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I can’t believe I traveled with someone who I just saw on Pinterest. I never really connect with travel blogs but Trisha is a very unique person! Spending three days with her opened my eyes to so many opportunities and learnings. This trip was super fun because we were free to do whatever we wanted. I also met a lot of solo travelers and interesting people through Trisha. Highly recommended for those who are scared to travel alone to Mexico!
James Baranowski
Chicago, IL
I can’t begin to write how grateful I am for joining Trisha in Oaxaca. She travels way differently and I think this is something we should all learn to do in these changing times! I was fortunate to join Trisha in her local Mexican family stay. That was quite an experience to remember. I never would have done that on my own. She inspired me so much now I want to do a lot of local stays. Thank you for everything, Trish!
Marci Dougherty
New York, NY
I joined Trisha’s Rio de Janeiro trip for 5 days and she really is the best! I met her local friends which changed my outlook about safety in Rio. As an American traveler, this experience opened my eyes on how different it is to travel with someone who knows her way around. Thank you Trish! I look forward to joining you in Oaxaca!
Emily Robson
United Kingdom
Traveling with this woman changed my life. My parents were so against me going to Brazil but Trisha helped me convince them. From joining her trip, I am no longer scared to travel on my own and I feel like I can do anything. If you are a female and wants to be empowered, definitely travel with Trisha. It will be a memorable experience!
Indi Pye