Dear girls of the world: Embrace change

Dear girls of the world,

Change. Such a loaded concept for such a word with only six letters. It’s funny how those six letters can demolish the safety of ‘routine’ or the comfort of ‘familiar’.

For the last two years my ‘familiar’ has been life in South Korea and my routine the education of Korean elementary students. All of a sudden I find myself adrift, existing in an awkward in-between stage. Let’s just say that life in Korea could not be more different from my “home” in the midwest, USA. Some people call this stage “unemployed” and I have even heard people from the older generations label it as “lazy” or “indecisive”. Personally, I prefer to explain my situation by using the phrase, “I’m exploring my options.”

As I packed my belongings and said goodbye to Korea, I knew the impending changes wouldn’t conveniently wait until I was ready to deal with them. They would demand attention. The past has taught me that change can be endured or it can be embraced. I am doing my best to achieve the latter.

Change is inevitable

We can pretend  change won’t cross our path by hiding under the covers with some dark chocolate and Gilmore Girl reruns. But let’s be honest, sometimes change doesn’t simply cross our oath, it is a bulldozer that utterly wipes out and alters the entire landscape. We can’t stop it from happening. In this situation TV reruns can only do so much to distract us from the fact that life as we know is different.

It’s a choice. To hide or to embrace. A frightening choice. We can do it.

Change. Embrace it.

Change can be uncomfortable

Life in Korea Mikaeala’s beautiful life in Korea.

In this day and age people like to know things. We predict the weather to know what to wear, and we plan out our days and weeks to ensure our family, friends, and appointments fit perfectly into our schedules. We often get accustomed to the way things are: we get comfortable.

Then it pounces. When that pesky little six letter word enters the picture our order turns into upheaval.


People are different, and handle the discomfort of change in equally diverse ways. We often experience this in relationships.

Relationships change, especially after traveling or living abroad. Either one or both parties are altered. Some relationships grow stronger even when separated by time and space, and some friendships dwindle and dissolve. Others require a little work and care to get past the uncomfortable “re-getting to know you” stage. We can ignore the discomfort or work through it? It’s our choice.

Change. Embrace it.

Change can be beneficial

IMG_0363 Mikaela in Ulsan, South Korea.

Thankfully, there are changes that we have no problem embracing, such as the new job with a great salary, a new relationship, or an exciting opportunity.

But what about the changes that turn your life upside-down? The loss of a job, illness, or relocation.

Along with change comes the possibility of fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and any number of unpleasant emotions. It might take time, it will take work, but slowly these feelings will subside and we are left with the unexpected benefits of change.

It could be the joy of new friendship or being pleasantly surprised by something we thought we would hate. Change can be good.

If we try to understand it, work through it, and embrace it, change can be not only life altering, it can be inspiring!

Change. Embrace it. You can do it. I can do it. We can do it.

All the best,
who is currently trying to take her own advice while living “in-between”

Mikaela is the writer behind A Place Like Me In A Girl Like This ( She is a serial expat who feels guilty for leaving her books at behind. Her travels have taken her to various places, each destination and language leaving a unique imprint on her soul. Believing that life is about the journey not the destination, Mikaela has developed a personal philosophy: travel as a lifestyle equals the only balm for a wanderlust-afflicted soul. Join her on Facebook as she weaves her tapestry of travel, language, and literature around the world.

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