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Top 10 places to visit in Israel + my local experiences

Looking for the best places to visit in Israel? From the great outdoors to nightlife to gastronomic adventures, here’s a list that will help you in planning your trip to Israel!

Reader Mail: Hello, Trisha! I have been following you since 2013 and I love all your travels! I was curious why you left South America? I am happy to see you in another region, thus, the new imagery of your blogs. South America is really very different from the Middle East! I love that you are there! Can you give me the best places to visit in Israel? I know you have been living there for a while so I would like to know your suggestions. Thank you so much and have a great day.
– Danny Keller, USA

Hello, Danny!

Thank you for writing to me. I really appreciate it when readers e-mail me. It gives me an idea of what to blog! Yes, unfortunately, my South America stint is over – I am exploring new horizons in the Middle East. Besides, 3 years in Latin America has been a lot. I got tired of moving!

Here are the best places to visit in Israel that I can recommend. Israel is a small country so when you travel here, I really suggest you visit all these places. It’s a country rich in history and I loved living here!

Please get in touch if ever you make it to Tel Aviv. I currently live in Jaffa. I would love to show you around!


Known as one of the smallest countries, planning the places to visit in Israel can be really easy and complex at the same time. For starters, Israel is home to a lot of activities – from the great outdoors to gastronomic experiences to pilgrimages, Israel will blow you away!

Living here for a year, I was able to visit the chunk of Israel (mostly by driving) and some of the places I know are not that touristy. This list, however, will include all the places to visit in Israel that are worthwhile most especially if you only have a few days in the country.

What to expect when visiting Israel

Shabbat is a holy day. Except for Tel Aviv which is open 24/7, the whole country is practicing ‘Shabbat,’ the Jewish day of rest. It starts at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday evening when the new week begins.

Expect that most restaurants and establishments are closed (especially in Jerusalem) so make sure to buy your food before sundown on Friday!

A dress code is imposed in religious sites. You may need to pack a wardrobe that is suitable for religious sites and this applies to both men and women. Make sure not to wear shorts and cover where is appropriate.

Tel Aviv curates a different story. You might think the whole of Israel is very devout but when you visit Tel Aviv, you will see a whole new world of westernization and people who are definitely not that religious.

Tel Aviv is home to almost 90% of young people and has a different vibe compared to our Israeli cities. Think of Berlin, Amsterdam, Krakow, or Barcelona – that’s how Tel Aviv is.

Wherever you go, food is great! Israeli cuisines is one of the best in the Middle East so make sure to try all of them!

Top 10 places to visit in Israel

#1: Tel Aviv

]Good for young travelers who want to experience the nightlife! It is also the mecca for vegans as Tel Aviv has the largest vegans per capita in the world an estimated five percent of the population (about 400,000).

Every restaurant in Tel Aviv has a vegan option. I lived here for over a year and have been in love with the young vibe of the city. Tel Aviv spearheaded the quirk designs of pubs and bars with art installations and rustic interiors in every bar you go to.

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places to visit in israel

It is also very easy to make friends everywhere! Israelis are naturally friendly. In fact, when I first moved to Tel Aviv, I go out by myself and end up hanging out with a lot of people towards the end of the night!

Local tip: Go to The Prince in Nahalat Binyamin and the Cuckoo’s Nest in Jaffa. Tell them you know me and you will probably be given a lot of shots and discounts on your meals!

Where to stay in Tel Aviv
  • Budget: Florentin Backpackers starts at $25 USD per night for a bed in a dormitory
  • Mid-range: Cucu Boutique Hotel starts at $180 USD per night for a private room for 2 pax, breakfast included
  • Luxury: Fabric Hotel starts at $258 USD per night for a private room for 2 pax, breakfast included

#2: Jerusalem

I’m not religious but being raised in a Catholic country, Jerusalem is a mecca for most Filipinos. When I first arrived in Jerusalem, I didn’t know how to move around because I thought this city is only fit for pilgrimages but little did I realize that Jerusalem is quite a modern city, too!

I actually experienced the best parties in Jerusalem and I was quite surprised about the nightlife culture here – something I didn’t really expect.

Shabbat is highly practiced here so all restaurants and establishments are closed from Friday – Saturday (sundown).

Apart from the surprising nightlife, I really loved the food culture in Jerusalem. It appears to be more deeply rooted compared to modern dining in Tel Aviv.

You can find exotic restaurants in Jerusalem that include Georgian, Bulgarian and Romanian – cuisines that we don’t see often when we are traveling.

Take note that Jerusalem is home to different cultures and religions so expect the best of everything in this city!

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places to visit in Israel

Jerusalem’s walls are about 2.5 miles long, 40 feet tall, and 8 feet thick.

Local tip: Do not miss Hachapuria – the oldest Georgian restaurant in Jerusalem. They serve the best of Georgia including khachapuri! For more food options, go on a gastronomic adventure at Machne Yehuda Market.

Where to stay in Jerusalem

#3: Golan Heights

Expect a lot of outdoor activities in the Golan Heights. This area is truly blessed with land which is also the civilization of wine. Nightlife is pretty uncommon but a lot of wine houses conduct tasting parties in an outdoor setting.

I loved everything!!! I was fortunate enough to have a unique dining experience at one of the vineyards with Puzzle Israel. Imagine amazing food in a perfect outdoor ambiance!

I truly felt close to the nature and production of food and drink in this city.

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I also loved my visit to the Golan Heights Winery where I was drunk pretty fast. After the tasting, they took us to an unlimited wine party at one of the vineyards (again) where there was music, and people from all over Israel attended!

