P.S. I’m On My Way’s Melbourne City Guide

[us_message color=”custom” bg_color=”#f4f4f4″ text_color=”#000000″]Reader Question: I’ve been reading your blog since forever and I remember one time you stayed in Australia for a long time. I am planning to move to Melbourne and I want your honest opinion about the lifestyle most especially the best neighbourhood to live in. I value your writing and your advice – I go to your blog whenever I need information about traveling! Thanks in advance and I hope you can come visit Arizona.

Crystal Thompson, USA[/us_message]

Dear Crystal,

Thank you so much for the kind words! It must’ve been way back that you saw I was in Melb as I haven’t visited in years but I am happy you are still running to this blog whenever you need info. I don’t have plabns in traveling USA yet but I’ll definitely get in touch!

Here’s everything I know about Melbourne and I hope you’ll have a great time! I consider this as one of. the most livable cities in the world. Good luck!


P.S. I know the title suggest that this guide is only for long-term travelers but it is also applicable to people who are going for a short visit. 

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Arriving in Melbourne

Melbourne City Guide

Melbourne Airport, colloquially known as Tullamarine Airport, is the primary airport of Melbourne, and the second busiest airport in Australia. It has two runways. At Melbourne Airport, passengers using immigration of Terminal 2 are able to use the unmanned e-gate for e-passport (IC Passport) holders. People just scan own passport and take a photo. You have to stand in the queue at the manned immigration lane in case of any problems with the photo. Immigration for departure is able to use the same system. You do not need a long time for immigration queues.

Surprised at how quick I got through Melbourne Airport arriving on Qatar Airways at 5.30pm. It seemed this flight got so lucky as walking towards immigration it was clear no other flights had arrived although a SIA plane was parked next to our gate with a lot of activity going on. On entering the immigration concourse it was completely empty so immigration was a breeze 2 mins and done. Baggage reclaim was empty and bags were on the conveyor within 10 mins so was quick to get my bag. Customs in less than a minute after heading form to a rather stern looking customs official and I was out. Got lucky on this occasion but not so with heavy traffic at this time of night. It is a busy airport with four terminals and 24-hour operations, a high number of flights arriving and departing every day. Keep up-to-date with the latest flight times, delays and cancellations with Skyscanner’s flight status board. International passengers must proceed to the entry control point. This point is signed from the moment you depart the

Keep up-to-date with the latest flight times, delays and cancellations with Skyscanner’s flight status board. International passengers must proceed to the entry control point. This point is signed from the moment you depart the aircraft and is located after duty-free, on route to the baggage reclaim hall.

SmartGate can be used only by travellers who are aged 18 years or over and have completed their incoming passenger card.

[us_iconbox icon=”fas|bus” iconpos=”left” size=”42px” title=”Skybus” title_tag=”h6″]The Skybus service is a 24/7 shuttle that runs to and from the Coach Terminal at Southern Cross Station, which is located on Spencer Street in the Central Business District. There are two places at the airport where you can be picked up by the shuttle – either next to the Virgin Australia terminal or the Qantas/Jetstar domestic terminal.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|train” iconpos=”left” size=”42px” title=”Public Transport Victoria” title_tag=”h6″]This is a much slower, but cheaper option to get from the airport to downtown Melbourne. Go to the Skybus terminal and buy a Myki Card.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|car” iconpos=”left” size=”42px” title=”Car Hire” title_tag=”h6″]If you want to be able to travel more independently during your visit to Melbourne, you might consider hiring a car. You can find one at the airport as there are several car rental operators.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|taxi” iconpos=”left” size=”42px” title=”Taxi” title_tag=”h6″]Probably the quickest way to get from the airport directly to your hotel is to jump in a taxi cab. You can catch a taxi from the designated taxi ranks at the airport, which are located on the ground floor outside Terminal 1 and between Terminal 3 and 2. [/us_iconbox]

Getting around Melbourne

Melbourne City Guide

Most visitors stay at the city centre, the commercial hub of Melbourne where most of the museums, theatres, restaurants, bars and shop are located. Melbourne’s grid layout makes it an easy city to navigate, with most attractions within walking distance. The Night Network also operates on weekends with after-hours transport to many locations.

To get around Melbourne using public transport (trams, buses and trains) it is necessary for all visitors to purchase a Myki smartcard. There are no longer “tickets” available for purchase. The City Circle Tram is free service but please note that Myki is not valid on the Skybus to and from Melbourne Airport.

  • Myki Cards. Myki is Melbourne’s ticket to travel on the city’s trains, trams and buses. It’s a plastic smartcard with stored value which can be topped up and re-used again. You may purchase your myki online at the PTV website, premium train stations, retail outlets displaying the myki sign (including 7-Elevens), or by calling 1800 800 007 (free from a land line) in Australia.
  • Myki explorerFor flexible travel, buy a myki explorer pack from Melbourne Visitor Centre, Federation Square, the PTV Hub at Southern Cross Station (corner Swanston and Little Collins streets), SkyBus terminals and some hotels. Packs include a pre-loaded myki card with enough value for one day of travel in Zone 1 and 2, instructions on how to use myki, a Melbourne tram map and discount entry to Melbourne attractions.
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|taxi” iconpos=”left” size=”42px” title=”Taxi” title_tag=”h6″]Melbourne taxis are easy to spot, as they display a lamp on the cab roof and most are painted yellow, silver or white.You will know if the taxi is available if the rooftop lamp is lit. Rideshare trips with the Uber app are also increasingly popular in Melbourne. [/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|train” iconpos=”left” size=”42px” title=”Train” title_tag=”h6″]The metro trains run between the outer suburbs and Flinders Street Station in the city. The city loop is Melbourne’s underground system, with five stations in the central business district: Southern Cross Station, Flagstaff, Melbourne Central, Parliament and Flinders Street. Southern Cross Station is Melbourne’s hub for regional and interstate trains. [/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|train” iconpos=”left” size=”42px” title=”Tram” title_tag=”h6″]Passengers can board trams at signposted stops displaying maps, route numbers and a timetable. Route numbers are also displayed on the front of the tram. Traveling within the central area of Melbourne by tram is free, though you will need a myki card if you plan to start or finish your journey outside of this central area.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|bicycle” iconpos=”left” size=”42px” title=”Biking” title_tag=”h6″]Melbourne’s generally flat terrain renders cycling as a popular option for getting around. Melbourne has just introduced a new public bike share program throughout the city. You will find instructions and prices at each bike dock. Remember to watch out for those tram tracks (wheels can get caught). There are great bike tracks along the Yarra River to explore. Please note that bike helmets are required throughout Victoria when riding.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|ship” iconpos=”left” size=”42px” title=”Water Taxi” title_tag=”h6″]There is only one company that operates water taxis in Melbourne and it is a great way to travel to some of the cities events or games to avoid the traffic. It can also be a fun trip to docklands with a group of friends. They run a regular service between Southgate and Rod Laver Arena / Melbourne Park / MCG for events such as the Australian Open Tennis, concerts, and AFL matches.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|bus” iconpos=”left” size=”42px” title=”Bus” title_tag=”h6″]Melbourne buses run frequently to major hubs, including shopping centres, schools, hospitals, leisure and sports venues, and some of Melbourne’s biggest attractions. For people travelling to the countryside, Victoria’s V/Line service gives access to regional towns and scenic attractions across the state. [/us_iconbox]
[us_message color=”yellow” icon=”fas|pencil-alt”]Note that prices for transpo vary so I didn’t include prices. The costs below are estimates. It’s just for you to have an idea what the cost is like.[/us_message]
Monthly ticket public transportAU$ 140 ($108.9 USD)
Taxi trip on a business day, basic tariff, 8 km. (5 miles)AU$ 20 ($15.6 USD)

