Hello, September! Here are the cheapest destinations for solo travel this month

Traveling by yourself is always expensive, isn’t it? Well, worry not! Here are the cheap places to travel in September with detailed budget information. I hope we see each other on the road!

Hi Connor!

Thank you for reaching out and for being on this journey! You know what, September is my birthday and every year, I leave my home in Mexico because it’s typhoon season here and it can get super hot.

That being said, Mexico is not an ideal September holiday destination and won’t be on this list. But it is cheap in September though hard to visit because of the hurricanes.

The best area to travel to in September (weather-wise) is Europe because of the great weather. However, Europe is not that cheap in September so I have other ideas in mind for your trip in this post. Good luck and let me know if I can help you with anything else!

Xx, Trisha

Cheapest places to travel in September
Bali is always a good idea in September. It’s cheap and super friendly to solo travelers!

???? How to use this September holiday destinations budget guide

There are many factors in why I chose these cheap places to travel in September and before reading on, I want you to understand what these travel budget factors are.

The accommodations recommended here are only hostels as it is the best way to stretch your travel finances. I know that some of you may not be fans of hostels but this is the best way to meet people, especially if you are traveling alone.

The hostels on the list are not more than US$30 per night and these prices are verified using the September calendar of the recommended hostel.

Cheapest places to travel in September
From 19 years old (I am 34 this September!), I still stay in hostels because this is where you meet interesting people from different cultures.

In each of these September holiday destinations, I have recommended a must-do activity that is under US$100. I also have individual destination guides for these places so feel free to use the search button on this blog to see what you are looking for.

Transportation costs are also included here and I gave an insight about car rentals in each destination. Some of these are not drivable if you’re alone and I don’t really recommend them if you are not comfortable driving abroad.

Lastly, the meal prices that I recommended in this post are not more than US$5 per meal but they are decent and clean!

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cheap places to visit in September
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???? Affordable best vacations in September for solo travelers

#1: Budapest, Hungary

If you are new to traveling, note that EVERYONE goes to Europe because of the great summer weather. However, many people only choose popular destinations like Milan, Paris, and Barcelona.

Budapest may be an underdog in Europe travel but this is one of my favorite cities in Europe because of its culture. The people are so friendly and the bars are always full of locals.

This Hungarian city is also the capital of thermal baths (in the world) and Budapest is dubbed the capital of spas because of this. If thermal baths are your jam, go to Szechenyi Spa Baths which is in the middle of a big, green, outdoor space in the city!

Budapest travel cost

  • Currency: Hungarian forint (HUF). US$1 = 407.04 HUF
  • Point of entry from the US: Budapest Airport
  • Accommodations: Stay at Maverick Urban Lodge for US$19 per night
  • Activity: Go on a night cruise in the Danube River for US$19.25. This is the top attraction in Budapest and you can’t skip it!
  • Transportation: renting a car in Budapest in September starts at US$25 for a basic sedan while taking taxis ranges from US$12 (12 km/5 miles)
  • One meal in a restaurant at the center: US$9
  • Beer in a pub: US$1.78
  • Cocktail drink in a bar/club: US$7
Cheapest places to visit in September
Budapest is the capital of Hungary. It is divided into two: Buda, which is in the Western part of the Danube river while pest is in the East.

#2: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh was one of the first countries I visited when I started traveling at 19 years old. It is a destination you can travel whole year round because of its tropical weather.

One of the reasons to visit Ho Chi Minh is that it is very friendly, especially to solo travelers. They are used to Western visitors and all foreign backpackers are doing the same route.

You will not feel lost or alone and you can also get tips from fellow travelers (and/or travel together as a group!) When doing your research about this destination, remember that Ho Chi Minh City can also be referred to as Saigon (its former name) or HCMC.

Ho Chi Minh travel cost

  • Currency: Vietnamese dong (VND). US$1 = 23, 515 VND
  • Point of entry from the US: both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh have international airports
  • Accommodations: Stay at Meander Saigon for US$17 per night in an 8-bed dorm
  • Activity: Activities in Ho Chi Minh are cheap even in other months of the year. The best thing to do here for solo travelers is to go on a motorbike food tour with locals for only US$20
  • Transportation: Ho Chi Minh is a motorbike city so renting a car wouldn’t be ideal. The roads are crazy!
  • One meal in a restaurant at the center: US$4
  • Beer in a pub: US$0.92
  • Cocktail drink in a bar/club: US$7
The Mekong Delta is one of the most popular things to do in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

#3: Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal may not be on your radar for your places to visit in September list but this is a very outdoorsy, adventurous, and at the same time spiritual destination.

