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Trisha is holding a Philippine passport but that does not stop her to see the world beyond the color of her passport. These visa guides are helpful for Filipinos.

My first encounter about other countries than USA and Schengen is on Trisha's blog. She's been to beautiful places where Filipinos don't need to apply for a visa. She's incredible and her content is always honest! She always shares the step-by-step guide on how to apply for visas. It's very easy to understand and I don't go to other Filipino bloggers when it comes to visa content. Trisha's content is the best!

Filipinos always travel to the USA and Europe so after many visa applications rejected, I found from Trisha's blog that there are many other places for us Filipinos. Her content about other places is refreshing! I did not even think there are many countries Filipinos can visit visa-free!

Trisha travels to a lot of visa-free countries for Filipinos and this is the best part of her travels. She opened our minds that Filipinos should not go through many visa rejections in the Europe and USA and that there are many other places to visit for Filipinos like me. Her visa guide is a great resource!

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