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How Narcos Mexico on Netflix made us rethink Guadalajara solo travel safety

Is solo travel in Guadalajara safe? I stayed there for 30 days and never felt harmed despite roaming the streets by myself! Check out my personal experience and I hope it will encourage you to travel to Mexico!

Reader Mail: Hey Trisha! Love your blog and all your Mexico content! My boss will be sending me to a 3-day conference in Guadalajara in December. Though I think this is a good opportunity for my career and I really want to go, is Guadalajara safe? I want to stay a few more days as my work allowed me to do so but I don’t know if I am brave enough for it. Please encourage me with your convincing powers! Your thoughts are always very motivating and empowering. I’m really torn right now!
– Andra McIntire, New York

Dear Andra,

Thanks a lot for your words. I really appreciate it! To be honest, I was a little freaked when I first went to Mexico but solo female travel in Guadalajara is absolutely safe. The city is super female-friendly and is very modern. I’ll provide more details below but I hope you won’t miss this opportunity, especially if your work will pay for the trip. You should check it out and stay a bit!

I stayed in Guadalajara for 30 days and loved it. It’s not a place where I will choose to live though – but for a visit, it is worth it! I still come to Guadalajara a lot since I just moved 4 hours away from the city. I have a car so I can always drive back.

Good luck and I hope you’ll push through!


Is Guadalajara safe for tourists?

I bet YES is a hard answer to believe due to the buzz of Narcos Mexico on Netflix. I didn’t follow the Cali Cartel season but when the Mexican version was added, I suddenly got intrigued. We’ve all followed Pablo Escobar’s life and the journey of Medellin Cartel on the show but how is the Mexican Cartel different?

If you’ve seen it and watched all the seasons, you probably wouldn’t think about visiting Mexico anymore, or at least the places that were highlighted there such as Sinaloa and Guadalajara.

If you haven’t seen it, well, let’s start with an introduction to Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, the man behind the Guadalajara Cartel formed in the 1980s. He controlled all the drug trafficking not only within Mexico but in the USA borders as well.

Miguel is from Sinaloa, and the show highlighted his life growing up in that state. But most of the series is set in Guadalajara, where he formed the strongest Mexican cartel in the ’80s.

The show is violent and sometimes very graphic so by the time you finish the show, you will really feel like Mexico is a brutal country that shoots people on the street for no reason.

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is guadalajara safe

But we are missing the keyword ‘1980s’ here.

The day I checked-in Guadalajara, my mom immediately freaked out and didn’t even give me the chance to tell her I was safe and was staying at a friend’s house. My friend is French and lives in Guadalajara. She was visiting family and friends in France when I visited so I had her house to myself.

She wasn’t there to tell me what to do or where to go. But she did warn me not to walk at night and that I should always take the Uber.

Uber in Guadalajara is very cheap. Most of my 15-minute rides are about $50 MXN ($2.50 USD approx). The only time I paid $200+ MXN ($10 USD) was when I went to Tlaquepaque, about 30 minutes from Guadalajara.

The Uber app is widely used in Guadalajara so for your safety, do not go with normal/regular taxis. I am sure lots of regular taxis are good guys but whenever I am traveling, I am more comfortable in using taxi apps as they are more secure and it’s very easy to identify the humanity of the driver.

You can even forward your current location to friends and families which is something you cannot do when riding a normal taxi.

Is Guadalajara safer than Mexico City?

Without looking at the crime rate facts and basing it on my personal experience, I don’t feel like one is safer than the other. Mexico City’s Roma and Condesa areas are great neighborhoods that I always stay in. You can always walk at night without problems and there are many foreigners doing the same.

But if you go out of these neighborhoods, things are a little bit different. I’d never walk and I will always take an Uber if I am outside of Roma and Condesa.

