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Interested in food travel? Trisha has been galloping around the world tasting the best cuisines on planet earth!

If you are traveling for food, Trisha's food blogs are awesome! I went backpacking in South America last year and took all her advice when it comes to eating. She is experienced in most destinations she wishes to be in and she puts herself in that culture. It's amazing how she can adapt easily and eat locally. This blog is highly recommended when it comes to food content!

The way Trisha presents food in her blog and videos is very authentic. She really eats a lot and it's always a joy for me to watch her eat on Instagram. I've visited all the places she recommended, especially in Tel Aviv where she is a local expert. She is updated on the latest food trends so her articles are always reliable.

Trisha's food blogs and videos are reliable. I've been following her food adventures since 2013 and I am amazed on how a little woman like her can eat a lot. Her food resources are genuine and authentic!

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