The ultimate playbook for Tel Aviv nightlife: best locals spots in the city that never sleeps

Nightlife in Tel Aviv was one of the great draws of why I ended up living in a city that never sleeps. In this nightlife guide, I will share all the spots in different categories, including where to eat after partying!

Prior to arriving Israel, I was informed I was going to experience a legitimate, tangible nightlife in Tel Aviv. I wasn’t really sure how that works when you are on a Media Trip but okay. Done deal.

When the itinerary was handed to us on the first day of the tour (seriously, I never read Press Trip ITs ever), I had to double check with the tour coordinator if I was reading it right — bar hopping on a Saturday?

I wondered. This is the first media trip I’ve been to that had a drunken itinerary. That adds to the COOL METER I am monitoring for Israel.

nightlife in tel aviv

But wait, still, SATURDAY? Why Saturday?! Wouldn’t the nightlife in Tel Aviv be boring on a Saturday?

For us normal folks, Saturday is a usual day for partying but for the cool peeps of Israel, this is actually a Sunday. Work days in Israel fall from Sunday-Thursday while Fridays and Saturdays are Shabbat days. Meaning, their Saturday is our Sunday. Comprende?

It was when I learned there is actually no distinction among the days when partying in Tel Aviv. The city is alive every freaking day of the week.

Setting something up and gathering your crew whenever you want is so easy. Nightlife in Tel Aviv is vibrant, astonishing, breathtaking, and wallet-hammering (so expensive it will tear your credit card into pieces), but let me tell you this…

It will be the best night you won’t remember with the people you will never forget.

Change how you travel and see the world by going deep into the culture. Come and travel with me!


💃🏾 Nightlife in Tel Aviv: what to expect

If it’s your first time in Tel Aviv, it’s essential to understand that nightlife in Tel Aviv starts late and continues into the early morning hours.

Dinner usually happens around 9 PM, and clubs don’t get busy until midnight. Bars and pubs might fill up a bit earlier, around 10 PM.

Tel Aviv has a high density of bars, clubs, and restaurants, many of which can be found in areas like Rothschild Boulevard, Florentin, and the Port area.

nightlife in tel aviv

There are many options, from laid-back wine bars and craft beer pubs to glamorous rooftop bars, underground clubs, and high-end restaurants. Many bars also serve food, blurring the line between bar and restaurant.

The city is also known for its LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere, with many clubs and bars catering specifically to the LGBTQ+ community, particularly in the neighborhood known as “the gay center of the Middle East”.

Tel Aviv’s nightlife can be compared to the energetic scenes found in cities like New York or Berlin, with their blend of cosmopolitan diversity and a 24/7 lifestyle.

It combines the relaxed beach atmosphere of cities like Miami or Barcelona with the creative, alternative vibes of places like London or Austin.

The nightlife in Tel Aviv is generally considered very fun. People in Tel Aviv know how to enjoy life and make the most of their night, and there is a strong emphasis on dancing, with many clubs playing a mix of international and Israeli music that keeps the dance floors packed.

Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene is dynamic and constantly changing, with new spots always opening, which adds to the excitement.

nightlife in tel aviv

The party scene in Tel Aviv is also very much about socializing, with groups of friends typically starting their nights at bars or restaurants, sharing food and drinks before heading to clubs.

Of course, you’ll only have a local nightlife in Tel Aviv experience if you are with a Tel Avivian, so please get in touch with me and I will introduce you to friends!

🗺️ Map of Tel Aviv nightlife

tel aviv nightlife
👉🏼 Open this Tel Aviv nightlife map on Google

🏆 Award-winning Tel Aviv bars

Bar 51

📍 HaYarkon St 59

Bar 51 is a cornerstone of Tel Aviv’s nightlife, a magnet for lovers of premium spirits and handcrafted cocktails. Basking in the amber glow, you can’t help but fall for the bar’s atmospheric charm and vintage flair.

