A culinary adventure in Mahane Yehuda Market: unearthing Jerusalem’s foodie haven

A guide to Mahane Yehuda Jerusalem Market: how to navigate, where to eat, nightclub spots, coffee shops, spices, desserts, and more!

The Mahane Yehuda Market offers an authentic slice of everyday life in Jerusalem. It’s a bustling hub where locals shop for daily necessities, offering an unfiltered view of Jerusalemite culture.

With its vast array of food stalls, restaurants, and eateries, the market is a foodie’s paradise. From traditional Middle Eastern cuisine to more contemporary fare, there’s a wide variety of flavors to explore.

jerusalem market

This Jerusalem market is a fantastic place to find unique, locally-made souvenirs. From artisanal foods and traditional spices to handmade crafts and jewelry, you can find gifts that are distinctly Israeli.

After the stalls close, this Jerusalem market transforms into a lively nightlife hub with bars and restaurants staying open late into the night!

Mahane Yehuda Market has been the heart of Jerusalem’s shopping district for over a century. Each corner and alley has its own story, allowing you to go back in time and understand the city’s rich history and traditions.

In this Mahane Yehuda Market guide, I will tell you all the food spots, shops, things to do and everything you need to see, including a walking map route!

Change how you travel and see the world by going deep into the culture. Come and travel with me!


📍 Getting to Mahane Yehuda Market

Mahane Yehuda Market, often referred to as “The Shuk,” is a sprawling marketplace with no defined entrance gate. Instead, it has several entry points along its boundaries.

One of the main entrances to the market is located at the intersection of Jaffa Road and Mahane Yehuda Street. This is probably the most convenient entry point if you’re coming from downtown Jerusalem.

mahane yehuda

Another notable access point is from Agrippas Street, especially if you’re coming from the direction of the Central Bus Station.

Finally, if you’re arriving by light rail, the Mahane Yehuda stop drops you right off at one of the market’s main entrances.

Do note that the market is a dynamic and busy place, with vendors and stalls lining the streets and alleyways, so it can seem maze-like to first-time visitors. It’s part of the market’s charm!

🗺️ Map of the Mahane Yehuda Jerusalem Market

mahane yehuda market
👉🏽 Open this Mahane Yehuda Jerusalem Market map on Google

🥘 Best Mahane Yehuda food tops


📍 Ha-Eshkol St 4, Jerusalem
💲 from $12 USD

Tucked into the historic heart of Mahane Yehuda Market, Azura is a legendary spot that has been turning out traditional Middle Eastern fare since the 1950s.

mahane yehuda market

Its homey vibe, with family photos peppering the walls, might make you feel like you’ve crashed a local family gathering.

Grab a seat at one of the communal tables and order their signature Turkish moussaka or slow-cooked beef sofrito.

🕙 Tip: During weekdays, before noon will have you rubbing shoulders with a laid-back, local crowd.

Jacko Street

📍 Agripas St 74, Jerusalem
💲 from $18 USD

Jacko Street is a must-visit gastronomic oasis in Jerusalem’s bustling market scene. It is one of the best restaurants in Jerusalem’s Machne Yehuda Market.

best restaurants in jerusalem

Its history echoes through the stone walls of the former carpenter’s shop, now hosting a classy, relaxed ambiance with warm lighting and eclectic decor.

Order the sour Kurdish risotto for entree and the entrecote (Jacko Street’s prime burger).

🍹 Tip: They have an extensive one-page Israeli wine menu from all regions!


📍 Ha-Tut St 3, Jerusalem
💲 from $9 USD

Nuna charms modern, sophisticated, and undeniably chic with its fusion of local flavors and global influences. With an ambiance as eclectic as its menu, dining here is intimate and exciting.

Their creative menu has dishes with Mediterranean, European, and Asian influences. Their rich Shakshuka is a breakfast hit, and the Asian-style Sea Bream is an innovative twist on a local favorite.


📍 Menahem Ussishkin St 50, Jerusalem
💲 from $12 USD

Crave brings a unique twist to the Jerusalem food scene with its gourmet kosher street food. Their famous Ramen Burger and craft beer are a match made in foodie heaven!

best restaurants in jerusalem

The brainchild of a classically trained chef and a former punk rocker, Crave’s hip ambience is reflected in its innovative fusion menu.

