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Here’s what’s it like to live in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas as an expat

I never thought I’d like living in Cabo San Lucas because of its very touristy prices. Now that I am here, I realized how this is one of the best living abroad experiences I will ever have – Cabo is currently my favorite!

Reader Mail: Hi Trisha, happy happy birthday and I love that you are already in Baja California! I recently had a quick vacation in Cabo and loved it. I just discovered there are direct flights from Seattle so I took a leap and checked it out.

While browsing about living in Mexico, I found your fantastic blog and have seen that you’ve lived in many different Mexican cities. To my surprise, I saw on your Instagram stories that you are in Cabo – too bad I didn’t get to meet you!

I am a digital nomad and I want to know about your experience in living in Cabo San Lucas? I am new to remote work and I am finding a lot of great information on your blog about this lifestyle. Thank you so much and I hope to meet you in Cabo!
-Anna Collins, Seattle

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Hi Anna,

Thank you for the birthday greeting! Bummer, I missed you – I just finished a one-month celebration with friends! Actually, I didn’t think that I would like Cabo so much!

I’ve been here for 2 months now and have been really out and about so in this post, I will definitely share with you if living in Cabo San Lucas is the right option for you.

If you feel like Cabo does not fit your needs, feel free to check other places to live in Mexico – there are a lot of choices! Should you have any questions about living in Mexico, I am always here to help.

Good luck!


What is the difference between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo?

People often use the term ‘Los Cabos’ but Cabo San Lucas (CSL) and San Jose del Cabo are two different things.

To tell you the truth, I thought foreigners loved visiting CSL than SJC more but I realized that they have very even playing fields. Most of the resorts are in SJC so people tend to stay there for their short vacations.

However, there is more local life in CSL and it’s honestly easier to go around. SJC has better restaurants than CSL – I must say.

I still need to explore San Jose del Cabo and as always, I will share these experiences with you. For now, let’s focus on living in Cabo San Lucas.

Is it safe to live in Cabo San Lucas?

ABSOLUTELY! Cabo San Lucas loves tourists so they will never do anything to interrupt tourism. Cabo is actually one of the safest and crime-free destinations in the world so you don’t have to worry about your safety here!

The streets are well-lit and there is always something happening at night so you will never be alone. I was actually surprised how Cabo is super active till the wee hours of the morning (weekends) since a lot of places in Mexico have implemented nightly curfews because of COVID.

Is it expensive to live in Cabo San Lucas?

I am going to be very honest here – Cabo is the most expensive place to live in Mexico, just because it’s very close to the USA. More Americans also opt to come here because Cabo is an unquestionable destination.

It’s not like other places to live in Mexico where you have many questions such as safety, language barrier, etc. Everyone knows Cabo – we don’t need to sell it to you.

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living in cabo

Rent is actually affordable except when you want to live downtown. Later on, I will explain to you the different areas and costs in Cabo according to my experience.

I can’t give you an exact number just yet since the cost of living in Cabo also depends on your lifestyle. You can read my post about the costs in Cabo so you’d know what I spend every month.

Personal experience living in Cabo San Lucas

You might be wondering why of all places in Mexico, I chose to live in Cabo San Lucas. Okay, let me be clear: I did not pack my life in Puerto Vallarta and ultimately planned to move to Cabo.

What happened was I got tired of living in one place so I decided to sell all my stuff (again) and do a road trip in Baja California Sur.

It was by the end of May 2021 which was the beginning of summer so mainland Mexico was hot and humid. Baja California is hot too but you know, dry and more tolerable.

So I grabbed the dogs, packed a suitcase, and got rid of so many things to start my road trip in Baja. First stop was La Paz which I also loved but somehow very similar to my old home in Puerto Vallarta.

living in cabo san lucas

I am not saying I won’t consider living there but it wasn’t something I needed at the moment. I did put it in the list of future homes though. I stayed there a month and felt the need to move on right away.

Then there was Todos Santos which was worse than I expected. This small town has this crazy beautiful imagery on Pinterest so I thought maybe it will be like when I lived in Sayulita.

WRONG. Todos Santos was so ugly – okay, I am sorry because I really can’t find another word for it. Ugly seemed to be the most polite description.

