see what Trisha can do for your brand!

Fill out this contact form and our team at P.S. I’m On My Way will get back to you to discuss the possibilities of working together.