Let’s get to know the Melbourne neighbourhoods

melbourne city guide

[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Brunswick” title_tag=”h5″]It lies to north of Melbourne’s Central Business District. What I love about Brunswick is, here, grandmas compare tomatoes in Mediterranean grocery stores while young songwriters busk outside. Most mornings are filled with the smell of Middle Eastern spices wafting from bakeries down cobblestone alleyways and past restored workers’ cottages. On the weekends, students queue for vegan brunch as families gather at places of worship across the street. Sometimes it seems all anyone does in Brunswick is hop from one new cafe to another, switching to bars toward evening and working up an appetite[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Carlton” title_tag=”h5″]It is an inner suburb of Melbourne. You won’t see Carlton’s residents cutting their pasta; in this neighborhood’s outdoor restaurants, spaghetti is twirled expertly with a fork and savored to the last bite. Centrally located Lygon Street boasts espresso and pastries just like your nonna made them, I still lust over it. Seeking hideouts to quietly canoodle, couples picnic in Princes Park, and longtime residents sidestep peppy college kids for the relatively calm oasis of Rathdowne Street.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Central Business District (CBD)” title_tag=”h5″]CBD means business, but also knows how to relax. This place is an abundance of hidden cafes, restaurants, and bars packed in its narrow laneways. Every weekday, business tycoons, trams, and tourists rush through frenetic streets. The much-welcomed weekend signals the change from business attire and briefcases to casual clothes and cocktails. With its nonstop activity, the CBD offers endless amusement for locals and tourists alike. I explored the Central Business District’s with its unique alleyways which is like an open maze.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Collingwood” title_tag=”h5″]I peeled back the inner-city onion that is Collingwood and discovered layers of local history, infamous characters, quirky creativity and effortless charm. Collingwood is constantly on the cutting edge with each pop-up restaurant, quirky bar, and innovative art gallery. New trends are showcased inside gilded buildings, reflecting the area’s industrious past and ensuring its illustrious future. The cafes and bars in Collingwood are unpretentious. On every sidewalk and down every alley new ideas are being explored. The preferred mode of transport in Collingwood is on wheels, not feet and I enjoyed rolling on wheels. Bike racks, bike shops, and, well, bikers, can be seen on almost every corner. Skaters, too. Every wall in Collingwood is also a canvas. I absorbed myself in the street art here that comes in many forms. [/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Docklands” title_tag=”h5″]Gleaming along the Yarra River, the Dockland’s modern apartment towers brush shoulders with busy cranes, retail outlets, and the iconic Southern Star Observation Wheel. With every new restaurant, bar, and seasonal festival, this neighbourhood is slowly coming into its own even though locals have come here for years to pay homage to Melbourne’s stunning skyline. The Docklands makes the most of its riverside location. It has parks and piers, boardwalks and docks, and simple benches where I soaked in the setting sun along the water. It’s just so close to everything! Cafes, restaurants, bars, public transport, shops, CBD etc. It’s a really laid back and safe neighbourhood that is accessible 24/7 but quiet at night time. Perfect![/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”East Melbourne” title_tag=”h5″]Game days fill the air with the zealous shouts of footy fans, but there’s still space for quiet strolls in East Melbourne. Surrounded by calm gardens, historical architecture, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground, cultural enclaves abound in this neighborhood. Amidst East Melbourne’s institutions and verdant parks, a fairy tree may reveal itself to remind you that magic often appears when you least expect it. I was there to hear the roar of the crowd and root for your favorite team at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the largest stadium in Australia. In East Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens, Cook’s Cottage stands as a reminder of Australia’s connection to the famous navigator James Cook. His 1755 house was transferred brick by brick to Melbourne from England. [/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Elwood” title_tag=”h5″]Here, after long days in the CBD, range rovers return to Edwardian homes, reuniting parents and kids for strolls down Ormond Street and bike rides along Port Phillip Bay. Elwood offers reprieve for young families and hard working college students who still bring energy to the evenings in this beachside suburb. Along Ormond road, the residents of Elwood have everything they need. Its shops and services keep life moving at a comfortable pace. There’s even a little street art to put a smile on your face. If you are an outdoor person, you would love to play in Elwood’s wide open space. When the weather is hot, Elwood’s locals move to the coast. So do shops and cafes. Relaxing and reclining was my agenda here.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Fitzroy” title_tag=”h5″]Melbourne’s first suburb is now the first place to see newly established styles. You can see a lot of young and alternative citizens of Fitzroy biking by vibrant murals before settling in at one of the area’s endless eating and drinking options. For the art community of Fitzroy, anything goes, from provocative street art to profound paintings, I was always surprised by the unexpected. You can browse the endless stalls of the Rose Street Market to find everything from a recycled necklace to a hand-poured candle. Over here, creativity thrives on every corner. Cocktail menus excited me with something new everytime. It has beautiful rooftop bars with views. Even down on the streets, life is beautiful. Coffee, fair trade produce, funky wine bars beckoned me to spend hours here. From community gardens to verdant cafes, you can pull up a chair anywhere.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Footscray” title_tag=”h5″]Fragrant spices mixed with the scent of burning incense in Footscray’s culturally invigorating streets will overwhelm you. Generations of restaurateurs from Ethiopia to Greece serve tantalizing plates of their county’s best fare to locals. Away from the bustle of Barkly Street, Footscray’s ambiance turns industrial and serves as a reminder of the area’s hardworking, come-as-you-are attitude. Footscray’s streets offer every type of food you can imagine, from pho to falafel. Street corner conversation can be heard in many languages like Vietnamese, Greek, Burmese, and more. Each culture brings their own flavor to the neighborhood. You will have best chance to live with different nationalities. I definitely enjoyed late night markets in Footscray with everything on sale! It also has modern cafes, corner pubs and green spaces. It is also known for it’s fresh food market culture and also for its bohemian lounge-bars.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Northcote” title_tag=”h5″]Tree-lined sidewalks set the scene of Northcote’s suburban utopia. Baby strollers and yoga mats are the preferred accessory for kale-fueled families whose healthy lifestyles extend to High Street’s farm-to-table restaurants. In the evening, they are joined by their artsy young neighbors at lively venues and cafes where local bands imagine they are playing to sold out arenas. Adventure abounds in Northcote’s suburban streets and hills. Meditative strolls are the perfect urban retreat. Families and artists appreciate the respite. High street is Northcote’s main drag. Many cafes and restaurants doubles up as live music venues. Ideal pairing in the cafes here?? A book and coffee undoubtedly. When they’re not sipping or strolling, locals are shopping. Shops are packed with vintage finds and retro designs. Treasures abound in Northcote.