16 must-visit eateries within the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City

These Jerusalem Old City restaurants are all located inside the walled city. If you want to see more restaurants all over the city, see my essential restaurants in Jerusalem list.

The bulk of your Jerusalem itinerary will revolve around the Old City. Sure, you probably just want to see the tourist sites but the big draw here (especially for foodies) are the Jerusalem Old City restaurants.

The food scene in the Old City of Jerusalem is a palimpsest of culinary traditions and history, which showcases the city’s vibrant multicultural tapestry.

Within the ancient stone walls that have witnessed centuries of civilizations, you’ll find every culture co-existing here, which makes it a good place for exploring different kinds of cuisines.

Historically, Jerusalem has been the nexus of major empires, trade routes, and religions, resulting in a culinary convergence of different cultures and influences.

This multicultural lineage is most visible within the Old City’s four quarters: Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Armenian, each contributing unique flavours and techniques to Jerusalem’s gastronomic landscape.

jerusalem old city restaurants
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You’ll find classic Israeli staples like shakshuka, hummus, and falafel in the Jewish Quarter. Delicate pastries and sweet treats like rugelach or halva are popular too, from the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish influences.

The Muslim Quarter is a cornucopia of vibrant produce markets, aromatic spice shops, and street food vendors. Find traditional Middle Eastern dishes like maqluba, mansaf, or sambusak here, reflecting the rich Arab culinary traditions.

In the Christian Quarter, influences from various Christian communities worldwide manifest in the cuisine. Here, you’ll find diverse foodstuffs, from Ethiopian injera to Armenian lahmajoun and classic Palestinian fare.

The Armenian Quarter, meanwhile, serves as a bastion of ancient Armenian culinary customs. Restaurants here offer dishes like manti, a hearty dumpling soup, or ghapama, a stuffed pumpkin dish, preserving the essence of Armenian cuisine in the heart of Jerusalem.

Over time, the Old City’s food scene has adapted and evolved, absorbing influences from its transient inhabitants and visitors.

Yet, it’s retained its authenticity, making it an epicurean’s paradise. It’s more than just about the food—it’s about history, culture, shared human experiences, best-savored bite by bite.

Here are the best Old City of Jerusalem restaurants from all quarters (with map)!


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jerusalem old city restaurants
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🥘 Best Jerusalem Old City Restaurants


Lina’s is a cornerstone in the bustling heart of the Old City, as humble as it is revered. With over half a century of tradition since its opening in 1966, it’s renowned for serving the creamiest hummus in town.

jerusalem old city restaurants

Its minimalistic decor of white walls and simple wooden tables add to its charm. Sit at the communal tables and chat with locals. This really creates an atmosphere that cultivates conversation and the sharing of stories.

Lina Restaurant is best visited for a mid-morning snack or a light lunch. Trying their trademark hummus or the warming, spiced lentil soup.

Jaffar Sweets

An olfactory journey into the world of Middle Eastern pastries, Jaffar Sweets is the best Jerusalem Old City restaurants when it comes to desserts.

Even if you don’t know the place, you’ll definitely walk by and be lured with the intoxicating aroma of sugar, nuts, and spices.

jerusalem old city restaurants

Famous for its murtabak, a sweet, flaky pastry filled with soft cheese, it’s the perfect spot for an after-lunch treat or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Step into its cozy confines, dominated by the display of colorful sweets, and don’t be afraid to try the confectionary masterpieces.

You don’t have to know what they are – eat and they will tell you what it is!

Ramanda Restaurant

Nestled in an ancient Arab house, Ramanda is a haven for food connoisseurs. A picturesque courtyard seating area, adorned with mosaic tables and cascading foliage, is the ideal setting for dinner.

jerusalem old city restaurants

The restaurant’s menu is a delectable assortment of local dishes with a focus on fresh seafood and vegetarian mezze platters.

The crispy falafel, smoky baba ghanoush, and succulent grilled fish are top picks here.


Located in the Armenian quarter, Bulghourji offers an enchanting foray into Armenian cuisine. This Jerusalem Old City restaurants gem was once a bulgur mill, and is now an epicurean delight.

old city of jerusalem

The warm, dimly lit ambiance adds a layer of mystery and allure. Try their specialty Armenian salad, a delightful medley of fresh greens and pomegranate, and don’t miss out on the stuffed grape leaves.

It’s an ideal spot for a quiet dinner steeped in history.

Tala Hummus and Falafel

Blending traditional flavors with a modern twist, Tala is a hip, fast-casual spot that’s perfect for a quick meal. It’s one of the most recommended Jerusalem Old City restaurants for lunch.

jerusalem old city restaurants

The minimalist decor and open kitchen create a bustling yet inviting atmosphere. The falafel sandwich, with its perfectly crisp exterior and fluffy center, is a crowd favorite!

Pair it with their creamy hummus plate and wash everything down with a refreshing mint lemonade for the perfect meal.

Nafoura Restaurant

Offering a unique dining experience, Nafoura Restaurant is on a rooftop, providing breathtaking panoramic views of the Dome of the Rock and the surrounding Jerusalem skyline.

jerusalem old city restaurants

This is one of the best Old City of Jerusalem restaurants for sunset dining. Its menu showcases Palestinian culinary traditions with a contemporary touch.

