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What's it like to stay with a local family abroad? For the past 10 years, Trisha has been received in over 50 homes - eating, drinking, sleeping, and cooking like a local. Find your host family today!

I read Trisha's post on Couchsurfing where she was specifically asking to stay with a family. Couchsurfing is normally staying with individuals and I was puzzled that she specifically ask to stay with someone living with their family. My family does not speak English but Trisha tried hard to connect with them. She can definitely adapt in any type of culture and I admire her for her work.

When Trisha asked to stay with us in the south of France, we didn't know how to respond. Back then, in 2012, local family stays are not very popular so we had a hard time understanding her request. But we ended up hosting her for 2 weeks. Very respectable of our home and is very helpful! We will host Trisha again.

In Australia, local family stay (fruit picking) is very common but what Trisha does is totally different. I met her in Colombia while she was staying with a local family in Barranquilla, and I could not believe she was living with strangers for free for over 3 months! After this encounter, I browsed Trisha's blog to see how she does it. Up until today, I am still looking for host families wherever I travel! It's such a different experience!

As an American, I was told staying with strangers is not the best way to travel. I am glad I discovered Trisha's blog when I was backpacking in South America. Aside from saving a lot of bucks from getting free accommodations on family stay, it opened me to a world beyond my American upbringing. I would have not do it any other way! So thank you Trisha for opening my mind to explore such things. Really, I love you!

I did not think it is possible to stay with local families abroad. When I started my backpacking trip in Europe, Trisha's blog has been a resource for me to find host families abroad. Her expertise in this area is astounding. She is very flexible and can adapt in any living condition. I started reading this blog and doing local family stay because I wanted to be like her!! She's amazing!

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