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10 Puerto Escondido hotels I love

Welcome to my Oaxaca home! I don’t usually stay in hotels when I am in town but for the past 2 years that I’ve been coming back and forth, here are the best Puerto Escondido hotels I can recommend!

When choosing where to stay in Puerto Escondido, the first thing that you should understand is the layout. Puerto Escondido is not a small town so make sure to know the distance of the hotel to the center before booking.

Many hosts or Puerto Escondido hotels won’t really explain the layout – it’s not their job to do so anyway. What you can do is make popular landmarks a point of reference.

My centric location recommendations that are on Google Maps are Playa Zicatela, Brisas de Zicatela, and Puerto Escondido Centro. Simply put these locations on Google maps, click directions and type in the hotel address you want to book.

But this is only for those who want to stay near the nightlife, bars, and restaurants.

If you want a peaceful vacation in Puerto Escondido, you can look in the areas of Rinconada, Bacocho, and Esmeralda. I know you won’t really get to understand the Puerto Escondido layout on Google maps right away, especially if you haven’t been.

If you’re having trouble and doubts with your hotel location, get in touch with me and I will walk you through it!

What to expect from Puerto Escondido hotels

Hotels in Puerto Escondido usually have pools and have ocean views. There are many luxury hotels but if you’re on a budget or visiting Puerto Escondido as a digital nomad, boutique hotels are your best options.

Honestly, the private rooms in Puerto Escondido hostels are pretty decent too. However, note that hostels are located in the party areas so it can get loud.

how to get to puerto escondido mexico

You may need transport if you’re staying in luxury hotels. You can simply rent a car at Puerto Escondido Aiport. If you don’t want to go through all the rental car booking shebang, taxis (not Ubers) in Puerto Escondido are very cheap, too.

Most hotels in Puerto Escondido are only for adults so make sure to check if children are allowed before booking. Some of them include that information on the listing but some of them don’t. Better ask first!

The easiest way to book your Puerto Escondido hotel

Booking platforms are usually the best way to book your Puerto Escondido hotel. I use Expedia,, and Agoda for the best deals. These are the most common hotel booking platforms in Mexico.

If you can speak Spanish, you can directly call the hotels for reservations. I included the phone numbers of my favorite Puerto Escondido hotels below.

Some speak English but most of them don’t. And if they do, I am sure you are going to have a hard time understanding each other on the phone.

Walking in when you are already there is not very ideal since Puerto Escondido hotels are always fully booked.

Are hotels in Puerto Escondido expensive?

Puerto Escondido hotels are affordable for what they are. They are not overpriced like Tulum or Cancun. Luxury resorts start from $400 USD per night (with breakfast and pool but not all-inclusive).

Boutique hotels are priced at $45 – $60 USD. You might think this is cheap for accommodation but by Mexican standards, these are really good accommodations.

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10 best Puerto Escondido hotels I love

#1: Hotel Santa Fe

💲 from $55 USD | Av. Del Morro | +52 800 712 7057 | 📍 in the center

This Mexican-themed hotel is set in front of the gorgeous Playa Marinero and Playa Zicatela. The pleasantly old-fashioned interior design speaks of the local heritage.

The rooms come with Mexican antiques and artwork which give the guests the feeling of reminiscing the past.

The location is suitable for families and bigger groups as their rooms and suites are spacious enough. Some rooms have a terrace or balcony overlooking the beach.

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puerto escondido hotelsNot only that, there are two pools, one that is exclusively for adults only, and the other one is for families. The area is surrounded by beautiful and lush grounds. Although it’s on the main road, the hotel ambiance is quiet and relaxing.

In terms of convenience, access to essentials is within reach. There’s a nice in-house restaurant that serves Mexican dishes.

There are plenty of restaurants around the location, too. Public transport is available uphill on the main road and it’s easy to take a taxi going to town.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Hotel Santa Fe: EXPEDIA | BOOKING.COM | AGODA

#2: Posada Real Puerto Escondido

💲 from $100 USD | Blvd. Benito Juárez 1 | +52 954 582 0133 | 🚘 14 min to center

If you’re aiming for a place with a peaceful vibe, head on to Posada Real Puerto Escondido. This laidback-style property sits in front of Puerto Angelito Bay and the famous Zicatela beach with access to shops, restaurants, and tourist spots.

Surrounded by palm trees and a lush lawn, this hotel boasts 100 guest rooms that have air conditioning, television, and wifi. There are standard, deluxe, and double rooms to choose from.

puerto escondido hotels

A beach club pool awaits those who prefer some quiet time. There’s also a kiddy pool. Plenty of hammocks roped swing chairs, and the palapa is in the place, too.

