24 best Singapore restaurants

These are the award-winning Singapore restaurants with Michelin stars and receivers of the best restaurants in Asia awards.

The Singapore restaurants scene is as vibrant and diverse as the city-state. From modest hawker centres to opulent Michelin-starred establishments, the island boasts a gastronomic landscape that is a testament to its cultural melting pot.

The heart of local dining lies in the hawker centres, where a wide range of affordable and delicious cuisines from Malay, Chinese, Indian to Peranakan, are served.

singapore restaurants

At the same time, the country’s high-end dining scene is a culinary playground for globally acclaimed chefs and is recognized by prestigious institutions like the Michelin Guide.

The rise of sustainably-sourced, organic food and fusion cuisine reflects Singapore’s progressive and international palate.

Here are the best restaurants in Singapore, ranging from fine dining, rooftop restaurants, and casual dining experiences.

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Singapore Restaurants
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🥘 24 best Singapore restaurants

1. Meta

📍 9 Mohamed Sultan Rd
💲 tasting menu from $186 USD

Meta is where Asian nostalgia meets haute cuisine. Since its opening in 2016, Meta has been offering a blend of contemporary Asian and Western cuisine, thanks to Chef Sun Kim’s experience from Seoul to Sydney.

singapore restaurants

The ambiance feels like a New York loft with minimalist, industrial undertones and an open kitchen. Each seat offers a front-row culinary spectacle.

Food-wise, go for the Beef Tartare or the Oyster with Yuzu. Don’t forget the Omija Whisky Sour!

The menu at Meta changes seasonally, so you can visit multiple times! Meta has 1 Michelin star and is No. 17 in Asia’s 50 World’s Best Restaurants in 2023.

2. Born

📍 1 Neil Rd, #01-01
💲 9-course meal from $148 USD

With a spotlight on authentic Korean cuisine, Born provides a classy food journey through the Land of the Morning Calm in Singapore.

singapore restaurants

Its rustic yet modern seating arrangement reflects traditional food with a twist. The best time to dine is lunchtime, when the restaurant buzzes with local office-goers.

Try the Born jjigae or the budae jjigae with soju. Born has 1 Michelin star and has been awarded No.36 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023.

3. Cloudstreet

📍 84 Amoy St
💲 9-course meal from $148 USD

At Cloudstreet, gastronomic artistry meets comforting homeliness. Opened in 2019 by renowned Chef Rishi Naleendra, it offers a journey of flavors, from Sri Lankan influences to refined Australian cuisine.

singapore restaurants

Its intimate seating, warm wooden interiors, and eclectic music lend a unique ambiance. Dine during dinner, the eatery is most vibrant then.

Try the Marron with Avocado or the Lamb Saddle, paired with a Cloudstreet Negroni. Request a seat near the open kitchen to enjoy a visual feast of culinary craftsmanship.

Cloudstreet has 2 Michelin stars and won Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants twice (2023 & 2021).

4. Lolla

📍22 Ann Siang Rd
💲 from $32 USD

Lolla, a subterranean gem, is an epitome of Mediterranean flair in Singapore since 2012. Its communal tables and understated, chic interiors make for an inviting, convivial atmosphere.

singapore restaurants

Best to visit for a weekend brunch. Try their signature Sea Urchin Pudding, the Squid Ink Tagliatelle, and pair them with the Portuguese White Wine.

Lolla’s secret bar in the basement is a must-visit for craft cocktails! Lolla is No. 75 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2022.

5. Burnt Ends

📍 7 Dempsey Rd, #01-02
💲 tastings from $148 USD

Burnt Ends, since 2013, has been serving unpretentious yet innovative barbeque. The restaurant is buzzy, the seating is communal, and the vibe is rustic-chic.

singapore restaurants

Night-time dining offers a lively atmosphere. Try the Sanger, their iconic pulled pork sandwich, or the Beef Marmalade, and wash it down with an Australian Shiraz.