Start with the seductive “Persian Love,” a flavorful blend of gin, rose syrup, cardamom, and fresh lemon. Then, take a ride on the wild side with “The Last Word,” a daring mix of Chartreuse, maraschino, gin, and lime.


📍 Berdyczewski St 14

Bellboy is a whimsical bar with a penchant for theatrics and a twist of the Prohibition era. Nestled inside Hotel B Berdichevsky, Bellboy is an enchanting world of eccentricity and nostalgia.

The “Hot Chili Squid Ink” is an audacious choice – a savory amalgam of chili-infused tequila and black lemon dusted with squid ink.

The “Nutcracker” offers a comforting blend of rye, walnut, vanilla, and orange bitters for something gentler.

Tip: Midnight is the best time to go to Bellboy.


📍 Berdyczewski St 14

Hidden behind an unmarked door on Ben Yehuda Street, Butler whispers the allure of a bygone era. An intimate, dimly lit bar with a timeless appeal hums with the echo of Sinatra’s tunes and the clink of expertly crafted cocktails.

The “Flamingo” with its blush of fresh grapefruit, elderflower liqueur, and gin, is a perennial favorite. If you’re daring, opt for the “Smokey Eyes,” a scotch, pine liqueur, and smoked salt.

Tip: Best time to visit? Make Butler your late-night retreat, a place to unwind around 11 PM, when the evening is in full swing.


📍 HaYarkon St 66
🥇 Best bar in the Middle East & Africa

Imperial Craft is a crowning jewel in Tel Aviv nightlife when it comes to cocktail bars, a colonial-style haven for the serious drink aficionado.

Twice named the best bar in the Middle East and Africa, it merges opulence with the buzz of a neighborhood hotspot.

The “Philippine Relief” stuns with its exotic pairing of Tanduay rum, calamansi, and coconut water. Try the “Yemen Quarter,” for blend of arak, amba, and lime.

Tip: A lively crowd starts to gather around 9 PM, turning the bar into a convivial hub of spirited conversations.

🪩 Best social spots for nightlife in Tel Aviv

Cuckoo’s Nest in Jaffa

📍 Olei Zion St 26

Tucked away in a renovated gallery in the heart of Jaffa, Cuckoo’s Nest is where Tel Aviv’s creative minds come to roost. This vibrant, two-story bar brims with eclectic artwork and a bohemian charm that lures an exuberant mix of locals and globetrotters.

The main event? Their art exhibitions and live music nights, stirring together pulsating energy with a palette of eclectic personalities.

Order the “Cuckoo Cocktail,” a colorful mélange of vodka, ginger, mint, and grapefruit, or try the “Old Fashioned Jaffa,” a spiced-up version of the classic with bourbon, date honey, and bitters.

Tip: As early as 9 PM, Cuckoo’s Nest turns into a playground for cultural explorers and cocktail lovers in the unpopular street of Jaffa.

Kuli Alma

📍 Mikve Israel St 10

When it comes to Tel Aviv nightlife, Kuli Alma is a canvas of creativity. This underground bar-cum-art space is a hub for musicians, DJs, and artists, with its vibrant murals, revolving art exhibitions, and thumping dance floor.

Known for its rotating roster of international and local DJs, Kuli Alma attracts an ever-evolving crowd of in-the-know locals and curious tourists.

While here, order the refreshing “Watermelon Smash,” or take a flavorful leap with the “Spicy Mango” cocktail.

Tip: Come a little bit after 11 PM to immerse yourself in the city’s beat and meet a collective of like-minded night owls. It’s also open til 5:00 AM, especially when there are guest DJs.

Port Said

📍 Har Sinai St 5

Behind the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv, Port Said is a cultural intersection of food, drink, and music. This bustling bar-restaurant pairs the legendary Eyal Shani’s Israeli cuisine with a vibrant vinyl soundtrack, attracting a diverse crowd of foodies and music enthusiasts.

Its open-air setting makes it a perfect locale for late-night socializing over shared plates and innovative drinks. The “Goldstar” beer cocktail is a fan favorite, as is the “Canaan,” with arak, grapefruit, and mint.