🍃 Tip: The restaurant is also vegetarian-friendly, with innovative plant-based options.


📍Beit Ya’akov St 1, Jerusalem
💲 from $9 USD

This hotspot has catapulted the Kurdish turnover, shamburak to international fame. Think golden pastry encasing sumptuous meat or vegetarian fillings.

mahane yehuda market

The casual, bustling ambiance here perfectly encapsulates the frenetic energy of the market. Try the slow-cooked, spiced brisket shamburak, with a glass of local Israeli wine.

Craft Pizza

📍HaTapu’ach St 12, Jerusalem
💲 from $12 USD

Craft Pizza redefines “grabbing a slice” with its handcrafted pies boasting gourmet toppings. This compact, lively joint is a dough-toss away from the market’s main thoroughfare.

mahane yehuda

Their award-winning Truffle Pizza, drizzled with truffle oil and decked with mushrooms, is a must-try.

Pasta Basta

📍Mahane Yehuda St 8, Jerusalem
💲 from $12 USD

This build-your-own-pasta joint serves up authentic Italian comfort food with Israeli hospitality. The atmosphere is casual and friendly, and the outdoor seating is great for people-watching.

mahane yehuda

Dive into a bowl of spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil, paired with a crisp white wine.

Jahnun Bar

📍HaEgoz St 30, Jerusalem
💲 from $12 USD

Capturing the spirit of Yemenite cuisine, Jahnun Bar serves up a delicious range of traditional pastries. Expect a vibrant, no-frills spot buzzing with locals.

mahane yehuda

The classic jahnun, a slow-cooked pastry, served with grated tomato and hard-boiled egg, hits the spot every time.

Manou Bashouk

📍Etz Hayyim St, Jerusalem
💲 from $15 USD

A true slice of Moroccan cuisine, Manou Bashouk serves up an array of spicy, comforting dishes. The restaurant is snug and atmospheric, with vibrant Moroccan touches.

mahane yehuda

Try the signature fish balls in spicy tomato sauce and a glass of mint tea.

HaAgas 1

📍Eliyahu Yaakov Banai St, Jerusalem
💲 from $10 USD

Tucked into the quieter corners of the market, HaAgas 1 is a lush haven with its leafy patio. Specializing in fresh, seasonal dishes, this spot brings a farm-to-table ethos to the heart of Jerusalem.

mahane yehuda

The creative, ever-changing menu makes each visit a new adventure. Enjoy the house red wine with whatever catches your eye. Every dish is highly recommended!

Smokehouse Tsur David

📍HaAfarsek St 12, Jerusalem
💲 from $18 USD

This hip joint brings American-style barbecue to the heart of Jerusalem. The hickory-smoked meat is lovingly slow-cooked in-house, bringing a new depth to local dining.

mahane yehuda

Tuck into the 14-hour brisket or signature pastrami and feel the hustle of Mahane Yehuda fade away. Wash it down with a glass of local craft beer!

Hummus Eliyahu

📍HaAfarsek St 12, Jerusalem
💲 from $18 USD

At Hummus Eliyahu, the humble chickpea dip is elevated to the star of the show. Serving a range of hummus dishes in a relaxed, rustic setting, this spot perfectly captures the no-fuss spirit of the market.

mahane yehuda market

Order the classic hummus with tahini and enjoy a cup of refreshing mint lemonade on the side.


📍Hashaked 21 Shuk, Jerusalem
💲 from $9 USD

Patata serves up loaded fries in a variety of mouth-watering combinations. This casual, lively spot is the ideal place to take a break from shopping and indulge.

mahane yehuda market

Try the “Shakshuka Fries” – crispy fries topped with a rich tomato sauce and a poached egg. It’s a delicious twist on a classic Israeli dish.

Argento Empanadas

📍Agripas St, Jerusalem
💲 from $9 USD

This joint brings a slice of Argentina to Jerusalem, serving up a variety of delectable empanadas. The atmosphere is friendly and laid-back, reflecting the easy-going nature of Argentinian life.

mahane yehuda market

Try the beef empanada, perfectly complemented by a cold Quilmes, the Argentinian beer.


