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Travel Resources

Ready to book your trip?

These are the things I use in planning my travels. I’ve been using them for years so, on this page, I will share my experiences with these platforms in terms of easy booking, cheap finds, and great deals. I also made a little comment/review about their interface. Some websites are easier to use than others so I feel it’s very important to explain to you how all these work.


Most of it is on a ‘pay at the property’ set up so you don’t need to pay for a cancellation fee in case your travel plans change.


In 2021, I am officially supporting VRBO instead of Airbnb. VRBO has a “Book with Confidence Guarantee Program” that is very beneficial especially at this time when our travel plans are always changing. 


I backpacked a lot for most of my formative years and always used Hostelworld. This is best for people who travel solo and want to meet friends on their trips!


Get Your Guide

I must admit – sometimes, I am super lazy to do things on my own so I always book the tours here! They are really cheap compared to other tour booking platforms! Use this when you travel to Mexico and Latin America.


I use this whenever I want to see real-time reviews. The reviews here are from real people so you can always compare experiences. If you don’t believe blogger reviews, take a look at other opinions here. Most of the tours are cheaper here, too.


When it comes to things to do, Viator is my favorite! They have over half a million tours all over the world. I am not really sure how they got to this number but I love that they have tours that are not offered in other platforms!


I first learned about EatWith when I was living in Israel. Basically, it’s a platform for booking meals with private chefs, not just in Israel but all over the world. They also started offering online cooking classes when COVID started.



I volunteered most of my formative years where I got to eat, sleep, and stay with local families. Get a 10% discount using the code PSIMONMYWAY10 when you join Worldpackers.

Trusted HouseSitters

It’s really simple: find a house-sit, take care of their pets and their homes while the owners are away! House-sitting has been one of the reasons I was able to travel the world indefinitely. This is a great way to get free accommodations!



As a digital nomad, handling money in different currencies has always been hard for me. And I know you can relate!

Read my TransferWise review »


Take the internet with you! As a digital nomad, this is very important to me. If you decide to rent a portable wifi device, use my code PSIMONMYWAY to get a 10% discount.


I love this digital nomad insurance! I only pay $40 USD per month and I don’t even have to renew it since they have a recurring payment. I already did a claim with them and everything was so smooth!