Moreover, for those who want to sweat it out, there are areas for tennis, basketball, golf, fitness, and beach volleyball.

With an all-inclusive offer, guests can enjoy the restaurant and bar services. Although the Posada Real is set in a quiet area, airport transfer can be done for a minimal fee and taxis can be easily arranged.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Posada Real: EXPEDIA | BOOKING.COM | AGODA

#3: Shavanna Hotel Boutique

💲 from $55 USD | Calle Océano Índicó 119 | +52 954 104 2352 | 🚘 13 min to center

Decently walkable from and to the airport, Shavanna Hotel Boutique’s most popular amenities include a swimming pool, free WiFi, free parking, family rooms, and a bar.

There are apartments, suites, and a double room to choose from and the accommodations come with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV.

The property is available not just for vacation, but also for long-term rentals. A coworking space can be arranged if needed and the hotel is pet-friendly, too!

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puerto escondido hotels

Surrounded by a quiet neighborhood, this property is not suitable for those who want to be close to the nightlife in Puerto Escondido. It is away from the touristy strip and the commercial zone.

Nonetheless, convenience is not a problem because there is an in-house shuttle for the guests’ benefit free of charge.

Splendidly designed, the property features a modern tropical interior with a restaurant on the rooftop. Breakfast and dinner meals are served here so you get a nice view of the beach while eating.

They also serve sophisticated cocktails and have their own signature drinks.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Shavanna Hotel Boutique: EXPEDIA | BOOKING.COM | AGODA

#4: Hotel Rockaway

💲 from $65 USD | Av. Del Morro | +52 954 582 0668 | 📍 in the center

If intimacy and fun are what you’re aiming to have in your trip, this big property perched near the
Zicatela beach might just be what you need.

With 32 beautiful rooms and 12 luxury apartments, this hotel can accommodate a wide range of travelers, both for the short-term and long-term.

What you’ll find in and around the Hotel Rockaway are an outdoor pool, gym, souvenirs store, spa, salon, event room, pub, and a restaurant.

puerto escondido hotels

The hotel has its own awesome shopping plaza where you can buy various things. In the shopping plaza, you can find clothes, crafts, groceries, accessories.

Activities that can be done by the guest include surfing, sport fishing, diving, coffee plantation tours, kayaking, and bird watching.

Rooms are furnished with an air conditioning unit, flat-screen TV, and ensuite bathroom. They have a variety of meals to offer from continental style to Oaxacan food to local and international dishes.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Hotel Rockaway: EXPEDIA | BOOKING.COM | AGODA

#5: Bikini Beach House

💲 from $45 USD | Alejandro Cárdenas Peralta | +52 954 128 2824 | 📍 in the center

With a hippy vibe, this accommodation is for those who want to chill out. The Bikini Beach house is surrounded by bars and restaurants which are quite very active at night as there are live music bands.

If you’re looking for a party place, this suits you!

It’s set in a location where you feel you live in a treehouse so there’s a breezy beach feel. You basically stay in a big palapa house.

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puerto escondido hotels

The rooms are not air-conditioned but don’t worry, the beds come with a mosquito net! Even though the area is a happening place, you will fall asleep hearing the waves and waking up to the same ocean sounds in the morning which is so relaxing.

There’s a bar, balcony, and garden on the property. There’s only 1 category of room and that’s the deluxe king room which can accommodate a couple. This hotel is for adults only.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Bikini Beach House: BOOKING.COM | AGODA

#6: Hotel Surf Altas Olas

💲 from $60 USD | Av. del Morro 310 | +52 954 582 2315 | 📍 in the center

If you want to live like a surfer when you visit Mexico, stay in one of the best surf towns–Puerto Escondido.

Start your day by strolling out to this coastline is one thing you can do at the
Hotel Surf Altas Olas. It’s situated near 5 beaches! It’s suitable for couples and families alike.

Just minutes from world-class surfing, this place surrounded by palm trees serves as a paradise for beginners and pros alike – then there’s the food and beverage, not to mention you can enjoy excursions, too!

puerto escondido hotels

This hotel is surrounded by an uninterrupted ocean view that stretches out towards the horizon. Facilities include a restaurant, swimming pool, business and meeting venues, parking lot, roof garden, and a lobby.

There are also restaurants, bars, and commercial stores close to the property. Free private parking is possible on site.

