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PH passport holders, here’s how to get a Mexico visa for Filipinos (6 mos validity)

Mexico visa for Filipinos: is it hard to process? These are all based on my experience in the many years that I am visiting Mexico. For actual updates, contact the Embassy of Mexico in Manila.

The Embassy of Mexico in Manila is not accepting tourist visa applications until September 1, 2021. Once this date has passed, please call the embassy directly at +632 8812 2211 to schedule an appointment.

Reader Mail: First of all, thank you for empowering Filipinas to travel the world! Your bravery is such an inspiration to me. In fact, I started my solo female travel adventures because of your blog. So thank you!!! Anyway I know you are in Mexico now and I want that to be my next destination. Can you tell me how you applied for a Mexico visa for Filipinos? Do I really need 80,000 pesos in the bank? Thank you for your help Trisha!
– Abigail Redondo, Philippines

I’m going back to Mexico! But this time, I do not need to apply for a visa. I will be going on a 6-month backpacking trip and will explore more of the northern part of Mexico. During my first visit, I only visited the south and I’m really excited to go back and see my friends!

This post is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Mexico visa for Filipinos residing in the Philippines. Read carefully and let me know if you have any questions!

Is Mexico open for tourism?

Yes! Mexico has been open for tourism since July 2020. We had a brief lockdown from April to June 2020 and that was it. Since then, Mexico accepts tourists from all over the world.

Just be mindful of the travel advisory from your country if you are allowed to come back if you travel from Mexico. Some countries don’t allow people who came from Mexico – make sure to check that!

For more updates, you can read my Mexico blogs.

Do you need to be vaccinated to enter Mexico?

No, you don’t. That’s why many Americans who don’t want to be vaccinated choose Mexico as their destination. You also DON’T need a PCR or antigen test to enter Mexico.

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Mexico visa for Filipinos: a step-by-step guide

Step 1: Check if you need a visa

As per the OECD agreement, holders of valid Schengen, USA, Canada and Japan visas with multiple entries do not require a visa when entering Mexico.

I have a 5-year multiple entries Japanese visa so I can freely go to Mexico whenever I want.

However, I forgot about this. Before doing my research, I already prepared all the requirements needed for the Mexico visa for Filipinos (you know, printed and everything). I wasted so much paper on this!

If you don’t have valid Schengen, USA, Canada, and Japan visas with multiple entries, go to step 2.

Step 2: Prepare the documents you need in applying for a Mexico visa

This post is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Mexico visa for Filipinos residing in the Philippines. Read carefully and let me know if you have any questions!

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Mexico Visa for Filipinos

My recent trip to Mulege, Baja California Sur / October 2020

  • Duly filled-out the application Form that you will fill out on the day of your appointment at the Mexican Embassy in Manila. For minors, both parents must sign the application form.
  • Passport with a validity of at least six months prior to departure. Provide a photocopy of the passport, too.
  • 2 pictures (1.5” x 1.5” inch in size) with a white background.
  • A photocopy of a valid USA, Canadian, U.K., Japan, or Schengen Visa (if any).
  • One (1) valid identification card. Provide the original and photocopy (front and backside of the ID). Driver’s License, SSS / GSIS ID card, Company ID, Valid Student ID are the valid IDs accepted by the Mexican Embassy.
  • Valid international credit card. Provide a photocopy of the backside of the card where the signature can be found.
  • Paid credit card statements or billing statements of the credit card for the last 3 months
  • Updated bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Bank certificate addressed to the Mexican Embassy in Manila. Your bank will know how to issue this. Just tell them it’s for visa application.

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  • Updated passbooks or bank books (front page & page with last updated amount)
  • If employed, you will need to provide your Income Tax Return (ITR).
  • If self-employed, provide business ownership certifications duly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).
  • For married couples, a separate set of documentation is required. Please provide the Marriage Contract upon application.
  • For parents and children applying together, please present the Birth Certificate/s of the children. Both parents must sign the application form of the child.
  • Certificate of Employment (original).
  • A consular interview will take place so you will need to personally appear at the Embassy. The consular officer has the right to reject any application should the candidate does not pass said interview.

NOTE: Passengers traveling by Cruise Ship are not required to get a visa.

Step 3: Schedule your appointment online

Mexitel appointment website

Remember to change the language in the upper right. Otherwise, it will be in Spanish.

To set an appointment online, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Open the Mexitel website. It will be in Spanish so look at the upper right corner to change the language.
  2. Create an account. Please enter your email add and create a new password. The password must contain at least 9 characters with one capital letter and a combination of (word, number & symbol)
  3. Check the notification on your email, sent by Mexitel to confirm your account sign up. Click on the link to continue.
  4. Log in using your username and password.
  5. Fill out the information needed to schedule an appointment.
  6. Please select “with I.N.M. permit” for a temporary resident visa or “without I.N.M. permit” for tourist, transit & business visas.
  7. Select the date & time and press accept.
  8. Print a copy of the confirmation of appointment that will be sent via e-mail.

