Tel Aviv Yourself Episode 2: My life in Tel Aviv in one full video clip

Welcome to the series about my life in Tel Aviv. Every once in a while, I will be posting short stories about my life in the city I now call home.

Now, this series is very raw and unedited. As this is my story, as I have full ownership of this blog as my creative space, you are going to get my version if you choose to continue reading. Thanks, and enjoy!

It’s November!!! Visual presentation is not really my strength but someone told me I am a good story teller. In the attempt to give you more fresh content, I decided to put up my own Youtube channel!

Yes, I am joining the bandwagon but in a different way. All the videos I will create and publish will be on a point of view perspective. Meaning, I am going to show you the things that I see on a daily basis.

What I want for this channel is very simple. I don’t want to heavily edit because for me, it is always works to present to you realistically. You know, something very raw and real.

I only use an iPhone at the moment and I feel like I have to upgrade to a real vlogging camera pretty soon.

If you want to help me in creating more content and making this channel better, you can always donate to the coffee fund so I can maintain publishing good videos.

This first video I made is telling a story on how life in Tel Aviv in Tel Aviv unfolded. 30 freaking days and I found myself colouring the city yellow, hanging out in the Mediterranean sea, riding bikes and motorcycles, surfing, and making a lot of friends.

It has been too overwhelming, to be honest. It came to a point that I didn’t know how to feel anymore. It was all happening all at once.

Tel Aviv is a good place for young people. It has taken me so many years to be okay with being different. The Tel Avivians infected me with a creative energy that pushed me to unleash the creative person in me.

Everyone seems to be doing something different. The greatest realisation I have from this experience is I THOUGHT I’VE SEEN IT ALL. I thought life can never surprise me anymore. But here I am, feeling so intense. So alive!

Every wild heart on the face of the planet should experience this vibrance not just because you want to be irresponsible but you should feel the city’s force that will envelope your soul to a different kind of natural high.

So if you ever think of coming to Tel Aviv, first round of drinks is on me. Find me at The Prince! Xx

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  1. I’ve been following you Trisha for almost a year now, I’ve caught you online with the different online travel magazine as you always included in a must follow travel blogger. It’s an honor to drop by here on your blog and comment as well. Tel Aviv has never been in my memory and I didn’t even recognize it exists. I’ve heard virtually all your motorcycle rides and you rhyme with different cultures and have visited different countries. You’re such an inspiration to us. I’ll certainly visit your YouTube channel and it would be very interesting as what you have always fed us.


  2. I love your energy!!! It comes through the video soooo much.
    Tel Aviv looks a cool place to be, especially for young people. Just out of curiosity: is there anything you don’t like about it so far?

  3. Loved this video! Tel Aviv definitely has a vibe of an amazing place. We too have been planning to start YouTubing for a long time now. But looks it isn’t as easy as said. Kudos to you for giving it a start.

  4. I’ve been reading your posts about Tel Aviv, but I think I never really got to understand what you see in it until this video. I am definitely in love with this story telling, it’s real, it’s intense, it’s like I’m also there myself. You should make more videos my love! And I am happy that you are having a grand time in Tel Aviv. Hope I’d get a chance to visit you there in the near future. 🙂

  5. Tel Aviv has been on my radar for years, I hope to visit the region next year. Your video has convinced me even more that it needs to happen! Great work! So I may take you up on your offer of drinks, see ya at The Prince 2017 🙂

  6. Great video…. And for tips i would say just don’t publish until you are completely satisfied with it and once your are just hit the button without second thought and learn from viewers reviews…

  7. See you in Tel Aviv girl. What a life! there are lots of hmmm you know what I mean. HAHHAHA We couldn’t agree more that you have an awesome life there. You are such a great Ambassadress of Tel Aviv to the world (wow Ambassadress!!) because you can make us all excited to see and visit that city 🙂 Keep safe always!

  8. Nice video and all the best for your YouTube channel. I am sure it will rule the waves because of its uniqueness. Tel Aviv and Israel are emerging as a happening place on the travel itineraries of more and more travelers. That the nightlife of Tel Aviv is throbbing vibrantly helps.

  9. Great video! I love how you depicted your experience there and the place with its culture and life looks pretty amazing too!

    In addition, I can’t help but say that I do also appreciate that you use videos as a mean. Now lots of them are posted daily and are a good way to convey messages effectively, but yours are not the common ones, rather they have plenty of content and really well done! 🙂

  10. Loved your video. Everyone has their own style & strength. I think you have recognized yours and you are working with it. Which is a great thing

  11. Hi Trisha,

    I immediately watch your first video the moment you dropped in early November. I have been following your blog and it keeps me sane while in stuck in the office. Months from now I can see myself chasing the things I have been longing to do, and thankyou for being one of my inspirations to finally deciding one the life I will choose. Keep on empowering and enjoy Tel Aviv!

  12. Great video and you are really good in it. It inspire me to do my own travel video as well and i hope that i will do great as you.

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