Tip: By 10 PM, Port Said transforms into a bustling hotspot of friendly chatter, delicious bites, and groovy tunes.

The Prince

📍 Nahalat Binyamin St 18

Nestled in a renovated Ottoman-era house, The Prince is an enchanting retreat with a laid-back, vintage charm. Its rooftop terrace, draped in twinkling fairy lights, beckons a mixed crowd of locals and tourists alike.

Known for hosting various events – from film screenings to DJ sets – The Prince is a hub for socializing and entertainment. Must-try cocktails include the tart “Prince Lemonade” or the inventive “Fig Manhattan.”

Tip: Around 8 PM, The Prince offers the ideal backdrop for casual conversations and potential connections over candle-lit tables and stunning city views.

Salon Berlin

📍 Najara St 15

Salon Berlin is a thrilling slice of German capital’s edginess right in the heart of Tel Aviv. Known for its cool, laid-back atmosphere, Berlin Bar is a confluence of artists, writers, and creative spirits seeking inspired conversation and good times.

The bar regularly hosts poetry readings, DJ sets, and even tattoo events, making it a socializing hotspot where connections are made, and stories are shared.

Try their signature “Berlin Mule,” a tangy twist on the classic, with vodka, lime, ginger beer, and cucumber. Or go for the “Spicy Basil,” a fiery concoction of gin, green chili, basil, and lime.

Tip: Salon Berlin is one of the cheapest bars in Tel Aviv so this is a great pre-drink stop. Come here for beers!

🥂 Tel Aviv bars with food


📍 Derech Jaffa 9

Teder.FM isn’t just a bar; it’s a cultural phenomenon. This pop-up radio bar tucked away in a romantic courtyard in Tel Aviv delivers a sensory overload with top-notch pizza from Pizzazza, curated beats from local DJs, and a thrumming crowd that screams “cool”.

Drink of choice? Try their quirky twist on the Moscow Mule, garnished with a slice of fresh pizza for that unexpected kick. Or let loose with a chilled local craft beer, the perfect accompaniment to their thin-crust Margherita bursting with flavors.

Tip: The best time to experience Teder.FM’s spirited alchemy is around 10 PM when the music is just right, and the pizza-scented air lures in the city’s night owls.


📍 Har Sinai St 2

From the depths of the Balkans to the heart of Tel Aviv, Shishko encapsulates the lively spirit of Eastern European taverns, serving a mix of hearty Balkan cuisine and traditional brandy. The food menu here isn’t just an accessory – it’s a headliner.

Get adventurous with the burek, a flaky pastry stuffed with cheese or spinach, paired with their signature Rakia cocktail. If you’re a meat lover, their cevapi – grilled sausages – are a must.

As for the vibes, they’re as warm and inviting as a Balkan homecoming.

Tip: Arrive post 9 PM when Shishko is in full swing with foot-tapping music and belly-satisfying food.

Radio EPGB

📍 Shadal St 7

Radio EPGB is the epitome of an underground bar. This urban lair on the bustling Rothschild Boulevard is a mishmash of excellent food, experimental music, and a crowd that thrives on the unconventional.

The bar’s specialty burgers are a treat, especially when washed down with their EPGB beer. For those craving a bigger kick, the “Radioactive” cocktail will make your taste buds dance.

Tip: While the beat picks up late, around 11 PM, an early arrival ensures you get your fill of their gastronomic delights before partying.


📍 Matalon St 44

Ouzeria is a modern Mediterranean oasis nestled within the bustling Levinsky Market. The space is airy and contemporary, with a lively vibe that makes it a must-visit.

Dive into their praiseworthy lamb kebab, grilled to perfection and served with tahini, or explore the aquatic depths with their flavorful sea bream ceviche.

To wash it all down, order the “Ouzeria Spritz,” a bubbly mix of Aperol, prosecco, and soda, or the “Spicy Levinsky,” a gin-based concoction with the zing of fresh chili and cucumber.