📍HaTapu’ach St 11, Jerusalem
💲 from $12 USD

Named after a beloved grandmother, Ayesha serves traditional Sudanese food in a warm, inviting atmosphere. Its colorful décor brings a touch of Africa to Jerusalem.

jerusalem market

Opt for the Sudanese shawarma, which comes with a unique peanut sauce, and pair it with a chilled hibiscus drink.

🍺 Nightlife in Mahane Yehuda Jerusalem Market


📍Beit Ya’akov St 11, Jerusalem
💲 from $18 USD

Frequented by locals and tourists alike, Hashchena exudes an easygoing, bohemian vibe that embodies the spirit of Jerusalem market. The laid-back ambience is accentuated by eclectic decor and local artwork adorning the walls.

jerusalem market

Its outdoor seating area is a prime spot for people-watching during the day and transforms into a lively gathering spot at night.

🥃 Tip: Don’t miss their house-infused arak, a spirited ode to the local liquor, served with a customary splash of grapefruit juice.

Freddy Lemmon

📍Etz Hayyim St 19, Jerusalem
💲 from $18 USD

Freddy Lemmon embodies a retro yet chic allure by serving creative, tongue-in-cheek twists on classic cocktails. Its vintage-inspired interiors and charismatic bar staff add to the overall welcoming vibe.

mahane yehuda

The best time to visit is during their generous happy hour, where you can sample their signature “Freddy Sour” – a refreshing take on the whiskey sour with a citrusy punch.


📍Shilo St 1, Jerusalem
💲 from $15 USD

With its eclectic mix of music, ranging from funk to electronic, and a colorful, rustic decor, Shuka has a unique energy that pulls in a trendy crowd.

mahane yehuda

Its welcoming interior reflects the chaotic charm of the market, while the drinks are well-crafted and inventive.

🍹 Tip: Try their namesake Shuka Cocktail, a spicy and sweet concoction that embodies the bar’s daring spirit.

Okonol In The Market

📍Etz Hayyim St 69, Jerusalem
💲 from $8 USD

Okonol seamlessly integrates into the vibrant shuk with its mix-and-match furnishings and light-filled interiors.

mahane yehuda

The inviting outdoor seating area is the perfect spot to take a breather from the market hustle while sipping on their ‘Market Punch’ – a fruity blend of local spirits and freshly squeezed juice that delivers a refreshing kick.

Casino de Paris

📍Mahane Yehuda St 3, Jerusalem
💲 from $8 USD

Transporting you back to the roaring 1920s, Casino de Paris offers an immersive drinking experience in a historic setting.

mahane yehuda market

The bar exudes a timeless charm with its art deco-inspired interiors and elegant seating arrangement.

Their cocktails are a carefully crafted homage to the classics, with the gin-based ‘Parisian Spring’ offering a crisp, refreshing flavor that patrons rave about.

Barbara Shuk

📍HaEgoz St 16, Jerusalem
💲 from $8 USD

Marrying industrial chic with a touch of rustic charm, Barbara Shuk creates an intimate, inviting atmosphere.

mahane yehuda market

The indoor-outdoor space is complemented by vintage furniture and edgy murals, creating a hip backdrop for leisurely drinks.

🍹 Tip: Try the ‘Barbara Sour,’ their signature take on the classic cocktail.


📍HaEgoz St 16, Jerusalem
💲 from $8 USD

Known for its house-made sausages and impressive selection of craft beers, Hatch is a must-visit for foodies and beer lovers alike.

mahane yehuda market

The relaxed vibe, communal seating, and friendly staff make it a homely refuge within the bustling market.

Their house brew is a firm favorite – an authentic taste of the Israeli craft beer scene that pairs excellently with their hearty fare.

Beer Bazaar

📍 Etz Hayyim St, Jerusalem
💲 from $10 USD

Beer Bazaar is a haven for beer enthusiasts, offering an impressive selection of over 100 Israeli craft beers.

jerusalem restaurants

The cozy interior, dotted with wooden tables and barrels, creates a warm, laid-back vibe that encourages leisurely tastings.

