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After COVID-19, we will travel again.

Glad you are here! But why should you take travel courses with me? For the past 10 years, I've been coaching people on how to live a life of travel. You might wonder how can one teach another person to travel? Well, my travel courses online are very specific on backpacking and long-term travel. Most of these classes and workshops will prepare you to live a life of travel (meaning, traveling all your life). Well, I don't want to make it sound easy but what I realized is that when I started traveling 12 years ago, there was no one to guide or teach me how to do it. With this, I opened these courses 3 years ago and I have had regular students, since!

Travel Courses Online
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What people think about Trisha's travel courses

I felt very satisfied after taking the travel course because a lot of my questions about long term traveling has finally been answered. Plus it helps that we’re only 9 participants in the group so everyone pretty much has a chance of asking as many questions as we can think of. I also like how Trisha discuss the course because she made the discussion relatable, we’re just like a group of friends having fun casual conversations. Her stories about her travel experiences are so inspiring that then and there I wish to pack my bags and just go! I hope someday I get to experience a life of long term travel and share my stories on the road with aspiring world travelers just like me. Thank you Trish for inspiring everyone in the group! I hope soon I could finally take a leap of faith and experience the world for myself.

The travel course is a couple of hours spent discussing and laughing with Trisha and other people who share the same love for travel. It was an eye-opening and inspiring session, just listening to Trisha’s experiences and life stories, not only about travel, but also about her family and how her upbringing and family customs, and inherent rebellion carved and guided her travel lifestyle. She gladly answered all of my questions and shared travel hacks and websites to help me in planning my travels. Trisha’s energy and honesty continues to captivate and fascinate me and I’m delighted to have encountered her in my life!

I was actually having a hangover the morning I had to attend to your talk but I knew I shouldn’t miss it. Thank you for last Saturday! Loved that it was intimate but just very casual. It all seemed like a typical chikahan with friends. 🙂 I also got the chance to meet like-minded people. But more than the tips & techniques you’ve given us on how to live a life of travel in your course, thank you for constantly reminding us to have the initiative and especially the courage to just do it. Not everyone has the guts to backpack solo, but you were brave enough to do so. Excited for whatever your plans are in the future and please keep your stories coming, you’re an inspiration! 🙂 Wish us luck!

I needed this. Thank you so much for generously sharing your experiences Trish. I learned about a few more ways I could travel and live. Thinking about it kept me up past midnight. I liked the way Trish held the discussion. We were in a circle and she would talk casually about her experiences. She did not hold back. It was not all about the practical things she’d learned while traveling, but also lots of other things that were just as important. She talked about what led her to traveling alone; her family’s reaction to her choices; her love life; not worrying about her savings; kindness from strangers and how she handled things. I don’t think I’ll ever travel like she did, but I would definitely try traveling solo. The talk was only for a few hours, but it definitely influenced my point of view.

The travel course was a totally unique experience. I decided to join the course just to know a bit about traveling, but I didn’t expect to actually be inspired to try it long-term. More than just giving tips and recommendations, the course introduced an alternative perspective on traveling — traveling not just to see the world, but to experience and live the world. I’ve always been too attached to my life, so I never really considered leaving my reality for more than a weekend or so. But now, I think I just might try it after the bar exam this year.

It was an amazing experience for me. Since I really want to travel long time. The place that I want to explore is South America which Trish spend 3 years living in this part of the globe. She’s an expert whether which part of the globe you want to travel. We were 5 in the group and it was just like talking to your group of friends and we have a lot of things in common. Trish is very down to Earth and encourages us to ask questions or if we have doubt on anything. I learned a lot to equip me in my goal to travel long time. Thanks and more power!

I’m glad to have attended the very short travel course by Trisha. I am someone who likes to travel but always afraid to travel alone for many reasons and apprehensions. Talking to her opened my mind to a lot of possibilities. Learning about so many opportunities in exploring the other parts of the world, things we can possibly learn when we travel and meet new people. How she travels made her the strong woman that she is today. Knowing what she knows now, it will also open our eyes to the “world“ that she saw with her curious eyes, and courageous heart. Excited to travel like her soon!

I love this girl – her blog, her posts, her stories, everything! But right after attending this travel course, I LOVE HER EVEN MORE! I love her genuineness and her humble personality. I never regret attending this course as I was able to learn a lot of tips based on her personal experiences which I think would be very helpful in my future travels. Furthermore, because of this opportunity, I made new friends who share the same passion. Trisha is the real deal! Her optimism is contagious.

What an amazing day to spend and start a day w/ you & meet new co pro travel lover for a couple of hours. Another dream come true, to finally see you, touched & embraced you. Absolutely, a short life travel course that’s worth it. We’re only five and we’re the brainy batch because of not so many questions to ask? I didn’t have much question that moment, because I can just read your blog over & over. I just bring myself wholly and listen to you, how you live up in a world of travel. Your stories are worth to share, the way you tell it so clear & true. You indulge us the important of individuality & happiness is beyond our own perspective, to mind our own & grow as individual, that our travel goals is solely for us, no other people or situation. For all the tips, stories and everything about you, Trisha. Thank you, God bless you more. P.S. for those who dream to travel the world, shout it out, find out through this page link if can still catch up this friendly, short travel course.

This woman is one of the most well-travelled Filipina women I’ve personally met! She is the real deal, and she knows what she’s talking about! Our session was very casual and nothing intimidating. I feel more motivated now to achieve my goals of exploring the world! I hope to achieve someday at least even a bit of her achievements. It’s also been a dream of mine to visit South America especially Brazil, Peru and Colombia! Meet Trisha and discover how you can explore this great, big world around us

I’ve been going back and forth as to how I’d share my experience with the workshop, here goes.. It was casual, it was as if just a group of friends sharing the same interest, yet it was truly intimate given there’s only five of us. Other than learning the tips of the trade, Trisha encouraged us, she knew the right things to say. She’s like a friend who’d inspire us even when we doubt ourselves. Truly a worthy experience and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested.