Step 4: Go to your appointment

The Embassy of Mexico is located at 150 Legaspi Street, G.C. Corporate Plaza, Legazpi Village, Makati City. Make sure to be there one (1) hour before your appointment. The security guard will ask to see your appointment confirmation letter before letting you in. Make sure to print it as stated above.

You will be asked to pay the visa processing fee of 1,864 PHP as soon as you submit the requirements. Keep the receipt and don’t lose it. You will need it when claiming your visa.

Once you are there, submit all the requirements. In my experience, it wasn’t a formal interview but the person-in-charge at the window will just ask you a few relevant questions for your trip.

mexico visa for filipinos

Welcome to my home in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico! / Instagram: @psimonmyway

Step 5: Wait for the results

Processing time takes 3-5 days. In my first application where I didn’t have a Japan visa yet, I asked the consular office if they can fast-track the application to 24 hours. The reason I asked for this is that I am not based in Manila. I simply told them it will save me time and money if they give it to me after one day. They, fortunately, granted my request.

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Mexico Visa for Filipinos

I was in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca on August 2020.

If you want to know the status of your Mexico visa for Filipinos application, you may call the Mexican Embassy in Manila at (632) 812-2225. Based on experience, they reply faster via e-mail:

Tips on applying for a Mexico visa for Filipinos

As Philippine passport holders, I noticed how we easily get stressed (not to mention very anxious) in applying for visas, not only for Mexico but everywhere else in the world.

I’ve been traveling for the past 12 years with only my Filipino passport and have learned that through patience and correct processing of documents, it is easy to apply for visas anywhere.

Below are my tips on applying for a Mexico visa for Filipinos.

Mexico Visa for Filipinos

One of the best Mexican cities I visited: Oaxaca City, August 2020

Communicate directly with the Embassy for questions

You will not be needing an agent to process your visa. You will do this all by yourself. The Mexican Embassy in Manila is very attentive and will answer all your questions.

I know that you always ask travel bloggers like me for tips but the truth is, I cannot answer all your questions because we all have different cases.

One thing I noticed is that Filipinos don’t really like to directly contact Embassies. We are quite intimidated but is there something to lose?

If you ring the embassy of Mexico in Manila and ask questions, you will see how smooth-sailing your visa application will be. I applied for a Mexican visa twice in the same embassy and each time I call them, they are always very happy to assist. They also answer quickly via e-mail!

Embassies and consulates are required to answer your questions, whatever that is. So please learn how to communicate with them and do not be intimidated! It is their job to attend to your needs!

Find me on Youtube for more Mexico content

The key is proving your financial capability

I’ve been living in Mexico for the past 2 years and here’s what I learned here: money is everything. Mexico is highly dependent on tourism so they are not really one of those countries that reject people to enter their country.

Everyone is welcome! Mexico’s economy is very steady (it doesn’t go up, nor down) but it is not a first-world country.

In all my visa applications, they did not really tell me the exact amount of money needed but I always put between 100,000 – 200,000 PHP.

It sure is a lot of money but you won’t spend that amount in Mexico. In some cases, Mexico is way cheaper than the Philippines! I also remember applying for a Mexican visa 6 years ago with only 50,000 PHP in the bank.



Takeaways in applying for your Mexico tourist visa

  • Mexico visa for Filipinos takes 3-14 days to process.
  • Ideally, you should have 80,000 PHP monthly maintaining balance in your bank statement as well as the bank certificate.
  • The Mexico visa application fee for the Mexican visa is 1,864 PHP.
  • Normally, the Mexican Embassy in Manila will grant you a 6-month visa but during COVID, I heard that they are only giving 30 days.
  • The Mexican Embassy in Manila requires an interview in order to process your visa.
  • You do not need to book accommodations and flights in advance. However, when you arrive in Mexico, the immigration officer will ask for these.

Happy to announce that in March 2021, I received my 4-year residency visa in Mexico! Read the post and check if you qualify for this visa type. It’s a really easy application process!

Mexico visa for Filipinos: FAQs

When should I apply for my Mexican tourist visa?

I got my visa within 2 days but because of COVID, take at least one month. Before lounging your application, make sure you have all the documents needed.

You don’t want to go back and forth to the embassy – it will only delay your application! This is what happened to me when I came with incomplete requirements. And I am from Subic so I had to go back all the way to Manila!

My boyfriend is American. Can he show his bank statement instead of mine?