In the same manner that Guadalajara’s main avenue, Avenida Chapultepec is as busy as Roma and Condesa areas, I feel very confident walking here by myself. There are lots of people here all the time and the streets are well-lit,

However, in other areas in Guadalajara, I will always take an Uber and not walk by myself at night. If I am walking by myself, I make sure I am with friends but a lot of people in Guadalajara told me that even with friends, it can be dangerous! I just didn’t have that experience so I can’t really speak about that.

Walking alone in Guadalajara at night: is it an issue?

I’ve been told that it is though I never really pushed my luck. I’ve walked a lot of times by myself at night and did not find it scary. However, I only did this once or twice when I already have a grasp of the place.

When I already have this fixed route I was comfortable with, I did walk at night but I need to clarify that what I meant with ‘night’ is from 18:00 – 21:00 max. Beyond those hours, I always took the Uber because it’s really cheap!

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solo travel in guadalajara

My friend also lent me her bike and while I was riding to go work at a cafe in Guadalajara, one of the guys there told me that I shouldn’t also bike at night because there are many instances that bike riders were robbed (and probably hurt). These are stories that I heard from locals while I was there. It didn’t happen to me so I really have no proof. But still, it’s great to be vigilant.

On another note, I walked a lot with friends at night (even up to 2:00 in the morning). Guadalajara is a very walkable city and the weather is great so when you are with a group, walk!

Have fun in Guadalajara without worrying!

I hope you won’t come to Guadalajara and spend your vacation worrying about safety. There is really nothing to worry about! Guadalajara is a fun city, especially for young travelers so do your best to enjoy it. The nightlife is very vibrant and there are always interesting people everywhere!

I particularly love the cafe culture of Guadalajara and the decent Internet speed. Most of my days there, I go to cafes and sit there all day! These cafes are made for digital nomads so the office setting is very comfortable. I even challenged myself to go to different cafes every day because there are lots of them!

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solo travel in guadalajara

When my friend visited me from Vancouver, I had to show her the Guadalajara nightlife! P.S. I don’t remember taking taxis with her, seriously.

It’s also nice to walk at night at the Chapultepec (city center) because it’s a good way of seeing the Guadalajara lifestyle. Street food vendors, stalls selling Mexican souvenirs, lots and lots of street performers, etc.

I even had a chance to join a dancing class which they are literally doing in the middle of the plaza! Now that I remember, that was really fun!

Of course, I’ve had my share of late nights in Guadalajara which I did a lot with friends. Having local friends really makes a difference when you travel. I came here without knowing anyone but when I put myself out there, I was able to meet people whom I now call my friends.

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Guide to solo travel in Guadalajara

Best things to do in Guadalajara for solo travelers

#1: Go on a day trip to tequila

You don’t have to do this in groups because when you sign up for a tour, you will definitely meet new people! Tequila is just an hour away from Guadalajara. I did this by myself and also signed up with yours but if you’re alone, I definitely would recommend you to go on a tour group!

You can read about my Tequila experience where I stayed in a barrel hotel!

#2: Visit Tlaquepaque

If you love colorful streets, Tlaquepaque is just 30 minutes away from Guadalajara! Uber works inter-city too. I paid about $25 USD for this Uber ride, which, by Mexican standard is a lot for a taxi fare. I would urge you to join group trips to Tlaquepaque so you won’t explore on your own!

It’s also better to come here on the tour so you’ll have someone to take your pictures!

➢ Click here to check prices and availability for Tlaquepaque city tour

#3: Visit Ajijic and Lake Chapala

Did you know that Ajijic has the most American expats in Mexico? Yes, this is sort of a retirement haven! I’m sure you don’t want to see a lot of Americans while traveling in Mexico but I assure you that on this tour to Ajijic, you need to know why Americans live here!

You will also get to see the majestic Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest freshwater lake.

➢ Click here to check prices and availability for Ajijic and Lake Chapala tour


Accommodations in Guadalajara for solo travelers

Guadalajara is a big city. But since Uber is really cheap, I never thoughtfully planned where to stay. Wherever I am staying in Guadalajara, the taxi was never more than $100 MXN ($5 USD).