I couldn’t live because I already paid for a one-month stay with no flexible refund policy. I had a nice home in El Pescadero and just spent my days working, reading, going to the beach, hiking – but I got really bored. I couldn’t wait to get to my next destination which was Cabo.

living in cabo san lucas

Then we moved to Cabo. Please note that when you read the word ‘we’ within this blog, I am pertaining to my dogs, Lola and Archie. I am a single woman (ouch) who is moving around Mexico, one city at a time.

Anyway, we moved to Cabo on my birthday month so my days here didn’t start as an expat. I was a freaking tourist for a month. I always have a month-long birthday celebration. My birthday is my favorite holiday of the year and I am actually off work all September.

Friends and family came from different parts of the US and Mexico. Of course, they all did not come at the same time so I had to repeat and repeat my birthday celebrations.

Ocean clubs, hiking, day trips, steak dinners, seafood lunches, and many nights I don’t remember – the more I explored Cabo, the more it grew in me.

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living in Cabo San Lucas

I know y’all going to be like “isn’t Cabo so gringo? Ew. Why would you want to live there?”

It is a matter of fact, very American, boys and girls. Please remember that I have been living in Mexico for quite some time now and I am craving a different culture.

Since I cannot go to the US (no US visa right now), Baja California is the most different I have been in the past years. My trips to Colombia and Peru weren’t that different either.

That is why instead of the short stint in Cabo, I decided to stay here and make it my base, maybe for the next year. I always followed my instincts and always listened to what I feel so right now, Cabo is the one that makes so much sense to me.

In the next few months, I am going to share stuff on my Instagram about living in Cabo as a young expat. This is just the beginning!


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Living in Cabo San Lucas: costs, quality of life, and everything you need to know

Living in Cabo San Lucas: the basics

💲Costs, currency, banking, cash, etc

USD is widely used in Cabo. There are many USD ATMs and most restaurant prices are in USD, too. As a tourist, you can open a bank account with Intercam (which is a so-so bank).

If you have a Mexico residency visa, you can easily open a bank account in Mexico with big banks like BBVA, Santander, Banorte, etc.

Cabo San Lucas is more expensive than other places to live in Mexico, particularly on the mainland. But you definitely get what you pay for here.

I have a post about the cost of living in Cabo San Lucas so feel free to read that for more information! I will also discuss some basic costs in this article so keep reading!

🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Connecting with fellow expats in Cabo San Lucas

Let me be honest here – I did not come to Cabo without knowing anyone (which I’d normally do). I already knew a bunch of people who are living in Cabo San Lucas so it was a bonus for me not to put extra effort into making friends.

As usual, in every expat community around the world, a Facebook group always helps. My go-to groups are Cabo Expats and Los Cabos Expats.

Both groups are super packed with information about living in Cabo San Lucas. You just need to put the time into browsing every single topic and you’ll find answers to your questions!

living in cabo san lucas

Some instances that also made me connect with expats in Cabo San Lucas were random dog walks and routine marina runs. You’ll come across the same people and eventually connect with them!

You can also join dance classes, go to the gym, pilates class, etc. This is where I met the bulk of the people I know in Cabo! In the last part of this article, I made a comprehensive directory of everything you need to know like where to take yoga classes, gym memberships, etc.

🏄‍♀️ Outdoor activities

Baja California Sur is one of the best outdoor spots in Mexico. This is really my favorite part of living here. So many beaches and so many hikes!

However, if you want to explore Baja California Sur, you need to have a car. Within Cabo San Lucas, there aren’t many outdoor spots aside from the main beach and some hikes but if you drive out of Cabo, wow, there are numerous spots to visit!

It will take you a while to visit them all so having a car is very ideal. Most drives aren’t that far because Baja California Sur is a small area. The most I’ve driven is about 2 hours. This area is just a continuous loop.

🧒🏻 Child friendliness

Cabo San Lucas is a favorite destination for families traveling with children. The streets are super safe even if there are no stoplights.

This actually makes the road safer as drivers don’t overs peed and are more vigilant. CSL is so pedestrian-friendly, they always stop for you as long as you are in the right crossing lane.

There are many expat communities that raise their children here. Colegio el Camino is one of the most popular International schools where expats enroll their children.