A 45-day reservation is needed. Burnt Ends has 1 Michelin star, No.24 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023, and No.34 The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021.

6. Nouri

📍 72 Amoy St
💲 tasting menu from $171 USD

Nouri is where global gastronomy meets heart-warming hospitality. Since 2017, under the wizardry of Chef Ivan Brehm, Nouri’s been serving “crossroads cooking,” blending flavors across cultures.

singapore restaurants

The ambiance is chic and modern, and the chef’s table offers an intimate view of the open kitchen. Come during dinner for an immersive experience.

Try the Acarajé and Vada Pav, and pair it with a bottle of Burgundy. Opt for the tasting menu with options like Chef’s menu or wine pairing! Nouri has 1 Michelin star and won No.39 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2019.

7. Jaan by Kirk Westaway

📍 2 Stamford Rd, Level 70
💲 course menu from $148 USD

Jaan by Kirk Westaway is a Michelin-starred destination for British dining with an innovative twist.

Since taking the helm in 2015, Chef Westaway’s touches on each dish, presented in a minimalist, sky-high dining room, truly elevate the experience.

Singapore Restaurants

Try the Devon Cheddar Buckwheat Pancake or Fish and Chips “Reinvented” with a bottle of English sparkling wine. Secure a table by the window for a panoramic view of Marina Bay!

Jaan by Kirk Westaway won no.42 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2021 and has 1 Michelin star.

8. Odette

📍1 St Andrew’s Rd, #01-04 National Gallery
💲 course menu from $244 USD

Nestled in the National Gallery, Odette is an artful orchestration of French cuisine and Japanese produce, led by Chef Julien Royer since 2015.

The ambiance is a soft symphony of pastel hues and elegant curves, complimenting the artful plating. Lunch offers a quieter yet equally exquisite experience.

Singapore Restaurants

Order the Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg or Hokkaido Uni, and sip on a French rosé. Book a window seat for stunning views of the historic city hall!

9. Labyrinth

📍 Raffles Ave., #02 – 23
💲 tasting menu from $155 USD

Labyrinth is a homage to Singaporean cuisine through the creative lens of Chef LG Han, who has operated since 2014.

The space boasts a vibrant aesthetic with cozy seating, embodying the island city’s spirit. Dinner time is ideal here.

Singapore Restaurants

Try the Labyrinth Chili Crab and “Cockles by the Sea” – a unique take on local flavors with a Singapore Sling. Leave room for their unique dessert selections!

10. Braci

📍52 Boat Quay
💲 lunch set from $66 USD

Braci, a one-Michelin-starred restaurant since 2017, is Chef Beppe De Vito’s chic Italian eatery. Overlooking the picturesque Singapore River, the modern yet intimate setting features an open kitchen, a rooftop bar, and a cozy dining area.

Singapore Restaurants

This is one of the best Singapore restaurants for dinner, as you can see the city lights while dining. Order the Smoked Quail, complemented by a crisp Italian white wine glass.

Reserve a rooftop table to elevate your dining experience!

11. Chef Kang’s

📍25 Mackenzie Rd, Singapore 228681
💲from $186 USD

Tucked away in a nondescript building, Chef Kang’s is a Michelin-starred Cantonese treasure led by the charismatic Chef Ang Song Kang.

Singapore Restaurants

The unassuming exterior belies an interior that exudes an air of sophistication. Come at lunch for a more tranquil ambiance. Try the Char Siu (Cantonese-style barbecued pork) and a pot of Jasmine tea.

12. Willow

📍39 Hongkong St, Singapore
💲 course from $118 USD

Willow, Singapore’s ‘dine in the dark’ restaurant, transforms eating into an extraordinary multisensory experience. The interior is purposefully dark to elevate your senses of taste, touch, smell, and sound.

Singapore Restaurants

Evening is the only time to dine here as they are open only from 6-11 PM. Order the Chef’s Mystery Menu; it’s a journey you won’t forget.

Be open-minded. This is not just a meal but an exploration of sensory boundaries.