“My girlfriend is Filipina. Can I provide the bank statements on her behalf?”

This question is frequently asked by Americans who have Filipina boyfriends. The truth is, sponsorship only applies to minors. I am not in a position to give any advice because I do not have any experience with this but the best thing to do is to deposit money into your girlfriend’s Philippine bank account.

That would be way easier as the proof of financials should be in her name. Put $2,500 USD in and you’re good to go!

I will get married in Mexico to an American. Is it okay if my fiance shows his financial docs?

No. If you are over the age of 18, you have to show your own financial records. The best way to prepare is to put money every month before your application date.

Mexico or any other country does not allow non-minors to be sponsored with a tourist visa by another adult. Since this is your application, all documents must be your own.

My fiance is American currently in Mexico. Should I apply for a fiance visa instead?

There is no fiance visa in Mexico. If your fiance is not a Mexican citizen, then you should apply for a fiance visa in the United States. Not in Mexico.

Even if you get married in Mexico, Mexico will not give you a temporary resident visa unless you apply for one. You can check how to apply for a one-year residency visa here.

I don’t have a job. Can I still apply for a Mexican tourist visa?

As long as you have financial proof to show that you can shoulder your travel expenses in Mexico, you don’t need to have a job. However, they may ask about this and you can just simply be honest that you are jobless.

Mexico is not a place where you can easily find jobs so they don’t care anyway. It’s so hard to find jobs here as a foreigner and the salary is not that high anyway. This is the reason why many Mexicans go to the US.

The Embassy will not think that you will find a job here so just be honest about being jobless.

Is the Mexico visa for Filipinos interview difficult?

No, it’s not. As long as tourism is your only purpose, then I am sure you will be able to answer all the questions. Do not lie. The reason why it’s hard for Filipinos to get tourist visas abroad is that we always lie about our circumstances!

Telling the truth is always the right way. If you’re meeting with your boyfriend, then tell them. What’s so wrong with that??? As long as your purpose is tourism, the interview will not be hard.

Is there a special immigration line if I will use my USA, Japan, Canada, or Schengen visa to enter Mexico?

No. If you have a valid USA, Canada, and Schengen visa, you are entering Mexico like it’s a visa-free lane. Just make sure you have backup documents about entering Mexico with these visas. Some of them don’t know this rule!

Note that I entered Mexico twice with my Japanese visa without problems. Although they got confused in the beginning, I explained to them about this deal between Mexico and Japan by showing authoritative articles from the web.

Will they ask for accommodation reservations? What if I am staying with a friend?

You can say you are staying with a friend but in the many times I entered Mexico, I never said this. I always have a secure hotel reservation in Mexico City. I realized if you already have a hotel booking, they don’t really ask for more questions!

I always use to reserve hotels in Mexico City or any city you are landing in. does not ask you to pay for the reservation nor put a downpayment.

Your reservation will be confirmed without a fee and you’ll just pay at the property. You must read the cancellation rules though. The trick is to book hotels where you don’t need to put your credit card details so they won’t charge you for no show.

Do they ask for an outward ticket?

Yes. On my first visit, they didn’t ask this. However, when I came back to Mexico last June 2021, I heard a lot of people being asked for an outbound ticket.

Please note that I am now a legal resident of Mexico so they do not ask me for outward tickets anymore. Since you are only going to Mexico for tourism, it is expected that you show proof that you are going to leave.

What will happen if I overstay in Mexico?

Why would you? You’re only on a tourist visa after all. As a Filipino who already has difficulties in applying for visas in most countries of the world, do not make it a habit to overstay.

Tourists who overstay in Mexico will pay a fine and might be banned to visit Mexico for the year.

Can I show my bank certificate for members of my family who don’t have jobs?

You can only show your bank statements for minors who are your family members (ex: children, nephews, etc). You can’t do this for your child who is more than 18 years old.  All adults must present their own documents in any case.

If your child is still studying and is over 18 years old, then you can sponsor him/her. University students that are of legal age need to show their school ID and proof of enrollment to be able to be sponsored by their parents.

I am a freelancer and I don’t have an ITR. Can I just show online payment transactions?

I did this in 2016 and they still asked for the ITR. They didn’t say anything more when I said I do not have an ITR. They looked at all my Paypal transactions and it seemed to have made the cut.

The trick is to always have financial proof more than the required amount. In Europe, for example, when I applied for a student visa, the daily required amount was $12 USD so my family showed financial certificates that are more than that.

I have a layover in another country. Do I need to apply for a transit visa?

You only need a transit visa in the US. If your flight is stopping in Europe or the Middle East, you only need a visa if you are going to change airlines in that layover.