Other choices include Delmar International School and Colegio Amaranto. There are many other choices of schools for kids in Cabo and you can definitely ask other parents who live here about it.

Your children will definitely learn Spanish even if they are in International Schools because of their Mexican classmates. I’ve seen a lot of American kids here translate for their parents it’s such a sight to see!

🐕 Pet friendliness

Cabo is not too pet-friendly but I am only saying this because I am coming from living in Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta where pets are accepted everywhere.

Dogs can roam freely in El Medano beach and all the other main beaches of Cabo San Lucas but Pedregal Beach is a little strict about pets.

Not all establishments accept pets. It’s really a hit and miss so before going to the restaurant with your dog, you need to call to confirm. You can bring small dogs to beach clubs but you have to tie them.

🚓 Safety in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, I feel, is the safest place I’ve lived in in Mexico. Tourism here never stops so the cartel or any other dangerous forces will not do anything to interrupt that consistent tourism flow.

I walk to my apartment by myself at night (even til 4:00 AM) because the streets are well-lit. Cabo San Lucas is very active so you’ll always have someone around.

Culture in Cabo San Lucas

You probably already know this – Cabo is very much like America. Everything here has been hollywoodinized according to an American’s liking. I can say that there is very little Mexican life here except if you have Mexican friends and/or you speak Spanish.

As soon as you arrive downtown (center), Hard Rock Cafe is in the middle of all of it with an imposing facade. American couples walk around with their toddlers.

A group of 10 men who are probably on bachelor parties is walking around town with beers in their hands. You will see at least 4 groups of girls all wearing white while one wears a crown (and a sash) that says “bride to be.”

The bachelor/bachelorette parties, they’re not exclusive to foreigners. Even Mexicans regard Cabo as the ‘it’ destination for this celebration.

living in cabo san lucas

My brother and a friend visited me from the US last month for my birthday!

The marina, where I do my daily run with the dogs is always alive from morning til night. Bars start blaring at 8:00 pm but can start earlier during weekends.

The center is full of color, life, and happy noises but as someone who lives here, I always feel like a tourist (still) when I am walking at the city center.

I live in a Mexican neighborhood that is just one block from downtown but you’ll see the difference when you enter the small streets of Cabo versus the main avenue. It always feels like I am entering a different area even if my house is just 5 minutes from the center!

living in cabo san lucas

For me who has Mexican friends here, the culture in Cabo can be two different layers so I really can’t generalize the culture here – it all depends on the way of life you imagine to be when you move to Cabo.

Are you a foreigner/expat who likes to immerse with the local culture or you’re just moving to Cabo to have a cheaper version of America? You can do either but as I said, you need to identify the life you want before you move here. This is Mexico and anything is possible!

Living in Cabo San Lucas as a young expat

I would say that the expats living in Cabo San Lucas are mixed. Everyone is here! I can’t say that the majority of the foreigners who live here are young professionals but let me tell you what’s it like to live here in your 30s.

We all know how Cabo is a popular party spot not to mention many Americans come here for a weekend to party. My friends always thought there is no way that you can live healthily in Cabo and/or avoid parties but that’s not the case all the time.

living in cabo san lucas

Sunday brunches (chardonnay and raw food are my favorite!)

To be honest, when I first moved to Cabo, I had a hard time not going out but only because I was still trying to get to know the city and gain some friends. The only way I can get to know people is by actually going out.

After a while, it became very exhausting. Working remotely allows me to play around with my work schedule but I forced myself into a daily routine that I religiously followed.

living in cabo san lucas

How did I do that? I enrolled in a one-month pilates class. I paid 3-month gym membership. I subscribed to weekly yoga classes. While it is true that Cabo is a party place, there is also the healthy side of it that you’ll only know if you live here.

Aside from that, there are many outdoor activities in Cabo like small hikes, surfing, diving, etc – you can definitely dictate how you will live here!

Overall, I could say that Cabo is a good place to live for young people. Please note that I am single (no kids just 2 dogs lol) so all the experiences that I am stating here are based on the lifestyle of a single woman living abroad.

Do you need a car to live in Cabo San Lucas?

