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10 Puerto Escondido hostels I love: best for solo travelers!

Even in my 30s, I still stay in hostels. I worked in a lot of hostels when I was younger and the vibe doesn’t get any better! Here are the Puerto Escondido hostels I love with honest reviews on what I think about each of them.

Reader Mail: First of all, thank you for all the great recommendations about traveling in Mexico. I am so amazed how you have all the time to respond to questions. I can imagine many people write to you because of your very great and honest content. Thank you so much!

I am going to Puerto Escondido this August and I want to ask if you can recommend the best Puerto Escondido hostels that you’ve been to? I am really simple. I don’t need a private room but I want a hostel where there is a chance for socializing.

I know Mexico is packed with my fellow Americans right now but what can I do… If you can recommend a hostel in Puerto Escondido with locals or more Latin people, that would be preferred. Thank you, Trisha! I hope to repay all your efforts one day!

– Allison, USA

Hi Allison!

You are right – everyone’s in Puerto Escondido right now! I was just there last May and I go there every 4 months. It’s one of the best destinations on the Pacific Coast.

I still stay in hostels up until now. I worked in many hostels when I started backpacking so I never feel old!

Anyway, here are 10 Puerto Escondido hostels that I love. I didn’t write them in order because I had different experiences in each. If you need any more help, feel free to e-mail me or contact me via Instagram, @psimonmyway.

Enjoy Puerto Escondido. I hope you have a good time! I do hope you consider visiting Puerto Escondido between October to May. August is too hot!


What to expect from Puerto Escondido hostels

Puerto Escondido is a popular party place so expect that most hostels have that vibe. A majority of Puerto Escondido hostels have bars and restaurants.

In Puerto Escondido, expect hostels to have lots of common areas like pools. Tourists who visit Puerto Escondido are most likely young backpackers and surfers. PE is known for its outstanding waves!

Puerto Escondido hostels prices start at $10 USD (most basic dorm room). Although I have never encountered anything ‘basic.’ They’re all very beautiful and are great to stay in.

Also, note that I only stay in hostels if I know that I will be always out and socializing. If I am traveling Puerto Escondido as a digital nomad, like a work vacation, I will stay in hotels or serviced apartments.

Lastly, some hostels in Puerto Escondido require a minimum of 2-nights booking.

Platforms to use for booking your Puerto Escondido Hostel

I will also include prices of Puerto Escondido hostels in this post but please note that during the low season (like right now!), prices for accommodation, not just for hostels are cheaper.

The low season in Puerto Escondido is from June to mid-October. It’s too hot and it rains a lot. When I was here in 2020, I picked the wrong month and ended up staying in. There was a typhoon when I visited in August!

For hostels, I exclusively just use Hostelworld because their website is easy. I never had reservation problems with them when it comes to hostels.

They charge a 10% reservation fee and for the rest of the payment, you have to pay at the property.

Not a lot of hostels in Puerto Escondido are listed on or Agoda. I sometimes use these two platforms because you can get a reservation here without paying!

Both these websites are also sometimes cheaper because of the deals. I am sometimes surprised how the prices here are so different from other platforms.

American travelers prefer Expedia but like the two platforms above, they are best for booking hotels and resorts. I do get great rental car deals in Mexico when I use Expedia.

What are the best hostels in Puerto Escondido?

If you don’t want to read the entire post, I listed down all the Puerto Escondido hostels in this post together with prices. You can visit these links directly if you are in a hurry.

    1. Bonita Escondida (best in location): dorms from $25 USD; privates from $80 USD
    2. Selina Puerto Escondido (best in design): dorms from $36 USD; private rooms from $218 USD
    3. Vivo Escondido Hostel (best in value): dorms from $10 USD; private rooms from $32 USD
    4. Tower Bridge Hostel (most tranquil): dorms from $10 USD; private rooms from $22 USD
    5. Puerto Dreams Hostel (best for digital nomads): dorms from $12.50 USD; private rooms from $37 USD
    6. Paziflora Hostel (best bunk beds): dorms from $10 USD; private rooms from $30 USD
    7. Hostal Akumal La Punta (most popular): dorms from $12 USD; private rooms from $37 USD
    8. Casa Punta (best for surfers): dorms from $20 USD; private rooms from $43 USD
    9. Nopalero Puerto Dreams (budget backpacking): dorms from $9 USD
    10. Pacific Buddha Hostel (best small hostel): dorms from $17 USD; private rooms from $37 USD

What’s the best hostel in La Punta, Puerto Escondido?

I would say it’s Bonita Escondida, especially if the purpose of your travel to Puerto Escondido is to party and socialize like crazy. The rooms are surprisingly quiet. When I do afternoon naps there, I don’t even hear the day drinking outside!

On a smaller scale, I really like Hostel Akumal as well. People are more chill and are always very active. I was able to read a book while I was there – something I wouldn’t be able to do in other Puerto Escondido hostels!