For example, if your flight is from Manila-Doha-Mexico City via Qatar Airlines, you don’t need a transit visa. The same goes for Manila-Dubai-Mexico City via Emirates.

The only thing you need to remember: you always need a visa to stop in the US (no matter what) and you don’t need a visa in other countries if you are not changing airlines.

Is it easy to apply for a US transit visa?

The transit visa application for the USA is the same process as the US tourist visa application. So why not just apply for a tourist visa? Save the effort! Alternatively, always just buy flights that don’t stop in the USA.

What is the best option for flights from Mexico to the Philippines?

I did Manila-Beijing-Tijuana-Mexico City with just one airline but I needed to apply for a transit visa to China which was super easy. You can read my post, Mexico travel guide for Filipinos for more information about flight prices, layovers, and transit visas.

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Mexico Visa for Filipinos

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  • Dee Troi
    May 23, 2019

    nice one! may i clarify , wuth your valid japan visa, when you reach mexico u just queue in an immigration counter? no need to go to a “visa on arrival” queue? parang lang po ba pag nage-enter tayo sa mga ASEAN (visa-free) countries? thanks.

      • Geralyn
        November 11, 2020

        Hi Mam, nabasa ko lahat halos ng comments dto..kasi nagtataka lng ako bkit ang bilis ko makakuha ng mexico visa eh nklagay dto 3 to 14 days process ung saken nakuha kuna that day..pls anyone can help me and show the real mexico visa om flying this November 30th please Mam Trisha need ur help

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            Mam can u give me advice please
            Tnx Godbless u poh

          • Rosie
            February 7, 2021

            Just wondering, pwede po ba ang sponsorship from someone living in Mexico?

          • April 25, 2021

            Hi hello maam Trisha ask ko lang po may mag sponsor po sa akin para po maka punta ako ng mixico for tourist visa paano po ang process po maam,,

        • Jermelin Pilapil
          February 2, 2021

          Hi Geralyn tanong lang sana ako syo if you don’t mind saan ba kukunin yong authenticated affidavit sponsor letter sa bf ba natin kc hindi daw allowed ang sponsor sa tourist , may balak kc akong pumunta doon maraming salamat.

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            Hi Ms. Did u already apply of a mexico visa? Can we chat on messenger’s i leave im fb here. Lei sel.

            Thank u.

        • Gillan
          March 11, 2021

          Hello gerelyn! I want to know a few things if you don’t mind. May I know how much money do you have in your account at the time of your application? Do you have a past travel history outside ph? Did you provide any land titles or property? Also, may I know what are the documents you presented at our immigration? Also, what is the affidavit of support they’re asking you? How are you gonna get that? Hoping for your reply!

      • Giselle
        December 3, 2020

        Hi Trisha!
        Is it possible to apply a Visa for my daughter with her kids from the Philippines with all my expense? I’m a Permanent Residence in Canada and I also have my 10 years multiple entry in the US.

      • Mochhi
        June 14, 2021

        Hi Trisha. I have 5yr multiple Japan Visa. It’s no2 June 2021, am I still allowed to enter Mexico without getting Mexican Visa? Also, if my flight have stop over in LAX, do I need to secure transit visa? I do not have US visa.

  • Jackie
    May 27, 2019

    Hello can i ask, my schedule will be this coming friday. And i want to ask where to pay the visa fee?
    And i only have COE and bank statement. Is that fine?

  • romel joedy riosa
    June 3, 2019

    Wow very informative. How lucky I am naman. I have been granted by the Japanese Embassy in Manila a 10 year tourist visa to Japan.

  • Jackie
    June 7, 2019

    Hello, can i ask, coz since im going to mexico, and i have lay over in JFK(new york) , do i need transit visa? Coz my friend told me i dont need one anymore as long i will fill up entry form. I really need your advice. Coz im leaving going to mexico this month

    Thank you

    • Erica
      July 22, 2019

      I believe you need a transit visa for Layover in the US. Upon checking-in at NAIA they will ask for your transit visa and if you don’t have it, they will not let you fly and they will not give your tickets.

      • Nicka
        January 12, 2020

        hi, Trisha I’m wanna ask about Transit visa I’m going to Mexico and this is my first time .i been already in Asia but very different from other countries .my Question is the immigration officer issuing a transit visa on arrival ? Just only a two hours stop over then transfer to other and waiting for another flight.? Thanks and God bless please reply asap …

  • Jackie
    June 11, 2019

    Hi Trisha, just wanna ask during your first application, did you provide an ITR, seems like you’re a freelance/self-employed ( not sure), because in my case, I don’t have an ITR, I am working online, is it possible to show only the paypal payments and certificate of employment instead of ITR. Hoping for your response. Thanks

      • Szar
        December 10, 2020

        Hi trisha i am currently like in rick’s girlfriend, my boyfriend is US citizen and he can’t visit me here in Philippines we’re planning to meet in mexico because he has a place to stay there. I have not enough money in the bank but my boyfriend is willing to shoulder all the expenses that i needed. Do you have an idea if i have a chance to approve my application of mexican visa for that case?