Here’s the thing: I rented a studio apartment in the center for the same price as a 2-br apartment in the outskirts of the city because I sold my car.

Ever since I sold my car, I realized how much I loved walking and that it became my unconscious exercise. I really feel stronger and healthier now!

A lot of foreigners can’t take walking in the heat, especially during the summer so if you ask them, they would say you need a car to live in Cabo.

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living in cabo san lucas

The rental car in Cabo San Lucas costs $75 USD per day (Sedan).

But if you’re asking me, I feel like Cabo San Lucas has great terrain for pedestrians. There are no stoplights so cars stop for you when you cross the road!

I also loved how I can just walk to the beach with my dogs anytime. My apartment is just a 10-minute walk to the marina and the main beach.

I can’t imagine us living in a 2-BR house but driving to the beach every day. That would be too tedious for me because we are always outside.

Food in Cabo San Lucas

As for food, there are a lot of varieties in Cabo. I usually mix my week eating in the most local food stands to the classy Sunday brunches. From Argentine to Italian cuisine, Cabo will have everything you crave for although there is a shortage of Asian food.

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living in Cabo

Since I live here and I love to cook, I also do a lot of grocery shopping. We have Costco in Cabo and everything that you have back home in the US are also available here.

Dating in Cabo San Lucas

I stopped believing that dating in Cabo San Lucas (or Mexico) is any different than any part of the world but here’s my experience – Cabo is very American.

I’ve had many dates in the past and they’re all Americans. Not that I am discriminating here but some of the girls I know are looking for more diversity.

Mexico, in general, is popular with Americans so expect Cabo to be more Americanized than the rest of the country.

living in Cabo San Lucas

Another shit thing is if you’re looking for a long-term kind of thing, the Americans you will encounter are only here for the weekend. Cabo is the top destination in Mexico that has direct flights even from the northest part of America.

With this, Americans tend to go here from Friday to Monday and you know, check-in a resort, get wasted, party, repeat. I already gave up on this and have changed my perspective when it comes to dating in Cabo. It really sucks.

Anyway, there are a lot of expats who live here but I noticed that not all of them are using the dating apps. So how do you get access to this kind of dating?

Pros and cons of living in Cabo San Lucas

The reason why I love living in Cabo San Lucas is because of its very lively vibe and friendly terrain to expats. Although I do not have trouble living in very Mexican towns and communities, this year, I needed a little change.

There are lots of things to do in Cabo and from living here, I feel like I am really close to the outdoors – I am always out and I literally just go home to sleep!

Many say you can’t be healthy here because of the vibrant nightlife but I consider this as a pro and a con. If you don’t have the strong willpower to have a balanced lifestyle, then Cabo can’t help you with that.

Defining a “balanced lifestyle” is often too hard especially if we’re talking about such a place as Cabo but I feel like with the right mindset and goals, living in Cabo San Lucas can work for you more than you imagine!

living in cabo san lucas

I mean I am not a freaking geek who only goes to work from 8-5. Actually, I only work 4 hours a day, workout every day, go to the beach with the dogs every day and in between, have drinks and Sunday brunches.

I do drink, FYI. And I drink a lot but Cabo challenged me to maintain that balance between going out and exercising regularly.

I already mentioned this in the dating part – while there are millions of people visiting Cabo every year, it is easy to meet people and not be alone but when it comes to dating, nothing is ever solid.

The cost of living in Cabo San Lucas is also higher than other Mexican destinations but if you speak Spanish, you can definitely find cheap rent. I pay for an apartment downtown for $350 USD! I never really thought I can find something as cheap as this in the center.

Cost of living in Cabo San Lucas

I find that living by yourself has always been costly but in this living abroad series that is my life, I decided to live in a 1-bedroom apartment in Cabo instead of my normal 3-bedroom shebang.

I realized I am always traveling anyway and that smaller apartments are easier to maintain. I am currently designing my apartment and I am loving all the process that goes with it.

Honestly, I was surprised that apartments in Cabo are super affordable. I found 3-BR apartments for $600 USD but note that they are not in the city center but a 15-minute drive. Meaning, you need a car.

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living in Cabo San Lucas

As for groceries, I spend about $75 USD for 2 weeks worth of groceries. Supermarkets even have delivery via the Rappi app if you don’t have a car.