Tip: The ideal time to hit Ouzeria is around 9 PM when the kitchen is in full throttle, the bar is buzzing, and the energy is just right. It’s also great for day drinking!

🍕 Post-nightlife in Tel Aviv: where to eat

Benedict: open 24/7

📍 Multiple locations around Tel Aviv

Never mind the clock hands, at Benedict, it’s always breakfast time. A 24/7 establishment that celebrates the most important meal of the day, Benedict dishes out classic breakfast options ranging from decadent pancakes to hearty shakshuka.

Whether you’re craving eggs benedict at 3 AM or French toast at midnight, this place has you covered. Prices vary depending on your pick, but a delightful meal can range from 40 to 60 shekels ($11-$16 USD)

Tony Vespa: open til 3:00 AM

📍 Multiple locations around Tel Aviv

This late-night pizza joint, operating till the break of dawn, is the beacon for the post-party crowd looking for a savory antidote to their dance-induced hunger pangs.

Tony Vespa’s unique selling proposition lies in its unconventionally delicious pizzas, sold by weight rather than slice.

The pizza counter, adorned with an array of mouthwatering options, presents a tantalizing spectacle, from classic margherita to the more adventurous artichoke and truffle oil. This place is the embodiment of late-night indulgence.

The crowd-pleaser “Vodka Pizza”, lathered with vodka-infused tomato sauce and rich mozzarella, is a must-try. And for the carnivores, the “Spicy Sausage” pizza, brimming with piquant Italian sausage, roasted peppers and onions, offers a taste explosion.

A 100-gram slice will set you back between 10 to 15 shekels, a reasonable price to pay for a decent bite of pizza!

Jasmino: open til 5:00 AM

📍 Allenby St 99

After a night of partying, there’s nothing quite like a juicy grilled skewer from Jasmino. This tiny street food joint, located on Allenby Street, serves some of the best grilled meats in Tel Aviv till late night.

From deliciously charred skewers to meat-stuffed pitas, everything is flavorful and perfectly cooked. The prices are also reasonable, with dishes ranging from 10 to 25 shekels.

⁉️ FAQ: Tel Aviv nightlife

YES! Tel Aviv indeed has a vibrant nightlife. Known as the “city that never sleeps,” it boasts a plethora of clubs, bars, and late-night eateries. A diverse mix of live music, DJ sets, beach parties, and rooftop gatherings ensures something for everyone.

Rothschild Boulevard, Dizengoff Street, and Nachalat Binyamin are key hotspots for nightlife in Tel Aviv. These areas teem with trendy bars, clubs, and lounges, often buzzing with life until early morning.

When clubbing in Israel, the attire is generally casual. You’ll see everything from jeans and t-shirts to dresses and dress shirts. The key is to be comfortable, as nights can get very hot, particularly in the summer.

Israeli nightlife is lively, diverse, and dynamic. Tel Aviv is the epicenter, with a round-the-clock culture of clubs and bars, but you’ll also find a vibrant scene in cities like Jerusalem and Haifa. From night markets and music festivals to beach parties and craft beer tastings, the spectrum of nocturnal activities is wide.

While it’s not customary to drink alcohol openly on the streets in Israel, it’s not explicitly illegal. However, public drunkenness is frowned upon and can lead to legal trouble.

Yes, alcohol is commonly consumed in Israel. Israeli wines and craft beers are particularly popular, and spirits like Arak are traditional favorites. Alcohol is readily available in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores.

Smoking in bars and enclosed public spaces in Israel is prohibited by law. However, many places offer designated outdoor smoking areas for patrons. Enforcement of the smoking ban can sometimes vary from place to place.