13. Shisen Hanten

📍333 Orchard Rd, Level 35 Hilton Singapore Orchard
💲 set menu from $148 USD

As Singapore’s highest Michelin-rated Chinese restaurant, Shisen Hanten offers Szechuan cuisine in an opulent, panoramic setting on the 35th floor of the Hilton Singapore Orchard Hotel.

Singapore Restaurants

Visit for dinner when the city’s skyline makes a stunning backdrop. Try the ‘Chen’s Mapo Doufu’ or ‘Stir-fried Lobster with Chilli Sauce,’ paired with Chinese Baijiu. Remember to request a window seat!

14. Nae:um

📍161 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068615
💲 course menu from $148 USD

Meaning “memory” in Korean, Nae:um by Chef Louis Han reinterprets Korean cuisine through a local lens. The minimalistic, intimate interior encourages a focus on the culinary experience.

Singapore Restaurants

Go for the chef’s tasting menu and a soju-based cocktail for an immersive experience. Engage with the friendly chefs at the counter seats for a deeper insight into the food journey.

15. Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine

📍Orchard Turn, #03-05 ION Orchard
💲 set menu from $66 USD

One of the Michelin-starred Singapore restaurants, Impresial’s menu features authentic Teochew cuisine and masterfully prepared dishes emphasizing fresh ingredients.

Visit during lunch or brunch (best with groups). Order the ‘Chilled Jellyfish and Sea Cucumber’ and ‘Braised Duck with Beancurd’, paired with a pot of Tie Guan Yin tea.

Singapore Restaurants

Ask for the ‘Off-menu Seasonal Teochew Delicacies.’ The chefs pride themselves on introducing diners to unique culinary experiences.

16. Putien

📍2 Orchard Turn
💲 ala carte menu from $12 USD

Celebrated for its down-to-earth approach to Fujian cuisine, Putien offers food that warms the soul. The interior is modest, with touches of Chinese elegance.

Singapore Restaurants

Order the ‘Bian Rou Soup’ (wonton soup) and ‘Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon’, complemented by a chilled Tsingtao beer. If you love seafood, try the ‘Drunken Cockles,’ a flavourful off-menu item.

17. Thevar

📍9 Keong Saik Rd
💲 course menu from $215 USD

One of the best Singapore restaurants pushing the boundaries of Indian cuisine, Thevar merges traditional recipes with contemporary techniques. The ambiance is modern and chic, with an open kitchen adding vibrancy.

Singapore Restaurants

Best to come here 30 minutes before your reservation – they have a great cocktail bar! Try the ‘Deconstructed Samosa’ and ‘Grilled Lamb Ribs’.

Choose the counter seats to see the magic happening in the kitchen!

18. Candlenut

📍17a Dempsey Rd
💲 course menu from $80 USD

Candlenut is the world’s first Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant. The ambiance is stylish yet warm, with nods to traditional Peranakan culture.

Singapore Restaurants

Lunch and dinner provide different experiences, both equally satisfying. Sample the ‘Buah Keluak Chicken’ and ‘Chap Chye’, with a Singapore Sling.

The Durian Pengat is a highly recommended dessert if you want to try a classic Peranakan dessert.

19. Seroja

📍7 Fraser St, #01-30/31/32/33 Duo Galleria
💲 tasting menu from $162 USD

Serving a fusion of Javanese, Malay, and Indian Muslim cuisine, Seroja is one of the best Singapore restaurants nestled in the rustic Queenstown district.

The décor is minimalistic, with an open kitchen adding a homely touch. Drop by for lunch when their ‘Nasi Ambeng’ platter, meant for communal dining, is a crowd-pleaser.

Singapore Restaurants

Pair it with a cold ‘Bandung’ drink. Finally, their ‘Ayam Penyet’ (smashed fried chicken) is an off-menu favorite. Order it when it’s available during your visit!