This is sort of a destination for an older audience who wishes to go on a deep dive into culture, food, and stay in the mountains to unplug. Nepal has the world’s 14 tallest mountains in the world and this is where Mount Everest is located.

I have NOT done the Mount Everest trek myself because it’s something for professionals so bear in mind that if you want to do the highest peak in the world, you need to be professionally trained to do it.

Even if you are not going to hike Mount Everest, there are so many other cultural things to do in Kathmandu for all traveler types.

Kathmandu travel cost

  • Currency: Nepalese rupee (NPR). US$1 = 127.78 NPR
  • Point of entry from the US: Tribhuvan International Airport (Kathmandu)
  • Accommodations: Stay at Thamel Hotel and Spa for only US$7 per night!
  • Activity: Want to see what the Everest Base Camp looks like? You can go on a helicopter ride even if you are not going to hike!
  • Transportation: Rickshaws are the cheapest way to get around Kathmandu. The base price of a rickshaw ride is US$0.16 (2 Nepali rupees).
  • One meal in a restaurant at the center: US$3.50
  • Beer in a pub: US$4
  • Cocktail drink in a bar/club: US$8
places to visit in september
The name Kathmandu refers to the wooden temple. Kath means wood and mandir means temple. Photo: Raimond Klavins

#4: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bangkok is the first destination that comes to mind when you think of Thailand but lesser-known Chiang Mai is way cheaper! This is actually a digital nomad haven in Asia because of the cheap cost of living.

In Chiang Mai, you will see temples everywhere, and food trucks on every corner and it is one of the safest places for tourists in Asia. Because of the big digital nomad community here, you’ll be able to travel around without Thai language knowledge.

Chiang Mai travel cost

  • Currency: Thai baht (THB). US$1 = 37 THB
  • Point of entry from the US: There are direct flights to Chiang Mai but most travelers choose to fly to Bangkok because it’s cheaper.
  • Accommodations: Stay at Give me 5 Hostel for as low as US$12 per night
  • Activity: Visit the most popular landmark of Chiang Mai, the White Temple, and the Golden Triangle. You can’t miss this and it only costs US$52.
  • Transportation: Taxi rates in Chiang Mai start at US$14 per 8km (5 miles) but you can also go around Chiang Mai on a bus that costs less than US$3.
  • One meal in a restaurant at the center: US$4.98
  • Beer in a pub: US$2
  • Cocktail drink in a bar/club: US$5
Cheap places to visit in September
If you stay for a week in Chiang Mai, you will find many activities that varies from city escapes and mountain adventures. | Photo: Marc Mintel

#5: Buenos Aires, Argentina

I lived in Buenos Aires in 2014 and I love this city because of its very European feel. The Argentines have inherited some heavy Italian influences because of the Italian immigration to Argentina from 1870 to 1960.

Buenos Aires is probably one of the most European cities in Latin America and it is very cheap right now because of the inflation in Argentina. You can travel here for as low as US$200 a week.

Although that is good for foreigners bringing in dollars, please note that the locals are suffering because of inflation. They are very happy to welcome tourists but I hope you’ll inform yourself about this economic issue that Argentina is currently facing.

Buenos Aires travel cost

  • Currency: Argentine pesos (AR$). Right now, it is better to use USD in Argentina than exchange it for pesos. They will accept your USD at a higher conversion rate.
  • Point of entry from the US: Ministro Pistarini International Airport
  • Accommodations: All accommodations in Buenos Aires are cheap (if you are bringing dollars). You can get a nice hotel in Buenos Aires for as low as US$36 per night.
  • Activity: Argentina is home to tango, steak, and wine so make sure to go to a Tango Dinner Show for a cultural treat. It only costs US$75 and it includes a fancy dinner while watching the show.
  • One meal in a restaurant at the center: US$10
  • Beer in a pub: US$5
  • Cocktail drink in a bar/club: US$10
Cheap places to visit in September
Fun fact: Buenos Aires has the most book shops per capita in the world. | Photo:
Nathana Rebouças

#6: Marrakech, Morocco

I visited Morocco 2 times and in those instances, I stayed for 90 days (3 months) to travel the whole country. Morocco is not only a cheap destination in September but it is quite affordable all year round.