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”North Melbourne” title_tag=”h5″]Sun worshippers sporting rollerblades zoom along Port Melbourne’s scenic seaside promenade. Camera-wielding tourists and locals exercising on the sand are only interrupted by the low bellow of cruise ship horns signaling daily departures to Tasmania. Formerly inhabited by port workers, historical homes now house young parents and toddlers, but apartment living is on the rise as Port Melbourne experiences a surge of growth. Port Melbourne’s open roads and inviting sidewalks encourage slowing down. From corner cafes to cozy alleyways, Port Melbourne wants you to stop and take it all in. Swirl a glass of wine, savor a scoop of gelato, or just pull up a seat with a friend. From anywhere you sit, people watching can’t get much better than in Port Melbourne. I loved the place because it is a vibrant, exciting village with every possible amenity within easy walking distance. This area has a huge selection of excellent international restaurants, boutique shops and take-away eateries, supermarkets, post office, chemist, dry cleaning, massage and beauty therapies, hair dressers, great cafes and numerous pubs. It is just minutes away from CBD. At the beaches, the waves are relaxed. Sea breezes refresh diners at restaurants along the dock.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Prahran” title_tag=”h5″]Locals in yoga pants move from their morning vinyasa class to the corner juice store in Prahran. Along Chapel Street, sleek professionals in designer duds and edgy students in retro threads all come to see and be seen. Just off the main drag, Greville street grooves to a different beat with funky record stores and vintage treasures. The boutiques here showcase fine collections. Locally designed linens, ceramics and handcrafted wares lighten up the shelves. The streets offer alternative vibes and psychedelic styles. The cafes serve fancy food in a relaxed atmosphere.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Richmond” title_tag=”h5″]Vietnamese noodle stalls, Greek tavernas, and classic Richmond pubs all line the main streets of Richmond. This culinarily and culturally diverse neighborhood also boasts hip bars, farmers markets, and shopping options, from big box stores to small boutiques. On lanes to the main streets and on the Yarra River bikers cruise by while rowers stroke along to the rhythm of chirping birds. Vietnamese cuisine and culture are permanent on the streets of Richmond. Every corner reminded me of old Saigon, from produce and hot dishes to fresh baguettes, to haute styles and silken threads. The neighbourhood is wonderfully eclectic and the people are so warm and inviting. Everything is literally at your doorstep and you won’t ever need to wander too far to find what you’re looking for. There is a watering hole in every corner and family owned shops line the funky streets. Under the train tracks, street art graces pylons.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”South Melbourne” title_tag=”h5″]I marvelled at the authentic Victorian houses in lively-yet-sophisticated South Melbourne. Here, artisan coffee culture is rivaled only by the local obsession to find a perfect plate of fish and chips. On the weekends, visitors flock to the famed South Melbourne Market. Everything you could ever need is housed under one roof at the South Melbourne Market. I became one of the locals and explored the treasures of the South Melbourne Market. The wonderful atmosphere and culture blowed me away. Everyday life in South Melbourne is as easy as getting there on the train. It’s a classic.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”South Yarra” title_tag=”h5″]High heels and designer leather boots click down the long catwalk of Chapel Street past high price tags in South Yarra’s boutiques. Just off the main thoroughfare, independent shops and cafes share the block with preserved mansions and art deco apartments. When the sun sets, velvet ropes part outside posh nightclubs and glasses clink inside swanky cocktail lounges. Chapel Street is a shopper’s paradise, every corner with a new designer label. This is where you want to stay in Melbourne. Chapel Sreet and South Yarra is the Nottinghill of Melbourne. One of the greatest shopping strips around town with hippest cafes, nightclubs and restaurants. Tudor themed buildings grace Toorak road something I was mesmerised with.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”South Bank” title_tag=”h5″]Southbank’s skyline is opposite to the CBD. The area is home to the city’s tallest towers and largest corporate headquarters but still knows how to entertain. The place boasts of rich riverside culture which lures students to browse art museums, gamblers to test their luck at the casino, and audiences to give standing ovations for experimental theater. The first building to greet you in Southbank is the National Gallery of Victoria. Founded in 1861, it’s the oldest public art museum in Australia. It is also home to several theatres. All paths in Southbank seem to lead to green expanses. Tourists, casino-goers, and business tycoons all enjoy a stroll along the Yarra. Southbank is Melbourne’s international inner-city address. It is the focus point for arts, theatre, conventions, entertainment and riverside dining.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”St. Kilda” title_tag=”h5″]Melbourne’s famed beachside neighbourhood is full of sunbathers, swimmers, and even small penguins share. St. Kilda‘s outdoor pubs and cafes provide a perfect ambience to sip a glass of cocktail in the sun and watch windsurfers brave the waves. Though its very close to the bustling city center, the area paints a relaxed picture with its antique theaters, historic amusement park, and classic beachside kiosks. Come dusk, St. Kilda comes alive with music and nighttime revelers. St Kilda is a complex and interesting neighborhood with a rich history and plenty to see and experience. The local food, art, architecture are all wonderfully diverse and original. And of course the beach is only a stones throw away, as is the historic kiosk and pier and the famous Sea.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Windsor” title_tag=”h5″]Decades-old Art Deco buildings and Victorian homes imbue Windsor with an eclectic vibe. On this end of Chapel Street, the boutiques are retro, the cafes unpretentious, and the bars late-night. Outside, the humming vibration of trams rivals the din of excited conversation inside Windsor’s off-beat watering holes. Windsor is Melbourne’s heart and soul for vintage fashion, entertainment and food. Windsor’s charm is evident, even in its red brick train station. It’s an important part of everyday life here, from the morning commute to the return home.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Yaraville/Sedon” title_tag=”h5″]Families young and old bask in the inviting calm of Yarraville’s streets, parks, and cafes, painting a picture more of a village than a city. Tram lines deposit the drama-hungry right at the entrance of The Sun movie theater, where friends meet up for the latest release or to browse handmade wares in Yarraville’s famed craft markets. [/us_iconbox]

Where to stay in Melbourne

There are a lot of hotels in Melbourne that are suitable for any type of travelers. However, I only do hotel stays if I wanted to be alone and get away from interacting with people.

Personally, I did a lot of Couchsurfing, homestay with local families, and house-sitting but these types of accommodations entail a certain type of responsibility. For example, when I was Couchsurfing with a friend, I was kind of obliged to talk to them all the time (hence didn’t have time to work) and also participate in their activities. Homestays are pretty much the same as you are also required to be with them all the time to get the full experience. If I wanted privacy (but still get free accommodation), I looked for house-sitting gigs. Melbourne is one of the best house-sitting cities in the world as there is a myriad of families going abroad who are looking for people to care for their pets in exchange for a free stay.