I know that these are super basic things when looking for a hostel in Puerto Escondido but look at these choices below then set the mood you want your vacation to be.

You can be chill (and healthy) in Puerto Escondido – yoga, surf, sleep early. There are many hostels in Puerto Escondido that is suitable for that. Don’t think that PE hostels are always crazy!

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10 Puerto Escondido hostels that I love

#1: Bonita Escondida: best location

💲 Dorms from $25 USD; private rooms from $80 USD

If you’re the type who likes to mingle and mix with others, Bonita Escondida is one place you may want to explore because it serves as a hotspot for lively and diverse people coming together.

There are various activities for the guests every day so you can collect memories of fun during your stay here.

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puerto escondido hostels

Bonita Escondida is the party nook in Puerto Escondido. You’ll meet a lot of cool people here!

Positioned close to the center, there are bars, restaurants, shops, and attractions around so you enjoy convenience. On top of this, you can experience a nice stroll at the beach, surf waves, go for a quick dip, or let the sunset mesmerize you as the world-famous La Punta Zicatela Beach is just nearby.

There’s a sundeck pool, ocean-facing rooftop, palapa area, chaise lounges, and grassy space. All these are there to cater to different kinds of personalities. Moreover, the hostel is pet-friendly!

Free breakfast and wifi are available and you can choose between a dorm or a private room.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Bonita Escondida  

#2: Selina Puerto Escondido: best in design

💲 Dorms from $36 USD; private rooms from $218 USD

Productivity in the day time and fun at night — these are what you can go down with your stay here at Selina.

With its free wifi, co-working space, meeting rooms, and phone booths, this hostel is suitable for guests who work remotely online and are busy during the day.

At night, there are social activities, music, and parties to cap off the evenings.

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puerto escondido hostels

If you’re particular with the looks of a place, then you won’t get disappointed as Selina has a tropical bohemian vibe and modern style combined.

There are unique structures all placed nicely up the side of a hill. An extensive garden, pools, on-site bar, common kitchen, and communal areas tucked in nature are accessible to guests, be it group or solo.

With the aesthetics plus the gorgeous view of the ocean, this deserves a spot on your photo checklist. Selina stands out, quite an oxymoron to its local name, “Hidden Port”.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Selina Puerto Escondido 

#3: Vivo Escondido Hostel: best in value

💲 Dorms from $10 USD; private rooms from $32 USD

If you’re aiming to stay in a place away from home that has a family feel to it, then Vivo Escondido Hostel is the place to be in.

Built with high ceilings, it’s a lovely house with a big staircase. There’s a patio, an outdoor pool, bar, a spacious kitchen with self-catering facilities, hang-out areas, a table tennis area, self-curated furniture, and a shared TV lounge.

All are laid out nicely to give that homely laid-back atmosphere, especially to guests traveling solo.

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puerto escondido hostels

Home-style dinners are prepared by an in-house chef. There are plenty of hammocks on the rooftop where you can lounge around while appreciating the view of the sea.

Its walls are decorated with murals which makes Vivo Escondido indeed a colorful house by the sea.

Located in an unbeatable spot, this hostel is close to local shops, restaurants, bus stations, supermarkets, surfing schools, and the beautiful beaches of Carazilillo, Bacocho, and Puerto Ángelito.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Vivo Escondido Hostel

#4: Tower Bridge Hostel: most tranquil

💲 Dorms from $10 USD; private rooms from $22 USD

Intimacy plus activity — this is what you can gain from the Tower Bridge Hostel.

A quiet place nestled a bit away from the touristy strip and commercial walkway, this property pride itself with its resort-vibe utilities and variety of activities and tours.

Because of this layout, guests have more chances to commune and build friendships around what is offered within. The theme nights, barbecue parties, and unique side trips bring the guests together, making the hostel an enclave for fun, entertainment, and camaraderie.

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puerto escondido hostels

In the late evenings, it is quiet as there are no parties held.

There are private rooms, a standard apartment, and dormitory units. A beautifully designed pool and patio sit on the property and give great vibes to the crowd.

There’s a bar, games area, big kitchen, fitness center, wifi, and free parking. Despite its location, it offers convenience to guests by providing a free shuttle service.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Tower Bridge Hostel

#5: Puerto Dreams Hostel: best for digital nomads

💲 Dorms from $12.50 USD; private rooms from $37 USD

3Cs for Puerto Dreams Hostel — communal areas, co-working space, and the cafeteria. A sociable place where you can meet different kinds of travelers, this hostel has a chill rooftop terrace where it gets lively in the evenings.

With the communal areas available, guests find it easy to connect with others and with the staff. Activities are organized to keep the guests engaged and involved.

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puerto escondido hostels

As for their cafeteria, they serve a great selection of coffee. They have an awesome kitchen and a bar. A coworking space with a decent wifi connection is accessible to travelers who might need to work even on their holidays.