          • Nilyn Pascua
            June 18, 2021

            Hi Ms. Trisha. Pwede po ba ung one-time transfer lng na $2500? Sbi nyo po kc need ng 3 months latest bank statement, but what if ung first 2 months po is wlang enough na fund? Then my boyfriend will send me $2500 just for tourist visa application to Mexico. Okay lng po kya un?

  • Jac
    June 24, 2019

    I will be travelling with my child age 9 , and i been separated with the father if my children and no contact with him. What documents should I present becsuss they need both parent should sign

  • Jac
    June 24, 2019

    I will be travelling with my child age 9 , and i been separated with the father if my children and no contact with him. What documents should I present becausesuss they need both parent should sign

  • michell
    August 28, 2019

    do I have to provide a land title? cozz I don’t have,.. I’m an ofw travelling in mexico using tourist visa,..will they allowed it? and I don’t have any japan, us,and schengen visa, no records at all,.

      December 14, 2019

      I don’t have a work we are planning to go to Mexico for honeymoon and it is okay?? And what I need to provide since my husband will pay everything

  • jennifer
    September 5, 2019

    hi i am thinking of applying for a tourist visa to mexico. but i dont have any properties (house or car) under my name. and i work at my dads hardware store and at the same time have my own online business (registered under dti and bir), will they require me to show i should have assets or properties?

  • jennifer
    September 5, 2019

    me again…i have been reading that there is no direct flight to mexico from philippines. what is the best option for this?

  • jennifer
    September 7, 2019

    and where do you apply the transit visa?

  • Bela
    October 17, 2019

    This is very informative! I am processing my requirements now and will set an appointment next month.Im employed and have all the requirements. Im just a little worried because I just have 100k in my bank. I have a valid credit card tho. Do i really need to have 80k per month for 3 months? That’s quite a big amount.

      • Geralyn
        January 11, 2021

        Hi Mam Trisha
        I got Mexico visa very easy my 1st time apply and i still didn’t fly until now coz immigration need the papers from Mexico..
        And now I hve plan to apply again do I need to still have 80k for maintaining balance for 3 months Mam
        Please hope to here ur response
        Thank you ?? and Godbless

        • Jermelin Pilapil
          February 2, 2021

          Hi Geraldine pwede ba kita ma chat sa messenger about Mexico my messenger JER PILAPIL.kc balak ko din pumunta doon salamat

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          Hope u can send me an message salamat ms.geralyn.

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          Bakit ka po na offload? Was if your first travel abroad ba?

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    I find this very helpful!
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  • Sheena
    December 11, 2019

    Ms. Trisha meron ko multiple visa from Japan. Gusto ko mag US transit visa. Is it easy to apply US transit visa compare to US tourist? Nu mga possible questions? Can you give me an idea? Nu mga dinala mo during the interview? Kung ng US transit visa po ba kyo? Thanks.

  • Ralph Ivan
    January 17, 2020

    Hi Trish,

    Your blog if really amazing especially about giving instructions. I am just quite confused since I’ve also read some other articles before coming to your page. I have a travel to Mexico this January 23, 2020 and I am currently here in Marawi for the Humanirarian Response. I am planning to go back to Manila on the 21st but I am worried since I have read that Filipinos need to get a Mexican Visa, and some says that you can enter if you have a US Visa. Since you have mentioned about Canadian Visa, I am a bit relaxed since I have it until March 2020 with Multiple Entry status. Hence, do I need to apply? I am trying to contact the Embassy but I can’t reached them. When you travel with you Japanese Visa, did our Philippine Immigration seek a visa from you or ask you why you do not have any Mexican Visa?

  • SHEENA MAE vino domingo
    January 21, 2020

    HI, madali lang po ba mag apply mexico visa? ano po un mga questions?basta po ba complete documents?:) thanks.

  • Rob Ashley
    February 11, 2020

    Maybe you could help me. I am American and will me moving as a resident to Mexico…no problem. My gf will come too with a 6 month tourist visa? At the end of 6 months, we could leave for a week and then get another tourist visa? Closest non visa country for her is Colombia. Can she get another tourist visa by entering Mexico that way or does she have to come back to the Philippines and go process again? Also, can she get a Temporary Resident Visa if she has ties to me or if I provide her necessary monthly income?

