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What’s it like to travel to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico during COVID

I visit Puerto Escondido every four months and in every visit, my experiences are different. Here’s what you need to know if you want to travel Puerto Escondido during COVID.

Puerto Escondido COVID [Update 17 July 2021]: As of July 17, 2021, Puerto Escondido has a 10:00 pm curfew for bars and restaurants. Beaches are open. This will be re-assessed for the next two weeks if lockdown rules should be lifted. 

Reader Mail: Trisha, I love all your Puerto Escondido adventures! It seems like it’s one of your favorite places in Mexico. I am so enticed to go! How was your trip during COVID? Can I travel Puerto Escondido during COVID? Are there any insider tips you can share? Thank you so much and I hope to come across you and give you a hug! Your blog is a wealth of information!
– Daniel Reilly, USA

Hi Daniel!

Thank you so much for following this blog! Yes, you are right – I’ve been obsessively visiting Puerto Escondido regularly – I’m super hooked! Although this post was originally published in August 2020, I still update this regularly.

For real-time Puerto Escondido lockdown updates, you can get in touch with me via Instagram, @psimonmyway. Good luck and I hope you make it here!


Thinking to travel to Puerto Escondido during COVID?

Well, if you are already inside Mexico, I am sure you are familiar with Mexico’s ways and means when it comes to COVID-19. It really varies from state to state. But anyway, today, I am only going to talk about traveling Puerto Escondido during this pandemic. What’s it like?

I live in Sayulita and we have the no-mask-no-rules COVID lifestyle. When I arrived in Puerto Escondido, I was really surprised by how different it is. Puerto Escondido is a little more serious about it, but not really.

In this guide, I will tell you about my experience. Every heading is in a question format because there are the most frequent questions I receive on Instagram regarding travel to Puerto Escondido during COVID.

Is Puerto Escondido on lockdown?

[Post update]: As of July 17, 2021, Puerto Escondido implemented a 10:00 pm curfew for bars and restaurants. Beaches remain open but can also change dramatically. This lockdown will be re-assessed by August 31, 2021.

As of August 24, 2020, positive COVID cases in the state of Oaxaca (where Puerto Escondido is located) is at 12,994. I couldn’t pull out the exact numbers for Puerto Escondido but if you want to know more, you can visit Mexico’s COVID updates website. It’s updated daily.

Puerto Escondido opened two weeks ago which prompted this trip. During the ‘lockdown,’ my friends who live here told me it’s a bit lax because the police come and go. It is not monitored 24/7 by the authorities. For example, if the policia federal is around, then the people who live here will stay in their homes. If not, then they have the freedom to go out.

My arrival in Puerto Escondido

My flight to Puerto Escondido commenced in Puerto Vallarta, the closest airport to where I live in Sayulita. After not traveling for 7 months, I forgot how things have changed during COVID so I stayed with my usual backpacker attitude by packing the last minute and leaving my house just 2 hours before the flight, and guess what? I missed the flight and had to buy a new one.

Though airports didn’t change their format and Puerto Vallarta and Puerto Escondido airports are both relatively small, there are a lot of protocols like the never-ending hand sanitizer in every entrance plus “social distancing lines.”

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It’s a quote and quote because people aren’t really following it. There are no marks/signs on the floors of the airports although, in Mexico City International Airport, they already implemented these signs. Only those who are concerned or educated about COVID are being compliant, meaning, it’s really up to you to keep the distance. The airport personnel won’t even ask you to do it.

During my layover in Mexico City, they asked me to fill out a COVID-19 form. To help you understand better what this form is, it’s like those custom forms where they ask you if you have been arrested in another country, if you are carrying drugs, if you are bringing more than $15,000 USD in cash, etc.

More often than not, frequent travelers just tick ‘no’ to all items. But this COVID form will ask you questions like “were you in contact with a person who has/had COVID-19? Do you have a cough? Do you have a flu? etc. Obviously, you will answer no to all these because you can.

They don’t have a way of finding out. I would ask you to do the digital form instead of the paper because it’s really a waste. They won’t even get it from you. You’ll keep it for the rest of your stay.

Travel Puerto Escondido during COVID: are there any restrictions?

Not at all! Mexico has been open to tourists as of June 30, 2020. You will not be required to do a 14-day quarantine on arrival and they will not require you to show proof of your COVID-19 test(s).

Neither will they ask you to test when you are here. All you need to do is fill out the health control form I told you above, which is obviously not a tedious task.

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I would tell you though, if you are experiencing symptoms before you travel to Puerto Escondido during COVID, please cancel your travel plans and stay at home, most especially if you are coming from the USA.

If you are visibly ill upon arrival and have a high fever, you will be refused entry. Even if Mexico is lax when it comes to COVID, all establishments, airports, etc check temperatures. I couldn’t count how many times they checked mine!

Do I need travel insurance (with COVID coverage) to travel to Puerto Escondido?

No, it is not required. Not even if you enter Mexico City International Airport from another country. I honestly don’t have any travel insurance that covers COVID because I can’t find a reliable one. But I always have travel insurance since I am always outdoors riding motorcycles and cars.

I use digital nomad insurance that covers COVID and I pay $40 USD per month. It’s a really lucrative insurance and I will recommend you to never travel without this type of insurance!

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Are masks required in Puerto Escondido?

Back home in Sayulita, it’s a pity that we don’t practice wearing masks in public. But here in Puerto Escondido, you need to wear masks when entering restaurants. Establishments will not let you in without masks.

I even saw a lot of people being refused entry and buying masks in street stores. Again, it is not a practice in Mexico to wear masks. You will only see it with tourists.