[us_iconbox icon=”fas|home” size=”42px” title=”AirBnb” title_tag=”h6″]Good for Entire house/apt rentals (Get $40 USD off)[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fab|tripadvisor” size=”42px” title=”TripAdvisor” title_tag=”h6″]Good for: low priced hotels (Check prices)[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|bed” size=”42px” title=”Booking.com” title_tag=”h6″]Good for: Proof of accommodations for immigration (Book here with free cancellation)[/us_iconbox]

Things to do in Melbourne

Melbourne City Guide

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[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Soak in Brunswick City Baths” title_tag=”h6″]As the mercury rises, an essential part of any Australian summer is a dip in the local swimming pool. Suitable for swimmers of all ages and skill levels, Brunswick City Baths also offers a range of fitness programs, and a childcare program if you need some time alone in the lanes. It’s a perfect spot to cool off during the soaring temperatures of Victoria’s summers.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Groove your mind and soul at Round and Round Records” title_tag=”h6″]Nothing beats the sound and feel of a vinyl record, so if like me music is your thing,like me, retro or modern, then Round and Round Records is nirvana. With a wide selection of recent reissues, rare printings, and well-known albums on vinyl, it is a perfect place to spend time searching for hidden gold, or to sell your own collection.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Do your bit for a beautiful world at CERES Community Environment Park” title_tag=”h6″]Providing a place for green thumbs to unite, CERES Community Environment Park hosts four-and-a-half hectares of environmental conservation efforts. Whether you just want to walk around, plant your own seedlings, volunteer to help, or have a bite at the sustainable cafe, there is something for anyone willing to help improve this part of the world. I planted seedlings and want to go back to see my plant growing.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Indulge in Tinning Street Presents” title_tag=”h6″]Sometimes you need to escape the never-ending noise and movement of city life. Tinning Street Presents provides an escape, as you can wander its halls looking at locally produced artworks and leave with one for your home. Tinning Street Presents prides itself on presenting great craftsmanship and ingenuity.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Get lost and find things at Lost & Found Market” title_tag=”h6″]Objects of beauty can be found everywhere, particularly in the sub-cultural goldmine of the very cool Lost and Found Market. This huge outdoor trading floor has over 60 stalls dealing in vintage furniture and clothing, eclectic art, books, records and bric-a-brac at great prices.[/us_iconbox][us_separator style=”dashed” type=”default”]


[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Work and Play at Trades Hall” title_tag=”h6″]It is a monument to the achievements of the labour movement, but Trades Hall is not all work and no play. While public forums and benefit evenings exercise the political animal within, there’s also an artistic, light-hearted side. The labyrinthine interior houses a number of different venues which have hosted everything from film screenings and fringe theatre to comedy and burlesque cabaret. And one can only imagine the stories the historic Trades Hall bar could tell. During daylight hours, there’s the New International Bookshop and Café which specialises in literature with a radical or progressive slant.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Pamper your senses with unique dramas at La Mama” title_tag=”h6″]Since it’s founding in 1967, La Mama has launched the careers of some of Australia’s finest actors, directors and dramatists. It boasts of cutting edge and contemporary theatre, every year La Mama stages more than 50 new works in two unique, iconic and intimate spaces.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Bunjilaka” title_tag=”h6″]I learned that Bunjilaka is a word derived from two local Aboriginal languages meaning ‘creation place’ and is the name of the Melbourne Museum’s Aboriginal Centre. The Centre’s aim is to enable Victoria’s indigenous communities to express their history themselves. It’s significant collection of Aboriginal cultural heritage items is complemented by a series of performance, exhibition and meeting spaces including a native garden area. The Welcome (Wominjeka) Desk serves an important function as part of the customary greeting ritual when welcoming visitors to country.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Cultural immersion at Melbourne Museum” title_tag=”h6″]I marvelled at Australian social history, indigenous cultures, science and the environment this place showcases. It is located adjacent to the World Heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, and home to IMAX Melbourne. The major attractions of Melbourne Museum include celebrating Victoria’s local Koorie culture in Bunjilaka, Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Exploring Melbourne’s history in the Melbourne Story exhibition is an enriching experience. You have to immerse in evocative stories and discover the icons and personalities that have shaped Melbourne since the early 1800s. See Phar Lap, Australia’s legendary racehorse, in the flesh. Walk amongst skeletons of amazing animals from the past; from dinosaurs, flying reptiles and megafauna. This was the best part of the museum for me. I took a close look at bugs, from stick insects to red-back and funnel-web spiders in Bugs Alive and wandered through a living forest with resident wildlife inside the Forest Gallery. Journeying into the mind and exploring a world of emotions, thoughts, memories and dreams in The Mind exhibition is something you will cherish all your life. From the museum shops I picked up a unique range of books, toys, games, as well as locally produced crafts and souvenirs you won’t find anywhere else.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=” Carlton Gardens” title_tag=”h6″]It’s popular for picnic and bar-be-cue the heritage-listed Carlton Gardens are home to an array of wildlife, including brushtail possums. It looks dramatic with tree-lined avenues, a majestic fountain, formal flowerbeds and miniature lakes are features of these late nineteenth century Gardens. The gardens are home to the majestic world-heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building. The Melbourne Museum and IMAX Cinema are found on the northern border of the gardens.[/us_iconbox][us_separator style=”dashed” type=”default”]

Central Business District (CBD)

[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=” Take the Vintage City Circle Tram” title_tag=”h6″]I was thinking about taking a tour around the city but couldn’t figure out the most convenient route, and then I took the City Circle Tram 35. Melbourne’s vintage tram goes around the city, stopping at almost all the major attractions of Melbourne CBD. More than just a way to the city’s attractions, these are heritage trams and completely free! These trams are authentically vintage, being over 50 years old, which means no air conditioning is installed in them.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Watch Street Performances” title_tag=”h6″]The most striking features of Melbourne are its street performances and there is no greater concentration of street performers in Melbourne than in the CBD. Walk along Bourke Street Mall for the biggest performances in front of the General Post Office. Melbourne’s CBD’s streets are known to discover new talent, since many of the artists also have CDs and YouTube channels.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Follow Melbourne’s Historical Trail” title_tag=”h6″]Melbourne may be a concrete jungle of skyscrapers, but it is also adorned with Victoria’s oldest buildings. The General Post Office and the Parliament House were both built in the 1850s, while the Old Treasury Building is more than 150 years old. If you wish to delve even deeper into the history of Melbourne, then head to the Immigration Museum and the Shrine of Remembrance. I wanted to explore the darker side of Melbourne, the Old Melbourne Gaol (1853) satisfied my cravings.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Explore Graffiti Lanes” title_tag=”h6″]Graffiti lanes are another unique characteristic of Melbourne. These are not just instances of random, rebellious vandalism but respected and much appreciated forms of art. Croft Alley in Chinatown and Caledonian Lane off Little Bourke Street are filled with creative wall paintings. The truly unmissable place is Hosier Lane, opposite ACMI, possibly the most photogenic location in Melbourne CBD. My visit to Melbourne would have been incomplete if I have not seen Hosier Lane.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Shop at Queen Victoria Market” title_tag=”h6″]It is the only surviving 19th century market in Melbourne CBD, open since 1878. Queen Victoria Market sells everything from vegetables to clothing to the most authentic Melbourne souvenirs. Its long and continued existence is evidence of Melbourne’s organizational skills.[/us_iconbox][us_separator style=”dashed” type=”default”]