  • Adam
    February 15, 2020

    Hi. I would like to ask if it is possible for my Girlfriend from Philippines to travel in Mexico and we will get married there, does she still need all those bank statements since I’m the one who will shoulder all the expenses. We will only stay there for marriage.thanks.

  • Jennifer pentazon
    February 18, 2020

    hi can I ask , my fiance invited me to visit him in Mexico..I am a passport holder I work on Egypt last 2019 how can I visit the mexico should I need a tourist visa?.. and what requirements I need to submit.thankyou

  • cindy
    February 20, 2020

    hi miss trisha,..I’m planning to visit mexico this year by month of june,. I can provide everything in Mexican visa’s requirements, although it’s my 1st time to do a tourist visa because I’m an ofw,. will they ask me if where would I stay? and if I’d say, at my boyfriend’s house, will they ask me about his information?,. and since my boyfriend plans to visit me in Philippines and we will try to go back to mexico together if the visa is granted. thanks for your reply…

  • charina abarientos
    February 26, 2020

    Good day,
    Can i ask ask what do need to go mexico beacuse my boyfriend is there in mexico,me and my boyfriend wants married there,so how can i go,can i used tourist visa or fiance visa,? And what are the requiremts,hoping for your reply.Thank you

      • michelle
        March 7, 2020

        hi miss trisha,..we have the same case with charina,.my boyfriend is a mexican, and we’re going to apply for a tourist visa and get married there,. does my boyfriend needs to provide information additional for my requirements,.or it should be all mine…

  • JDizon
    February 26, 2020

    Hi, I have a question about the bank statement for Mexico visa. Although my salary always goes in every monthly, I always take my full salary in full and left my bank account less amount. Is this fine? I am afraid I will not get approved because of this matter. Please, advice. Thank you

      • JDizon
        March 9, 2020

        What do you mean they will ask for one bank statement?

  • April 14, 2020

    Hi Trisha, I have a valid C-1/D visa. Is it possible for me to use that Visa for transiting in the US and then Mexico?
    Thank you so much

      • Crisanta Morante
        November 5, 2020

        Is it necessary to ready my itinerary for going to Mexico?

  • Rick
    October 27, 2020

    I am from the US and my fiance is in the Philippines…Now that the outbound non-essential travel ban has been lifted…We want to meet in Mexico to get married. Because of covid, she has no job and I have been supporting her for the last 6 months in all of her expenses by sending her money…She is going to get an interview soon at the embassy in Manila, however, her bank account is only going to show the money I sent, however, I also talked to my bank that said they can sign her up so she can have a debit card having access to my account up to $1300.00, a month. Do you think that will pass the interview?

  • Crisanta Morante
    November 5, 2020

    Hi! Are they accepting applicants now?

  • Ghen Paco
    November 7, 2020

    Hello Po Kamusta

    I’m from the Philippines my Fiancé and I are looking to get married in January will you be in Mexico 2021.


  • Rynel Ramirez
    November 13, 2020

    Very informative! Ask ko lang, do they accomodate invitation letters (stating na we’ll cover all the travel fees) from families in Mexico? For others na unable to provide the bank statements/cert. Also, would you know if they do group visa application? Thanks a lot!

  • Agham
    November 21, 2020

    Is it possible for a jobless 19 year old guy from Palawan to travel in Mexico as tourist? Can he travel alone? Does he need transit visa? Where to get transit visa? If he cannot travel alone, mother will be the companion, Is he still need his own bank account or mother’s bank account is enough to justify the capacity to travel? Thank you in giving us light on this matter. God bless you and take care.

  • Grace
    November 23, 2020

    Very Informative!thanks,I just wanna ask my boyfriend and I we’re planning to meet in Mexico he’s US Citizen..He will sponsoring my trip,is it possible to pass the interview though he’s just sponsoring my trip??He already printed out all his bank statements so I have something to show..

  • Bernadeth
    November 25, 2020

    Good day!
    Hi Ma’am Trisha! Your tips regarding the visa and the requirements for Mexican Visa are really informative and very helpful. Thanks for that!
    Anyway, Ma’am I only have one question if you have an idea about what is the best airlines if you take via Europe going to Mexico City to avoid transit visa just like US and Canada. I look forward to your response soon po because I’am planning to apply in Mexico Embassy Manila next year probably March 2021.
    Thank you and God bless!

  • Mina
    January 4, 2021

    Will it be easy for me to apply for transit visa? All layovers I’ve checked are either LA and Canada. Me and my boyfriend are planning to just go to Mexico to be together again. I’m a Filipino working as a nurse here and he’s a Mexican Citizen but is currently working in Vietnam. Its almost a year since we haven’t seen each other so we wanna be together in Mexico.

