Mexico City late night eats

Mexico City late-night eats: a walking food tour in the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods

This Mexico City late night eats food tour is supported by Tasty Bites Food Tours but this piece was written with great consideration of the experience. This blog does not create content based on complimentary tours, but will only recommend tours, products, and services that are relevant to the audience.

Mexico City has become the culinary capital not just in Mexico but all over Latin America. Many people don’t know this but the food scene in Mexico’s capital is vibrant and has evolved through the years with great cuisine that awakens the senses.

I lived in Mexico City for a while and never did I have to repeat what I eat every day. I bet I need a year to visit all the best restaurants in Mexico City! There’s really a lot! I lived in the Condesa neighborhood, where quirky cafes and modern-day Mexican food are packaged in a very appealing way. Anywhere you look in Condesa, you will find something that fits your taste buds!

The neighborhoods of Condesa and Roma

Though I lived in Condesa, I couldn’t possibly have known where to get the best food options in the area. Sure, you’ll see a bunch of restaurants everywhere you go in this neighborhood but how do you know if they serve the best food? Do you look at the interiors? Do you check if it’s full of people? I didn’t want to do the guessing game so when I came back to visit, I signed up for a Mexico late night eats tour with Tasty Bites, a young company introducing people to the best food there is in Mexico City.

Mexico City late night eats

Rob is the owner of Tasty Bites Food Tours. He conducts some tours himself!

Introducing Tasty Bites Food Tours

This is Rob. He is from Canada and he’s the owner of Tasty Bites Food Tours. He started doing this tour because of his fascination with Mexico City’s food culture, energy, and all this vibrant city has to offer. Our company’s goal is to provide outstanding value to our guests by creating a most memorable experience tasting some of the world’s best cuisine while showcasing why Mexico City has become one of the top-ranked travel destinations in the world.

Mexico City late night eats food tour with Tasty Bites: what to expect

I tried 8 dishes in this Mexico City late night eats tour with regional specialties like mezcal, premium-grade tequila, pulque, street food, and dessert. The good thing about this tour with Rob is that you can have unlimited amounts of food at every stop but I don’t really recommend you eat a lot in each place. By the time we reached the third stop, I was already full! So eat slowly and take your time. There will be a lot of walks anyway so you’ll burn as you go.

Mexico City late night eats

This food walking tour is about 1.60 miles (flat) so wear anything you want! Evening food tours are unique and offer a different perspective of the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods than a daytime tour. This tour ends in the heart of Roma surrounded by nightlife – convenient if your group wants to continue the fun after the tour.

Mexico City late night eats food tour: dishes and drinks that I tried

#1: Tacos al pastor

My Mexican friends declared that there is no other place in the whole of Mexico where you can get the best tacos al pastor – it’s only in Mexico City. Sure, you can try it in the south or even in the north but the capital is the birthplace of tacos al pastor. You need to try it in this city!

Mexico City late night eats

Tacos al pastor.

No one really knows where tacos al pastor came about to Mexico but it is believed to be brought by the Lebanese as it is very similar to the Middle East’s shawarma. Tacos al pastor is a famous Mexican favorite. It is pork marinated in a combination of dried chilis, spices, pineapple, and typically achiote paste then slowly cooked in a gas-flamed on a vertical rotisserie called “trompo.”

#2: Esquites

The good thing about this food tour is that it only doesn’t take you to restaurants but also to secret street food stalls which, personally, I wouldn’t have discovered if it wasn’t because of this tour. Esquites is not really my favorite but it is very interesting. Mexico loves corn and most of its dishes are corn-based. It is so amusing how many dishes they can do with corn!

Mexico City late night eats

Esquites also known as corn in a cup is a very popular Mexican snack. The word esquites comes from the Nahuatl word ‘iqzuitl’ which means toasted corn. Esquites is served hot and topped with varying combinations of lime juice, chili powder, hot sauce, salt, and mayonnaise. Sounds like a weird combination, eh? Try it and let me know what you think!

#3: Taco campechano

I’ve been living in Mexico for a year now and I never came across taco campechano until this tour happened. Rob took us to a place that’s been serving the best campechano since the 1940’s. Originally from Campeche, campechano combines beef and pork into one delicious package!

Mexico City late night eats

It was served like a sandwich-style (two tortillas, meat in the middle) so this is very new to me – I always fold the tortilla when I eat tacos. Most campechanos are with grilled beef, chicharron, and longanisa sausage to mix together. This is a very meaty dish and they don’t come with vegetables. As you can see in the video, the server only recommended putting lime and salsa. It was very tasty but very heavy!

#4: Cristalino and Sangrita

Cristalino is a premium-grade tequila and I was quite surprised that this was included in the tour! I live near Jalisco where tequila is made and it normally costs me a lot to buy Cristalino. But what is a high-quality’ tequila like? Most of the world drinks tequila in one gulp but in Mexico, a Cristalino is very different from your trusted Jose Cuervo.

Mexico City late night eats

Cristalino is drank slowly and is usually accompanied by a chaser called sangrita. Oh no, this also ain’t the sangria you make at home. Sangrita has no alcohol. It is sweet, savory, and a little bit spicy. It is tomato-based and when combined with Cristalino, the result is divine!

Watch the Mexico City late night eats video too see the complete list of food and drinks!

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    Hey Trisha
    This is Jessie. Pinoy but lives in Atlanta. I’m intrigued and inspired about your life as an expat in Mexico. I watch Ave and Martin vlogs and by happenstance came across your video of Ave’s 30th birthday celebration in Sayulita. I read your blogs and I became more curious about your story. Where are you from in the Philippines?How did you meet Ave? How do you make it there financially after leaving the hostel scene? My wife is from Tepic Mexico where her father still lives and I’m a bit familiar with that side of Mexico. I’m glad to know of a Pinay expat in Mexico. You are the first I know but I’m sure there are many more. Keep your dream alive. Good luck on your future adventure.


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