Your stay at Hotel Surf Altas Olas will be just as relaxing and cool as Puerto Escondido, once a hippie town run on natural ocean current power.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Surf Olas Altas: EXPEDIA | BOOKING.COM | AGODA

#7: Hotel Escondido

💲 from $400 USD | Carretera Federal Km. 113 | +52 954 582 2224 | 🚘 40 min to center

A member of Design Hotels, the Hotel Escondido is perched on a cliffside on the Pacific coast in Puerto Escondido, overlooking rich Mexican jungle and an impeccable white sand beach.

Surfers paddle out from below your feet. Nirvana for those who want to feel both utterly remote and extravagantly decadent – with lovely gardens, atmospheric restaurant, calming spa, and an infinity pool.

Showcasing a chic contemporary style of palapa, wood, and cement, Hotel Escondido renders a stay of tranquility.

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puerto escondido hotels

Altogether, there are 16 rooms to choose from, 14 with King-size beds and 2 with Twin-size beds. The rooms have their own private space where a massage can be done.

If you want to get away from stress and commune with nature, this adults-only property could be your much-needed refuge.

The rooms are furnished with air conditioning, wifi, a private bathroom, and a minibar. Pets are allowed and parking is free.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Hotel Escondido: EXPEDIA | BOOKING.COM

#8: Punta Zicatela Hotel

💲 from $96 USD | Brisas de Zicatela | +52 954 167 8690 | 📍 in the center

What would you like to experience? The best view of La Punta at sunset with your loved one while delighting in spectacular cocktails?

Then, the sure right answer is Punta Zicatela Hotel!

Accessible as it’s near to the beach and restaurants in the neighborhood, relaxation and comfort await you at this property. It’s not just great for couples, but also for families.

puerto escondido hotels

The good-size rooms are fitted out with air conditioning, wifi, mini-fridges, a bathroom, and a terrace with a sea view. The interior design is representative of the southern Mexico vibe with a touch of contemporary elegance.

To complement this tasteful design, the hotel offers services such as yoga sessions and massage. Of course, activities such as surf classes, sports fishing, mezcal tasting, bird watching, dolphin & whale watching are available for outgoing and adventurous guests.

With the hotel’s ambiance, you have an amazing location to forget the hustle and bustle of work and city life.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Punta Zicatela Hotel: EXPEDIA | BOOKING.COM | AGODA

#9: Casamar Suites

💲 from $80 USD | Puebla 407 | +52 954 582 2593 | 📍 in the center

Casamar Suites Puerto Escondido in Mexico isn’t just a beach resort; it’s an escapade. With the lush garden and a homely Mexican setting, it’s the perfect get-away with a personality and peace of mind.

This hotel features traditional Mexican-style décor, with handcrafted wood and colorful tiles. There’s a beautiful pool area for relaxing and socializing and an exquisite restaurant serving delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

There’s a concierge service available day and night for whatever needs guests may have.

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puerto escondido hotels

Guests can choose from a catalog of 18 distinctively designed accommodations ranging from a suite to a studio and to an apartment for couples or families.

Moreover, different packages of stay, detox juices, meditation classes, yoga sessions, and massage therapy are also available as options for those who want to really max out their experience at the property.

Wifi is available in the entire property. Pets are allowed on the premises for a certain fee.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Casamar Suites: EXPEDIA | BOOKING.COM | AGODA

#10: Casa Losodeli

💲 from $71 USD | Prolongación 2a | +52 954 582 4221 | 🚘 10 min to center

Owned and run by 4 Mexican sisters, Casa Losodeli is an adults-only hotel with a coworking space. It is a charming property on Mexico’s southern coast that may be secluded but is open to all who want a taste of paradise.

Whether you come for a holiday trip or for remote work, you can have a beautiful getaway here. It’s a hotel but with a hostel and a resort atmosphere.

puerto escondido hotels

Featuring an outdoor pool, 24-hour reception, and free Wi-Fi, this hotel is near the famous Playa Puerto Ángelito, Carrizalillo Beach, and Principal Beach.

Among the choices for accommodation include family rooms, studios, apartments, dormitories, and private rooms.

They offer activities like movie nights, bike tours, classes about the local culture, and Yoga sessions. Also, there’s a picnic area and barbecue facilities outdoors.

Casa Losodeli has been welcoming guests for almost a decade now as one of the most tranquil hideaways in Puerto Escondido.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Casa Losodeli: EXPEDIA | BOOKING.COM | AGODA

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