Aside from these points to look out for, this hostel will open you to local living as Puerto Dreams is close to downtown. Local shops, markets, public transport, and restaurants are easy to find. Bikes are available for rent so guests can explore the Mexican neighborhood.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Puerto Dreams Hostel

#6: Paziflora Hostel: best bunk beds

💲 Dorms from $10 USD; private rooms from $30 USD

If you’re the type who is not into evening parties and who prefers quietness, then you’ll find Paziflora as the right hostel for you.

Paziflora Hostel is family-managed so the atmosphere you get is homey. A shared lounge, common outdoor kitchen, a garden, and wifi are available on the property.

Choices for accommodation range from bunk bed dormitories, private rooms, apartments, and family rooms.

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puerto escondido hostels

A bed in a 10-bed dorm room in Paziflora Hostel only costs $10 USD per night!

One thing that guests rave about in this hostel is the presence of trees and plants. This peaceful area serves as a hang-out place for them to relax.

The rooms are air-conditioned. There’s free internet access in the rooms and in the common areas. Moreover, there’s a 24-hour front desk operation.

Situated in the lower part of Puerto Escondido´s downtown, without having to hire a passenger service, it’s easy and convenient for guests to get around local eats, bus terminals, supermarkets, and the beaches.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Paziflora Hostel

#7: Hostal Akumal La Punta: most popular

💲 Dorms from $12 USD; private rooms from $37 USD

If what you aim for in your visit is the laid-back feel, i.e. sun, sand, and simplicity, then Hostal Akumal La Punta is the place to be in.

The most popular facilities of this cute rustic hostel include a roof terrace, an open kitchen, a dining room, and an adjoining cafe.

You can cook in the shared kitchen or you can also order coffee and smoothies from the on-site cafe. Good music while watching the sunset at their nice rooftop is a good way to forget your routine for a while.

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top hostels Puerto Escondido

Hostal Akumal La Punta is conveniently located in a beautiful spot near La Punta Beach and close to restaurants, shops, and transportation.

If you’re backpacking or solo traveling, the vibe of this cozy place would suit you. Although it is not a party hostel, good activities are held with the guests.

The most popular ones are barbecue, surf lessons, and tours.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Hostal Akumal La Punta

#8: Casa Punta: best for surfers

💲 Dorms from $20 USD; private rooms from $43 USD

With private rooms and a shared dormitory to choose from, Casa Punta hostel is a good choice for those setting their sights on surfing. This is where you’ll find one of the best point breaks in the world!

Not only that, if you’re down for an outdoor or camping-style vibe and traveling with friends, Casa Punta is one great location for it. There’s a barbecue area on the property.

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top puerto escondido hostels

If you’re looking for a happy-go-lucky atmosphere, where you can just spend nights under the palapa, swing by the hammocks, or walk in the garden, this hostel is one place you should not miss.

If you’re wanting to gain friends during your stay, there are volleyball games, art fun, chess games, movie nights, group dinners, and many more for you to join in.

Rooms are spacious and there’s a kitchen with self-catering facilities.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Casa Punta

#9: Nopalero Puerto Dreams: budget backpacking

💲 Dorms from $9 USD

A pretty Oaxacan-style accommodation near Bacocho, Carrizalillo, and Coral beaches, Nopalero Puerto Dreams offers a bar, a terrace, and a garden, a shared kitchen, and a karaoke.

Their spacious rooms come with air conditioning units, a shared closet, and a common bathroom. They use digital check-in so you can find out more about the location in advance!

With free bikes to go around the area, guests can try the local market and get fresh produce. There are great kitchen facilities where you can prepare your food.

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top hostels Puerto EscondidoWith internet access in the property, you can get computer work done if you are a digital nomad. There’s an organic garden where you can stay to read a book or chill out.

There’s free coffee and drinking water for guests. At night, the place changes as they hold activities for everyone.

The entire unit is on the ground floor so all the other amenities in the property can be easily accessed.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Nopalero Puerto Dreams

#10: Pacific Buddha Hostel: best small hostel

💲 Dorms from $17 USD; private rooms from $37 USD

Designed for backpackers, this snug and the uniquely decorated hostel is located right in the heart of La Punta. Local markets, restaurants, and convenience stores are nearby and close to the beach.

With a private room and dormitory to choose from, the guests will feel comfortable as the accommodations are spacious and overlooking the garden.

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top hostels Puerto Escondido

Amenities include a shared lounge and a common kitchen. Wireless internet is available in the entire hostel for free. Although the rooms are not air-conditioned, the rooms come with quality ceiling fans.

Since it’s a small hostel, it is easy to form a strong community among the guests. Although it’s not a party hostel, there are plenty of activities arranged by the hotel: volleyball, board games, surf classes, mountain trips, shisha sessions, language lessons, yoga, horseback riding, motorbikes, and many other physical games.

No pets are allowed in this guest house and breakfast is not included.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Pacific Buddha Hostel

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