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Travel with Trisha

✨ Why travel with Trisha?

local family stay in acapulco

Unique experiences

For the last 14 years, Trisha has spent her life staying with local families learning how they cook, eat, and sleep. If you are someone who is looking for a different kind of travel experience, you will learn a lot from her when you join her trips! Her itineraries are very unique!

digital nomad guide to Sayulita

Make travel your way of life

Whether you want to be a digital nomad, learn how to travel solo or go on a backpacking trip on your own, joining Trisha on her trips will give you a free workshop on how to live a life of travel. She is very generous on sharing information and loves it when people decides to change their lives.

This is not a group tour

There is no itinerary to follow. You will not be herded like a bunch of tourists on the streets. You are literally going to join Trisha’s daily activities and you can opt-out on activities. Some days, you want to rest and be on your own – we understand that 100%!

💃🏻 How it works

Every traveler is different so we designed this tour to be an opt-in/out kind of tour. We don’t want you to stay in a hotel that you don’t like, nor eat food you are not interested in nor do activities that you don’t feel like doing. Everything is up to you!

All tour participants pay a fixed fee. This fixed fee is for you to learn how to travel on your own while being in the company of people. Trisha will also take you to spots that you won’t be able to find if you are traveling as a tourist. This is an extremely local tour so get ready! Just look at Trisha’s Instagram stories and see how local she travels.

You will not be herded as a tourist group. You will go on these so-called tours like you are friends. All travelers who joined Trisha on her trip definitely had a meaningful travel experience. 9/10 traveled on their own after this trip.

Trisha makes sure she can mingle with everyone and have time for everyone so each of these tours are limited to 10 participants.

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Oct 31 – Nov 3, 2022 / 4 spots left

Oaxaca day of the dead 2022

Day of the dead in Mexico is definitely one of the things you need to do. And it’s always fun to do it with locals! Trisha will take you to all the local parties happening all week. You can also join her mezcal tours. Basically, you will spend these 3 days socializing with locals and learning about Oaxaca City.


We would prefer if you arrive in Oaxaca City on October 30th so you’ll have enough time to rest.

1:30 PM – Welcome brunch at Vaca Marina

Vaca Marina is a rooftop bar in Oaxaca where you can see great views of the city. On this welcome brunch, we would like to know you better – let’s chat, drink some Chardonnay, and discover the best dishes in Oaxaca!

Meal prices at Vaca Marina start at $7 USD. We also ask you to dress nicely since this is a place where you can take a lot of nice pictures! Our photographer will do that for you.

5:00 PM: Go back to your hotel to freshen up

December 31 is a big night during day of the dead. We will give you a few hours to rest, freshen up and shower. Make sure to put your best DOTD dress for tonight!

7:00 PM: Catrina make-up session

We will meet to do our day of the dead make-up. You are free to choose your make-up or bring a picture if you want. The make-up cost is $10 USD – $20 USD depending on your design.

8:30 PM: Dinner and drinks at Convivio

Convivio is a local hang-out spot. In this dinner and drinks, there will be live music, amazing tacos, and lots of mezcal. We will have a free welcome shot of mezcal courtesy of Convivio. Meal prices at Convivio start at $5 USD.

Trisha’s local friends will also join us in this dinner. This way, you can meet people and ask them about Oaxaca City!

From here, we will see which event we’d like to go to. There are different parties every night so feel free to join or go back to your hotel after dinner. It will all depend on how you feel at the moment!

9:00 AM: Local mezcal tour outside Oaxaca City

We will pick you up at your accommodation if you signed up for this tour. From there, we will drive an hour out of Oaxaca and go to the agave fields of a local family Trisha is supporting. You will love this tour very much, we promise!

We will have lunch at the agave fields that will be exclusive to us. You will also get to plant your own Agave tree and of course, try the cheapest and best mezcal in the state.

3:00 PM – 7:00 PM: Free time

You will be very tired and super drunk after this half day of mezcal tour. We will drive you back to your hotel so you can freshen up and get ready for dinner! Make sure to take a nap because it’s going to be a long night!

7:00 PM: Catrina make-up session

Day 2 of your different make-up! We will meet to do our day of the dead make-up. You are free to choose your make-up or bring a picture if you want. The make-up cost is $10 USD – $20 USD depending on your design.

8:30 PM: Dinner and drinks at Los Danzantes

Los Danzantes is one of Trisha’s favorite restaurants in Oaxaca. This is really a fancy place and it’s hard to get a table here but Trisha always manages to reserve one during the busy season. Meal prices at Los Danzantes start at $12 USD.