But the weirdest thing is that establishments only require it upon entry. You can remove it as soon as you are inside. Meaning, it’s just your pass to be able to enter the restaurant.

expat insurance banner

They did install portable faucets at every entrance which is awesome because you will be forced to wash your hands. Unfortunately, a lot of people are very unconscious about washing their hands frequently so I guess this tactic helps.

In any case that you forgot your mask at your hotel, there are lots of street vendors selling masks but I suggest you always keep it in your bag! I am sure as a tourist, you are mindful about carrying your mask all the time but you’d be surprised how in Mexico, it’s still something new. People always forget it because it’s not part of their practice

Are hotels open in Puerto Escondido?

ABSOLUTELY! Hotels in Puerto Escondido are still accepting bookings at a 30% capacity.

I own an Airbnb in Sayulita and at one point, we had a few restrictions about opening our calendars as hosts. But for Puerto Escondido, I have no idea if hotel booking platforms put any restrictions. I always book my accommodations last minute.

Since this is a COVID period and it’s not that busy, it wasn’t hard for me to book accommodations in Puerto Escondido. In Mexico, there is a 30% capacity rule that most hotels seem to follow.

I use because of the pay at the property option. This way, you can always cancel but make sure to read the cancellation policies first. Some accommodations will ask you to put your credit card details but most of them don’t. It’s COVID times and they have nothing to lose anyway.

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Are hotels in Puerto Escondido taking necessary precautions for COVID?

The most that they do is abide by the 30% capacity, mandatory wearing of masks, and antibacterial gel all the time. I am not a fan of the gel but they will make you do it in every place, every time you enter.

As for space, there weren’t a lot of people where I stayed and I barely came across other guests. But the hotels are not re-designed for COVID. At least not yet. It’s still a normal hotel setting.

Are Puerto Escondido restaurants open?

Most restaurants are open and they require masks at the entrance only. When you’re in, you can remove it. Again, it’s only an entry pass. They didn’t lessen the number of tables nor did they arrange it in a way that tables/people are far apart from each other.

Some restaurants re-designed the entry/exit points but not all. In Puerto Escondido, I only saw one. However, the beach restaurants are very spacious and the distance between the tables is very good. After all, they have more space than the restaurants.

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The travel blogger gang in Puerto Escondido / photo taken on August 23, 2020

Along with the mask, they also set up a handwashing station and it is required to wash your hands before entering the restaurant. I swear, I felt like I washed my hands in Puerto Escondido like 5 times every hour!

Are Puerto Escondido beaches open?

Yes! And they are very crowded, unfortunately. It depends on the beach you are going to but when I went to a small beach like Playa Carrizalillo, there wasn’t enough space for everybody and it felt like they didn’t count the number of people coming in.

What’s next after Puerto Escondido? Check out Mazunte!

This is a public beach so you don’t have to pay any entrance fees, but still, there weren’t any restrictions on how many people can enter. It was really crowded! Bigger beaches like Playa Bacocho is a different story.

When I went there, there was enough space for everyone and it seemed pretty relaxing to stay there for hours without worrying. But yes, Puerto Escondido beaches are open.

Renting a car in Puerto Escondido during COVID

I rented a car at Puerto Escondido International Airport. There is only one rental car office there and it’s very easy to locate. However, if you want to rent a car, you need to rent it upon arrival.

All over the city, rental car offices within the city are closed because of COVID. Only the airport offices/stations are allowed to open.

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The cost of the rental car is about $600 MXN ($27 USD) per day. This rental cost does not include the $15,000 MXN ($682 USD) credit card deposit which will only be charged when something happens to the car.

Alternatively, you can rent a motorbike. Puerto Escondido roads are very decent and flat so this is a cheaper option for the adventurer in you. This town has a motorbike culture so driving around is manageable.

Motorbikes are at $300 MXN ($13.64 USD) per day but if you are renting it long-term and if you speak Spanish, you can haggle for a lower price.

Where to get a COVID test in Puerto Escondido

From January 26, 2021, visitors who wish to enter the USA are now required to show a negative COVID test valid from 72 hours prior to arrival. I only found one place where to take the COVID test in Puerto Escondido and this information is updated as of July 17, 2021.

Clinica Olvera

I just talked to them on the phone and they advised that if you are traveling to the USA, you need to take the test 2 days before, just so results will arrive in time for your flight.

Tip: Get a later flight when flying to the United States from Mexico (ex, late afternoon or evening flights). This way, you can assure that your COVID test results in Puerto Escondido will be released on time. In my experience in taking COVID tests in Mexico, it’s really hard to determine if they will be on time.

Below are the prices for the test:

  • Antibodies: $1,500 MXN ($76.45 USD). Results will be released within 15 minutes
  • Antigen (NAAT): $2,000 MXN ($101.93 USD). Results will be released within an hour.
  • PCR: $3,000 MXN ($152.90 USD). Results will be released within 24 hours. In my experience, it even took 2 days because of some delays. Time it right!

According to the CDC website, you need an Antigen (NAAT) test or PCR in order to be granted entry into the United States. Meaning, you cannot do the cheapest test with is the antibodies test.

To schedule your COVID test in Puerto Escondido, call +52 951 271 8483. This is a landline so they will not respond via Whatsapp. If you have a US sim card, you can simply direct dial with the area code or use your hotel’s phone to schedule your appointment.


Thursday 3rd of December 2020

Great Article! Thank you for sharing. Question: How is the wifi in Puerto Escondido? The Air b&b i rented for next month tells me wifi is "good". Did you notice any cafes or public areas with wifi that one could use to work remotely if needed? I'm hoping/expecting it to be on the slow side, yet reliable.