Costco, of course, is another story because we all seem to feel obligated to hoard once we enter this place. As much as possible, I avoid Costco unless I need something in bulk like dog food, garbage bags, laundry detergent, cleaning stuff, etc.

I have a more detailed article about what I spend monthly in Cabo so make sure to check that out and know what to expect when you move here.

Mexico residency visa: do I need it in order to live in Cabo?

If you plan to live in Cabo or anywhere in Mexico full-time, I highly encourage you to apply for a residency visa in Mexico. Most foreigners start with the 180 days tourist visa on their first move to Mexico to test the waters.

Mexico gives a generous 180 days tourist visa and you can definitely rent an apartment here with that visa. However, you will need to leave before this visa expires.

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temporary resident visa mexico

Many digital nomads or remote workers also apply for non-lucrative visas in Mexico. It’s way easier to apply as long as you can prove that you are earning $2,000 USD per month.

Healthcare in Cabo San Lucas

I’ve been told that if you become a resident of Mexico, you need to switch to Mexican health insurance but I didn’t do that yet. I still use my International medical insurance that covers COVID-19.

Hospitals in Cabo are very state of the art and have professional medical practitioners. I really don’t worry about healthcare in Cabo or Mexico in general because they have a very good and modern system.

In case of emergencies, 911 works in Cabo (and all over Mexico). They respond super fast and will attend to your needs 100%.

I even know many Americans who have grave medical conditions and moved here because healthcare in the US is expensive.

Renting apartments in Cabo San Lucas

I have a separate post about finding cheap apartments in Cabo but the most important things that you need to know are:

(1) you can rent an apartment in Cabo with a tourist visa; (2) you can get a decent house for less than $1,000 USD a month; (3) houses/apartments downtown can cost double.

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living in cabo san lucas

Bestie visiting me in Cabo. She lives in Tulum so we know we always have places to stay!

I am currently renting a 1-BR apartment downtown and I am paying $350 USD. This apartment is about a 15-minute walk to the marina which I don’t mind because I love walking!

It really helps to find prices like this if you speak Spanish and know the prices in each area. If you need help, I offer those services to people who want to move to Mexico. Just send me a message!

Helpful information about living in Cabo San Lucas

This part of the article, as always, is a salad of whatever you need in Cabo. I never really knew how to organize them so I just put some nice icons for it to look nice.

These are the things that most people ask me about living in Cabo San Lucas. It really doesn’t have a specific theme but I am sure you will find everything you need here.

I constantly update this so leave your questions in the comment box below. I’ll make sure to answer them asap!

🅿️ Airport parking in San Jose del Cabo: For expats who are going home to the USA and want to park their cars in a safe area, San Jose del Cabo International Airport is a great place. I forgot the daily fee but I remember parking there for 3 days and paid $50 USD. It’s super safe!

🛅 Storage services in Cabo: I use San Jose Storage whenever I rent out my apartment in Cabo and live for a few months in Europe. They are super affordable and trustworthy! They are also in the airport and I store my dog kennels with them. I never need to take my dog cages home!

🚙 Flat tire services in Cabo: Well, I hope this does not happen to you but in case of emergency, you can count on Angeles Verdes. All you have to do is dial 078 on your phone and they will come to the rescue! This service is free because they are a government agency (spearheaded by the Tourism Board) but please give them a tip!

living in cabo san lucas

🐾 Adopting pets in Cabo: Every day, Casa Sheila rescues over 10 dogs and they need homes! Please don’t buy dogs as we have a lot that needs to be adopted here. If you are also going back to the US, please consider being a flight angel where you can help transport pets from Cabo to their owners in the US and Canada!

💃 Dance classes in Cabo: So far, I only found a Pole Dancing class at Dolls Kingdom. For any type of dance and choreography, I found this Russian girl who offers monthly dance classes and I am about to try it at Elenium Arts and Fitness Studio! For all types of Latin dances, Studio Corazon is a great place to learn!