      • Mina
        January 8, 2021

        Cebu, Philippines

      • Mel
        September 23, 2021

        hi miss Trisha? can I ask you? if I could get to Mexico I could cross America with a day pass? and where can I get it?..I’m pleasure to get your answer..

  • Ash
    January 7, 2021

    Hi Trisha! I am looking at traveling to Mexico this February. Are they open for tourists already? Will I be quarantined when I arrive?

  • Rachel
    January 8, 2021

    Hi Trisha i plan to visit Mexico but what i have only is a bank statement i don’t own any business or land title and i only finish my work last December i could not provide COE. Is just possible to approve my visa and i don’t even have a credit card. Hope to get back on me soon. Thank you!

  • January 12, 2021

    Hi, I have a partner that is a Mexican citizen.
    how do you think this will affect my visa application, Id say he’s going to sponsor my trip.

    thank you!
    looking forward to your response

  • Laila Almario
    January 13, 2021

    Hi Trisha, thanks for all the information that you have shared with us. I just have one question. Upon issued, how long is the validity of the visa before it expires?
    Thank you for your help! Much appreciated. Stay safe!

    January 16, 2021

    Hi Ms. Trisha .Thank you for the very informative blog. I have some questions too and i hope to get some info’s from you. I am travelling to mexico this coming feb.3 to meet my american fiance since he cannot come to Philippines to visit me. I am currently unemployed for a year now. And one of the requirements in immigration is bank statements updated for the last 3 months. And he deposited the required amounts in my account already. Is it okey not to tell immigration that I am going to mexico to meet my fiance but instead tell them that i will just go there as tourist alone cause while reading some comments here,i read that one lady got offloaded and asked to provide sponsor’s information.Will they question me about my financial status for having that amount withoùt a job? And how long does it take to recieve a US transit visa from the date of interview? Cause im worried i might not get it before my flight. And last, do i still need to get a transit visa for my 3 hrs layover in japan?
    THANK YOU and i hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy and keep safe always!

    • Mylene
      March 25, 2021

      Have you figured this out yet? I have a very similar situation…

  • Joma
    February 12, 2021

    Hi trisha, thanks for sharing !
    I just want to ask about the transit visa for my layover to us. Do i really need to get it and if so, can u tell me how? And what about japan layover? Do i also need a transit visa?

  • Alex
    February 21, 2021

    Hi, Trisha! I just wanna ask, is it really necessary yung sa bank statement po na updated sya for the last 3 months kasi po whatever transactions ang nangyayari sa bank ko winiwithdraw ko po sya and iniipon ko siya in a container at home and all of my savings po is wala po sa bank. Okay lang ba na one time ko siya ilalagay sa bank? I have my appointment this coming March 31 po. Thank you so much!

  • Eden
    March 15, 2021

    Hi. I saw on the requirements that they are requiring international credit card, but i dont have one and i dont have plans of applying cc. Hahaha
    But i have more than 100k on my acct. will they still accept my application?

  • Dee
    March 22, 2021

    Hello po,What if one doesn’t have visa from Ca,Japan,USA and schengen visa,but have properties,bank accounts and credit cards,will I still have high chance to get approved?thank u

  • Mylene
    March 24, 2021

    Can I get a Visa to Mexico to visit my American boyfriend who will also be there? I have over 200,000 php in my bank account & have been receiving a regular stipend of apx 25,000 php every month from my bf directly into my bank account & can show proof. My accommodations are already paid for & my airfare will also be paid for without impacting my bank account. I believe the issue may be I do not currently have a job. Will that be an issue even though I meet all the other financial obligations?

  • Laine
    March 28, 2021

    Hi! Ask ko lang po if for example may Japanese visa po ako pero hindi ko pa po sya nagagamit or nakakapunta sa japan. Okay lang po yun? Wala naman po ba problema yun pag ippresent ko sya papunta Mexico.
    Thanks in advance

  • Rian
    April 22, 2021

    So just to clarify, I have a 5 year multiple entry visa for Japan. I no longer need to go to the Mexican embassy here in the Philippines? I just buy my ticket and show my multiple entry Japanese visa to the immigration officer in Mexico? Also, is Mexico allowing tourist right now during the pandemic (Covid-19)?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Keith
    May 1, 2021

    Hi trish, thanks for the info, im planning to visit Mexico this coming December. Im a holder of C-1d US Visa but I’ve never been on US Territories, i have a Mexican girlfriend so im planning to spend the Holidays there , i will finish my contract this November, and im working as a seaman so my question is, is my Visa ok? Do i need to visit Mexican Embassy in Philippines cuz i think i dont have enough time to process some other Visa, and i will stay on my girlfriend’s place , ao i do need a sponsor letter cuz im not using a tourist Visa to travel there? Thank you , Godbless

  • May 6, 2021

    Hey Trisha, quick Question for you, I am an American Citizen and my girlfriend is a Philippine Citizen. She has PH Passport and we are planning a trip to Mexico in June. She doesn’t work and I am paying for all of the trip, I will be paying for her flight, (Round Trip), Hotel and all expenses for the trip. With her not working do you see any problem with her Mexican Visa being declined? Can I provide my bank statements to the Mexican Embassy for her to give to them so they know that the money isn’t going to be an issue? She has some money in bank, just not the 80,000PHP for 3 last 3 months. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!