20. Lei Garden

📍30 Victoria St, #01-24 CHIJMES
💲 from $5 USD

One of the pillars of Cantonese fine dining Singapore restaurants, Lei Garden combines traditional recipes with modern execution.

Singapore Restaurants

The ambiance is classy yet relaxed. Come for lunch to enjoy their array of Dim Sum offerings. Also try the ‘Baked BBQ Pork Buns’ and ‘Har Gau’ (shrimp dumplings), accompanied by Chinese tea.

21. Béni

📍333A Orchard Road, #02-37 Mandarin Gallery
💲 tasting menu from $72 USD

Where French sophistication meets Japanese meticulousness, Béni is a Michelin-starred restaurant that provides an intimate dining experience.

The decor is modern and chic, with a comfortable, compact seating layout. This is one of the best Singapore restaurants with a view, so come for dinner.

Singapore Restaurants

Order the Wagyu beef course paired with fine French wine. Opt for the chef’s counter seats for an immersive experience, showcasing the precision and elegance of their culinary craft.

22. Esora

📍15 Mohamed Sultan Rd
💲course menu from $244 USD

Esora blends Japanese kappo-style cuisine with an appreciation for the seasons. The restaurant is a tranquil space with warm wood tones and a glass roof that frames the sky.

Singapore Restaurants

Visit during dinner and order the seven-course ‘Ko-no mono’ seasonal menu, coupled with sake. Request a counter seat to observe Chef Koizumi’s finesse and interact with the maestro himself.

23. Waku Ghin

📍Level 2 Dining, L2-03 The Shoppes at, 2 Bayfront Ave
💲 starters from $9 USD

By acclaimed Chef Tetsuya Wakuda, Waku Ghin offers an exclusive dining experience with its 10-seater private rooms.

The ambiance is posh yet understated. Head here for dinner to relish their 10-course degustation menu, featuring dishes like ‘Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Oscietra Caviar.’

Singapore Restaurants

Complement it with Japanese whisky! End your meal with the Ghin Cheese, a selection of cheese matured in-house.

24. Cut

📍2 Bayfront Ave, B1 – 71
💲starters from $22 USD

Renowned Chef Wolfgang Puck’s steakhouse in Marina Bay Sands, Cut, offers a contemporary, sleek dining space. Known for its stellar service and premium steaks, it’s an ideal spot for dinner.

Singapore Restaurants

Order the ‘USDA Prime Nebraska Black Angus Rib Eye Steak’, paired with a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. Save room for the ‘Baked Alaska’ – a flaming spectacle at your table.

⁉️ FAQ: Singapore restaurants

Singapore is renowned for its diverse food culture that ranges from hawker street food to high-end dining. Famous dishes include Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chilli Crab, Laksa, Char Kway Teow, and Satay.

Singapore caters to a variety of budgets. Street food and local eateries known as ‘Hawker Centres’ are quite affordable. However, dining at high-end restaurants or in touristy areas can be pricey.

In Singapore, dinner typically starts from 6:00 PM and can last until late in the evening, mirroring most Western cultures.

Restaurants in Singapore can be expensive due to high operational costs like rent, ingredients, labor, and taxes. The fine-dining scene also reflects Singapore’s position as a global city with affluent residents and tourists.

The cost of a meal in Singapore can vary greatly. In hawker centres, a meal can cost between SGD 3-5, ($2-6 USD) while dining in a mid-range restaurant may cost around SGD 20-40 ($15-$30 USD) per person. Fine dining experiences can easily exceed SGD 100 ($75 USD) per person.

Both Singapore and Dubai are known for their luxury offerings. Still, generally, the cost of living in Singapore can be slightly higher than in Dubai, largely due to alcohol taxes and housing costs.

The US dollar is not commonly accepted in Singapore. The official currency is the Singapore Dollar (SGD). Credit cards are widely accepted, and ATMs are available for currency exchange.

Singapore can be cheaper or more expensive than the USA depending on the category. Generally, housing and car ownership are more expensive in Singapore, while eating out, especially at local eateries, and public transportation can be cheaper.

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