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Mexico’s bad press and how I am always told to not go to Puerto Vallarta solo

Is Puerto Vallarta safe? We come from different households and backgrounds so I strongly believe that solo travel safety is very subjective. Here are my personal experiences with Puerto Vallarta solo travel, plus, I now live in Vallarta!

📬 Reader Mail: Hello, Trish! I came across your blog through your Nuevo Vallarta travel guide. Congratulations on the move and thank you for the tips! I plan to visit PV soon and your blog is a gem! Is Puerto Vallarta safe? How is Puerto Vallarta solo travel? Do you think I can do it on my own? I heard about PV from some friends but I want to see if you can give me some local insight. I am still not very comfortable with traveling to Mexico so I want to know what you think! Thanks a lot in advance.
– Julie Huffman, Canada

Dear Julie,

I am glad you are considering visiting Puerto Vallarta. At the beginning of my Riviera Nayarit adventures 3 years ago, I did not really feel PV was for me but then when I tried to stay here long-term, I realized how easy it is to fall in love with PV!

If having fellow foreigners around makes you feel more comfortable and safe, I assure you that Puerto Vallarta is an expat hub. There are many Americans and Canadians who’ve been living here for years. I will also give tips on how you can connect with them. I meet with expat groups every week here.

Good luck and if you ever make it to PV, please don’t hesitate to connect with me via Instagram. I would love to show you around!


I was on my way to live in Sayulita when I first graced Puerto Vallarta 3 years ago. As someone who grew up in a beach town in the Philippines, I continuously look for the best cities to live in, especially for a solo female traveler like me. Puerto Vallarta sort of gave me that feeling but it was put on hold because my intention was to move to Sayulita.

When you live in Sayulita where there are no supermarkets or grocery stores, you need to go to PV for all these things (FYI, we have Costco in PV!) so through these grocery trips, I learned to love Puerto Vallarta little by little. I began exploring it on my own and did a few weekend trips here and there.

Sometimes, driving from Sayulita to PV is a pain – I still don’t sit well with PV traffic but now that I am living in the Vallarta area, I got used to it and came to realize it’s not that bad (compared to Mexico City traffic).

In this post, I will share with you my insights about Puerto Vallarta solo travel and how I felt safe while I was living and traveling around PV.

Is Puerto Vallarta safe to travel alone?

My friends who visit PV always have the same comment: “there are a lot of gringos here.” In Spanish-speaking countries, gringo is a term used for Americans but sometimes it can be used for all types of foreigners who are not Hispanic or Latino. Even I myself am called “gringa” sometimes even if I am not white. Some use it as a general term for foreigners.

There is a big community of ex-pats here and I realized how some people use this as a basis for safety. It makes people more comfortable. For the more adventurous ones who want to avoid their fellow Americans at all costs, this can be a bad thing because they don’t like traveling all the way to Mexico just to hang out with their fellow gringos.

puerto vallarta solo travel

The travel blogging crew in Puerto Vallarta: ever since I invited them here, they fell in love with PV and never left!

There are a lot of travel warnings about safety in Puerto Vallarta but I understand. It is not 100% crime-free though I can’t speak authoritatively about this since I do not have first-hand experience. The most shocking news I heard while I was living here was when ex Jalisco governor was killed in Puerto Vallarta in December 2020. It was all over the news and it was kind of a big deal for Mexico. My mom immediately called me and I told her that I am fine and that I am far away from the crime scene.

The thing about Mexico is that whenever something major happens (crimes, for example), everyone tends to generalize and give the area bad press but things like this happen not only in Mexico but in many parts of the world including first-world countries (USA, Europe, etc). It’s just really hard to eradicate Mexico’s reputation about being unsafe but bear in mind that this happens everywhere.

Then again, safety is subjective. I may feel safe here but there are many individual factors on how we look at how safe a place is. Personally, as a travel blogger who brings around lots of camera gear when traveling, I did not feel that I had to always watch my belongings or hug my backpack while walking the streets of PV.

I am not saying you can openly leave your stuff unattended but my point is the feeling – people in PV are very nice, welcoming, and kind, in fact, Puerto Vallarta brands itself as the most friendly city in the world. You will see this sign all around PV though I cannot find data to back it up. With the number of foreigners visiting PV, they really are used to tourists.

Is Puerto Vallarta good for singles?

ABSOLUTELY!!! I once did an experiment when I first arrived in PV. Instead of using dating apps, I tried it organically. I went to a bar, sat by myself, and started drinking. I know that’s weird to do especially I already live here but I just wanted to see if meeting people organically in Puerto Vallarta works.

In the beginning, no one paid attention. There were 2 guys who were sitting alone and chatting with the bartender but they didn’t come and offer me a drink. With the dating apps world we live in, I think most of us are so adamant about approaching people. I feel like we find it weird. What do you think?!