🍺 Tip: The Beer Bazaar Stout, a local favorite, offers a full-bodied taste with a rich, malty finish – a perfect companion for their delicious pub grub.

☕ Coffee shops in Mahane Yehuda Market

Cafe Turki Jerusalem

📍 Mahane Yehuda Market, Etz Hayim 41
💲 from $8 USD

This is where Jerusalem’s coffee connoisseurs gather. Tucked away within the bustling market, Cafe Turki is a sensory paradise.

mahane yehuda market jerusalem

Cafe Turki’s interior has an old-world charm, with its traditional coffee brewing apparatus as the focal point.

Tip: For a unique experience, try their cardamom-infused Turkish coffee. The potent blend of coffee and spices makes for an intriguing flavor profile that’s worth exploring.


📍 HaAfarsek St 20, Jerusalem, Israel
💲 from $8 USD

As the name suggests, Roasters takes its coffee very seriously. The cafe’s modern, sleek interior serves as a perfect backdrop to the art of coffee-making.

Everything is done with meticulous attention to detail, from sourcing beans to brewing. Their specialty brews elevate coffee to an art form.

The ideal time to drop by is in the early afternoon, when you can enjoy a leisurely cup while people-watching.

Tip: Order the pour-over for a true taste of their expertly roasted beans. It’s a slow-brewed delight that makes for a satisfying coffee break.

Coffee Market

📍 HaAfarsek St 8, Jerusalem
💲 from $8 USD

Coffee Market is a haven for caffeine lovers in the heart of Mahane Yehuda. This tiny cafe is more of a coffee stall, but don’t let its size fool you.

mahane yehuda market jerusalem

The quality of their brews is stellar, making it a hot spot among locals. There’s no seating available, but the beauty of Coffee Market lies in its grab-and-go ethos.

Tip: Grab a cup of their strong, rich espresso, and pair it with a local pastry from one of the nearby stalls for an impromptu market breakfast.

🍰 Desserts in Mahane Yehuda Market

Knafe Yerushalayim

📍Jerusalem Market Mahane Yehuda
💲 from $10 USD

Bringing a taste of the Middle East to Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market, Knafe Yerushalayim serves up the city’s best knafeh, a traditional Palestinian dessert made from cheese and fine noodles soaked in sugar syrup.

mahane yehuda market

The shop’s simple, open-fronted setup lets you watch the dessert being expertly crafted. Best enjoyed fresh and warm, it’s a great pick-me-up during a busy shopping day.

Their specialty drink is a cup of traditional mint tea, which perfectly cuts through the sweetness of the knafeh.

🍮Tip: Ask for a dusting of crushed pistachios on top of your knafe!

Halva Kingdom

📍Jerusalem Market Mahane Yehuda
💲 from $10 USD

A family-owned business that dates back to 1947, Halva Kingdom specializes in producing sesame-based halva, with over 100 different flavors.

mahane yehuda

The shop continues to use traditional manufacturing processes, contributing to its unique product.

Tip: Free samples are available, so don’t hesitate to try before you buy.

Marzipan Bakery and Pastry

📍Agripas St 44, Jerusalem
💲 from $10 USD

Known citywide for its rugelach, a Jewish pastry, Marzipan Bakery and Pastry is a must-stop in the market.

mahane yehuda

The bakery’s bustling atmosphere and enticing smell of fresh pastries epitomize the vibrant energy of Mahane Yehuda.

Order their freshly brewed coffee for drinks to complement the pastries.

💝 Tip: Get a mixed box of chocolate and cinnamon rugelach to savor the full experience.

Arale Crepe Brulee

📍Agripas St 72, Jerusalem
💲 from $10 USD

Taking the classic French crepe and giving it an audacious twist, Arale Crepe Brulee is a must-visit for those with a sweet tooth.

mahane yehuda

The shop’s vintage-chic interior offers a cozy spot to escape the market buzz. Their caramelized, crepe brulee is a crowd-pleaser.

🍮 Tip: Get here early in the morning when the crepes are freshest. Pair your crepe with their specialty drink, a rich hot chocolate.


