Dear girls of the world: Express yourself by writing freely

Dear girls of the world,

You’re sipping tea from your favourite mug. You’re blasting inspirational music. You’re writing feverishly, on an absolute roll. You aren’t aware of the time or any of your surroundings beside the words you are typing, flowing eloquently right before your very eyes. Soon you hover your mouse over the “Publish” button. You click with satisfaction and wait. You know you’ve just written something fabulous. Now what?

You go fill up your tea kettle with more water, grab a snack. You check your emails, scroll through Instagram, and try and play a video that won’t actually play. You braid your hair, then unbraid your hair. You check the weather. You sit back down at your computer and check your stats.


One page view.

Not that there’s anything wrong at all with your mom reading your posts (thanks, mom) the fabulousness of your post just doesn’t seem to be holding its own. You stare at it blankly. Disheartened, you browse the web on autopilot and stumble upon not one, not several, but dozens and dozens of other travel blogs. Your eyes dart around the pages and pick up varying versions of how they have quit their job, sold everything they owned and monetized their blog along the way in order to embark on indefinite and full-time travel.



That is how it feels when you start blogging for the first time.  You’re so inspired, you’ve created and designed your own blog to showcase your writing skills, photographs, and wise words of wisdom. But all of that is so easily erased when you begin to compare yourself to other bloggers out there, the full-time nomads, and feel like you are so inferior. “Quit my job in order to travel? But I’m sitting in my cubicle right now.” “Sell everything I own? But . . . I like my things.”

It is so easy to compare yourself to the hundreds of other bloggers out there, all with different travel styles and techniques. When I first started my blog, at one point I actually believed the only way to do it right was to up and leave everything behind: quit my job, sell everything I had, and leave my boyfriend and family behind. For months I felt trapped and unhappy because I was convinced I wasn’t living the best life I could. Luckily, after three years of blogging I have settled into a groove I am very comfortable in: blogging and traveling part-time, with my site generating some income along the way in order to help funds when I am traveling.

Other blogs have the tendency to convince us (because they may be so inspirational and also hardcore) that the only way to travel is to say a big “EFF YOU” to the corporate world and take off indefinitely.

Well, I’ve finally learned that something like that is truly great for those that want to see the world that way and also live that way. But for me, I’ve been doing it right all along. I still have my apartment, my work, and my relationships to welcome me home.


We all will have a different take on travel and what that means to us, and so it’s extremely important to never lose sight of that! Why did you start your blog in the first place? Was it for a place to write? It was for me. Don’t forget why you started and remember to tune into that when you are feeling less than adequate. It will absolutely bring you back up and keep you motivated to keep going.

What’s admirable is not only a reformed and radical way of life and travel. What’s admirable can simply be the fact that you have a site with great content and devoted readers who enjoy your work, are able to relate to you, and leave comments that make your day.

Writer, adventurer, world traveler

Alli Blair is an adventurous travel writer obsessed with all things vintage — hence the name of her blog — The Vintage Postcard ( She loves yoga, good food, telling stories, and healthy living.

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