  • cha
    May 26, 2021

    is manila to tokyo to tijuana and v.v. the best and cheapest way to go to mexico? because I dont have a us visa, but I do have a Japanese multiple -entry visa. what do you think is the best time to go there if I may ask? also, would it be okay to use my Japan visa even if it hasnt been used? I wasnt able to use it because of the pandemic. but I have a used single-entry visa before that. thanks in advance

  • jen
    July 1, 2021

    when scheduling my appointment, step 3 no. 6 was missing. Instead, I was asked for my CURP (which I know is only for Mexican residents). I am sure I put my nationality as Filipina when creating my account. I am going there for work, but the company will only start applying for my resident visa once I arrive there. To be honest, I am a little confused and sometimes lost when navigating the website since most of the texts are not translated to english even when you choose to translate it. I registered here anyone here who can help?

  • Billiesy
    July 11, 2021

    Hi Trisha,

    Me and my bf were planning to meet in mexico and get married. He’s an american. Mas okay ba na sabihin ko po na ang purpose of travel ko is tourism? Or mas okay na i should put wedding/tourism since dun nadin honeymoon nmin if ever po.

    Thank you for your response.

      • Irish Pening
        October 2, 2021

        Also in immigration f they ask me ,where i get that big money ?wat will i do?

  • July 23, 2021

    Miss Trisha, my name is Mikey and I’m a freelance content writer and online business owner in the Philippines. When should I apply for a tourist visa? Is it necessary to apply at least 2-3 months before your trip, as with other visa applications, or does it make a difference? because it’s July already and I’m planning for an August trip for the last week of it since most tickets are cheaper than usual.

    Also, I’ve only recently started working as a freelancer/ business owner, so I’ll need to present an ITR. However, the problem is that I recently obtained all of my business certificates (mayors permit, business permit) and registered my online business and freelance work with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Will it harm my application if I don’t have an ITR because I used to work for a corporate company (BPO) and only recently started freelancing? or do I just have to justify it on my interview?

  • July 23, 2021

    is it required to be fully vaccinated to enter Mexico?

  • September 8, 2021

    Hi ma’am, would like to ask lang po because I am trying to call the mexico embassy at manila and I can’t proceed because I can’t understand the mexican language that the operator saying may I ask what did you did before to contact them ?

    Thank you so much..

  • September 20, 2021

    hi miss ask ko lang valid po ba yung atm ko kc 2yrs na sya labas labas ng pera pinapadalhan sya sa atm ko gawa ng doon ako kumukuha ng pang pasahod sa worker i think almost 1m na sya peru wala na yung pera ngayon balak ko mag lagay ulit pera para sa bank statement need ko paba mag antay 3months ganun poba

  • September 27, 2021

    hi Ms. Trisha, Greetings from the Philippines…….I am planning to travel to Mexico, Assuming that I already prepared all the documents needed, but I don’t have any sponsors, maari parin po ba ako mag apply? Anu po mga possible way na gagawin ko? Pls. help po……..Thank you so much and God bless you more.

  • Irish Pening
    October 2, 2021

    Hilo maam ,my bank is not so much ,but as i heard ur tips for applying visa n no sponsorship .then my fiancee send money to me for my bank money .I am working in bakery ,is my CERTIFICATE OF EMPLOYMENT ENOUGH?.
    Also wat f the embassy asked me where i get my money ?wat should i say ?,should i say to them that my fiancee support for financial or wat i say to them??
    Please answer my question .
    Thank u n god bless .
    Very tips is very heplful

  • Irish Pening
    October 2, 2021

    Hilo maam trisha,nabasa ko po lahat ng mga tips po ..matanong ko lang po about bank have bank balance but not so much .,i working in bakeshop as a saleslady ,as i read all the comments that sponsor not allowed .then my boyfriend send money to me,so that my bank balance have enough money to show when i apply visa ,my question is .
    Is my certificate of employment should i showed them? Is the embassy ask me where i got those money in bank ,?f they ask .then wat i say to them?
    Hope u see my comments maam , year i apply my visa .

  • Irish Pening
    October 2, 2021

    Also in immigration f they ask me ,where i get that big money ?wat will i do?


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