Dear girls of the world: Your world is whatever you imagine it to be

Dear girls of the world,

I was once in a position where I thought I had it all. I thought I had everything I wanted and knew exactly where I was going. I had my degree, a good job in Kuwait, a car, an apartment, my parents were proud and my friends saw as successful. It wasn’t until I made a sudden move to a new job in Kurdistan, that I began to question what I really want from my life. The initial isolation I felt in this new place prompted me to examine what I wanted from life and I realised that everything I had been doing had been following other peoples’ goals and expectations. I had been allowing other people to determine the path of my life and I hadn’t even realised it!

Despite protest from family, friends and colleagues, I quit my job, gave away my belongings and started travelling the world. I’ve been on the road for nearly two years now and I’ve learned a thing or two about how to create the life I want, instead of letting someone else do it for me.

Firstly and most importantly, ask yourself this one simple question, ‘What do I want?’ Too often we float, bounce and fall through life with no clear idea of what we really want from it and even worse, working for other peoples’ dreams and ambitions. Once you start asking and realizing what that is, then your life automatically starts rearranging to give it to you. People who are negative, obstructive or non-conducive to your desires will just drift away and the things you need will start appearing to you. You’ll be surprised how the world will deliver things when you ask!

Kach in Kurdistan, Iraq.

Secondly, be patient and believe in the timing of life to bring you exactly what you need when you need it. We all experience those funny little events in life; deciding to buy something on impulse only to find that it’s on sale; driving straight into the only space in the busiest car park. These are not random, they are the positive results of you asking for what you want in your mind and the more you pay attention to them, say thank you for them and be grateful for them, the more they will keep happening. Be patient and believe that what you want will be there, waiting for you!

As you go through life with your new ask and believe attitude and things start to turn around and go your way, focus on how that makes you feel; happy; excited; grateful. How about confident? As soon as you start to realize that what you want will come to you, you’ll gain the confidence and self-belief to ask for bigger and more life-changing things and your life will begin transform in ways you never imagined were possible.

Chilling in Kuwait where Kach got her first job outside of the Philippines.

It’s all about building a life of positivity through which you will continue to attract more positivity as a result. Not only can you attract positivity into your life, but you can attract anything you want, simply by asking for it! It’s a bold theory which shatters most of what we are raised to believe; almost unbelievable. Yet, when you start to pay attention to what’s around you and how your thoughts and attitude shape your world, it becomes more and more clear that we have the power to actively create our entire world. You just have to be clear about what you want, ask for it every day, believe that you will have it and most importantly, always be positive and grateful about what you already have.Live your life in the NOW – Nothing else exists! The future does not yet exist and can be created how you want it. The past only exists in your memories. The only thing that is real, that you can touch, taste, smell, see and hear is right now. Equally, whilst it’s important to feel positively about our future and what we want, we must appreciate what we have now, or what’s the point? Why wish for something if when it arrives you miss it because you’re busy wishing for something else? If we feel happy, grateful and positive in the now, the rest will take care of itself!

Positive vibes. Dream positive. Be positive. Live positive!

Om and love,
who is currently on her way to Bolivia to meet Trisha

Originally from the stunning Philippines, Kach Medina grew up in Manila before moving to Kuwait for work and eventually scored a job in Kurdistan. Yep, that’s right. Iraq! After a while though, even this wasn’t exciting enough for her, she quit everything for a life of travel, new experiences and adventure. She loves beautiful beaches, electronic music, yoga, mayonnaise, Nutella, 5 star hotels and and haggling! She keeps a travel blog with her long-time boyfriend Jonathan Howe, called Two Monkeys Travel (


  • SoloGirlTravels
    December 16, 2014

    Loved this letter, and the rest of the Solo Female Travel chronicles! Great idea to inspire females to travel and liver their life on their terms.

  • December 21, 2014

    I totally agree, people so rarely take a moment to stop and ask themselves what it is they really want from life. A few years ago when I was at university, just studying, not knowing what I wanted to do with a non-focused degree, I used to think: I don’t want to wake up one day when I’m 60 years old and think, what did I do, what did I achieve, why didn’t I see more of our world?

    I also think that knowing what you want is one of the hardest questions ever. So few people know what they really want – me too sometimes! But I do love travel. I also love helping other people to achieve their dreams; I feel like that’s an important part of my own life and dreams (whatever they are!)

    Anyway, great post, very thought provoking. And you two have fun in Bolivia!


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