🥬 Farmer’s Market in Cabo: I didn’t find any at Cabo San Lucas yet but there are more Farmer’s Market in San Jose del Cabo. Mercado Organico is open every Saturday during the winter months (November to May).

living in cabo san lucas

🏋️ Gym in Cabo San Lucas: I go to RU2 and I pay about $35 USD for a monthly membership. If you want a personal trainer, it costs $150 USD per month together with the membership. Along with other gyms in Cabo, this one is downtown and is walking distance from where I live.

🧘🏽 Yoga classes in Cabo: I go to Cabo Yoga Fitness because I love Vinyasa! They are a little bit far away from downtown but an Uber ride costs less than $2 USD to get to them. They are near Costco, too!

🧘🏿‍♀️ Pilates classes in Cabo: This is my favorite workout! I pay $125 USD for 12 classes at Indigo Pilates. The instructor is from Uruguay but she also speaks great English.

Living in Cabo San Lucas on Pinterest: save it for your move!

living in cabo san lucas

Trisha is one of those people who left their comfortable life to travel the world and learn about life. Her style is to stay in one place she likes for 3 months (or more) to know what it feels like to eat, cook, speak, and sleep in another culture that isn’t hers. She'd like to believe she's not traditionally traveling but she just chooses to be somewhere else all the time. In no particular order, her favorite cities in the world are Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Mexico City, and Tel Aviv.


  • October 26, 2021

    Thanks for this informative article about living in Cabo San Lucas. I just put the place on a mental list for possible working holidays. Usually I would consider places in Southern Spain, as I live in Europe. But Cabo San Lucas looks so easy and relaxed and the flights connections are ok too.

  • October 27, 2021

    American. San Diego. I love Cabo! But, I don’t think about it as Mexico. It’s a getaway with great beach bars for me. Also, I’m a child of the ’80s , the nightlife is a great fit for my generation. Not going to lie, I ran the streets in search of a sharpie to sign the bathroom wall at Cabo Wabo!
    Loved reading this, it triggered me thinking this might be a great retirement spot for me. The prices are still much less then what I’m used to

  • October 28, 2021

    The image of Cabo San Lucas in my mind brings up long beaches and time spent on the water as a vacation spot. So I am not surprised this is an expensive spot if you plan to spend a longer time there. I am not surprised you had a lot of visitors on your stay. I might have found it hard to work with so much to do in Cabo San Lucas.

  • October 28, 2021

    The more I read your posts, the more I want to pack my bags and leave for Mexico. Cabo San Lucas is another place that I have never heard and now will definitely add to my list as it seems like a place that is safe for solo female travelers. I do hope to visit Mexico including Cabo San Lucas and stay there for a while.

  • October 28, 2021

    That’s one detailed guide to living in Cabo San Lucas. To be in a crime free city is bliss. And to walk with your dogs on the marina as and when you wish sounds like a healthy lifestyle. I hope to see this city sometime.

  • October 28, 2021

    Love the cover photo of yours with a drink in hand. It’s been ages since we did this with the pool or ocean to dip ourselves in. Mexico to me is a fascinating destination and Cabo San Lucas seems to confirm my thoughts. Possibly will never get to live there but certainly will visit in the near future whenever possible at the earliest.

  • Agnes
    October 29, 2021

    Cabo San Lucas seems to be a perfect place for ex-pats. It offers so much, it’s so beautiful and safe, which is important! I also love the varieties of food and tastes and mix of cultures. Great that you explained the differences between Cabo San Lucas (CSL) and San Jose del Cabo. I had no idea about that.

  • October 29, 2021

    I didn’t know much about this area of Mexico before, but it looks like a great area to live, beautiful beaches and certainly a great place to meet people and party. I am not sure I could live there for a long time, but its certainly a place I could visit for a few months. Your photos certainly make it look beautiful. I think it will be on list of places to stay when I move to Mexico.

  • November 4, 2021

    We were in 2 resorts in San Jose del Cabo for 2 weeks (one simple one and another 5-star) and just took the bus to visit Cabo San Lucas. I loved San Jose del Cabo more, the town and the resorts, better than CSL. But food is almost always the biggest differentiator of a Mexican city. We prefer Mazatlan though.

  • Sawcy1
    November 23, 2021

    Great article. May I ask what your job is which allows you to only work four hours per day? That sounds fantastic!


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