[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Enrich yourself with art at Backwoods Gallery ” title_tag=”h6″]Set up in 2010 by a team of Melbourne street artists, Backwoods Gallery was a springboard for the emerging Australian street art scene. Since its humble beginnings in the back streets of Collingwood, it has grown into an international community of the world’s leading artists.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Whettle your skills with the greens at Loose Leaf” title_tag=”h6″]I took a walk into the jungle wonderland created by Charlie Lawler and Wona Bae. By combining Bae’s history in Japanese and Korean flower arranging with Lawler’s experience in permaculture, the pair have created something of a first in this light-filled Collingwood warehouse. Fresh and seasonal is the order of the day. Good at killing plants at home? Take a class to skill-up or get Charlie to suggest some hardy plants for the window ledge.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Ethical fashion shopping at The Social Studio” title_tag=”h6″]Few things make you feel better than frocking up in glad rags that have been made with a conscience, so where better to shop than The Social Studio? It’s a fashion label and social enterprise that celebrates the style and skills of Australia’s diverse cultures. It’s your fine threads that create jobs and educational opportunities for talented members of new and emerging migrant and refugee communities. It is icing on the cake that can be had from The Cutting Table, the studio’s onsite café.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Shopping at Happy Valley” title_tag=”h6″]Chris Crouch, the brains behind Fitzroy’s iconic Polyester Records and the owner of the Tramway Hotel, has a bright new future and he’s called it Happy Valley. Located on Smith Street in Collingwood’s hipster enclave, this art, design and book store is full of just that – lovely arty trinkets, quirky collectables and a handsome selection of book titles from near and far. Fancy cards, graphic novels, finely crafted ceramics the list is endless.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Rock n’roll at Tote” title_tag=”h6″]After 20,000 angry music fans hit the streets to protest new licensing laws that led to The Tote‘s closure in 2010, this beloved church of punk rock reopened six months later. Now, this crusty jewel in the crown of Melbourne’s rock scene is just doing what it does best – beer garden BBQs, hazy late nights and heaving, sweaty rock ‘n’ roll.[/us_iconbox][us_separator style=”dashed” type=”default”]


[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Learn about crimes at Victoria Police Museum” title_tag=”h6″]The Victoria Police Museum presents visitors with an intriguing insight into the social history of policing and crime from the largest collection of Kelly Gang armour in Australia to forensic evidence from Melbourne’s notorious crimes. I enjoyed learning what life would have been like as a police officer in the 19th century, discovering some of the shady underworld figures lurking around Melbourne’s streets in the 1920s and explore the diversity of policing in the 21st century. All time exhibitions at the Victoria Police Museum include the iconic armour worn by members of the Kelly Gang; the remains of the car used in the Russell Street headquarters bombing and police files on some of Melbourne’s most infamous criminals, including ‘Squizzy’ Taylor. The Museum hosts a number of temporary exhibitions throughout the year. Also located in the Museum is the Victoria Police Museum Shop, offering unique gifts for adults and children. Delve into some crime, mystery and history with the range of books, unique collection-based products and Victoria Police branded merchandise.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Rewind at Melbourne’s Tall Ship” title_tag=”h6″]Aboard the Melbourne’s Tall Ship Enterprize and step back to a time of daring voyages and discovery. The romance and excitement of sailing with the wind in your hair as you take in spectacular views of Melbourne’s skyline, Port Phillip Bay and Australia’s spectacular southern coast have been enthralling. You need to experience legends and stories on a magnificent handcrafted replica of John Pascoe Faulkner’s Enterprise, the ship that brought the first permanent European settlers to Melbourne in 1835. Discover life as an early explorer and uncover the tale of ambition, intrigue and rivalry that led to Melbourne’s foundation. I hoisted the sails, steered the ship and climbed the rigging for heart-stopping thrills. It has monthly public sails from Docklands, Williamstown, Mornington and Geelong, with sails from Portarlington during peak season and special events, such as the Mussel and Celtic Festivals.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”If you are a sports person, cheer at Etihad Stadium” title_tag=”h6″]Etihad Stadium is the most versatile, flexible and technologically advanced stadium in Australia, boasting a free high-density Wi-Fi network, a 1500 strong high definition IPTV network and a fully retractable roof. It is the busiest stadium in the world, Etihad Stadium hosts as many as 80 arena sports and entertainment events as well as 600 non-event day functions annually in its function spaces. The venue regularly stages AFL, A-League and Big Bash League games as well as some of the biggest international sporting events such as UFC193, Soccer World Cup Qualifiers and the International Rugby Union tests. It’s known for hosting the world’s most well-known performers including Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, ACDC and Andre Rieu.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Stargaze at Melbourne Star Observation Wheel” title_tag=”h6″]Take flight through the Melbourne skies and see the city from a different perspective. It is a unique introduction to the colour, history, and culture of the city and beyond. Whether you are a regular or are a first time visitor to the cultural capital, it’s a spectacular way to get your bearings. Taking flight with the Melbourne Star gave me a totally new outlook, where the unique attractions of inner Melbourne and the Bay unrolled before me, lush gardens, award-winning architecture, sports stadiums, all waiting to be discovered. Melbourne Star’s 40-storey high structure provides uninterrupted 360-degree views of Victoria. Outlooks that are spell bounding across all four points of the compass, from the Dandenongs to the You Yangs, to Mount Macedon and nearby Port Phillip Bay, invite curiosity and exploration. As the largest solid steel construction in the world, the Melbourne Star is an engineering wonder. It is absolutely one-of-a-kind in the world construction, and its seven pointed star design, echoing the seven stars of the Australian flag, is an iconic feature of the Melbourne skyline.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Visit Mission to Seafarers” title_tag=”h6″]The Mission to Seafarers is the ancestral home of the Flying Angel Club in Melbourne that continues to offer a safe and secure place where seafarers can relax away from their working environment. Safe in this environment they are free to contact their families through internet or phone. The building is of historical significance and is one of the few remaining examples of Melbourne’s maritime history. The building was built in 1917 and will soon be celebrating 100 years. Whilst they continue to service the needs of Seafarers from all nations and faiths, the centre is open to the public and welcome visitors. Tours are conducted daily and groups are most welcome. The centre is famous for its Saint Peter the Mariner Chapel and the Norla Dome. The centre is also available for functions, weddings and events. The public is invited to become VIP members by joining the Crew 717 Club.[/us_iconbox][us_separator style=”dashed” type=”default”]


