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Travel Coaching

Travel Coaching

Go on. Live the life you always imagined.

Oh, wow, you’re here! Good.

I am sure you clicked this section because you are really interested in how to live a life of travel. I’ve been there, too. However, I did not have proper guidance when I started traveling. I discovered everything by myself and I made this travel coaching section so I will be able to share all my knowledge to you! This is so much different from my travel course because this is an online consultation.


Well, I am not saying that you do need it but I guess it’s pretty hard to do things on your own for the first time, right? When I first started this venture, I did not have anyone to tell me what to do and it was really difficult! If you are a first-time solo traveler, this is where I come in. I promise you, you won’t have to do anything by yourself. I won’t teach you – but I will push you.

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One-on-one Skype sessions at your convenient time!

[us_iconbox icon=”fa-laptop” title=”PROFESSIONAL BLOGGING” title_tag=”h2″]Did you know that blogging is one of the reasons why I can live a life of travel? I can help you set up a professional blog and teach you how to make money from it![/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=” fa-spinner” title=”DIGITAL NOMAD LIFESTYLE” title_tag=”h2″]Learn how to work from anywhere in the world. In here, I can help you land an online job that will help you sustain your travels for eternity![/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=” fa-plane” title=”ITINERARY & PLANNING” title_tag=”h2″]Or maybe you’re not into long-term travel? Maybe you only have a few weeks and you need everything planned? I can help you with that, too![/us_iconbox]

What people say about this course

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[us_cta title=”Inquire using the form below” btn_link=”|||” btn_label=””]Or e-mail [email protected] with subject “Travel Coaching with Trisha”[/us_cta]

Please include what type of coaching you are looking into booking (Digital Nomad Lifestyle, Professional Blogging, Teaching English Abroad, Volunteering or Itinerary/Planning. Rates will be sent upon inquiry. Guaranteed 24 hours reply!

If you do not know what kind of coaching fits you, e-mail your goals/dreams and you will get a one-time e-mail consultation FOR FREE.


1. Coaching prices will be sent upon inquiry. Rates are on a per hour basis.

2. You will be the one to select your consultation time. Please include timezone in your e-mail. (ex: GMT +8, Hong Kong)

3. No refund policy.

Currently under construction but I’ll be back soon!

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