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Huacachina travel guide: visiting the only desert oasis in South America

The Huacachina oasis in Peru is a must-see activity you shouldn’t miss! You can easily do this for a day but I highly recommend exploring Huacahina for 24 hours!

Reader Mail: I saw your post about Peru on Instagram and I was wondering if you have a Huacachina travel guide published already?

We are 2 girls traveling to Peru in June and we are planning our trip now. We want to know if it’s worth staying the night in Huacachina or just a day trip for sandboarding? Thank you so much for your help! You rock!
– Lennie Morgan, USA

Dear Lennie,

Glad you decided to add Huacachina to your Peru itinerary! Huacachina is a great place to visit and I enjoyed the many times I went there.

This Huacachina travel guide will give you different perspectives on how you want to spend your time there. Normally, tourists just swing by for the sand dune boarding experience but you can definitely stay longer if you wish!


Where is Huacachina?

Huacachina is a desert oasis located north of Lima (about 4 hours drive). It is a tiny village in the desert and it is the only desert oasis in South America. It is famous for its dune activities (buggy ride, dune boarding) but other than that, there’s not a lot to do here.

Bars and restaurants slowly pop out every time I visit (I go every year) but the little village remains calm and quiet.

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huacachina travel guide

Is Huacachina worth visiting?

ABSOLUTELY! I need not remind you that Huacachina is the only desert oasis in the whole of South America so this is something you shouldn’t miss! It wouldn’t be boring and it’s not just all about the town.

Sure, it’s pretty small and most people skip it. But one of the best things to do in Peru is to sandboard in the dunes of Huacachina – you’ll enjoy this, I promise!

Is Huacachina safe?

This is a very small town so everyone knows each other. The streets are well-lit so you won’t have problems walking alone at night. The close-knit community will give you the chance to learn about the local life in Ica.

Huacachina might be small but there are many parties here, bars, and restaurants. Although I wouldn’t say it’s a party town per se, there is a lot of nightlife here that goes til 5:00 in the morning!

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Regarding safety, all you have to worry about is standing up in the sandboarding. Tour guides only allow guests to do the sandboarding face-down.

The dunes of Huacachina are very high so it’s only for professionals. Honestly, I’ve done sandboarding in Huacachina a lot of times, and my friends who know how to snowboard weren’t really allowed to glide standing up.

Huacachina travel guide: everything you need to know about this desert oasis

How to get to Huacachina

I got to Huacachina with Peru Hop. Huacachina is part of their stop in their full South tour. As far as I know, Peru Hop is the only bus company that will take you to the oasis.

You can also go by public bus from Lima or Cusco but you have to go to Ica first. From Ica, you will need to take a taxi to Huacachina. Cruz del Sur and Oltursa are 2 of the Peruvian bus companies that travel this route. Below is the price estimate for fares:

  • Lima – Ica: 35 soles ($10.61 USD), 4h trip
  • Paracas – Ica: 20 soles ($6.06 USD), 1h trip
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Remember that from Ica, you still need to take another taxi to Huacachina. If you are coming from Paracas and you don’t want to take the bus, Freddi, my trusted driver when I lived in Paracas can take you directly for about 200 – 300 soles.

You can call him at +51 981 040 342. Just tell him you know me and you can haggle the price with him. He usually knows me by the name China.”

Things to do in Huacachina

People often spend a night or a day in Huacachina because there aren’t a lot of things to do here. However, the main attraction which is sand dune boarding draws tourists from all over the world to include Huacachina in their Peru itinerary.

Sand dune boarding in Huacachina is definitely for everyone. It’s not that difficult and there will be guides to assist you in your sandboarding experience.

It is recommended to ride the board face-down but if you are capable of standing up and you feel that it’s safe, then go for it! Our driver told us it’s not allowed to stand up on the boards even if I know how to but in my previous visits to the dunes, we were able to play standing up!

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The most exhilarating of them all is the buggy ride, where the buggy driver will take you to steep dunes! It’s like a rollercoaster ride!

See this video so you’ll have an idea of what the ride looks like. After that, you will get the chance to see a beautiful sunset overlooking the oasis.

Make sure to bring face masks or something to cover your mouth and nose. During the tour, sand was all over my face as I didn’t have any form of cover.

We booked this tour with Peru Hop but we’ve been told that you can book an hour before the tour. Just look for some tour agencies in the dunes or in the town of Huacachina.

Recommended Huacachina hotels

Huacachina has a lot of hostels in the oasis itself and a few 4-5 star hotel options. I stayed in Wild Rover Hostel Huacachina where a bed in a mixed dormitory costs $9 USD.

However, please note that this hostel is a party place. Accommodations may be cheap but get ready for the loud music and party vibe of Wild Rover. If you’re not fit for such a place, you can try other accommodations like:

La Casa de Bamboo Hostel: super-saver

💲 from $20 USD | Av. Ángela Perotti | +51 944 255 871

An 8-minute walk to the oasias, La Casa de Bamboo Hostel is an accommodation recommended for solo travelers and couples on a budget. You can get a private room here for as low as $25 USD!

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at La Casa de Bamboo Hostel: BOOKING.COM | EXPEDIA | AGODA

huacachina travel guide

El Huerto Hostel: best in value

💲 from $36 USD | Bolivar 634 | +51 944 255 871

If I am not staying at Wild Rover, my personal preference is El Huerto Hostel. Clean, tranquil, and recommended for digital nomads. I really loved my stay here because it’s quiet and the rooms are comfortable (and beautiful!) for what it’s worth.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at El Huerto Hostel: BOOKING.COM | EXPEDIA | AGODA

Best Huacachina tours

Dune buggy at sunset & sandboarding

You can always walk-in some tour companies when you are already in Huacachina however, if you are doing a day trip, you need to book this in advance, especially during COVID.

