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P.S. I’m On My Way’s absolute best things to do in La Paz, Mexico

Compared to other towns and cities in Baja California Sur, there are more things to do in La Paz. I lived and stayed long in Cabo San Lucas, El Pescadero, and Todos Santos but I feel like when it comes to activities, La Paz has more to offer.

📬 Reader Mail: Trisha, I am glad you are finally in Baja California! I’ve been waiting for this since I live in San Diego. It’s way easier for me to go to Baja. I am enjoying all your adventures and will follow your lead!

I am traveling for a week and I am thinking to visit BCS. Are there enough things to do in La Paz? I really want to avoid the American crowd in Cabo and I remember you mention there will be more authentic experiences in La Paz.

I look forward to your suggestions! If you are still in La Paz, I would love to meet you. I appreciate all the blogs that you do! More power and good luck with everything!
– Sarah, Los Angeles

Hi Sarah!

I love that you chose La Paz! I lived there briefly and have been coming back ever since. I barely visit places twice but La Paz has my heart. My dogs love La Paz, too!

You are right. Between Cabo and La Paz, La Paz is still very local and has a lot of Mexican feel in it. I also find that there are more adventurous things to do in La Paz. Cabo is more of fancy activities like sailing (or anything that involves a boat/yacht).

I had the best time living in La Paz while exploring its great outdoors. This is what most expats and digital nomads in La Paz are drawn to making this city their base. I hope this post will help in your decision!


Where is La Paz Mexico?

You are probably more familiar with Los Cabos (Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo) since both are favorite American destinations in Mexico. La Paz is about an hour’s drive from Cabo.

Despite their distance and close proximity, these two different areas are very different in terms of the types of travelers, the layout, and things to do.

Is La Paz Mexico worth visiting?

Definitely! Look, most people opt to spend a weekend in Cabo but if you are looking for a more Mexican feel with a mix of California, La Paz is definitely the place!

There are also more things to do in La Paz compared to neighboring towns like Cabo and Todos Santos. In these two towns, you have to drive out to find activities. Within La Paz, you can do a lot of things! Visitors who come to Todos Santos and Cabo also put La Paz in their itinerary for day trips.

Is it safe to visit La Paz Mexico?

ABSOLUTELY! When I was living in La Paz, I never had any safety issues. I’d walk to my house at night without any problems. The streets are well-lit and there’s always someone on the street so you won’t feel out of place.

Like in many places in Mexico, of course, be vigilant and act accordingly. Don’t buy drugs or talk to people whom you feel that have bad vibrations.

I lived in La Paz with my super white American best friend and honestly, she told me she doesn’t get that much attention in La Paz as she’d crazily get in other parts of Mexico.

Of course, as girls traveling together, the only thing I hate about La Paz is that they always cat-call and cars always honk their horns. I mean ALWAYS most especially during daylight. It makes me cringe!

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Best things to do in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

#1: Sunset hike in Balandra

Most people only know that Balandra is a beach but it is actually an area where you can do different activities like hiking. The morning hike overlooking Balandra beach is actually my favorite activity!

You can do this on your own, however, you need to drive to the beginning of the trail. I signed up for a tour when I did this hike and for the second time, hired a local guide.

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If you are doing this on your own, the best time to go is during sunrise. It can get too hot up here after 9:00 AM! This is an easy hike and you don’t have to wear proper hiking shoes.

The trail is rocky but hiking sandals work. It’s also not very steep (as you will see in the video above).

👉🏽 Check prices and availability for Balandra sunrise hike

#2: Sand dune boarding

This is my favorite of the things to do in La Paz list! I first went sandboarding in Huacachina, Peru, and didn’t think I’d do it again in Mexico. Baja California is surrounded by desserts but this activity is best done in La Paz.

In Peru, it was actually “bodyboarding” as they didn’t allow tourists to stand up on the board. But in La Paz, it’s allowed and the guide will teach you how to do it safely.

This is a 2-hour activity and the guide will take you to the best spot! Unfortunately, you can’t do this on your own since you will be needing the necessary gears for sand dune boarding.

The dune is also located 25 minutes away from La Paz center so you will need to rent a car. Hiring a guide or signing up for a tour is way easier and cheaper.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability for sand dune boarding in La Paz

#3: Stroll the Malecon

The Malecon is iconic to any Mexican city but that of La Paz, I can say, has more activities and is full of life. A Malecon is a stone-built embankment or esplanade along a waterfront. I don’t even know if there’s an English term for it!

La Paz’s Malecon is a hub for hanging out, meeting friends, and of course, the most popular activity – working out. During the pandemic, the Malecon was closed to avoid gatherings and the only activity allowed was exercising!

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The beach at the Malecon is also swimmable and I feel like this is important to say because not all Malecon beaches are accessible! This is also a famous meeting point for tours as the boats are parked here.

#4: Visit 9+ beaches in La Paz

As I said, there are many more things to do in La Paz than in other cities and towns in Baja California Sur. Just within La Paz, there are over 9 beaches! This is one of the reasons why my dogs loved living in La Paz. We have a wide selection of beaches when we lived here!

things to do in la paz

My dogs are beach dogs so they love living in La Paz!