[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Become a child at Elwood Toy Library” title_tag=”h6″]It’s a not-for-profit community organisation run by its Members. Like any book library, the Elwood Toy Library is a unique place where you can borrow toys, puzzles, games and costumes for up to three weeks at a time. Everyone is welcome to join the Elwood Toy Library. This was my amusement park, with more than 2,000 toys. They stock firm favourites such as Fisher Price, Little Tikes, Duplo and Playskool, as well as quality handcrafted wooden toys. They have toys for water play and toys for playing house, puppet theatres, board games, jigsaw puzzles and train sets and even have a comprehensive selection of large toys: trikes, rockers, balance bikes, walkers and cars. If you’re thinking about purchasing a big toy, why not borrow one from the library to see if it’s right for your child.It is located in the Elwood/St Kilda Neighourhood Learning Centre, also adjoining Poet’s Garden with a fabulous gated park and playground.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Learn new skills at Elwood Craft Shop” title_tag=”h6″]It aims to provide a relaxed environment where local residents can pursue their craft projects and have the opportunity to learn new skills. It encourages participants to bring own project and offer skills when required so that they can complete a project. It links in with other local community organisations or programs to share skills, knowledge, resources and ideas. This enables social interaction for the local community. I appreciate how they decorate Elwood Neighbourhood House (vice versa to showcase participants’ works in the House).[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Educate yourself at Jewish Holocaust Centre” title_tag=”h6″]An educational museum set up by Holocaust survivors and their relatives. It was a reminder of the human tragedy experienced and was supported with amazing photographic and documentary evidence as well as interactive displays. I was fortunate enough to be present when a 93-year-old survivor told his personal story. It was a moving account of starvation and excruciating hardship entwined with a serious determination to survive. An amazing centre tucked away in Elsternwick. [/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Walk from Elwood to St Kilda” title_tag=”h6″]As you walk from Elwood beach to St Kilda there are tiles etched into the path that tells a story of the how things were in Elwood. If you are lucky you might spot a dolphin. The hustle and bustle of this walk are shared by runners, lovers, families all the wonderful diverse culture of Melbourne. You can stop along the way with plenty of benches. There is also a cyclist path for those inclined. A rotunda milk bar for the thirsty or an ice-cream will definitely tempt you.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Disconnect at St Kilda Botanical Gardens” title_tag=”h6″]A really good experience when I had been there. It is the best place to relax and for a peaceful moment if you want to disconnect for a while and you like the nature. The amazing noise of different birds, especially parrots was a treat to my ears. If you go to Melbourne you should stop in this place. It also has a free parking and has access for wheelchair users and provide picnic tables. They even provide the options to organise wedding celebrations or other events. If you want to go there you can use tram 97. The best place the palm lane walk.
[/us_iconbox][us_separator style=”dashed” type=”default”]


[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Fossicking Fitzroy” title_tag=”h6″]Browse quaint and quirky shops selling vintage wares and locally designed goodies. I recommend Vintage Sole, Somebuddy Loves You, Hunter-Gatherer, in.cube8r, and museum-shop-without-the-museum, Third Drawer Down. Go designer Gorman, Alpha60 and bùl, or DIY at Johnston Street’s Das T-Shirt Automat. Rifle through records at Polyester, Vinyl Revival, Poison City Records and Gertrude Street’s Northside Records. Do your one-stop independent design shopping on Saturdays and Sundays at the Rose Street Artists’ Market.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Tour d’Art” title_tag=”h6″]You cannot stop photographying the local street art and commissioned murals, and check out studios, galleries and workshops like Brunswick Street Gallery, Alcaston Gallery, Sutton Gallery, Panelpop and Centre for Contemporary Photography.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”East to Smith Street” title_tag=”h6″]Get your dancing shoes on and head to Smith Street. You can shop the appropriate footwear at the outlets along the strip, or at one of the growing number of stores stocking local designer wares. Check out the bands and DJs at Yah Yah’s, Kent Street and Mr Wow’s Emporium. They are an experience.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Out and about” title_tag=”h6″]Apart from the culinary and sartorial diversions, sunny days can be well spent at the outdoor Fitzroy Swimming Pool (complete with DJs on Sundays in summer) or barefoot with beers and friends further north at the Fitzroy Bowls Club. That is completely my kind of thing.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Rose Street Artist’s Market” title_tag=”h6″]Visiting this artists market is a delightful way to spend some time in the weekend. It’s open from 11am. It’s an artists’ collective, and each artist has their stall. When I visited, my favourite stall was Ceramics by Shoko Mafune, a Japanese woman who not only makes ceramics for sale on her stall, but also teaches ceramics. Her wares are quirky, have a sense of humour, are clearly made with a great deal of love and care, and are simply heart-warming. There are cards, plants, paintings, prints, and a lot of jewellery. It’s a tiny market, but well worth a visit. From Southern Cross/Collins St it’s a number 11 tram all the way. Just opposite the tram stop at Rose St is the Vegie Bar where you’d be mad not to go to for a snack or meal while you’re up that way.[/us_iconbox][us_separator style=”dashed” type=”default”]


[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Spice up your life” title_tag=”h6″]Locate those exotic spices and ingredients at Footscray Market. Busy Little Saigon Market will satisfy your craving for tropical fruits and Vietnamese groceries. The smell will fill your senses with a divine experience. If you like temples, visit to the Golden Heavenly Queen of Mazu at the Heavenly Queen Temple off Hopkins Street, the biggest Chinese temple in Australia. [/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”World food” title_tag=”h6″]Whether you’re in the mood for an Ethiopian coffee experience, South East Asian market shopping, fresh Italian cannoli or a juicy steak, Footscray has you covered. This was once a centre for migrants from southern Europe, these days Footscray is home to Chinese, Vietnamese, and increasingly, North African immigrants and their gastronomic traditions. Slurp a bowl of pho at a Vietnamese noodle house, get a masala dosa near Victoria University, tuck into traditional Ethiopian injera flatbread at Nicholson Street Mall. You can find Melbourne’s best steaks, stop at the Station Hotel. Follow it with a craft brew at Hop Nation or a tidy tipple at Back Alley Sally’s.[/us_iconbox][us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”World food” title_tag=”h6″]Whether you’re in the mood for an Ethiopian coffee experience, South East Asian market shopping, fresh Italian cannoli or a juicy steak, Footscray has you covered. This was once a centre for migrants from southern Europe, these days Footscray is home to Chinese, Vietnamese, and increasingly, North African immigrants and their gastronomic traditions. Slurp a bowl of pho at a Vietnamese noodle house, get a masala dosa near Victoria University, tuck into traditional Ethiopian injera flatbread at Nicholson Street Mall. You can find Melbourne’s best steaks, stop at the Station Hotel. Follow it with a craft brew at Hop Nation or a tidy tipple at Back Alley Sally’s.[/us_iconbox][us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Art attack” title_tag=”h6″]I found myself at Footscray on the trail of a highly anticipated arts event. Footscray Community Arts Centre, situated on the banks of the Maribyrnong River leads the local art scene. It features theatre performances, workshops, a bar, cafe and gallery spaces. It’s also the venue of the annual St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, boasting international music acts and local performers. Footscray is home to many other exciting and innovative arts. I catched a performance by Footscray’s experimental theatre company Snuff Puppets at the Footscray Drill Hall, and saw a live band at the Reverence Hotel. [/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Big games and fireworks” title_tag=”h6″]Cheer on the legendary ‘Dogs’, the Western Bulldogs Australian Football League team, at a training session at the state-of-the-art Whitten Oval. See the fireworks at Chinese New Year and the Tet Lunar Year Festival, a colourful Vietnamese celebration featuring dancing dragons, live music and food stalls.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Maribyrnong River Cruises” title_tag=”h6″]When you are guided by Peter and Warwick on the only Maribyrnong River Cruise, you are filled with passion, enthusiasm and knowledge. Not to be missed. Take the gentle ride up and down the river for two hours of expert commentary. I saw the part of Melbourne I didn’t know existed. See lava formations and old landings of yesteryear. What a great experience in Melbourne..[/us_iconbox][us_separator style=”dashed” type=”default”]