Often, I am staying with friends who live in the city center. They told me that the Chapultepec area is the best area in Guadalajara since it’s very centric.

Barrio Mexico: privates from $45 USD

Barrio Mexico is a serviced apartment in the Americas area. What I love about Barrio Mexico is the self-check-in/check-out. When you book a stay with them, they will send you all the door codes (including a garage manual if you’re traveling by car).

Everything was smooth and I never had to deal with someone in person. In my opinion, this is how hotels or Airbnbs should re-invent their properties, especially now that we are living in very strange times.

➢ Check prices and availability for Barrio Mexico

solo travel guadalajara

I also had a chance to stay in hostels in Guadalajara during my short trips. Sometimes, I just don’t want to bother my friends for a free stay.

Below are the three hostels that I have stayed in and truly recommend because of their location and value for money:

Hostal Hospedarte Centro: dorms from $12 USD

There are two branches of Hostal Hospedarte in Guadalajara. The other one is in Chapultepec Avenue, which is the main party area of Guadalajara. I never got the chance to stay there because they are always fully booked!

However, this branch is not as bad – it’s also close to the center and they have free bikes to rent! This dorm is super basic but I love the layout of the hostel. Note that this is a quiet hostel with no bar or restaurant inside.

➢ Check prices and availability for Hostal Hospedarte Centro

Nowhere: dorms from $10 USD

Nowhere Guadalajara is a more cultural hostel where there’s room for socialization. Everyone hangs out at the common area and you will meet lots of traveling artists and musicians in this hostel!

➢ Check prices and availability for Nowhere

Guadalajara travel and safety tips for solo travelers

While I believe that no city in the world is 100% safe (you know, there are many petty crimes all over), I really feel like you can have a good time in Guadalajara if you know how to take safety precautions. Just the let you know, the crime rate in Guadalajara is labeled ‘medium risk’ and is definitely has lower crime rates than Mexico City.

According to my research, there are still a lot of cartel wars in Guadalajara but while I was there for a whole month, I didn’t really feel it. I’m sure you’ll only feel it when you are directly involved with it but if not, relax and follow these solo travel in Guadalajara safety tips.

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solo travel in guadalajara
Take Uber all the time

Again, if you are completely alone, Uber is your best way to go around Guadalajara. If you are with a group, I find walking a great way to explore this city. Transport-wise, Guadalajara is at low risk. Uber drivers were reported very honest. I even had a time when I forgot my tripod and the driver returned it!

Do not leave your stuff unattended

Petty theft or pickpocket is ‘medium-risk in Guadalajara. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry (thank God I don’t do this) or anything that will attract thieves. Personally, I’ve walked around Guadalajara carrying all my camera gear but I was never robbed.

It’s just a matter of organizing yourself. It doesn’t mean that you can never go out without carrying your camera in public. Just be vigilant!

Get in touch with your country’s embassy/consulate in Guadalajara

I always do this, especially when in doubt in the countries I visit. I send an email to the embassy or consulate of my country to see the situation. When I planned to go to Pakistan, I wrote to the Embassy of the Philippines there and asked if it’s safe for a Filipina woman to travel to Pakistan.

The consulate staff, which was also a Filipina responded and told me it’s okay. She gave me a go signal and wished me well in my travels to Pakistan.

Consider your source

Guadalajara has a lot of bad press but think about it: how did you find this post? Why are you researching solo travel in Guadalajara? Something interests you about this city, correct? If you try to follow your gut and read thoroughly about Guadalajara, you will see how many people had been here without problems.

For me, I always connect with locals or the embassy to get valuable information. Otherwise, the people around me will just always say Guadalajara is not safe – and I refuse to believe that. I need to see it for myself! Make sure that your source is a local or someone who has been to Guadalajara.