Because of its close proximity to Europe, the French, Italians, and Spanish are very fond of doing their September holidays in Morocco. Morocco is a Muslim country but it has been modernized by the French and Spanish colonization.

The country speaks both Spanish and French fluently although the official language in Morocco is Moroccan Arabic. Marrakech is one of the most colorful cities in Morocco so this is a good destination to start.

Morocco travel cost

  • Currency: Moroccan dirham (MAD). US$1 = 10.58 MAD
  • Point of entry from the US: Marrakech has an airport but it is cheaper to fly through Casablanca (the capital of Morocco) from the US.
  • Accommodations: I stayed in Kenzi Menara Palace (because of work). It’s an all-inclusive hotel in Marrakech but if you want cheaper options, you can always book hostels in Marrakech for as low as US$12.
  • Activity: Stroll around the souks (market) of Marrakech, the biggest rows of markets in the country. You don’t need to shop, just look around and see this crazy culture! You can also find other things to do in Marrakech here.
  • Transportation: Taxi rates in Marrakech start at US$3.25 per 8km (5 miles). Renting a car at Marrakech Airport is a better option and starts at US$35 per day.
  • One meal in a restaurant at the center: US$5
  • Beer in a pub: US$4
  • Cocktail drink in a bar/club: US$9
  • Local tip: Morocco is a Muslim country so you won’t find alcohol everywhere. Go clean and go local – try the Moroccan tea! Liquor shops also ask for identification as they can only sell to foreigners. Always bring your passport!
september holiday destinations
The souk in Marrakech is one of the largest markets in Africa and you can visit it without paying anything! | Photo: Calin Stan

#7: Antalya, Turkey

Antalya is a popular destination in Turkey because of the beautiful and affordable hotels with views. It also has everything from great food, outdoor activities, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and more.

It is one of the best September holiday destinations because of the wide array of activities here. Antalya has it all!

Antalya travel cost

  • Currency: Turkish lira (TRY). US$1 = 18.22 TRY
  • Point of entry from the US: Antalya has an airport but it is cheaper (and more common route) to fly to Istanbul from the US.
  • Accommodations: I won’t recommend a single hotel in Antalya but browse all Antalya hotels and see what fits you! The cheapest hotel in Antalya starts at US$24.
  • Activity: A must-do in Antalya – visit the Pamukkale, the snow-white terrace cliffs of Turkey.
  • One meal in a restaurant at the center: US$5
  • Beer in a pub: US$2.19
  • Cocktail drink in a bar/club: US$5.17
cheap places to visit in September
The Pamukkale is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

#8: Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia was closed for a while and as soon as Bali opened its doors 3 months ago, everyone is in Bali because it is affordable all year round! I really don’t need to sell Bali to you because I know this is a place you’d want to visit but let’s talk about the costs.

Bali travel cost

  • Currency: Indonesian rupiah (IDR). US$1 = 14,900 IDR
  • Point of entry from the US: Bali has an international airport (Denpasar) that caters to all destinations worldwide. You don’t need to fly to Jakarta (the capital) and many people skip it.
  • Accommodations: Choose your own accommodation as there are many types! Hotels in Bali start at US$35 per night (with breakfast).
  • Activity: Bali is an island of wonders, popular with Australian travelers. You may feel like you are in Australia while you are here because they are everywhere. Rent a motorbike for US$10 per day and drive around the island. Bali is big – you will need a motorbike!
  • One meal in a restaurant at the center: US$5
  • Beer in a pub: US$3.49
  • Cocktail drink in a bar/club: US$8
cheap places to visit in September

⁉️ Cheap places to travel in September FAQ

In this cheap places to travel in September post, all 8 destinations are warm but if you’d really like a beach destination to visit, consider Bali, Indonesia.

If you want a combination of cheap costs, delicious food, and rich culture, Buenos Aires, Argentina is the best place to travel to in September.

September is actually hurricane season in most countries but I would recommend for you go to any European city in September. At this time of the year, Europe is flocked by tourists because of the great Spring/Summer weather but expect costs to be higher if you choose this destination.

✈️ Ready to travel solo? This blog thrives on reader questions so if you need more information about cheap places to visit in September, leave a comment below and I will try my best to answer them for you!

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