📍Etz Hayyim St 40, Jerusalem
💲 from $10 USD

Offering a medley of Mediterranean sweets, Baklawish is a local favorite. Its unassuming shopfront belies the decadent delights within.

mahane yehuda

From buttery baklava to rich ma’amoul, their treats are a symphony of flavors. Their specialty drink is Arabic coffee, slightly spiced and served strong.

💝 Tip: Order a mixed selection box to try them all!

🌶️ Spice shops in Mahane Yehuda Market

Uzi Eli

📍HaEgoz St, Jerusalem

Known as the “Etrog Medicine Man”, Uzi Eli is a character in his own right and a legend in the Mahane Yehuda Market. His stall is a fusion of a juice bar and a traditional Middle Eastern remedy shop.

best restaurants in jerusalem

You’ll find an impressive array of natural juices, herbs, spices, and traditional treatments made from etrog (a citrus fruit), among other natural ingredients.

Uzi Eli himself is often there, ready to offer sage advice about which products may help with various ailments. The shop’s lively energy and Uzi Eli’s magnetic personality turn every visit into a memorable experience.

🥤 Tip: Try Uzi Eli’s popular etrog juice, a citrusy concoction with revitalizing properties.

Pereg Spices

📍 Etz Hayyim St. 79, Mahane Yehuda Market

Established in 1906, Pereg Spices is a third-generation family business that embodies the rich history and culinary tradition of the Mahane Yehuda Market.

mahane yehuda

Known for its wide array of locally-sourced and exotic spices, the shop’s vibrant displays are a sensory feast.

Moreno Nut Store

📍 Mahane Yehuda St 24, Jerusalem

Specializing in a wide variety of nuts, dried fruits, and spices, the Moreno Nut Store is a staple of the Mahane Yehuda Market.

Its rustic storefront, filled with burlap sacks overflowing with colorful produce, echoes the charm of an old-world market.

mahane yehuda market jerusalem

While browsing their assortment of almonds, pistachios, cashews, and other gourmet nuts, don’t overlook their spices.

Their flavorful array of nuts and spices makes for a tasty and healthy snack as you traverse the market. It’s best to visit in the early afternoon, just before the market gets too busy.

🌿 Tip: Ask for their homemade za’atar blend; it’s the secret ingredient many locals swear by.

🧀 Cheese in the Mahane Yehuda Jerusalem Market

Basher Fromagerie

📍 Etz Hayyim St 53, Jerusalem

This family-owned cheese shop, run by Eli Basher, is perhaps the most famous in Mahane Yehuda. They offer an impressive selection of local and imported cheeses, and the knowledgeable staff can provide recommendations and samples.

mahane yehuda market jerusalem

Fromagerie Kadosh

📍 Etz Hayyim St 32-34, Jerusalem

Another excellent spot for cheese. It has been family-owned since its opening in 1967, and they offer a well-curated selection of Israeli and international cheeses.

🧭 Book Mahane Yehuda food tour

This can be a great way to learn about the market’s history and culture while also sampling a variety of foods. These tours will introduce you to the wide variety of cuisines and dishes available in the market

⁉️ FAQ: Jerusalem Market

The name of the famous market in Jerusalem is the Mahane Yehuda Market, often referred to simply as “The Shuk”.

The largest market in Jerusalem is also the Mahane Yehuda Market, housing more than 250 vendors selling various goods.

“Machane Yehuda” translates to “Camp of Judah” in English. The name reflects its location in the tribal portion of Judah in ancient times.

The Mahane Yehuda Market is typically closed on Shabbat, which begins at sundown on Friday and lasts until nightfall on Saturday, in adherence to Jewish tradition. On Fridays, it is only open from 8 AM – 3 PM.

The closing time of Mahane Yehuda varies by day. Most shops close by 7 PM, while bars and restaurants often stay open until late.

Mahane Yehuda is famous for its vibrant atmosphere and various goods, including fresh produce, baked goods, meats, spices, textiles, and housewares. It’s also known for its array of eateries and its vibrant nightlife.

The history of Mahane Yehuda dates back to the Ottoman era in the late 19th century when it was an open-air market. Over time, it has evolved significantly, reflecting Jerusalem’s changing demographics and politics, and has transformed into a bustling hub of food, shopping, and culture.

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