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I was sort of losing hope when a guy came to me and offered me a drink. Of course, as many people in Puerto Vallarta, he was an American expat. We chatted the whole night and actually ended up going out for a few weeks. I wouldn’t usually do this because I am so fond of dating apps but it’s good to know that in Puerto Vallarta, it’s still possible to meet people without technology.

What I didn’t realize was Puerto Vallarta was also full of solo travelers that are looking for friends and company. Luckily, there are many places in Puerto Vallarta to do that. PV is a very lively area with bars and restaurants always full of people. You’ll never run out of choices on where to randomly sit down and chat with strangers.

Puerto Vallarta solo travel guide: safety tips for your visit

Puerto Vallarta solo travel: can I walk by myself at night?

ABSOLUTELY! I have a lot of friends who take Uber all the time not because they feel unsafe in Puerto Vallarta but Uber rides here are really cheap! They’re always less than $5 USD! I have a car so my style, whenever I visit PV, is to park it in my spot and then walk from there. I found a very special spot at the entrance of the city that is somehow just always available for me. It’s funny.

Puerto Vallarta is a big city but I am only talking about walking the Malecon area (and around) as this is where all the PV nightlife is happening. This is where most tourists go but I will discuss other areas in PV in another post. I just feel like this one is the more touristic one and needs to be discussed more.

What’s next after Puerto Vallarta: Make sure to check out Sayulita!
puerto vallarta solo travel

When traveling solo, I always make sure to make friends with locals. These are my Mexican friends in Puerto Vallarta and you should make some, too! It really helps!

The streets of PV are well-lit (thank God!). In my experience traveling the world solo, I always feel doubtful about dark streets and you should too, especially when you are not familiar with the area. The only time that I was brave enough for dark streets was when I was traveling solo in Sao Paulo, a Brazilian city known to be super unsafe but I was not being stupid.

I was already staying there for a long time and have become comfortable with my environment. I will never do this in places that I don’t have knowledge of, seriously! Safety also entails boldness and bravery so if you know the terrain of the place you are traveling to and you know a lot of people, then you should be fine. But always follow your gut and instincts because, they are, more often than not, very accurate.

Another factor that makes me feel safe while walking around Puerto Vallarta by myself is the constant noise in every bar, in every corner. PV’s nightlife is very busy and there’s always something happening in every street. Even the private homes are so loud you’ll never feel you are walking alone even if it’s 3:00 in the morning.

Best things to do in Puerto Vallarta for solo travelers

Traveling alone and meeting people in Puerto Vallarta is very easy. There are lots of travelers in Puerto Vallarta (who are also by themselves, btw) so it’s very easy to connect with like-minded individuals. I’ve had my escapades of sitting alone at bars in Puerto Vallarta and I always end up with a big crowd at the end of the night! Here are the best things to do in PV if you are traveling solo.

Go to Colibri bar and meet people

El Colibri is expat owned so it’s very popular for pre-drinks and even late-night parties during the weekend. I went here for the first time in November 2020, when I first moved to Nuevo Vallarta and I never thought I’d end up chatting with lots of digital nomads and expats!

Salsa nights at La Bodeguita

Go to Facebook and check all Puerto Vallarta events – this was the first time I knew about La Bodeguita, a Cuban salsa bar in Puerto Vallarta that has branches in Playa del Carmen and Mexico City as well. There was a salsa event in a private residence but the pre-drink/dance game was at La Bodeguita.

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puerto vallarta solo travelThis bar has a live band playing salsa and there are lots of dance partners on the floor who are always willing to take you! In Mexico, men lead the dancing so don’t worry – if someone is asking you to dance, they are just not hitting on you (well, that, too) but they just want to dance!

Stroll Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon

You will come across the word Malecón as it is widely used in Latin American countries. Almost all of them have a Malecon! It basically refers to any esplanade along a waterfront. Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon is one of the most iconic in the region. This is where you will find the vibrant local life of PV.

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puerto vallarta solo travel

The most common sights here are the sculptures by the Malecon, made by renowned and famous artists. Rows of restaurants and shops dominate the whole area – from Mexican to Western dining options. There are also lots of Asian restaurants which I really love because when I lived in Sayulita, this was the thing I was missing the most. One of my favorite Indian restaurants is by the Malecon!

Go around Puerto Vallarta on a bicycle

I have my own bike and PV’s malecon is always the best place to cycle! Alright, PV’s streets are cobblestones but the Malecon is flat so it won’t be a pain to bike the whole area (end to end). This is one of the best ways to experience Puerto Vallarta and you can always stop on your own.

