Today, I intentionally missed my flight to Manila and booked a ticket to Siargao

I’ve been here in Cebu since Monday for the new Mabuhay Miles Travel Card launch and this trip opened a lot of realisations for me. Cebu, actually.

This place seemed like a city where I met a lot of dreamers who are clear with what they want and pursues it to the best of their abilities.

Last Wednesday, my blogger friends and I were talking about a trip to Siargao. It has always been a dream to visit this part of my country.

You know how it is when you plan trips with your friends? That was how we ‘talked’ about Siargao. Unclear. Subliminal. Between the lines. We did not actually get to a conclusion if we are going or not.

Since I came back to the Philippines, my travels were not as adventurous. They are mostly press trips. Left and right invites from airlines and brands that I am working with is the bulk.

I haven’t had the chance to really explore and do what I did best in other countries because it is expensive. This is one of the days that I am sick of having a planned life.

Today, I have a flight to Manila and I intentionally missed it.

I checked flights from Cebu to Siargao and just booked it. I need to let go of my planned itineraries and roll with the punches.

I don’t have any hotel reservations nor enough cash but I know the most exciting things happen when you learn how to become comfortable with discomfort.

I just felt the need of not sticking to a strict schedule. I need to be reminded that I love living a carefree and happy life; that “why not?” will give me more experiences and opportunities that fear of failure will ruin.

This is the first time I will be doing this in my own country and I am sure I will find joy even in the humdrum of circumstances.

Ahhh, just like the old times in Latin America.

Talking about costs

This is one of the reasons my ‘planned’ trips to Siargao never pushed through. Flights from Manila can cost up to Php12,000 ($256.00 USD) which is like a one-way ticket to Japan.

I believe this is also a reason why many Filipinos choose to travel outside the Philippines.

I learned that flights from Cebu are the cheapest so I made a little research. I found out that I can go to Siargao tomorrow for Php4,000 ($85.50 USD), 2-way.

I booked it because I realised if I go back to Manila today, it will double my cost. It’s not the same. Clearly, I will be spending more if I flew back. I came up with a very solid flight plan that is:

  1. Miss my flight to Manila. It was sponsored by Philippine Airlines anyway: a brand I am currently associated with;
  2. Book a 2-way ticket (Cebu-Siargao-Cebu) with Airline X;
  3. Redeem my Mabuhay Miles points with Philippine Airlines to book a flight from Cebu- Manila.


But wait, there is more. I just did not book a flight to Siargao. I plan to stay in the island for three weeks. While browsing the calendar of Airline X, I was hesitant on how long I will stay. Without a doubt, I scheduled it to “three weeks” and I have no idea where that timeframe came from. It just happened.

The moment I posted it on Instagram, everyone were shocked but most of them were happy. I am pretty sure my parents got a little confused but they said they are used to it.

What lead me to this spontaneity

Last night was one of my best nights in Cebu, the city of dreams. I organised a reader meet up for the tenacious Cebuanos who kept e-mailing me to set up a reader date.

It was intimate. As always, I am more comfortable with a smaller group just like the travel courses I’ve organised before.

There, I met Michael. A spirit animal who share the similar soul that I have. He’s been to Siargao twice and have nothing but memorable stories about it.

From his habal habal (motorcycle) accident to starving himself just to make ends meet, Michael’s Siargao experience is definitely one for the books.

Funny thing is, my blog readers adore my travels when in fact, they have great stories to tell, too. How I wish everyone will get to write about their travel life experiences!

That’s when I was convinced that I should blindly book a ticket to Siargao. Thank you, Michael! You are definitely an inspiration!

Why Siargao?

I’d like to believe I was a golden island señorita in my past life. Though my trips in other countries did not involve a lot of beaches, I am certain that I am the happiest when I am by the beach, drinking fresh coconut with sand on my hair.

Siargao is good because it’s one of the least visited islands in the Philippines. I can at least enjoy it for the time being, find new adventures and once again meet people who will have a great impact in my life.

Another magical thing happened. I didn’t have any idea that a family friend is living in Siargao. When she saw my post on Facebook, she immediately sent me a message and told me I can stay with her.

She arranged my airport pick up and I am going to see her tomorrow! Very timely. All hostels in Siargao are fully booked and I have no one to blame because I just booked my ticket today.

Just when I thought I will be sleeping on my yoga mat tomorrow night, a friend emerged! Now I am convinced I am meant to do this trip.

The Universe is never ever kidding.

P.S. I did not bring a camera so I don’t have much pictures. However, everything is documented on a daily basis on my Snapchat. The username is psimonmyway. 😉 

Have you done anything spontaneous lately? Would love to hear your stories! Share it on the comment box below!

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  1. My husband would have a heart attack if I just decided to change our itinerary. Sometimes though, I’d love to just go somewhere without a plan. I just looked up Siargao and the water is spectacular. Have a great time!

  2. I love the spontaneity of it! I am sure you’ll have a blast in Siargao and from what I can tell, you got a great deal anyway. So have fun and enjoy your three weeks. I am sure you changed your plans for a good reason, even if it’s not apparent right now 😀

  3. I love spontaneous travel. It’s the best kind. Sometimes I hate getting tied down to itineraries. Good for you for taking a chance, and I’m glad you found somewhere to stay.

  4. I can identify with that feeling. We sometimes get booked up with stuff that wasn’t our intention. You have to break free once in a while.