In the evening, we will reunite with Trisha’s local friends, walk around the city, and see where our feet will take us. November 1st is a big night during day of the dead and there are many cool events that we will take you to!

10:00 AM: Local artisanal/textile tour

We will pick you up at your hotel and we will head to Teotitlan del Valle to visit the oldest family of textile weavers in Oaxaca.

Here, you will learn about the tedious processing of textile in Oaxaca and also get try their old school machinery. We will have a great Oaxacan lunch here prepared in the home of the weavers.

3:00 PM – 6:30 PM – Free time

You will be very tired and super drunk after this half day of mezcal tour. We will drive you back to your hotel so you can freshen up and get ready for dinner! Make sure to take a nap because it’s going to be a long night!

7:00 PM: Jalatlaco dinner, cocktail, and drinks

We will visit the Jalatlaco, Trisha’s favorite neighborhood in Oaxaca. In here, we will go to a restaurant to eat, drink, and gather.

10:00 PM: Comparsa

From there, we will join the comparsa, a November 2nd tradition in Oaxaca where there will be dancing, music, and lots of partying!

11:00 AM – Oaxaca City Photoshoot (FREE)

As promised, we would like to show you around on a walking tour and take your pictures in the most Instagrammable spots in Oaxaca! Our photographer will be with us and he will give you the edited pictures within 24 hours.

1:30 PM – Farewell brunch at Praga

We will head to the rooftop bar and have our farewell brunch. Praga is right in front of the cathedral so we will have the best views of the city!

5:00 PM – Departure of participants

I can’t believe I traveled with someone who I just saw on Pinterest. I never really connect with travel blogs but Trisha is a very unique person! Spending three days with her opened my eyes to so many opportunities and learnings. This trip was super fun because we were free to do whatever we wanted. I also met a lot of solo travelers and interesting people through Trisha. Highly recommended for those who are scared to travel alone to Mexico!
James Baranowski
Chicago, IL
I can’t begin to write how grateful I am for joining Trisha in Oaxaca. She travels way differently and I think this is something we should all learn to do in these changing times! I was fortunate to join Trisha in her local Mexican family stay. That was quite an experience to remember. I never would have done that on my own. She inspired me so much now I want to do a lot of local stays. Thank you for everything, Trish!
Marci Dougherty
New York, NY

rio de janeiro digital nomad
February 25-29, 2023 / 6 spots left

Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2023

Many people are afraid to travel to Rio de Janeiro but Trisha has over 7 years of experience going here by herself! The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is one of the best events in Brazil. Trisha will take you to secret samba parties and introduce you to a local kind of Rio de Janeiro. This is one of our hottest tours at P.S. I’m On My Way!

I joined Trisha’s Rio de Janeiro trip for 5 days and she really is the best! I met her local friends which changed my outlook about safety in Rio. As an American traveler, this experience opened my eyes on how different it is to travel with someone who knows her way around. Thank you Trish! I look forward to joining you in Oaxaca!
Emily Robson
United Kingdom
Traveling with this woman changed my life. My parents were so against me going to Brazil but Trisha helped me convince them. From joining her trip, I am no longer scared to travel on my own and I feel like I can do anything. If you are a female and wants to be empowered, definitely travel with Trisha. It will be a memorable experience!
Indi Pye

💰Price: $500 USD per person

What’s included?

  • 1-hour planning via Zoom for booking your accommodation and flights
  • Assistance on where to find cheap flights and best routes that work for you
  • Finding the best accommodation that will suit your needsS
  • Super big local discounts during the trip (Trisha will handle this for you!)
  • Inclusion on the private Whatsapp group plus 24/7 text assistance
  • Join Trisha in her daily activities and opt out on things you don’t want to do
  • Free learning on how to make travel your way of life
  • Assistance on what to do next every after trip
  • Connect with local contacts for your next trip that you should do on your own
  • Professionally edited and high resolution photos for your trip memories!
  • 10% discount on your second trip with Trisha

What’s NOT included?

  • Flights: you need to book this on your own wherever you are coming from
  • Accommodations: we will help you find the best accommodation that fits your budget
  • Tours: all tours are optional. Join only what you are interested in
  • Food: joining us for meals are also optional and you have to pay each restaurant on your own

✈️ Ready to travel with Trisha?

Reserve your slot by using the contact form below. We only have 10 slots per trip so in order to secure your booking, we will need the 50% downpayment to secure your slot. We look forward to traveling with you!