➢ See all things to do in Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta accommodations for solo travelers

Oh please, don’t you ever think of staying in an Airbnb. You’re traveling solo, remember? Your goal is to meet people and not stay in your pretty accommodation all day! This is the time to go out of your so-called comfort zone and get yo ass out there to learn from other people. You’d be surprised how different a trip can be if you stay in an Airbnb or a hostel.

Zona Romantica is my favorite neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta but I also like how different Marina Vallarta is. If you want to be near the center (center in PV means the malecon), then Zona Romantica is your best option. For a more local neighborhood, try my other favorite 5 de Diciembre (5th of December).

As I said, I always stay in a hostel when traveling solo anywhere in the world. You might be a bit anal about COVID (as I was in the beginning). Sharing was a bit strange for me but even if you are staying in a hostel, you can book a private room instead of a shared dorm. At least you know there will be other people to meet! Below are my favorite solo travel accommodations in PV:

Los Muertos Hostel: dorms from $12 USD

Los Muertos Hostal is a top-rated hostel because it’s close to the famous Los Muertos beach. Around this block, you will find a lot of bars and restaurants – you don’t even need to go far! It’s also close to the Malecon where the nightlife usually happens. The hostel goes out as a group so you’ll find great friends here!

➢ Check prices and availability at Los Muertos Hostel: HOSTELWORLD | EXPEDIA | BOOKING.COM | AGODA

Casa Kraken Hostel: dorms from $11 USD

Casa Kraken is a great party hostel if you’re looking for a more upbeat and 24/7 socialization. They have a really nice rooftop bar and when you are staying here, you always feel like you need to go to the roof and socialize – something is always happening! It’s literally a 5-minute walk to Puerto Vallarta’s malecon so rest assured that this is one of the best hotels with a good location in PV.

➢ Check prices and availability at Casa Kraken: HOSTELWORLD | BOOKING.COM | AGODA

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puerto vallarta solo travel

Hostel Vallarta: all-female dorms from $12 USD

This hostel in Vallarta has a rooftop view where you can see the sunset every day. Of course, I’d recommend you to go to the main beach for sunset (about a 7-minute walk). The rooftop is also where everyone gathers so as soon as you arrive, go up there and you’ll make friends in an instant!

➢ Check prices and availability at Hostel Vallarta: HOSTELWORLD | EXPEDIA | BOOKING.COM | AGODA

Many solo travelers who want to travel to Puerto Vallarta ask a common question: which accommodation type or hotel booking platform is the best when traveling PV solo? See my comparison below: is always my go-to and I’ve been using it for years. When I was backpacking for an indefinite time, I did not have a timeframe of when to leave (nor arrive) so this platform is the best for those who travel like that. allows you to book without paying (not even a reservation fee!) so in the event that your plans change, no money was wasted for booking something in advance.

HostelWorld is good and cheap when you have fixed travel plans. For example, you forgot to book your accommodation while on a bus from Colombia to Ecuador. Long bus journeys like this make us plan our travels poorly so when that happens to me, HostelWorld always guarantees my last-minute bookings. They only charge a reservation fee so to guarantee your booking. The website is also very easy to use!

Puerto Vallarta solo travel and safety tips

If you don’t feel comfortable walking alone, take Uber

Uber in Mexico is cheap and I always get a lot of questions if Uber work in Puerto Vallarta – it does! Coming from a small town like Sayulita where Uber does not work, being able to take Uber in Puerto Vallarta (for less than $5 USD per ride!) makes me feel safe and comfortable. I mentioned I have my own car here but still, sometimes, I take the Uber when I am invited to big parties.

I feel very safe with the drivers and Uber is how I met my now long-time friend, Juan, who is an Uber driver PV for a long time. You can always hire Juan for long drives outside or within PV.

We’ve been friends for years now and I always support his livelihood by recommending visiting friends to book a ride with him. You can book Juan’s services here.

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puerto vallarta solo travel guide

Learn to speak Spanish

Puerto Vallarta is an English-speaking city and most people in the service industry can communicate in English very well – you’d be surprised! I just always suggest speaking Spanish as a tool for safety because there are many instances where I needed to pretend like a local in order to feel safe.

And it always works! Whenever I feel threatened by a certain stranger talking to me randomly on the streets, I light a cigarette (another defense mechanism on how to make yourself look brave but that’s just me. You don’t need to do it) and start speaking Spanish really fast.

Luckily, I am fluent in Spanish but I did not learn this overnight – I really tried my best to sound like a local though I don’t really use Mexican slang since my Spanish is a mix of Spain and Argentina.

I realized that when I speak Spanish in Mexico, people always have the impression that I am a super local and have been living here for years, and that I am someone whom they cannot mess with. It’s kind of a public announcement that “I know my way around here so find someone else to mess with.”

