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February 14 - 20, 2022
Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico
Current availabilty: 5/10 slots

What about passion? You don’t find it. You invite it.

Clues to our passion are always around us but we never really put so much attention on those clues because our environment pushes us to believe it’s not the right thing.

I was very successful until we woke up to a global pandemic in early 2020. Look, I really don’t want to blame COVID for shit but we all know very well how this has affected all of us, most especially our mental state.

It was as if we were starting life over again. Some of us lost our jobs, some of us decided to work for ourselves, some of us became alcoholics, some of us just lost the love we have for life. We lost loved ones, we weren’t able to keep the forth of our relationships, we strongly felt the internal crisis.

The global pandemic has different effects on us but one thing I know for sure – none of us were wired for this big change. None of us were mentally fit for it. We got bored, we felt stuck, we lost our purpose.

If you are looking to take a break from spending your days finding the least disruptive way to go through life, come join me in Sayulita, Mexico for a week of fun – for flowing with life.

Take a break from telling yourself that there are rules. THERE ARE NO RULES IN LIFE! Being happy should come from living life as you NEED and WANT to.

Happiness comes from being who we actually really are instead of pushing to who we think we are supposed to be.

And you will only get over what you’re supposed to be if you leave the current environment you are in, recharge, and come back again. I only have 5 more spots left for this 7-day retreat so read on and see if this is something that will be interesting for you.

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Why join this retreat?

💃 Meet, collaborate, and network with like-minded individuals who can be your friend forever!
🌿 Our activities and tours are sustainable: All guides are individuals who don’t work for tour companies. You can get to know more about how Trisha supports the local communities in Mexico and her biggest cause is in Sayulita.
🪄 Unleash the magic in you: everyone who joined Trisha’s retreats started their own thing in life and are now making money out of it.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Discover Sayulita with a local and not as a tourist. Make your travel style deeper by integrating in our local community. We promise, you are going to love it!
🎤 Learn from industry experts about unleashing your craft – get to know how to build your dream life on your own terms! There will be surprise guests who will give you their tips.

Most trips and retreats like this are limited to women but it is guaranteed that all genders are welcome here. WE PROMISE this is for everyone!

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P.S. I'm On My Way Retreats 2022


Everyone will arrive in Sayulita one day before. Please note that your flight costs are not included in the retreat payment but we recommend you to arrive at least one day before the retreat.

February 13th is a Sunday so if you have free time and want to arrive on a Friday and Saturday, feel free to do so! We will cover your accommodation from February 13 – 20 but outside those dates, you have to be on your own. Don’t worry, we can find an accommodation that fits your budget!

We will open the retreat with a filling breakfast in one of Sayulita’s best breakfast places. At this time, we will get to know each other and share what drives each of us. This is nothing formal but we’d love for you to be comfortable with the people you are doing the retreat with.

We will have the afternoon free and by 13:30, we will go to the retreat house to start our Aztec Ceremony with temazcal. This is the best opening for our week of fun because the Aztec ceremony will cleanse the body and will make you open your eyes and be in the moment of the retreat.

If you want to have an idea of what this ceremony is like, watch this video.

After the temazcal ceremony, we will have a nice Valentine’s dinner to close our first night!

We will start the day with a one-hour yoga class with a great instructor who lives in Sayulita. From there, we will do some surfing lessons with a local surfer family. The waves in Sayulita are small so you don’t have to have experience. This family is also super interesting – all their children are pro surfers!

After surfing, we will have breakfast. You’ll have the afternoon free then we’ll have a little sunset session at one of the best sunset spots in Sayulita. It will be a 30-min walk/hike in the jungle.

We will gather again for dinner and we will take you to the best Tuesday local spot in Sayulita. Yes, there are special events here depending on the day of the week! You’ll get to meet a lot of locals on this second night.

We will again start the day with a yoga class. After breakfast, we will head to Marietas Islands, one of the most sought-after beaches in Mexico. We will snorkel and visit all the islands including the hidden beach.

You’ll have the afternoon free then we will go to another sunset beach spot in the jungle for a gratefulness session.