How to meet people in Guadalajara

Bumble or Tinder in Guadalajara

This is going to be funny and strange but during my very first trip to Guadalajara (the 30-day one), I was 100% dependent on the Bumble app. My intention wasn’t to date (though I was with 1 or 2 interesting romantic dates; more on that later) but to meet people.

Using Bumble in a different way made me realize that I can also connect and make meaningful friendships without the idea of hooking up or getting laid. Believe it or not, most of my friends in Guadalajara are from Bumble! I still see them up to this day whenever I visit.

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solo travel guadalajara mexico

My super local and crazy Guadalajara tribe.

Sitting alone at bars

Another interesting way of meeting people in Guadalajara is to just simply sit down at a bar and chat with bartenders. Guadalajara is full of young people so most of them are very approachable. I even got a lot of free drinks just by sitting alone!

Salsa lessons on the street

Finally, if you visit the Chapultepec area on weekends, there is a free dance lesson (by donation) that is happening and there’s a lot of them. As you’ve already seen on Instagram, I love dancing!!! One Saturday, while I was walking alone at the center, I saw this group dancing on the streets.

Without asking, I joined in! I didn’t even know it was a formal class as they were just casually dancing on the street but it really was a class!

Contact me so I can connect you with cool people!

If you’re visiting Guadalajara, I can definitely connect you to my friends. I’ve introduced blog readers to my local friends a lot and they were always willing to accommodate. Just get in touch via e-mail or send a DM via Instagram, @psimonmyway.

I also live four hours away from Guadalajara so if you ever are in the city, you can never miss my beach town. You have to come here!

Do you like what you’re reading? Does it help? I take a lot of time creating valuable and meaningful content. If you like to support my content creation and my blog, consider donating to my coffee fund. Thank you in advance!

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  • Ben
    October 30, 2020

    I had no idea that Guadalajara was so safe. It’s amazing how a reputation about a place can get stuck in your mind from things you’ve heard in the past. It sounds like a fantastic getaway.

  • October 30, 2020

    I love Mexico. I’ve never been to Guadalajara, but it sounds wonderful. I love the little tidbit about your mom. Moms worry!

  • October 30, 2020

    Those are all wonderful photos, it looks like you had an amazing time. I have only been to Mexico twice, Cancun, and Rocky Point. Such a fun country to visit.

  • October 30, 2020

    Traveling is the best and I would definitely do it more if I could. I would love to visit Guadalajara one day.

  • October 30, 2020

    You were right–I would be afraid to travel there with all of the bad news surrounding the area. But it looks so beautiful. I hope the world finds some peace sooner than later.

  • Mow
    October 30, 2020

    You have mentioned some really important points there on travel and safety tips for solo travellers. I want to visit Mexico one day but I need to brush up on my Spanish first to avoid any hassle! Thank you for sharing your unique insight.

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    Thanks for sharing your awesome trip on this amazing place. You’ve given us some valuable and detail information about this place. I hope to travel on this place in the near future.

  • October 30, 2020

    Sometimes the media is very excessive in my opinion. When I came to India for the first time, many people said India was not safe for a woman, but so far I ‘m ok till now. The people here are also friendly to tourists. So, actually Guadajalara is safe for tourists and as long as we are also careful. It’s great to read the story of a traveler Like “You” who has visited this country and opens up our perspective to see the realities.

  • October 30, 2020

    Guadalajara is on top of my list! So much to see and do when visiting this place. These are great tips for those who plan to travel solo there. The property you stayed in looks fantastic, making a note of this accommodation.

  • October 31, 2020

    these two places are on my wish list to visit , and like you after watching Narcos i did wonder how safe are these places

  • Blair villanueva
    October 31, 2020

    I had a colleague who also told us that it is safe to travel in Guadalajara. I like how you explained well the current situation and how safe to travel solo.

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    The place looks so great. Such great captures I must say that and your description is lovely also It indeed looks like a lovely place to explore


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