Consider your source

Please don’t look at news websites whenever you are researching Puerto Vallarta solo travel safety. Read blogs written by real people who share real experiences. I always do this whenever I travel and often use Couchsurfing to ask locals. I understand how family and friends (who have not been to Mexico) can discourage you to travel solo here. Believe me, I am from an Asian household where the concept of traveling solo in Mexico is foreign and unsafe. I’ve been told a lot about how ‘dangerous’ Mexico and Puerto Vallarta are, and yet, here I am, safely living here full-time.

How to meet people in Puerto Vallarta

Join the Bachata and Salsa social group on Whatsapp

These guys meet every week and you will meet a lot of expats and travelers who are seriously learning salsa in Puerto Vallarta. You can click here to join the Puerto Vallarta salsa and bachata group. They are always meeting up and will be glad to welcome you to the group!

Bumble or Tinder in Puerto Vallarta

Dating apps are also a great way to meet people, however, in Puerto Vallarta’s Tinder radar, you will see a lot of expats. It’s definitely safe, don’t worry. When I first moved here, I actually learned more about PV from the expats than the locals.

Just make sure you meet in a public place like the bars and restaurants in the malecon. I always bring everyone to Colibri. HAHAHA!

Check Facebook events in Puerto Vallarta

Even if I was already living in Sayulita for years, when I moved to Vallarta, it was a different ball game. I had to find a way to make my own tribe in PV. There are many Facebook events in Puerto Vallarta that you can join and most of the people who come are foreigners.

Last week, I was just at a salsa/bachata party and the majority of the people who came are foreigners! There’s also a ‘Sunday Social’ event in PV where all the ex-pats gather for food, drinks, and chat.

It’s amazing how joining one Facebook event can give you long-time friends in a certain area you are in. I really find these random events that I attend by myself really helpful in building Vallarta as my base.

puerto vallarta solo travel

La Bodeguita del medio is a Cuban salsa bar in Puerto Vallarta where everyone goes!

Join Puerto Vallarta Expat Groups

Expats in Puerto Vallarta is my go-to Facebook group. Here, you will find a lot of foreigners who have years of experience living in Puerto Vallarta. Use some search terms to browse the group or feel free to post questions about Puerto Vallarta solo travel safety. This is also where I found friends when I was new here.

If you are looking for trusted long-term apartments in Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta & Beyond Expat Rentals & Sales is a great resource. This is where I found the apartment I am currently living in. There are also some tips on how to live in Puerto Vallarta here – promise, you will learn a lot from this group.

Get in touch with me and I will connect you to some friends in PV!

Many readers of this blog who travel solo always get in touch with me for local contacts. I understand that sometimes, you will be more comfortable if you already know someone when you arrive. I have a lot of friends there who can keep you company. They’re super cool and they would definitely invite you to parties!

Puerto Vallarta solo travel tips on Pinterest: save it for later!

puerto vallarta solo travel guide

Do you like what you’re reading? Does it help? I take a lot of time creating valuable and meaningful content. If you like to support my content creation and my blog, consider donating to my coffee fund. Thank you in advance!

Debra Schroeder

Sunday 19th of September 2021

I’ve been to Puerto Vallarta many times solo and haven’t had any issues. Like every city, you have to take precautions. Love that there are expat communities on Facebook. We just got back from Puerto Vallarta. We landed during Hurricane Nora so didn’t get to go to the Malacon. I’ve been before but the hubby hadn’t.

Paul Healy

Saturday 18th of September 2021

Facebook expat communities is a great way to earn about a new destinations. Locals just tend to know a place without knowing how they know it. Lots of great information for solo travel in PV. Thanks for sharing.

Linda (LD Holland)

Saturday 18th of September 2021

I must admit that most of what I had heard about Puerto Vallarta was so mixed that I was not sure about visiting. Your post provides a different perspective. Good to know that you found it a good spot to meet people. The salsa nights at La Bodeguita might draw me in. An expats group sounds like a good way to get started with good information.


Saturday 18th of September 2021

I haven't been to Puerto Vallarta yet, but it's on my list as I love Mexico. I appreciate that you provide such helpful tips for solo travelers. It's great to know that there are many American ex-pats, so it's easier to find new friends. Colibri bar seems to be a perfect place to meet new people. I add salsa nights at La Bodeguita to my bucket list as well. I'm impressed that they have Uber in Puerto Vallarta!


Friday 17th of September 2021

This is very helpful information for solo female travelers to Puerto Vallarta. Truth is that bad things can happen anywhere in the world whether you travel alone or not. You have to use common sense in most cases, but I agree with you: learning some Spanish if you travel to Mexico is very important. I traveled to Puerto Vallarta many years ago and had a lot of fun, but we traveled as a family.