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Where to eat in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico: my top restaurant picks in the pueblo

Reader Mail: Trisha, I found your blog while researching about my trip to Sayulita and I’ve been hooked since! I found out that you are currently based there so I hope we can meet when I go there in December. I am not on a tight budget as this will be a vacation but I am a picky eater. I might end up eating American food in Mexico if you don’t point to me where to eat in Sayulita. Can you give me a few restaurant options including what to eat? An idea of the price will be great, too! Thanks a lot and let’s meet soon!

Rodney Parks, San Diego, CA, USA

Dear Rodney,

Thanks for writing! I’m glad you decided to come to Sayulita! Though I have never been to San Diego, I am aware of the cheap (and direct) flights that frequent San Diego and Puerto Vallarta, the airport closest to Sayulita. There are a lot of food options in this town and they are all delicious! However, in this list, I am only recommending restaurants I frequently visit. Here are my ‘where to eat in Sayulita’ recommendations. I hope you’ll have the time to visit them all! If you ever come to the pueblo, please get in touch – I can personally take you to these places!


I love cooking but this little pueblo called Sayulita has a lot of food options to choose from. Ever since I moved here, I’ve been tempted to try all the best eats in Sayulita they’re very interesting and delicious. Compared to the rest of Mexico, this town is a bit more expensive but even if I live here, it wouldn’t hurt to eat out every now and then.

Here’s a list of my 10 best restaurants in Sayulita – let me know your favorite in the comment box below!

Where to eat in Sayulita #1

Mary's Traditional Mexican Cuisine

Their menu is packed with traditional Mexican cuisine that is presented simple, priced reasonably, and yet can make you feel the true food culture of Mexico. I avoided Mary’s for a long time because I got tired of Mexican food and eating out when I moved to Sayulita. However, a very good friend of mine from Australia couldn’t stop raving about it so I gave it a try. True enough, Mary’s didn’t fail to impress. This curbside eatery is the best restaurant in Sayulita where you can get the Mexican experience that you will pay for less.

Where to eat in Sayulita #2

Burrito Revolucion

best eats in Sayulita

Listen up, vegetarians! This vegetarian burrito is always a favourite even for non-eaters. I find myself coming here when I am out of food choices in Sayulita because it’s always worth it no matter how many times I have it in a week. There are many restaurants in Sayulita where you can find vegetarian burrito but this one is still the best. It’s cheap and the serving is generous. I always keep the other half for later because it’s really a big one! Of course, they do have meat burritos you can choose from.

Where to eat in Sayulita #3


best eats in Sayulita

Just right beside Burrito Revolution is Yeikame, an old school Mexican dining experience headed by a great Mexican woman chef. Her recipes have been passed by generations in her family so if you want to try authentic Mexican enchiladas, this is the place! I will probably volunteer here so she could share me her recipes!

Where to eat in Sayulita #4

La Rustica

best eats in Sayulita

Many say this is not the best pizza in Sayulita but this is my favorite! I’ve tried all the pizzerias in town but I particularly like this one because of the dough – it never makes me feel heavy even after having 5 slices! As seen on the featured image of this article, La Rustica’s seating arrangement is also part of the “experience the side street” trend but they also have an indoor seating. Inside, you will find a big open kitchen where you can see the chefs toss the dough and put it in their massive brick ovens. This place is good for special ocassions, couples, and is very family-friendly. Take note that there is a mandatory tipping of 15% for groups of 6 people and above.

Where to eat in Sayulita #5

Falafel and Friends

best eats in Sayulita

In the beginning of the article, I wrote that the restaurants in this list are not in the order of favorites or best because it will be weird if Falafel and friends is in number 6. I eat here every week! Their menu is very simple and is everyone’s favorite: falafel. Burrito falafel, falafel on fita, falafel salad (pictured above), however you want to eat falafel, there’s always a choice! This is also a good restaurant for vegans. You’ll never get tired of their menu! For meat-eaters, they also have meat burgers and burritos. To complete the curbside eating experience, order a beer across the street (Atico) or buy a 6-pack from Oxxo. They won’t mind because they don’t sell alcohol. Just make sure to tip these guys generously because I really love them!

Where to eat in Sayulita #6

El Itacate

best eats in Sayulita

Itacate is also something you shouldn’t miss. And I mean it. In here, you will find a lot of food options that involve cheese. Like this one pictured above which they call “Itacate,” a taco-like dish that has cheese as a “tortilla” instead of the traditional corn tortilla. I normally come here with a bottle of wine because it definitely fits the pairing. Itacate is right next to Burrito Revolution and Yeikame so you surely won’t miss it. If you haven’t tried pulque in your life, this is also the best place to do it. Itacate claims to serve the best tacos in Sayulita though I haven’t tried that myself. I prefer eating tacos in the street stalls.

Where to eat in Sayulita #7

Naty's Kitchen

best eats in Sayulita

I know I said I prefer to eat tacos on the street but Naty’s is different because they serve the best vegetarian tacos in town! In fact, I think they are the only one. Squash, carrot, rajas poblanas – their tasty vegetarian tacos menu will give you an interesting experience as the tacos we know is always with meat. Don’t worry, meat lovers, they have beef, chicken, and pork tacos, too! I must warn you that Naty’s has a long line during lunch time as they close at 3:00 pm. They even run out of vegetarian tacos before closing time so be mindful of the hours!

Where to eat in Sayulita #8

Pizza Venezia

where to eat in Sayulita

Many people voted this as the best pizzeria in Sayulita and I agree – it is one of my favourites but I don’t know how I feel about it (yet) being on top of the list. Pizzeria Venezia is in the northern part of Sayulita and is a bit farther from town so only the people who knows visit. They are quite busy during dinner and late lunch hours so make sure to mind the opening hours! Aside from the pizza, they have a huge salad that I really love to order all the time. Their pasta is also made by hand and is my favorite pasta in town! They don’t sell alcohol so feel free to buy a bottle of wine or a 6-pack beer in a tienda close by.

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