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As a brand/advertiser, you don’t know if you are underpaying or overpaying Influencers you work with – and probably you never will. The problem in today’s social media world is that you can never quantify the value of the real connection between the Influencer and their audience because with one-click, anyone (even your company) can simply buy followers. At P.S. I’m On My Way, actual engagement is proven and tested.

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Trisha is a certified public speaker and can discuss matters of women and gender, social responsibility, and Digital Media, among many. She has spoken in the prestigious Tedx where she talked about the hardships of growing up. In the recent Digital Nomad Convention spearheaded by AirAsia, Trisha was the only woman speaker which proved that women can take their seat at the table in the tech industry.

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Trisha has conducted meaningful and information-packed travel blogging workshops in Manila, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Dubai etc. She has also conducted seminars and workshops on writing and blogging as a tool to use your influence positively. You can also hire her for corporate workshops. See what people are talking about her courses here!

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Can’t go to the city where Trisha is currently conducting a workshop? You can definitely book a private session via Skype!

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Through the years of constant hard work, Trisha took in clients in the travel industry to do PR and consultancy, social media influencers and travel blogger outreach, creating a professional website, branding, etc – she can help you with everything you need in order to have a successful online presence.

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Trisha has done lots of tourism board collaborations with Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Hong Kong, Georgia, and the USA. These tourism boards have invited her to their country to create content that has powerful impact.

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Trisha only works with products and brands she believes in, hence, the success of her working with many big companies have been obvious. Her blog is a go-to page for young people who are mostly struggling about growing up and thinking that travel can be the solution. People have been moved by her writing and this is one of the biggest strengths of this blog: no BS and real talk. She will never write anything she doesn’t believe in. Check out the blog and see it for yourself.

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Trisha’s writing have proven to move and change lives. Through her Facebook page, you can see that people are really engaging with her content because it’s not your typical travel guide, tips and how-to’s. She can write something that people will relate to. The response she received from all over the world is overwhelming and with documentation, has proven to be the most effective and believable way of traveling. Trisha is one of the influencers in the world who uses her platform correctly.



Trisha’s style of marketing campaigns have been proven effective. Currently based in Tel Aviv,she has recently worked with a non-profit organisation in Israel that is focusing on eradicating the negative connotations about the country. When everyone have given up, Trisha fought. As a result of her perseverance and powerful writing, readers from all over the world visited her in Tel Aviv just from reading her blog! Hard to believe? Click here to know the story.

Trisha has been with us as a Marketing and PR Manager for over 5 years and we truly love her work for us. What's very interesting is that she doesn't work for us as an Influencer, but a real marketing position. She is very knowledgeable in both being a marketer and an influencer at the same time. This gave us an edge to up our Influencer Marketing game and we are truly happy how Trisha managed the company for us. We don't want to divide her attention by telling you to hire her but she is really good at what she does. Her genuine care for her clients is amazing!

We’ve worked with over 130 online influencers from all over the world, and I can safely say that Trisha is one of a kind! Not only is she incredibly savvy in social media influence, she is also very dedicated and caring about her customers and is truly committed to their success. She is honest, straightforward, professional and creates excellent engagement with the target market she is tasked with reaching. I would not hesitate at all to work with Trisha on any project that can bring her strengths to the fore, there are not many like her out there!

Having the opportunity to work with Trisha enabled us to step into the world of travelling. Her passion gave us a glimpse of the fulfilment travelling gives. It was a pleasure to have her speak on Immersive Traveling in one of our workshops. Her love and dedication for what she does make it easy for the audience to grasp her words and interact with her. Her impact on us and on the audience proved that her influence goes beyond numbers and beautiful pictures, she’s a natural influencer

Working with Trisha was such a lovely experience! Being a peer-to-peer RV rental company, she really tailored to our needs and made sure we were happy the entire time. RVshare has worked with several partners in the travel industry and Trisha is definitely one of our favorites! She is super quick to respond and the love for her work is very apparent. After our time with Trisha, we look forward to following along with her travels. She’s a great person to work with and we very much recommend her.

Trisha – has been fighting against stereotypes with firm beliefs and a headstrong attitude. This has anchored her in breaking the conventions dictated by society. Taking the path less traveled is always daunting and Trisha’s blog has given us a peak to her own personal journey. She documents her experiences with such candour and wit that resonates with her readers. We had the pleasure of having her speak on this at our event which contributed to its success.

We had an awesome experience collaborating with Trisha. We throw her ideas for a possible workshop, and she’ll gladly fit us into her schedule. She’s easy to work and negotiate with. She’s willing to adjust to our needs and is really accommodating. With regard to the workshops we did with her, we can say that Trisha knows her thing. Her casual yet engaging style of imparting her knowledge and expertise is something we can commend. She knows when to be strict and when to have fun. We’d be thrilled to collaborate again with her!

I am so happy I was able to meet Trisha on her most recent trip to Israel! Her energy is truly inspiring, and her love for people and what she does is something to be noted. Trisha has the ability (and I truly don’t know how she does it) to give every person that she meets personal attention. She can connect with everyone and loves to offer her help and guidance to any that ask. Working alongside Trisha was such a good experience, I learned a lot from how she goes about running her own business, connecting with others, and delivering great results! Connect with Trisha – it will be super fun and meaningful.

Mid-April, I received an Email from Trisha, asking me if I would be interested in hosting her in some of our hotels in exchange of social media coverage. I tend to be hesitant when receiving such demands, as we are not yet totally accustomed to these partnerships in Morocco. However, the email was detailed and very professional, leading me to agree on the spot to work with Trisha. I have not at all regretted my decision, for I met a young, cheerful, outgoing and mostly very precise and professional young lady. Trisha is respectful of the staff and the culture. I remain very positive and patient to receive the rest of her social media coverage to share it with all those who were glad to meet her during her stay.

It has been a pleasure working with Trisha. She is very professional, quick to respond and she is good with words. Trisha was able to really tell my brand’s story. She has recommended the style of the blog post, so it is best to reach her readers. Her audience was very engaging and curious. I got a chance to connect with them and further talk about my story.

Trish is fun, energetic, and she’s the type of person who speaks her mind. She’s full of many bright ideas and she also loves sharing them. She’s very professional and delivers what she promises.”

There are a lot of great digital influencers in the world, or in Southeast Asia to be specific (based on my last project with Trisha), but Trisha is truly one of a kind. She’s more than a girl with a great and lively personality and she pours her soul in every write-ups, in every digital strategy that she’s developing. For that, you can definitely find professionalism, creativeness and inspirations working with her. Looking forward to work with her again and will definitely recommend her to anyone!

Working with Trisha was a pleasure. She is organized, communicative, and hit all of our deadlines. On top of her professional skills, her creativity and vision to bring the brand’s message and product to life was wonderful. We would definitely work with Trisha on future campaigns.”

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P.S. I'm On My Way is a blog by Trisha Velarmino. She didn't
quit her job to travel the world. She made a job out of traveling and you can do it, too.

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