Travel Resources

These are the things I use in planning my travels. I’ve been using them for years so, on this page, I will share my experiences with these platforms in terms of easy booking, cheap finds, and great deals. I also made a little comment/review about their interface. Some websites are easier to use than others so I feel it’s very important to explain to you how all these work.


The best platforms to use when booking your hotels and accommodations anywhere in the world. You’ll find good deals on these websites, too!

Most of it is on a ‘pay at the property’ set up so you don’t need to pay for a cancellation fee in case your travel plans change.


In 2021, I am officially supporting VRBO instead of Airbnb. VRBO has a “Book with Confidence Guarantee Program” that is very beneficial, especially at this time when our travel plans are always changing. 


I backpacked a lot for most of my formative years and always used Hostelworld. This is best for people who travel solo and want to meet friends on their trips!


Booking tours should not be that difficult and complicated! Here are the best websites for finding great and affordable tours all over the world.


I must admit – sometimes, I am super lazy to do things on my own so I always book the tours here! They are really cheap compared to other tour booking platforms! Use this when you travel to Mexico and Latin America.


I use this whenever I want to see real-time reviews. The reviews here are from real people so you can always compare experiences. If you don’t believe blogger reviews, take a look at other opinions here. Most of the tours are cheaper here, too.


Expedia is mostly used in North America for booking tours. Ever since I moved to Mexico, I’ve been using Expedia to check for the best flight deals, car rentals, and things to do in every city I visit. Expedia has cheaper tours than any other platform!

Digital Nomad and Remote Work Resources

I have been traveling as a female digital nomad for the last 14 years and these are my go-to websites for finding free accommodations, managing my finances, and looking for volunteering jobs.


I love this digital nomad insurance! I only pay $40 USD per month and I don’t even have to renew it since they have a recurring payment. I already did a claim with them and everything was so smooth!

Wise (formerly Transferwise)

As a digital nomad, handling money in different currencies has always been hard for me. And I know you can relate!


I volunteered most of my formative years where I got to eat, sleep, and stay with local families. Get a 10% discount using the code PSIMONMYWAY10 when you join Worldpackers.

Trusted House Sitters

It’s really simple: find a house-sit, take care of their pets and their homes while the owners are away! House-sitting has been one of the reasons I was able to travel the world indefinitely. This is a great way to get free accommodations!

This is not a sponsored post. These are the websites and companies I use and recommend for my travels. Some of these links are affiliate links and, at no cost to you, I may earn a small commission that helps run this website — keeping it free for all to use!