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Here are the different types of glamping that most millennial travelers relate to

I was recently in Sri Lanka and was able to have an over the top glamping experience with Master Campers Lanka, a safari tent located in Uda Walawe National Park where you will get to dig in with nature and be closer to literal peace and quiet. Extreme wildlife surrounded me as I embraced the ultimate social media rehab (kidding, they have Internet): peacocks waking you up with their roars, crickets humming while you’re having dinner and elephants walking casually like they’re you’re neighbours.

Through this trip, I was able to analyse and dig on the deeper meaning of accommodations favoured by millennials. Why do millennials relate more to outdoors and adventures?


What is glamping?

GLAMourous and camPING gave birth to the term glamping. It’s not considered an official word yet (as per online dictionaries, it’s an urban terminology) but it’s very popular among travelers, most especially it’s target demographics: the Millennials.

Glamping entails exotic destinations and out of this world accommodations. It is incorporated with wildlife, outdoor activities and adrenaline-rush adventures.

As a millennial traveler, I can prove to you right now that our attention span is very low. Imagine, in this blog, I have to continously make creative content (which nearly blows my brain off) just to maintain readership and traffic. This is because most of my readers are millennials – they are not easy to please.

The Glamping Industry is lucky to have the millennials in their ally. Hostels, boutique hotels and 5-star accommodations – no matter how much marketing effort they put, they are out of the ‘favourites’ list. Your site is not bookmarked in our browsers and we are definitely not pinning your images on Pinterest.


Glamping is the new trend. Here are a few favourites of our millennial friends


1. Eco pods

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They are cute, 100% local and super cozy. Eco-pods have been the apple of the eye of millennials when it comes to glamping. They are as secure as and as comfortable as normal hotel/hostel accommodations and you don’t have to worry about being bothered by neighbours. Everyone is extremely calm when they are staying in eco-pods because of its natural setting.


2. Tipis

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Definitely made for hipsters, a tipi can be associated to the migratory American Indians who made their humble abodes with limited and raw materials. Wooden poles serve as the skeleton of the structure where they are placed in a triangular shape and tied together at the top. The fabrics used in tipis are from animal skin that are definitely durable in all weather types.


3. Safari Tents

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The most solid visual of Safari Tens originated from hundred years ago: think Game of Thrones – yep, that long ago. It was originally an abode for kings and blue-blooded nomads who are always moving and needed to transport their lodging. At present, this kind of accommodation is usually common in Africa where there the definition of ‘safari’ emanates. This is perfect for a legit shut-down-from-the-world adventure and Instagramable pics that you can show off your friends.


4. Camper Vans

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That one friend who told you he went to a road trip in the US? He lied to you! These things are not moving! Okay, some have wheels but in the luxury accommodation setting, camper vans are completely still. More often called “house on wheels,” campervan is a favourite because of its surprising interiors – small on the outside but incredibly huge and multi-purposed on the inside. From a small working kitchen to double decks, campervan is super complete!


5. Tree Houses

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Last but not the least – tree houses. God, who will say no to this? Don’t worry, this type of glamping is very safe! Most millennials remember their childhood when seeing a tree house but this is definitely for everyone. It’s made out of wood (legit wood), comfortable and screams “perfect holiday.”


Ready for the ultimate outdoor adventure?

Check out Glamping Hub for a wide variety of glamping choices. They have everything you need, I promise!

Additionally, if you want to create your own glamping experience at a national park or music festival? Check out my friends Mike & Anne’s review of their Shiftpod. This thing looks swank!

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What are your favourite types of glamping?

Have you done glamping before? Share your experience on the comment box below!

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