Start the day with a calming yoga session and a nice breakfast at a local’s home. In the afternoon, we will do a beach hike that will take 40 minutes deep into the jungle. There, we will do our mindfulness session. We will go back to our accommodation and head out for dinner.

Last day of yoga and this is probably going to be the best weekend ever! We will have Friday breakfast and visit the Mercado del Pueblo that only happens every Friday. By 14:00, we will go to a beach club where we can do Friday brunch and hang out by the pool/beach. Please note that the beach club is optional and will be at your own expense. There is a minimum spend of $50 USD at the beach club.

After sunset, we will head to dinner and explore the nightlife of town. No worries – no yoga tomorrow. You can stay up late!

Go to breakfast at your own time. We know you’re probably hangover! Our breakfast will be served at the villa by a private chef so don’t worry – food will be there when you wake up!

We will have the whole day free for you to relax and chill by our villas pool (or beach). By 4:00 PM, you need to be ready because we’re going sunset sailing slash booze cruise!

After the cruise, we will celebrate our final night with a nice dinner and then go out to town for our farewell party.

What’s included?

🛏️ 4-star accommodation by the beach from February 13 – 20, 2022 (you can choose private or shared)
🍲 All breakfast and dinner meals (2 meals per day)
🚌 All transportation to and from Sayulita, Puerto Vallarta Airport, and other spots that we will visit
🧘🏾‍♀️ Daily yoga classes by the beach (with a professional instructor)
🏄‍♀️ All fees such as surfing classes, park entrance fees, and temazcal ceremony
⚕️ Travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage for the duration of the retreat
😷 Antigen test for your departure from Mexico
📸 Professional photos and videos during the trip

What’s NOT included?

✈️ Your flight TO and FROM Puerto Vallarta, the airport that serves Sayulita. Our travel experts will help you find the cheapest deals so don’t worry!
💸 Tips for local tour guides
🥂 Day passes to beach clubs (we will spend some afternoons relaxing in beach clubs but this is optional and up to you if you want to go)
🍸 Alcohol – but you can BYOB! Feel free to drink anytime you like but we don’t recommend you to drink 3 days before arrival because of the temazcal ceremony.
💵 Other activities or meals not outlined in the itinerary

Where we’ll stay

We will stay in a villa that is in the beachfront of the Sayulita main beach. The compound has a shared pool that you can enjoy as well! Our accommodation is solar powered and the owners thrive for sustainability. We also have a rooftop overlooking the beach.

This compound is with 24/7 security so you don’t have to worry about safety. Each room is equipped with a door code so you don’t have to think about bringing a key every time you leave. The villa has a total of 5 kitchens so feel free to cook!

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What we’ll eat

We will explore different kinds of cuisine, particularly Mexican cuisine. As you all know, Trisha has expanded her knowledge of gastronomy not just in Mexico but all over the world.

Apart from that, we will eat in local family-owned businesses that we are supporting in Sayulita. We’ll have a variety of fancy, local, and healthy meals. Please note that we will only shoulder your breakfast and dinner.

In our past retreats, we realized how not everyone eats 3 meals a day so feel free to eat whatever you like in your free time which is around lunchtime. This will also give you the chance to explore on your own! As always, we will be here to the rescue if you need tips.

*Please inform us about your dietary preferences when you fill out the form.

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sayulita retreats
sayulita retreats
sayulita retreats
sayulita retreats

Why Sayulita?

3 years ago, Trisha arrived in Sayulita with the hopes of traveling there for only a month. As usual, she always listens to her gut whenever she moves from one place to another – there was this strong call from Sayulita that led her to stay for 2 years.

From there, she started supporting local communities and promoting individually-owned businesses in this blog. There is a big competition with bigger companies in Sayulita so Trisha decided it’s best if she helped these locals.

Sayulita has everything – the outdoors, the great small-town vibe, the amazing food, etc. This might be the first time you are hearing about Sayulita but one thing is for sure: YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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Come join us!

The price of this trip is $2,350 USD for a private room and $2,000 USD for a shared room (up to 2 people). Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you regarding availability. We do an initial call with you so you can also know if this is a good fit for a trip that you are looking for! We need a downpayment of $500 USD on or before December 31, 2021. We hope you can join us!

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