[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Northside culture” title_tag=”h6″]Around Northcote you will find an arty vibe, whether you’re cruising the Westgarth strip, heading up Ruckers Hill to High Street or occupying a patch of St Georges Road. Check out the latest exhibitions at indie galleries, catch an arthouse flick at the beautiful Westgarth Cinema, and see in your tomorrows with a night of high profile or start-up bands at the Northcote Social Club and anything-goes acts at Open Studio.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Shopping the strips” title_tag=”h6″]There’s everything you’ll ever need to be contained in Northcote’s Emporia. I dream a highway will fulfil your whimsy quota, together Lupa and Obus will make you cool with locally designed fashion, while Grandfather’s Axe will sell you a Scandinavian seat on which to perch and look the part.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Binge at Three square meals” title_tag=”h6″]You’ve got every meal covered in Northcote, and the chances of a good night out with some top tunes are high. I ate early at the aptly named The Breakfast Club and at my new favourite neighbour, Barry. Get brunching at Red Door Corner Store and Penny Farthing Espresso. I dined at Pizza Meine Liebe, Primo, ESP and Estelle Bistro.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=” Shopping at Leonard St” title_tag=”h6″]Wear the mark of a Melbourne girl in the form of Leonard St’s cleanly structured but feminine designs. Amanda McCarthy’s background as a sculptor is evident in her attention to silhouette and colour. Named after a small pocket of London’s East End, Leonard St’s annual collections contain a slouchy 1980s lilt and loads of sophisticated cool.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Obus” title_tag=”h6″]Designer Kylie Zerbst’s label Obus is a distillation of cutting-edge fashion. Uniquely for Melbourne, it’s also drenched in colour. With dresses, coats and perfect pants for ladies, it’s your golden ticket. [/us_iconbox][us_separator style=”dashed” type=”default”]

Port Melbourne

[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Beacon Cove and Station Pier” title_tag=”h6″]Don your designer gear and pound the palm-lined path that hugs the Port Melbourne foreshore. I walked past architect-designed houses and the high-rise apartment blocks overlooking Port Phillip Bay. Catch your breath in Beach Street’s eateries and find a spot for a beachfront beverage. Share snacks and sea breeze at the London or Tenpin, or splurge at Waterfront and people-watch as the Spirit of Tasmania ferry arrives, and the international cruise ships dock.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Back in Bay Street” title_tag=”h6″]Step back from the beach to Bay Street. Indulge at swanky boutiques, scout quality coffees at Balderdash and My Sister Says, and find best French provisions at Noisette. The Graham, The Local and the Railway Club Hotel will set you up with frothy beers (boutique, naturally) and top-notch pub grub, while Rose Bar & Diner and Dalmatino provide alternative dining options. Wine time? Make friends with bottle shop and wine bar Harry and Frankie. You need to retreat from the waterfront to find the suburb’s best coffee: Station Street Trading Co. is worth a detour.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”My Sister Says” title_tag=”h6″]Catch some sun on the communal outside table, tuck into a hearty breakfast at the bar, or fight for a spot among the cluster of cosy inside seats. With a cutesy, eclectic feel, along with friendly staff and a whole swag of sweet and savoury goodies ready to tempt the palate, it’s become a firm local favourite and even mine.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Whettle your driving skills at Auscarts Indoor Racing” title_tag=”h6″]It is a state of the art indoor karting venue and entertainment complex just five minutes from the heart of Melbourne’s city centre. Auscarts is an ideal venue for corporate functions, team building activities, bucks and hens or just a fun time with friends.
Test your sensory threshold and advance your driving skills at speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour. The weather free track is open seven days a weeks which makes it possible to plan your karting experience without limitations. Race statistics are recorded and displayed on the scoreboard and individuals receive printed out lap times to take home. To ensure the safety and hygiene, helmets of the correct size are provided along with hairnets. The track has safety monitors and lighting and speed controls. A video safety briefing is presented before racing. [/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Day out at Westgate Park” title_tag=”h6″]Westgate Park offers a range of attractions and activities within close proximity to the city. Located along the eastern banks of the Yarra River under the Westgate Bridge, the park offers spectacular views to the mouth of the Yarra and the city skyline.
I enjoyed a picnic lunch with friends and cycled along the Yarra River or the Port Melbourne foreshore. [/us_iconbox][us_separator style=”dashed” type=”default”]

Prahran and Windsor

[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Market fresh” title_tag=”h6″]Prahran Market is Australia’s oldest food market and it’s a fabulous place to satisfy your food obsession. I loved the variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, fine cheeses and smallgoods, organic and free range meats, fresh seafood, spices and pantry staples, pastries and fresh flowers, are all here and waiting for you. Come to graze, fill your basket and swap recipes with local characters. [/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Soak in Vintage vibes” title_tag=”h6″]Make a beeline for Greville Street, the spiritual hub of Prahran. While less kitsch than it once was the street retains a unique vibrancy thanks to a scattering of vintage stores, an independent record shop, edgy cafes, gallery spaces and outposts of local designers. Fossick through stalls packed with retro homewares, vintage clothes and collectables at Chapel Street Bazaar.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Raising the bar” title_tag=”h6″]Wish for year-round summer evenings from your vantage point in the beer garden cabanas from the Windsor Castle, or go for speakeasy style and single malts at Woods of Windsor. Sop up the vodka with scrumptious sausages and dumplings at Borsch, Vodka & Tears.Keep the night going with a show or a dance at Revolver Upstairs, OneSixOne or Boutique.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Greville Records” title_tag=”h6″]I took a break from clothes shopping on Chapel Street to spend a little time exploring the racks in the southside’s best record store. A refreshing change from the glitz and glamour of the surrounding area, Greville Records has wall to wall vintage posters, a massive collection of new and old vinyl out the back and a large array of special editions, box sets and merchandise.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Chapel Street Bazaar” title_tag=”h6″]Need a Yellow Lion to complete your Voltron set? Maybe a lava lamp is more your bag? If it’s retro or kitsch you want – or both – then Chapel Street Bazaar should be your first stop. Home to dozens of vintage stalls, it’s a treasure trove of furniture, toys, homewares and tidbits. Who does not like indulging in shopping?? I did my bit too.[/us_iconbox][us_separator style=”dashed” type=”default”]


