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Best wifi cafes in Tbilisi for the Digital Nomad

So, your wandering feet took you to a new place again. This time, you found yourself strolling in Tbilisi, a city located in Georgia that’s neither European nor Asian, but has a culture of both East and West. You saw a series of welcome signs saying, “The city that loves you” in the airport and felt at home in that moment in time. You got all the time to embrace its cold weather, know its old towns, historical sites, varied 19th-century architectures, riverbanks, wines, and of course, the ever trusty best friend of every digital nomad: coffee shops with strong Wi-Fi connection.

While you are seizing your time in the Georgia’s largest city, I listed down 10 WiFi cafes in Tbilisi for you to relax in, squeeze your creative juices in, and refuel your caffeine fix in throughout your stay—packed with good food, of course.

1. Prospero’s Books and Caliban’s Coffee House

Prospero’s Books and Caliban’s Coffee House is a hidden sanctuary along Rustaveli Avenue that will take you to the best of both worlds: books and coffee. Its shaded courtyard with ivy-covered walls are so inviting, it will captivate you in the full isolation of time. It has hard to find books, wide array of pastries and coffees, and a vibe that’s perfect side kill the noise on the busy side of the avenue. Aside from being one of the good Wi-Fi cafés in Tbilisi, it keeps digital nomads coming back because of the expat community that linger longer here.

Hit: Here, you can find a variety of teas, coffees, and cakes! Be sure to grub on their omelette, sandwiches, and espresso while you’re here. It also has a good number of Georgian culture and literature related books, updated Lonely Planet books, recipe books, and Tbilisi and Georgian maps, which you can thumb through for some inspiration while you can’t seem to squeeze in your creative juices. Their generator, sufficient outlets, and Wi-Fi connection is stable enough to connect you with your digital work. Interestingly, this quaint shop has children’s area to keep your little ones sane.

Miss: Customer service is quite slow, and their offerings are somewhat expensive to some.

Rustaveli Ave. 34, Tbilisi, Georgia. Open from 9:30 AM to 8 PM.

2. Book Corner Café

Book Corner Café is a quaint coffee shop tucked behind a heavy steel door along Ivane Tarkhnishvili Lane. A homey ambiance will welcome you upon entering; they have round tables to keep your discussion intimate, an outdoor setting with a river view, a well-curated music playlist to boost your mood, and quotes displayed around the walls of the café that adds a ray of sunshine to your already beautiful day.
Hit: Book Corner Café is quite good for everyone who wants to pull off an all-nighter as they are open until the last person in the café leaves! Their Wi-Fi connection is as steady as the aura it brings. Their interior design is also commendable with all the upside-down umbrella installations on the ceiling, old-fashioned displays, paintings from Georgian artists, and piano sightings around the café. Be sure not to miss their apple pie, chocolate cake, and cappuccino.

Miss: People hold meetings here most of the time, so expect a loud atmosphere while you’re here. The place is also not for the impatient ones as their service is quite slow. Staff can get snobbish at times even when you’re the only customer inside. The café is also not advisable for non-smokers.

13 Ivane Tarkhnishvili Lane, Tbilisi, Georgia. Open daily from 11 AM to 3 AM.

3. 144 Stairs

Located in the historical town of Betlemi, 144 Stairs has earned the reputation of having ‘the best city view’ in Tbilisi. It’s a good place to try after a long and nostalgic walk around the old town, to dress up for date nights, to recharge for alone times, or perhaps to bury yourself in to accomplish your digital nomadic duties.

Hit: As the name implies, 144 Stairs Café has literally 144 stairs to the café, which is a great source of exercise after feasting on their pizza, wine, salad, and sorts of light food! They have an art gallery, occasional live bands, and free Wi-Fi connection to keep you entertained during your stay. Before heading here, be sure to make a reservation to get a good seat. Here’s a pro tip: take a seat on their outdoor setting for a lovely cityscape view while chewing on their offerings.

