Dear girls of the world: Wherever you are from, you can travel the world

Dear girls of the world,

Sometimes when you grow up you start to feel different. Your goals and dreams are different from the ones from your friends or your family. I grew up in Chile, South America; and my very first memories and goals in life were always related to travel and exploring the world. Nobody else related to me had this strong wanderlust, and the most: everybody related to myself was trying to get that desire down, trying to add fears and doubts about why I should not be willing to travel so hard.

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Yes, my biggest dream was to travel, and worse, my biggest dream was not involving someone else. I would go anywhere by myself and that was not that common in a Latino country 15 years ago. But I was born little bit rebel, so all the money I was collecting from different jobs since I was 15 years old it was invested on travels. I started to go to small trips within the country first, hitchhiking few times and later around South America on my school holidays. I went to Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia when everybody was telling me not to go there for many reasons.

There are too many myths related to travel and especially for female solo travelers. I’ve heard so many times being in South America people asking me why I want to travel, if all my family is in Chile and the country is so beautiful why I need to go to other country and explore beyond. I guess they don’t have the wanderlust or they are bit afraid of the unknown perhaps. In other way, we are more relationship oriented than money oriented, so there’s also many people chasing their travel dreams and you can see many South Americans backpacking within the continent, for months and for years!

Perhaps what is worrying you is that you don’t speak the local language of the country you are dreaming to go. But I can tell you, you don’t need to speak every language of the planet. Even if you don’t speak the language of the country you are going it’s not an impediment to do it. Certainly if you speak English is an advantage and it will be helpful in many countries, but with the technology these days I was able to have small talks or to order my food with locals in India or Thailand.

I don’t look like the stereotype of a Latina, so I’ve never been related to the feeling some other Latinos tell they are getting when going to certain countries (e.g. Europe). Gladly I’ve never felt disrespected or in danger on my journeys nor discriminated for my origins. Yes! There are people who are afraid to go abroad because of their origins. I’m not saying discrimination don’t exist, it does and it sucks, and I would never understand it. For some people this is really an issue.

I went to work for my internship in Europe, in a Sports Research Center and a Hospital in Luxembourg city and was one of the best experiences of my life. So far, all my colleagues were really interested about Chile and my culture and very kind when it was some cultural or language barriers between us.

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One of the things that are strong within the countries with Latin influence is the relationship with family and friends. For us (and for me) my family is important and if I have my mom sick I will probably go back from the other side of the world to help her if necessary. If you come from a Latino country or from a family with this influences the things you will probably miss more when out of your country will be the vibe we have as Latinos. This is why everybody can see no matter where in the world you are, that all Latinos are mingling together.

It’s like you feel comfortable with other people from a culture similar than yours and you know all the social codes. This creates a sense of community and there are many expats meeting in almost every country to keep the happy vibes and the warm vibes around. And there is some of the myths that are kind of true: We are passionate people who love to talk LOUD and to hug each other. We are used to touching people when we talk, with this not being anything sexual, and then: some of us love to dance! And it’s easier to dance Salsa or Bachata when your partner already knows how to do it!

Within my travels I realized it is ourselves who put barriers between us and our dreams and this could be your gender, your origins, your social condition, but also it is just us who can change that vision and go after what we think will make us happy.

who is ready for long term traveling again!

Gloria Apara is native from Chile. She always dreamed with a life of travel and is passionate about all the new things and people still waiting to be discovered. After some life experiences she decided to live her life at the fullest and chase her dreams. She created Nomadic Chica ( with the aim to encourage others to travel more and to empower women who are looking to solo travel the world. Check her Twitter @NomadicChica for a daily dose of inspiration!


  • July 20, 2015

    You are awesome Gloria! definitely inspires us readers on moving our butt to travel the world.. you have empowered us on your journey, keep it up!


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