🇮🇱 Tel Aviv travel recommendations

  • Find your way through local markets, unique eateries, and traditional restaurants, exploring the city’s rich culinary history and diverse flavors with a food tour in Tel Aviv.
  • Discover Tel Aviv’s dynamic street art scene through a walking graffiti tour. Uncover hidden gems in alleyways, explore colorful murals in hip neighborhoods, and learn about the city’s culture through the eyes of its artists.
  • Explore the winding alleyways of Jaffa, one of the world’s oldest ports, rich in history and culture. Visit ancient landmarks, marvel at the stunning architecture, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of bustling markets.
  • Experience Tel Aviv’s 24/7 nightlife in the Rothschild area. Dive into the city’s thriving music scene, sip cocktails in stylish bars, and dance until dawn in underground clubs.
  • Carmel Market (Shuk HaCarmel): This bustling outdoor market is a feast for the senses, offering a variety of fresh produce, local spices, baked goods, clothing, and more. A great place to experience local life and taste traditional Israeli food.
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art: Home to a broad spectrum of contemporary and classic art, the museum hosts works by leading Israeli and international artists. The stunning architecture is a masterpiece itself.
  • Jaffa Port and Old City: Steeped in history, Jaffa offers a mix of ancient ruins, art galleries, and trendy boutiques. The picturesque port area offers stunning views and excellent dining options.
  • Neve Tzedek: Tel Aviv’s first neighborhood, Neve Tzedek’s charming streets are filled with beautifully restored Bauhaus-style buildings, boutiques, and cafes. It’s a hub of culture and architecture.
  • Tel Aviv Beaches: Stretching along the city’s western edge, the beaches offer a perfect spot for sunbathing, surfing, volleyball, or simply enjoying the lively beachside promenade.
  • Shila – Sharon Cohen’s Kitchen & Bar: A culinary hotspot in Tel Aviv, Shila serves modern Israeli cuisine in a lively, bustling environment. Known for its top-quality meats and seafood, the menu offers a variety of dishes that reflect Israel’s diverse food culture.
  • Port Said: A local favorite for Middle Eastern cuisine, Port Said offers a creative menu with an Israeli twist. The vibrant setting, excellent food, and inventive cocktails, combined with music from vinyl records, create a unique and enjoyable dining experience.
  • Ouzeria: Offering a Mediterranean-inspired menu, Ouzeria serves dishes that showcase the richness of Israeli cuisine. Its stylish decor, creative and flavorful food, and extensive wine list make it a great place for a culinary adventure.
  • Radio EPGB: This underground bar offers a unique mix of music, art, and alcohol. Known for its eclectic crowd and electric energy, it’s an ideal place for meeting new people and enjoying Tel Aviv’s vibrant nightlife.
  • Sputnik: A trendy bar in the heart of Tel Aviv’s nightlife district, Sputnik offers a large outdoor space, cozy corners, and creative cocktails. It draws a friendly, diverse crowd, making it a great spot for socializing.
  • The Norman Tel Aviv: A luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Tel Aviv, The Norman blends the elegance of the 1920s with modern comfort. It features beautifully designed rooms, a rooftop pool with city views, a wellness area, and top-class dining options.
  • Brown TLV Urban Hotel: Centrally located in Tel Aviv, this boutique hotel offers comfortable, stylish rooms with a vintage touch. Enjoy amenities like a rooftop lounge, complimentary bicycles for city exploration, and a cozy bar. The personalized service and convenient location make it an excellent choice for a mid-range accommodation option.
  • Florentine Hostel: This modern, clean hostel offers a range of private and dormitory rooms in the hip Florentin neighborhood. Its communal kitchen, cozy lounge area, and friendly staff provide an excellent opportunity to meet fellow travelers. Its location offers easy access to restaurants, shops, and nightlife.
  • Israel is currently experiencing a housing shortage for locals because of platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo. The local community would appreciate it if you book local-run hotels and accommodations.
  • Tel Aviv is a walking city so there’s no need to worry about transportation. You can walk anywhere, take a bus, or rent a bike. Just make sure to book an airport taxi transfer as the airport is far away from the center.
  • Don’t travel to Tel Aviv without insurance. Ekta Traveling is the recommended insurance (for travelers ages 2 months to 100 years old).

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