Miss: 144 Stairs is a café with cats roaming around, thus, this place is not for the people who don’t enjoy the company of their furry friends. Furs can also be found all around the place. The café is quite hard to find as there are no signs along the way. Their service is also a problem especially when the crowd gets huge. Food pricing is quite overpriced, not to mention 15 percent service charge.

Betlemi St., 27, Tbilisi, Georgia. Open daily from 11 AM to 3 AM.

4. Gardenia Shevardnadze Little Café Restaurant

Gardenia Shevardnadze Little Café Restaurant or simply put Gardenia, is a family run café restaurant near Tbilisi sea. Interestingly, this wonderland has a decorative plants nursery where people also happen to buy quality plants, grasp some fresh air, and take a lot of photo opportunities. After all, every corner in Gardenia is double-tap worthy, your Instagram feed will surely rejoice. It entails sightings of vast foliage of plants and flowers, old porcelain installations, uniquely designed table settings, good lighting, artworks, and lots of vintage stuff dangled around the café!

Hit: Gardenia is one of the Wi-Fi cafés in Tbilisi that offers a great view—a flourishing garden view, to be exact. The greenery and the sound of nature it offers are refreshing takes to your weary mind and senses. Meanwhile, their walnut, raisin, apple and lemon cakes complemented with either cappuccino or tea are some of the many chart-toppers in the café. For a revitalizing drink after wandering around the shop, sip on to their cherry compote juice.

Miss: The way to Gardenia is quite far. Customer service is quite bothering as well since the waiters take too long to respond and accommodate guests.

Khudadov St., Tbilisi, Georgia. Open daily from 11 AM to 7 PM.

5. Gabriadze Café Restaurant

Gabriadze Café Restaurant is a one of the masterpieces of Georgian theatre and film director Revaz “Rezo” Levanovich Gabriadze. Every piece in the café resonates Gabriadze’s time, passion, and depth. This café is also a no-brainer go-to place for theatre goers and tourists alike as it is conveniently situated next to Gabriadze Theatre. Despite its quaintness, it is always jam-packed but can accommodate families, group of friends, and solos guests.

Hit: The interiors were intricately designed; your soul will be fed more with all the art around you, I promise. The clock tower adjacent to the café is also one of the scene stealers as an angel comes out of it from 10 AM onwards. Be sure to try their fried sulguni, Moroccan tea, coffee, lemonade and donut while enjoying the free Wi-Fi connection! Food pricing is fair enough and affordable.

Miss: Though their customer service has been satisfying, some guests still find their servers a bit arrogant looking while on the job, which can be a mood-killer at times. It can be really hot inside the café because their heating system discharges warm air. Gabriadze is also one of the Wi-Fi cafés in Tbilisi that can get crowded, which may kill your productivity and time for thinking.

12 Shavteli Street, Tbilisi, Georgia. Open daily from 10:30 AM to 11 PM

6. Moulin Electrique

Mounlin Electrique is a café of all trades. It can be a place for breakfast to dinner dates, chill coffee sessions, and a party scene at night. The café is quite situated in a secluded space near a synagogue, but it surprisingly has an electrifying vibe that will make you sit in for hours, and guaranteed guilt-free. It is also one of the many Wi-Fi cafés in Tbilisi that has friendly and accommodating staffs.

Hit: It is tucked in the heart of old Tbilisi but Moulin Electrique is perfectly hidden away from the main street. Apart from the hipster vibe, a lot of young locals and expats gather here for their ambience, interiors, cocktails, freshly cooked European food at a quality but competitive price, and free Wi-Fi connection! They also have an intimate courtyard setting for when you want to breathe the Georgian air. Sip on their pumpkin soup, sandwiches and salads before working on your digital nomad duties, and gulp on their drinks after for a job well done! Vegetarian food options are also aplenty here!

Miss: Cigarette smoke can be inhaled in this café, which is bothering if you’re a non-smoker. Though staffs are friendly, their service is quite slow. Food and bills are sometimes served and given late.

