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A day in the surf trip in Midigama, Sri Lanka: eat, sleep, surf, repeat

If you ask most people where they’d recommend to go on a surf trip in Sri Lanka, they’d always say Mirissa or Arugam Bay. But recently, I discovered a place which is so much better during peak season — nearly no one will cut you and it’s fairly cheaper than other surf spots in Sri Lanka.

Located in the Southwestern part of Sri Lanka, Midigama is a town next to Weligama where you will find a few tourist and super friendly locals. People treat each other like family here. I was walking with a friend who came here last year for the first time when a local tuktuk driver came to us: “You were here last year! I remember you!”

Some amazing moms who host homestayers and even servers in the restaurant do first name basis with the familiar faces.

High season for surfing in Sri Lanka is between late December to early March. In this period, the southern part of the world (those below the equator) are experiencing hot weather. The waves are quite friendly from beginners to professionals but as this is a reef spot, bruises and cuts are common, too.

5:30 – Wake up and energize

Sure, you’re on vacation and this might be too early for you. But this is the best time to get ready for your most awaited wave catching. Sunrise is amazing in this side and I promise you, waking up early will all be worth it! An energiser snack is high encouraged before you play — go and get some sweet bread in your local mama’s store or wait for the break cart (usually playing music) that will pass by for a treat!

6:00 & 18:00 – Golden hour photos

While I am not one of the people who like waking up early, the golden hour aka sunrise is the best time to take photos. While I am no photographer myself, I am surrounded by many and they all say that taking photos during this hour is the best. The light is just right and you need not edit!

6:35 & 16:30 – Surf

Facing the Indian Ocean, there are many good spots in Midigama depending on your skills. Most popular from intermediate to expert is the Lazy Left and Lazy Right, located close to the market. On Google, you will find see “Midigama Left (Market)” but surfers coined the term “lazy” because the waves are high enough but does not backlash. If you want a violent one (make sure you are super pro), other spots include Coconut, Plantation and Ram’s. Please take note that this area is a reef spot so be extra cautious!

9:00 – Breakfast at Manika’s

Now this is tricky as you will not find Manika’s in Google maps. But since you love me and I love you 10,000 back, I will try my best to locate it but it’s about 50 steps from Mama’s. Mama’s is another story that you’ll encounter later on but first… Manika’s.

Big breakfasts consisting unlimited toasted bread (the best in the area), loads of tomato and avocado plus Sri Lankan egg (caution: very hot!), Manika’s is a very small place with 4 tables that has been every local foreigners’ breakfast hangout. Sri Lanka is not a coffee country so it has been challenging to find a decent one and believe it or not, as a coffee lover myself, Manika’s does not only have decent, but very good coffee. Please don’t expect something like Nespresso or Illy but I am telling you, you will like this manually pressed one.

11:00 – Work

If you are a Digital Nomad, this country is not a good place as Sri Lanka does not have decent wifi places everywhere. However, you will find a few Western-owned hotel and cafes that has fast forward Internet connection.

Otherwise, it is highly advisable to bring your own WiFi device (like I do) and try to work in a hammock by the sea.

15:30 – Read while sunbathing

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Grab your book and have a break from work. I don’t know about you but I really like sunbathing between 15:30 – 17:30 because the sun is too strong. This is my favourite time of the day here as I get to shut down from all the work and enjoy the paradise I am in. It is also interesting to  watch surfers catch waves and fishermen do manual fishing (without a boat, just a stab of a knife).

19:30 – Dinner and drinks at Mama’s

Introducing Mama’s: always packed as it has the most local food you will ever taste. From the smashing sounds of Kottu making to the deep frying sound of egg rolls, Mama’s is flocked by tourists (100% of the time) that are looking for an excellent gastronomical experience. Not only that – Mama’s menu is also very cheap. For the quality of food that they serve, I think I will be willing to pay more than what they ask!

Drinks are mostly beer and they are open until the last costumer leaves.

23:00 – Sleep

Sure, there aren’t a lot of things to do in Midigama (for non-surfers) but sleeping an hour before midnight totally changed my life! I feel healthier and more energetic than ever! If you are someone who’s looking into doing a surf trip in Sri Lanka, you would want peace and quiet, right? This is the part where I shall tell you that Midigama is a place you are looking for.

Ever did a surf trip in Sri Lanka? Where did you go? What can you recommend? Feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas on the comment box below!


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Amruta Telang

Wednesday 15th of February 2017

Stunning photography! Sri Lanka looks wonderful place. Loved the view from above. Now definitely will try to visit. Thanks for sharing.


Wednesday 8th of February 2017

I only tried surfing once many years ago and I was a total failure and spent the rest of my trip covered in bruises... Sri Lanka kinda makes me want to get back on the board though.


Wednesday 8th of February 2017

I am jealous! Photos are so beautiful. The water is so clear that one can see the bottom. How did you get the first shot? and what a time-table for the day! Once I figure out how to get up early in the morning , I should be able to follow your time-table. :) :)


Tuesday 7th of February 2017

I am no surfer (I should probably try it more than once, no?), but this place looks like such a dream!

I always enjoy reading your posts, Trisha. Everything is well written and you make me feel as if I was beach bumming right there with you (with midday cocktails in hand as you work from 11:00-15:30).


Tuesday 7th of February 2017

To be honest I have never thought about Sri Lanka as a tourist destination. Neither did I know there were such beautiful beaches there. On another note I have never attempted to surf, even though I have seen a ton of surf movies including my favorites Point Break with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze and Blue Crush with Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez. Maybe I should visit Midigama and learn to surf a little. What do you think? Lol ....