[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Shopping” title_tag=”h6″]You’ll need all the substance you can get for the marathon shopping sprees at Bridge Road’s major label factory outlets and seconds stores – get good deals at Gorman, Alannah Hill, Kathmandu and Country Road. Also pay heed to the small boutiques popping up with small, selected offerings, like Swan Street’s Royal Order of Nothing and Lily and the Weasel.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”The arts end of Richmond” title_tag=”h6″]Drinking with friends in Richmond goes down better to the sounds of live music. Queue around the corner to see international buzz bands, local stalwarts or heavyweights having an intimate moment at the Corner Hotel. Church Street is the place to go for designer furniture and objets d’art. Make time in your calendar for time to stroll the galleries on Albert Street. Visit in May for the open day, with talks and exhibitions and entertainment.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Pubs and footy” title_tag=”h6″]Prop up the bar and soak up pre-footy atmosphere at renovated working class watering holes like the London Tavern, the Richmond Club Hotel, the Swan, the Great Britain, and Prince Alfred Hotel. Then alike me, head to the ‘G’ to cheer on your assigned or adopted Aussie Rules football team.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Live Music at The Corner Hotel” title_tag=”h6″]You can go to the Corner three times in a week to see three completely different bands – international buzz bands, local stalwarts or heavyweights – having an intimate moment. With live music on most nights of the year and a perfect summertime rooftop beer garden, it’s no wonder locals queue around the corner to get in.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|angle-double-right” iconpos=”left” size=”18px” title=”Eat up” title_tag=”h6″]Tip your hat to The Age Good Food Guide champions adding fine culinary pedigree to the local dining scene: Mister Jennings and Anchovy on Bridge Road; Union Dining and Noir on Swan Street, and Burnley Street stalwart The Grand. Dreaming of sushi? I immersed myself in an okamase experience at three-hatted Minamishima.
You will fall in love with the south side of the river at Baby Pizza and Kong on Church Street. The Mexican vibe can be found at Chingon and Fonda. Embrace the hustle and bustle of the fast, fresh and exceptional Vietnamese food on Victoria Street, Melbourne’s Little Saigon. Typically ‘Melbourne’ cafes like Pillar of Salt, Touchwood, Reunion and Co. and Friends of Mine ensure you’re never far from a decent coffee[/us_iconbox]

Meeting people in Melbourne

Melbourne City Guide

Melbourne at times can be a difficult place to meet new people and make friends. Initially, I felt the awful irony of being surrounded by thousands of people while still feeling lonely and isolated. In reality, there is no boundary to the infinite methods of meeting potential new friends. I have met people on trains and while snorkelling.
One way to meet new people and interact with them is the Melbourne Social Club. They have run thousands of events in Melbourne, offered hundreds of city discount benefits and helped many charities while enhancing Melbourne social lives over the last 11 years of organised activities.

Their Melbourne events are not just for singles in Melbourne, they’re a social club for everyone in Melbourne interested in fun! Events include day trips, weekends, drinks nights, outdoor adventures, sailing, skiing, ghost nights, trivia, dancing, comedy nights, sports, racing events, dining experiences, wine tours and cruises.

[us_message icon=”fas|envelope-open”]I made so many good friends in Melbourne and I want you to meet them! If you are going to Melbourne anytime soon, please drop me a line at trisha[at]psimonmyway[dot]com. I will definitely introduce you to a cool gang![/us_message]

Safety in Melbourne

best travel insurance

Melbourne has just been awarded the most liveable city in the world for the third year running. So it can’t be all that dangerous. Emergencies can happen without warning and with devastating effect, so it is important to prepare yourself.
There will be no problems at 6am. I have been walking alone on the streets. There will be quite a few people around. You will see drug addicts, beggars and junkies on the road but they will not create a problem for you.

In Melbourne, I always kept these numbers handy :

  • Public transport & timetables 131 638
  • Emergency Fire Police Ambulance – Telephone 000
  • Emergency Services (SES) – Telephone 132 500
  • Non-Emergency Police – Telephone 131 444

Local Blogs and Websites

Every city has a few core communities and social influencers, and at the center of each is usually one or two local influencers – the glue that holds the scene together. Everyone knows them. They’re at every race, on one side of the barriers or the other. They know all the country roads and city shortcuts. Best of all, they’re great people… easy to talk to, flush with smart advice.

  • Little Miss Melbourne. Self-proclaimed ‘undomestic goddess,’ Little Miss is on a mission to explore and share all that Melbourne has to offer. The nameless creator is a freelance content consultant by day and has worked with St Jerome’s – The Hotel, Zoos Victoria, Hardie Grant and Transport Hotel. Little Miss Melbourne is a minimalist webpage, free of flashing advertisements, with the focus instead placed on content under the headings Eat|Drink, Stay|Play, Go|Away and Mind Fodder. There is also an Explore section with the latest updates. Little Miss Melbourne’s Instagram page attracts 11.9 thousand fans and features foodie pictures, quotes and Melbourne scenery.
  • Melbourne Girl. Branded as the ‘Stylish guide to Melbourne,’ Melbourne Girl provides a local perspective on the city and suburbs. Run by editor Emily Collie and deputy editor Prue Chilcott, the blog is pieced together by six contributors, or ‘Melbourne Girls’, who concentrate on coffee, fashion trends and sales and weekend brunch. The blog is divided into five sub-headings: Play + Stay, Eats + Drinks, Design + Style, Shopping and Adventure with an additional competition page and an online shop.
  • Happiness and Things. If you want to get lost in the laneways to marvel at the city’s secrets, you must visit the blog Happiness & Things. This will give you ideas on a range of things from things to do with kids in Melbourne to the sassy and sexy places in Melbourne.
  • Caroline in the City. If you are a millennial, and want to travel responsibly, this is the place to be Caroline in the City .
  • Lady Iron Chef. If you want honest reviews about food and dining places in Melbourne, check out Lady Iron Chef.
  • City Of Melbourne. The official website of Melbourne, where you will find about Melbourne’s lifestyle, weather and climate, visitor services and calendar of events, don’t forget City of Melbourne .
  • Guide to Melbourne. If you are looking for the Melbourne Bible with guide to places and things and even planning your trip, visit Guide to Melbourne . It is the official tourism website of Melbourne.
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Have you been to Melbourne?

If yes, please share your where to’s: things to do, where to sleep, where to eat, etc and help other travelers make the most out of their Melbourne trip!

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