28 Leselidze str., Tbilisi, Georgia. Open from Mondays to Fridays from 10:30 AM to 1 AM, and Saturdays to Sundays from 11:30 AM to 1 AM

7. Café le toit

Café le toit is some kind of Victorian-inspired café along Kate Aphazi. With all the floral wallpaper, high-back chairs, chandeliers, and fresh flowers, it cannot be denied how Café a le toit perfectly resembles our grandmother’s room! It also boasts of its Instagrammable interiors, whose owners are said to have collected all the stuff displayed in the café for a year.

Hit: They have varied coffee offerings from around the globe. Staffs are well-trained and quite fluent in English. Their toilets are clean. The vine-filled balcony offers a great view of Tbilisi. Grub on their ristretto, coffee, and brunch offerings while working.

Miss: Prices of their offerings are quite expensive. Since the café has a techy way of acquiring orders through the help of tablets, staffs tend to focus on having phone conversations, and tend to focus on it instead of serving the customers. Going to the dining area is quite challenging with all the stairs that need to be climbed, and there is no even wheelchair access for those in need.

Kote Aphazi 22 3rd Floor, Tbilisi, Georgia

8. Double B Coffee & Tea Restaurant

This coffee shop is probably the best and one of the few third wave coffee shops in Tbilisi. Interestingly, Double B has pleasurably unusual variations of coffee flavors such as pepper kiwi lemonade and lavender, concocted by their professional baristas. But hey, from the smell to the presentation of the coffee served, you will surely stake awake and be energized for the all the work ahead of you while you’re here.

Hit: Double B is serious with brewing reasonably priced cups of coffee goodness. If you don’t understand what’s in the menu, their amiable staffs will explain each in detail. The taste of their coffee has a lingering effect that would make you want to drink more whether you’re a coffee person or not. They also have vegan bars, which are quite hard to find in Tbilisi. The atmosphere of the café and their Wi-Fi connection make a perfect mood starter for the work that’s waiting for you. It is also wheelchair accessible and has sufficient parking lots.

Miss: They have limited food offerings such as croissant and cookies.

Galaktion Tabidze St., 9, Tbilisi, Georgia. Open from Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 10 PM, and Saturdays to Sundays from 11 AM to 10 PM

9. Le Gateau Restaurant

Le Gateau is a bakery café that serves originally made European and French goodness to their customers since 2012 that lives up to its tagline, “The pleasure of sweetness!” The café rest assured offers high quality and eco-friendly products such as coffee, cakes, tarts, bread, soups, macaroons, and sandwiches, among others.

Hit: Le Gateau is the perfect place for when you are craving for pizza, cakes, and pastries such as macaroons, cheesecakes and croissants. They have excellent Wi-Fi connection to keep you working. Their staffs are accommodating enough and speak English and Russian.

Miss: It is quite expensive compared to other cafés in Tbilisi. Staffs can be quite pushy to order more than what you asked for.

Ir. Abashidze 42, Tbilisi, Georgia. Open from 8:30 AM to 12 MN

10. Coffeesta

Comparative to Starbucks, Coffeesta has been one of the go-to coffee places in Tbilisi when you are missing or somewhat want to veer away from the typical drill in Starbucks. Their wide selection of pastries and coffee keeps their regulars and new customers coming back for more, not to mention the cool vibe. It is also the most convenient place to grub some lunch or quick snack as it is adjacent to the Rustaveli metro station and stone’s throw away from Georgian National Academy of Sciences. They occasionally offer frappes during sultry summer season.

Hit: Coffeesta is a good place for a generous cup of coffee run over cookies and must-try pastries like Chocolate Almond Croissant. Ambience is quite reminiscent of Starbucks. They have ample seating capacities for both smokers and non-smokers. The café is spacious enough to accommodate locals, expats, and digital nomads alike. It’s best to stay in the first floor; it has strong Wi-Fi connection. Price range of their products is competitive enough considering the quality and huge servings they give.

Miss: Their sandwiches and salads might not be that pleasant to eat. It can also get noisy as the café is situated in the bustling Rustaveli Avenue.

Rustaveli Avenue 52, Tbilisi, Georgia. Open daily from 8 AM to 11 PM

Other suggestions for the best wifi cafes in Tbilisi? Leave them on the comment box below!

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