This is the traditional tour in Huacachina and you will see many tour operators in the area once you arrive. They can’t really change the prices for this so expect all tour agencies to have the same rates.

Remember no to pay more than $25 USD for this tour.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability for Huacachina sunset sandboarding

huacachina travel guide

From Lima: full-day Paracas and Huacachina luxury bus tour

Your Huacachina experience will not be complete without visiting Paracas. This combo starts at $129 USD per person and includes a tour of the Ballestas Islands.

The Ballestas Islands are like the mini Galapagos of Peru where you can see hundreds of sea lions and penguins in their natural habitat. This is a protected area along with the Paracas National Reserve.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability for full-day Paracas and Huacachina luxury bus tour

huacachina travel guide

From Lima: Ballestas, Nazca Lines, & Huacachina Oasis

Ica is really very rich in destinations you’ll never see elsewhere in the world. It’s one of the best places to visit in Peru. Another thing you shouldn’t miss is flying over the Palpa desert to see the Nazca lines.

It’s one of the most unbelievable things I’ve seen in my life and I promise you, the flight is worth it!

👉🏽 Check prices and availability for Ballestas, Nazca lines and Huacachina combo


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Currency, budget, cash, etc

The currency in Peru is called Peruvian nuevo sol (PEN). $1 USD = 3.32 PEN. To understand this conversion, I’m going to give you an idea about some basic prices:

  • Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district: $2.48 USD
  • Combo meal in fast food restaurant: $4.08 USD
  • 1 beer in neighborhood pub (500ml or 1pt.): $5 – $7 USD
  • Cappuccino in a specialty coffee shop: $5 USD
  • 1 package of Marlboro cigarettes: $6 USD
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huacachina travel guide

Money exchange in Huacachina

As I mentioned at the beginning of this Huacachina travel guide post, Huacachina is a small town and there aren’t a lot of services available in the area.

If you want to exchange money, you will have to go to Ica (take a taxi from Huacachina) and do it there. This is a slightly bigger city and has shopping malls where you can find money exchange houses.

There is also a Western Union in Ica, with rates that are slightly better than the others.

If you don’t have time to go to Ica, you can try exchanging with hotels and restaurants but they will surely give you a lower rate. However, think about your transport expenses to Ica and back to see if it’s worth it.

huacachina travel guide

ATM withdrawals

The only ATM machine I saw when I was in Huacachina was in Carola Lodge. It charged me $5 USD per withdrawal but this really depends on your bank. If you want more choices for ATM machines, you can go to the city of Ica.

Note that fake banknotes are very common in Peru (even in banks!) so make sure to always double-check!

Credit/debit cards

About 95% of establishments in Huacachina accept credit card payments with no extra charge. Visa is widely accepted than Mastercard but most of them cater to both. Bring cash to avoid hassle! Remember that Huacachina is a small town so expect it to be not fully developed yet.

When to visit Huacachina

My last visit to Huacachina was in the last week of November 2019 and I found it really cold during the night. Huacachina has a desert climate and is 412m above sea level.

Rain is not common in Huacachina – it barely rains during the year. March is considered the warmest month where temperatures go up to 24 degrees celsius.

In Peruvian desert standards, this is quite hot. July is the coldest month with temperatures averaging 15 degrees celsius. For most Westerners, this is not too cold but for me who’s used to living in a tropical country, I used jackets as soon as the sun sets!

What’s next after Huacachina?

When riding with Peru Hop, there is a usual route and ours was the full south escapade (towards Cusco). If you are not going all the way to Cusco and prefer nearby sites in the area, here are some places you can visit after Huacachina:


About 30 minutes from Huacachina is the city of Nazca where the famous Nazca lines can be found. Most people pass by here but if you want to see the Nazca lines via helicopter, stay the night!


Just an hour from Huacachina lay Paracas – an equally beautiful dessert town 4 hours from Lima. There are many things to do in Paracas including the Ballestas Islands and the Paracas National Reserve. A night or two is worth staying in Paracas!


The capital city of Peru is about 5 hours away from Huacachina by bus. Remember that all busses are taken in the city of Ica, about 15 minutes from Huacachina.


This is quite far but transportation is pretty easy from Ica to Arequipa. This 17-hour bus is tedious but Arequipa is beautiful — you’ll definitely love it! Riding with Peru Hop is easier as they can pick you up at your hostel in Huacachina and drop you at your hostel in Arequipa.

Huacachina travel guide on Pinterest: save it for later!

huacachina travel guide

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Ami Bhat

Wednesday 24th of November 2021

Such dreamy shots of the place. Those itself are good enough for one to want to get there. And the sandboarding part is a total bonus. I loved your post for its tips too. So much easier to plan a vacation here given these helpful tidbits. Thanks a bunch

Pamela Mukherjee

Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

If I get a chance to travel with a buddy, I will surely join you as you give us a glimpse of some really cool untouristy places. Huacachina seems an amazing place and I would love to explore the place with other options in Peru such as Machu Pichu and all. Lovely pictures ....

Puloma Bhattacharya

Sunday 21st of November 2021

That was quite an interesting post on Huacachina.The oasis in the middle of the desert sand dunes and sand boarding and buggy ride sounds like straight from an adventurous movie set! Thank you for sharing the information!


Saturday 20th of November 2021

I did not know about Huacachina oasis in Peru. I wish I had known. I have visited Peru only once and did the hike to Machu Picchu and spent a lot of time in Cusco. I do hope to go back to Peru again and will surely visit Huacachina oasis.


Saturday 20th of November 2021

Huacachina looks divine. I have not heard of this place before. Peru was high on my list during my South American trip last year but couldn't able to visit due to Covid. Hopefully, soon :)