The maqluba, a traditional Palestinian dish of meat, rice, and vegetables cooked in a pot and flipped upside down when served, is a standout dish you should order.

Seoul House

A distinctive culinary surprise in the heart of the Old City, Seoul House brings the authentic flavors of Korea to Jerusalem.

This is one of the best Jerusalem Old City restaurants for an intimate dinner or a late-night meal.

jerusalem old city restaurants

Obviously, the menu boasts a range of Korean staples. Don’t miss their bibimbap, a comforting bowl of rice topped with vegetables, meat, and a sunny-side-up egg.

For spicy lovers, the hearty kimchi stew is highly recommended, especially during the winter!

Between the Arches Restaurant

Tucked away beneath ancient stone arches, this restaurant invites you into a world where history and gastronomy meet.

Dining here is a journey back in time, with the 2,000-year-old arches overhead and the stunning views of the Western Wall adding to the ambiance.

jerusalem old city restaurants

Open for breakfast only, the restaurant offers traditional Israeli morning fare.

Their shakshuka, a dish of poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce, enjoyed with a side of their freshly baked bread is a heartwarming start to the day.

Armenian Tavern

This place is a delightful glimpse into Armenian culture and its rich culinary heritage. With its traditional decor, the tavern feels like a time warp to a bygone era.

You’ll find handcrafted artifacts adorning the walls, providing a cozy, rustic ambiance. It is one of the most recommended Jerusalem Old City restaurants for romantic dinner dates.

old city of jerusalem

The menu is a testament to Armenia’s diverse food culture, with the spiced lamb and bulgur dishes deserving special mention.

For spirit lovers, an Armenian meal isn’t complete without a sip of their traditional cognac.

Versavee Restaurant Bar & Cafe

Located near the Via Dolorosa, Versavee is a hybrid experience of café, bar, and restaurant, making it an all-day destination.

This is one of the Old City of Jerusalem restaurants that is great for a morning coffee, an afternoon snack, or a night of cocktails. Versavee caters for any time of the day!

jerusalem old city restaurants

With a lively yet relaxed atmosphere and an interior that mixes modern and traditional design elements, it’s the perfect spot to take a break from exploring.

Their tapas-style menu, with their fantastic local wine selection, is perfect for sharing. Order their cured meats and cheeses with a glass of Israeli white for a delightful afternoon break!

Holy Cafe

This is one of the best Jerusalem Old City restaurants for coffee and is your go-to place for a respite from the bustling city streets.

old city of jerusalem

Located in the heart of the Old City, the Holy Cafe is an oasis of tranquillity, with its calm, simple interiors offering a space to rest and snack.

A great spot for a morning coffee or a light afternoon snack, make sure to try their signature mint tea, known for its refreshing taste, and their assortment of freshly baked pastries.

Lark Fish and Chips

An unexpected find, Lark Fish and Chips brings the taste of traditional British comfort food to Jerusalem.

jerusalem old city restaurants

This small, cozy joint, with its nautical-themed decor, delivers crisp, golden fish and chips that are both hearty and satisfying.

Lark Fish and Chips is one of the best Jerusalem Old City restaurants for a casual lunch. Ask for their tangy tartar sauce, the perfect accompaniment to the main dish!

Arafat Hummus

Renowned for its velvety hummus, Arafat Hummus is a staple for locals and tourists. The restaurant embodies a minimalist, yet vibrant vibe, with splashes of colorful art adorning the walls.

jerusalem old city restaurants

Come here during lunchtime to enjoy their hummus bowls topped with warm chickpeas, tahini, and a drizzle of olive oil.

Pair it with a fluffy, fresh pita for an authentic Middle Eastern experience.

Al-Sultan Restaurant

An epitome of Arabic hospitality, Al-Sultan is situated in an atmospheric, time-worn building that exudes charm and history. Its allure is palpable from the moment you cross its threshold.

jerusalem old city restaurants

The restaurant’s decor harmoniously combines modernity and tradition. Ornate Arabic lanterns cast a soft, inviting glow over a mix of comfortable banquettes and dining chairs, making it a cosy spot for both intimate meals and group dinners

Opt for their mezze platter for a taste of everything, and follow it up with their succulent lamb kebabs. You can also try traditional favorites such as creamy hummus, tangy tabbouleh, smoky baba ghanoush, and crunchy falafel.

Teta Cafe

Offering a homely atmosphere, Teta Cafe, meaning ‘Grandma’s Cafe’, is reminiscent of a grandmother’s lovingly prepared meals.

jerusalem old city restaurants

With vintage decor elements and intimate seating, Teta Cafe is one of the best Jerusalem Old City restaurants for breakfast (before you walk around the city or even in between!)

Try their fluffy pancakes or the omelette with a side of freshly brewed coffee.

Simcha Hall at the Kotel

This restaurant offers a unique dining experience by blending food, faith, and culture. Situated near the Western Wall, Simcha Hall is ideal for celebratory meals and large gatherings.

jerusalem old city restaurants

Here, you can their extensive buffet-style dinner with various salads, main courses, and desserts. Time your visit for the evening to witness the beautiful city lights while enjoying your meal.

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