The beaches that you can visit in La Paz are El Coromuel, La Concha, El Tesoro, Pichilinque, Balandra, and Espiritu Santo Island. If you rent a car in La Paz, you can go to other beaches like La Ventana, El Sargento, Los Barriles, and Cerritos.

La Paz beaches are currently on 70% capacity and I am sorry to say that it is so hard to get to Balandra beach. Some even fall in line from 2:00 AM just to see the beach!

If you don’t want to rent a car, you can simply take the Playa bus in La Paz that goes around all the beaches in La Paz.

#5: Rent a bike or a scooter

One of the greatest things about living in La Paz is that it’s a bike city! I live in Cabo now and it’s so impossible to drive here since it’s a car city. I mean, doable, but there are no bike lanes.

In La Paz, all streets have dedicated bike lanes which makes it a safe city for biking. Almost all the families I know here own bikes!

What’s next after La Paz? Check out Cabo San Lucas

things to do in la paz

Scooters are also widely used. I rented a scooter in La Paz and it was a very friendly terrain to drive. Although La Paz is a big city, the lack of stoplights makes it safe.

Cars are always looking and driving slow in every corner so don’t be afraid to rent a scooter and go on a joy ride! A scooter is also probably the best way to visit all the La Paz beaches

👉🏽 Check prices and availability for scooter rentals in La Paz

#6: Eat fish tacos on the street

Fish tacos are the pride of Baja California Sur. This is where you will find fish taco stands on the street and the best one is right where I used to live in Pueblo Nuevo!

things to do in la pazIf you’re worried about cleanliness, don’t worry, these street fish taco stands are clean. They also source their fish locally (and daily) so it’s guaranteed that you will get it fresh.

If you are really really scared to eat fish tacos on the street, all restaurants in La Paz serve it but at least go to a legit taqueria restaurant to try it! It’s really made differently compared to when you have it in high-class restaurants.

#7: Explore different cuisines in La Paz

I must admit that there aren’t a lot of restaurants in La Paz that I truly recommend. The best meals I had in La Paz are either on the street or those that serve Mexican dishes.

It’s not like Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, or Oaxaca where I had the best meals of my life. I think that the dining culture in La Paz is still growing and more options will come in the next years.

things to do in la paz

But all Mexican restaurants in La Paz? Thumbs up! If you crave western food while in La Paz, you can never go wrong with pizza. All the pizzerias here are Italian-owned and are very decent!

I tried almost all the restaurants in La Paz and the good thing is if I am not happy with it, at least I didn’t spend a lot (like what I’d do in Cabo and PV). The costs in La Paz are still cheaper compared to other areas in Baja California.

Click here to see the best restaurants in La Paz, Mexico

#8: Get dental treatments and botox

Okay, this is not usually a tourist thing to do but Baja California Sur is popular for its super cheap dental and botox treatments! Americans literally travel here to get these because they are more than 50% cheaper than getting it in the US.

There are so many dental centers in La Paz that you can choose from but of course, since you are in Mexico, choose the fanciest (by Mexican standards).

Teeth cleaning here is just $25 USD and I even got my crown replaced for $500 USD per tooth which would cost $2,000 USD in the US.

#9: Go on an adventure at Espiritu Santo Island

Espiritu Santo Island or Isla Espiritu Santo has been a UNESCO Heritage Site since 2007. This is a protected area and one of the most untouched in Mexico – you’ll never see any beach vendors or stores within this island because it’s not allowed.

The sea lion’s location is actually closer to La Paz but we saved it for last because the captain said there will be fewer people by sunset.

We passed by it at the beginning of the boat ride and saw a lot of people so we saved it for last. You can definitely ask your tour guide to do this because you’ll enjoy the sealions more!

espiritu santo island la paz

The boat has a capacity of 20 people (small boat) so I took a seasickness pill since I am really bad on boats.

Alright, I actually thought this would be so much fun. Don’t get me wrong, it is so fun to be super close to the sea lions but I get really scared when they get super close to me. I thought they were going to harm me but the tour guide said they won’t.

I was literally an inch from the sea lions and I also got a close encounter with the alpha, the largest of them all. Speaking of which, I need to find these close encounter photos from the guys I was with.

I wasn’t confident in bringing the camera during the swim but I was with a bunch of bloggers and Instagrammers so I was sure I will have a photo at some point.

➢ Click here to see the full guide on how to visit Espiritu Santo Island

#10: Coffee break at Doce Cuarenta

Doce Cuarenta is a famous coffee shop in Baja California. They recently opened in Cabo so I am so happy that I live so close to it! Apart from the coffee, what makes me go to Doce Cuarenta is the amazing ambiance and the fast Internet. I could spend a day working here!

la paz digital nomad

A smoothie at a very nice cafe is around $4.50 USD.

The only problem is there isn’t air conditioning at Doce Cuarenta but you can go to their garden/yard – it’s way cooler than inside! Aside from the coffee, you should also try their craft beers from Baja Brew.

Best things to do in La Paz Mexico on Pinterest: save it for your trip!

things to do in la paz