I travel with family, friends but never did I consider traveling ALONE. 43 weeks ago (I checked on my instagram feed =D) I stumbled upon her account and immediately got hooked. Then I started reading her actual blog. I was so freaking excited to join her short course though kinda hesitant. But i was able to convince myself that this will be a “GIFT TO THE FUTURE ME.” I love reading her entries but the on hand knowledge she shared that day is more powerful and alluring. She will make you feel more inspired than you already are, she will give you advises which are spot-on and she will never make you feel left out. BEWARE, Trish is very CONTAGIOUS. Her Courage, Perseverance and Outlook in life are worth catching, so let her infect you with her contagious yet charming words so that we can start claiming the life we want. “May the Force be with US

Attending this course has taught me that I cannot just sit down and think about the things I want to do. It has taught me that I should actually take action and do those things. Thanks Trisha and the people who attended with me to experience the beginnings of a life of travel!

I am a fan of her blog so when I first saw her IG post regarding her travel course, I didn’t hesitate to register and pay. Why? Because I know my money would be worth it. And it did, I learned a lot. Her experiences and advices on long term travelling were really inspiring. After the course, you will eventually tell yourself, if she can do it, then I can too.”

Attending the course affirmed my already existing dream. Since the group was small, all of us had the chance to ask personal questions. I have never been so sure and excited in my life than after attending Trisha’s travel course. Parents will cry because of children leaving for far-flung places.

I did attend the travel session last Saturday, and the most amazing thing about it was on how genuine Trisha’s approach was – wanting to bring her collated experiences to every aspiring traveller. Long term travel seems intimidating from the get go, but if it does quench your passion to fall in love with diversity and new experiences, then so be it. Hopefully in the next five years or so, I have a passport filled up to the brim, along with a blog that I can possibly share to everyone else as well. Besides, South America seems like a steal to travel in with the many places that do not require a visa. This session all the more reaffirmed that maybe, I was meant to live a portion of my life in constant transit. Thank you very much Trisha for inspiring me and many others!!

Free Travel Courses Online


I know that most of us are in lockdown right now because of COVID-19 so I started offering these modules for free. Now that we have more time to prepare for when we are allowed to travel again, let us make use of this time to plan! Go offline on social media, leave Netflix for a bit, and let’s start learning!

Free Travel Courses Online


May 2020

Jumpstart your career as a digital Nomad

May 2020

Long-term travel planning (backpacking)

One-on-one sessions


Remember that we are all different travelers. Some of my modules are very generic so if you are really serious about living a life of travel, you might be interested in availing a private travel coaching with me. You can ask questions based on the type of traveler that you are. It will be just you and me for an hour (or 2!) You will even have direct access to me after the session. Additionally, I can give you a few secrets, travel contacts, and freebies that are not offered in my free courses.

Travel Courses Online

Why should you sign up for a private session?

Do it on your own time: I am currently in Mexico and we might be on a different timezone but don’t worry – I will adjust to your schedule wherever in the world you are! Just don’t forget to mention your timezone in your inquiry.

Flexible payment: Due to current pandemic, I understand that some of us may have been laid off from work. With this, I can offer better pricing according to your budget. Just tell me what your budget is and we will work our way through it! We can also talk about recurring payment plans (installments) if it’s too much for you. I don’t mind if you want to pay $1 per month or $100 per month. We’ll find a way to do it!

100% attention to your needs: Private sessions are very personalized according to the type of travel that you want. This is tailor-fit to everything you need. You might not know that now but we’ll explore that together and I will guide you through it. I just want you not to expect me to give you all the answers because I also want you to think and answer them yourselves. This way, you can be prepared to travel the world out there!

I booked a coaching session with Trish because I have always dreamed of backpacking South America. With her years of experience traveling the world, she's the perfect person to talk to. Aside from safety concerns of traveling solo and securing visa, what's holding me back from starting my journey was finding a legitimate work online, part time jobs and which country I should start. Trish sent me links of websites where I can look for jobs and where to find volunteering opportunities in exchange for free food and accommodation. I had a lot of fears and hesitations prior to the coaching session. Thanks for the motivation and addressing my concerns before I embark on my own journey. I found a person I can relate to. I hope to meet you soon! Writing this from Siquihor!

Sometimes you just need that extra nudge and that is what I found in my consult with Trisha, and then some. I have been wrestling with my wanderlust for years and making excuses as to why it has to be postponed or isn’t worth exploring. It was comforting to speak freely with someone about my fears with traveling on a permanent basis. Trisha gave me honest answers, reassured me and even introduced me to others who could help me. It was definitely time and money well spent.

I enrolled for Trisha’s course to discover how to be a digital nomad and understand the various ways on how I can survive, once I’m finally out there. She delivered everything I needed to know and more! I also learned the value of listening to my inner thoughts and preferences, instead of basing my decisions on someone else’s experiences. Thank you, Trisha!

How to inquire for a one-on-one session (via e-mail)
  1. The subject of your e-mail should be “Private Travel Coaching: {Your Full Name}
  2. The body of your e-mail should include as much information as possible: topic that you want to discuss, your timezone + your hourly budget. Please be as specific as possible with the things you want to learn.
  3. Send it to trisha[at]psimonmyway[dot]com.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: 2-hour private coaching for the price of 1!

From April 10 – May 10, 2020, you can do one-on-one coaching with me 50% off! The topic will be up to you, as long as it falls under my expertise. Let’s talk one-on-one and plan your travels with me! I can also give you insider tips that are not offered in my free courses.

Click here to reserve your slot.

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