  5. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to have the freedom to be so spontaneous? We spent 3 weeks in the Philippines earlier this year and fell in love with your beautiful country. The only bad thing was that 3 weeks was not nearly enough. We will be back!

  6. Trisha, I adore you. You are so fun to be with. A true person, as in. I’m really happy to have witnessed how spontaneous you are! I can see myself from you as well. I really like to be just like you one day. You are an inspiration for millennial adventures. Traveling changed you from the inside and out, in a very good way. I don’t to plan to meet other bloggers like you. Your thoughts are humbly written and you love us (your readers). You are the one!
    I hope when you get to wear my panagbenga polo, you’ll think about Cebu and our couch-surfing moment in payb-stur-howstel. Hanging out with you was such a moment of fun, excitement, and love. I hope you also had a good time. Miss you and see you on somewhere nice.

  7. You will LOVE Siargao!! I went there almost 8-9 years ago and I need to go back! I have loads from friends from Boracay who have moved there. Enjoy! Make sure to visit Naked Island!

  8. I love spontaneous trips and more often than not they are the best experience ever. I did the same 2 years ago. I was going to home to Manila when I decided to book a ticket elsewhere—- The day I was leaving was the day I decided to book. Just like you, I didn’t have any accommodation, clothes or what not but somehow it worked for the best. Facebook can be a powerful tool in times like this. I also posted it on my wall and viola, some one adopted me too. I guess not everyone will have someone to adopt them but that trip, was one of my best trips EVER!

  9. Ah. Spontaneity! Have fun in Siargao! I’ll keep that island on my list of must visit places!

  10. Good for you, spontaneity is awesome! What a good fortune that your family friend was living in Siargao I bet it was fun catching up with them. I hope the experience was as good as you hoped.

  11. When I’m in the mainland, I can be more spontaneous and book cheaper tickets around the country. But in Hawaii everything is more expensive and you can’t just skip out on flights in general – that is unfortunately the cost of living in paradise

  12. How awesome that you were able to connect with your friend in Siargao! I agree that sometimes no plan is the best plan, especially when life becomes too scheduled. I love that you rejected certainty and went out on a spontaneous adventure! Cheers to that!

  13. Omg, I love that you said, “The Universe is never ever kidding.” That’s one of the best quotes I’ve heard lately, Trisha! Actually, I just had to cancel a trip to Cuba for family reasons, only to find myself in a cross-country U.S. road trip a few days later. With nothing booked and only the map on my phone, we made the most of it and had a great time seeing some of the awesome National Parks out west. Bummed about Cuba for sure, but the Universe wanted me some place else and it never ever kids! 😉 Glad your trip to Siargao worked out!

  14. I wish I could be so spontaneous but it is just not in my personality. Funny how things have a way of working out. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Siargao.

  15. Congrats on taking the jump! I definitely want to do more of this and this is exactly what those airline points are for! Have an amazing time, can’t wait to hear about trip.

    1. Hi Janna! That’s the regular fare to Siargao (sadly). If you book it months before, you can get as low as P5,ooo. If you’re really lucky, you might get as cheap as P600 if there’s a seat sale (it would take months before you can travel though). If you’re going to Siargao, I suggest you visit Bucas Grande too! The travel time is quite long, however. But it will be worth it!!!

  16. Boom, Boom! Love the adventurous spirit, so something I would do. Might cause a whole bunch of stress for my fellow travellers, but feel that heck, you only live once and sometime (often) breaking the rules, changing the plans and doing things you hadn’t planned too, is one of the best ways to really make the best memories. Especially in Siargoa, wow, spectacular. 🙂

  17. I love spontaneous travel! It’s so terrifying and so worth it. I just had a cruise I was scheduled to go on cancelled at the last minute and ended up flying to Colombia with 30 people I met at the port. It ended up being an amazing trip and it got me to South America for the first time. I’m all about saying “yes”! Have an amazing time. I can’t wait to read about your adventures.

  18. Sometimes the best trips are the most spontaneous ones. And you always seem to have a great time no matter where you go, so I know you’ll have fun and make the most out of your time. Enjoy!

  19. I admire your spontaneity. I’ve dreamed about changing flights or destinations at the spur of a minute, but would really never do it. Sounds like it a was a great detour for you. Happy travels

  20. Sometimes the spontaneous plans are the BEST ones! I adore this blog post! 🙂 It will be great to hear about all of your adventures in Siargao!

  21. Spontaneous travel is really thrilling! Its almost like a surprise to myself, and its wonderful when everything works out on its own. Definitely sounds like it was meant to be, have a great time!

  22. Sometimes you just have to change plans on a whim–glad you recognized what you needed and that the trip is working out so well! Always nice to find out you know someone in a destination 🙂 Hope you have a great time exploring and being spontaneous!

  23. Whether you made the change to your plans spontaneously or your plans where changed for you by some other force a true testament of a travellers is his/her ability to adapt to any situation or place. This comes from experience and open mindedness.

  24. love this!!! I wish I can blog like this, less photos pero I cant wait to reach the bottom of the article huhuhu will read some more when Im vacant 🙂

  25. I love the spontaneity of it all, god knows we can all use that once it a while. I haven’t done something this spontaneous when it comes to travel but I always fancy myself doing it. Maybe one of these days, who knows. I haven’t been to Siargao, but everyone’s saying that I should and then I read this post, so maybe I really should go.

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