Local tip: Don’t miss the Banias Waterfall! It is not in the list of famous places to visit in Israel so go if you can!

Where to stay in Golan Heights:

#4: Akko

Akko is one of the smallest towns in Israel but has the most diverse selection of things to do. You would ideally spend a night or two in this town.

Markets, tunnels, and a lot of history can be discovered in Akko. I liked the vibe of Akko because it wasn’t really busy. I got to experience a different kind of Israel which is neither very modern nor religious.

Local tip: Find a local family where you can crash and share a meal with! In Akko, I was able to find a Yemenite family who shared their meal with me. They are really approachable!

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places to visit in Israel

The city of Akko is the major trade center for Arab settlements in western Galilee.

Where to stay in Akko:

#5: Nazareth/Galilee

Expect a load of familiar places in the bible coming your way! Churches, popular monuments, and religious sites. What I really loved when I went to Galilee and Nazareth was being able to do this trip by myself!

I did not sign up for any tours so it was pretty amazing to randomly take the bus and trains in paths you’ve never crossed before.

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places to visit in israel

Nazareth is the largest Arab city in Israel.

Where to stay in Nazareth:

#6: Negev Desert

]Love the outdoors? Then the Negev Desert is for you! If you want to know more about desert-living in Israel, the Negev desert is the big piece of the puzzle.

The most amazing thing I’ve seen and done in my life: a music festival in the Negev Desert.

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places to visit in israel

The Negev is an ancient desert. It’s so ancient that it has experienced Roman, pre-historic, and Biblical times.

Though there are no parties all year round, make sure not to miss the Burning Man every April/May in this area!

#7: Haifa

Haifa is not on the popular list of places to visit in Israel but this is where you will totally feel the north Israeli culture. The landscape is perfect for an exotic travel feel plus the food is amazing, too!

The Haifa neighborhoods are super friendly and are top of the charts! I also loved my visit to the Baha’i shrine and tropical gardens – I’ve never seen anything like it in my life! I loved flying the drone there!

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places to visit in israel

Where to stay in Haifa:

#8: Masada and The Dead Sea

The Masada and Dead sea tours can be done in one day but expect to be tired as this includes a lot of physical activities! Just climbing up to the Masada for sunrise will take an hour or two, depending on your speed.

The steps are a bit steep! Enjoy a dip in the Dead Sea after the trek plus mud baths in between!

Though I believe I am still physically fit for a steep hike, I did not enjoy Masada that much mainly because of lack of sleep. We climbed at 4:30 am with almost 2 hours of sleep but the Dead Sea, after the hike, was a really rewarding swim!

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places to visit in israel

The top of Masada is an ancient fortress, originally built by Herod the Great in 30 BCE.

Where to stay in the Dead Sea:

#9: Bethlehem

If you sign up with a tour agency, you will be taken to religious sites. You will see the rich history and the birth of Jesus. This place is perfect for devout Catholics who want to follow the journey of Jesus.

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places to visit in israel

Fun fact: The Grotto of the Nativity was originally a cave.

I thought I would be seeing a pure religious journey but I am really surprised by the business and somehow modernity of this city. I loved the feeling of walking there safely.

The people are used to tourists so I didn’t have a hard time moving around!

#10: Eilat

The city of Eilat is very modern with shopping malls, hip neighborhoods, and of course, the sea. Like Tel Aviv, the people of Eilat are beach bums.

Eilat is also home to the famous Kitesurfing scene – many Kitesurfers from all over the world come here to practice!

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places to visit in israel

Eilat is a very important port for Israel. Ships bring many products to Israel from the Far East and other places here.

I’ve been to Eilat many times as this is the gateway to countries like Egypt and Jordan but my favorite part in Eilat is being able to visit one of my good friends whom I met while backpacking South America! I stayed in their home and literally spent all day on the beach (8 hours tops)!

Where to stay in Eilat:
  • Budget: Motel Tsabar starts at $54 USD per night for a twin/double room for 2 pax
  • Mid-range: Prima Music Hotel starts at $109 USD per night for a sea view room for 2 pax, breakfast included
  • Luxury: Dan Panorama Eilat Hotel starts at $251 USD per night for a standard room for 2 pax, breakfast included


Wednesday 19th of December 2018

I guess I was expecting Israel to be a very conservative and more laidback, but I can say that I have a lot more to expect.. :) I was surprised about the vibrant night life you’ve mentioned, for one.. Great insight here, Trisha and great tips too. Sounds like you had such a wonderful time.. :) I’ll be sure to put this only my bucket list.


Thursday 13th of December 2018

Israel looks like a beautiful country. I didn't many places to visit other than Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, so this list was a good read.

I'll have to look at visiting in the near future to check out some these places! Akko looks incredible, would love to spend a few days there!


Wednesday 12th of December 2018

What a comprehensive guide to Israel! Brava! I've yet to visit, but it's high on my list. It doesn't seem like a very expensive place to travel at the luxury level. I'm going to bump it on up higher on the to-do list.


Wednesday 12th of December 2018

So interesting - I have so many friends who have been to Israel but somehow I had seen so few pictures of it! I'm actually really surprised by how expensive food is there - those look similar to US prices!


Tuesday 11th of December 2018

It's great to see different places in Israel listed rather than just Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I would love to visit the vineyards in Golan Heights - wine tastings are one of my favourite things to do on holiday! The Negev Desert looks stunning - and attending a Burning Man celebration there would be such fun!