When is the best time to travel to Osaka, Japan?

I have visited Osaka a few times, which allowed me to experience a different season each month. To help you plan your trip, I will share with you in this article the best time to visit Osaka and what you should bring each month. 

If you want to ace your trip to Osaka, you must consider one of the most important things – the weather! Usually, we don’t want to travel around while we get drenched in the rain or sweat. Although Oska’s temperature is not that extreme, you don’t want to get in a bad mood during a vacation.

Whenever I travel, my mood usually depends on the weather. The scorching heat isn’t my thing, so when I visited Osaka, I brought dresses, skirts, and other summer clothes.

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To my surprise, its already fall season, and the breeze was already cold, so I had to make extra purchases to enjoy my visit. 

And you don’t want that happening to you, right? This is why I am helping you prepare the things you need to bring in each month of the year. What are you waiting for? Read on! 

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best time to visit osaka japan
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🌧️ How often does it rain in Osaka? 

Rainfall in Osaka is relatively abundant, and guess what? The rain in Osaka amounts to 1300mm per year and lasts from March through October. This only shows that Osaka has a rain shower almost half of the year. 

During these months, you may come across heavy rain from June to July and possibly experience typhoons from August to September. 

I once visited Osaka for a week with a friend during September, and it rained daily. We had a difficult time moving from one place to another, and sadly, we couldn’t enjoy Universal Studios either!

Still, Osaka is a year-round destination so if you book your trip during these months, be prepared and pack clothes to help you survive the rain. Plus, there are many other things to do in Osaka besides visiting theme parks! 

best time to visit osaka japan

🌸 What month is Japan’s cherry blossom season?

The cherry blossom season in Japan starts as early as March but April is the peak of Japan’s cherry blossom season. The best places to see the cherry blossoms in Osaka are Osaka Castle, Himeji Castle, and Osaka Mint Bureau.

This is high season in Osaka so remember that prices will be expensive than usual. If you really want to see the cherry blossoms in Japan, make sure to secure all your bookings as early as Nomember (or 6 months in advance.)

A cherry blossom tour starts at $300 USD (yes, pretty expensive!). The cherry blossom tours don’t only focus in one area so you will also get to see other blossoms apart from Osaka.

best time to visit osaka japan

☀️ The best time to visit Osaka (by season)

June to August (Summer)

These are the months that are expected to be hot and humid (sometimes rainy). The good side is that the city is least crowded during these months so you can enjoy visiting tourist spots and locations.

Prepare for an average temperature of 23°C to 28°C, with August being the hottest month of the year. Still, the weather is bearable!

September to November (Autumn/Fall)

Autumn is technically considered the shoulder month in Osaka. The temperature starts to drop, and during these months, Osaka is more likely to experience rain with an average temperature of 13°C to 25°C.

December to February (Winter)

During this time of the year, Osaka does not experience snow compared to other parts of Japan. However, the temperature can drop to as low as 3°C, making it difficult to roam around the city. 

March to May (Spring)

This is the peak season in Osaka. Many tourists flock to the city, wanting to see and enjoy the famous cherry blossoms blooming and experiencing the beautiful spring foliage during their travels.

The average temperature from March to May is from 9°C to 19°C. This is the perfect temperature to roam around the streets and neighborhoods of the city. 

Spring is the best season to visit because of the comfortable weather; more than that, I enjoy the foliage of spring in Japan. 

best time to visit osaka japan

❄️ Osaka weather by month

January in Osaka

During the first week of January, many stores and tourist spots are closed for the holidays. For the rest of the month, the place gets quiet and uncrowded, making it an excellent time to visit Osaka.

It is also one of the coldest times of the year (especially at night). On average, the lowest temperature can reach 3°C, so you will need more thick jackets and coats when you visit. 

February in Osaka 

Winter continues through February in Osaka. The lowest temperature can reach 3°C and the highest at 10°C. It is also the low season so expect fewer crowds during this time of the month.

Still, you can experience and enjoy a few festivals like the Namba Hikaritabi or Ichiya Kanjo Festival in Osaka by this time of the year. 

March in Osaka

By the time it’s March in Osaka, the weather has already warmed up. However, the weather can get complicated because the lowest temperature can reach 6°C but go as high as 14°C.

This is why it’s better to be prepared with warm and cool clothes when visiting Osaka in March. The good thing is, by the end of the month, cherry blossoms start to blossom already. 

April in Osaka

This, for me, is the best time to visit Osaka. The weather is perfect, the cherry blossoms have bloomed, and the weather is not that hot or cold, ranging from 11°C to 20°C.

Just the right warmth you need while you visit tourist spots and places! Expect that it will get bustling and crowded during the first weeks of April. 

May in Osaka

If you want to experience clear days, warmth, and lots of beautiful flowers to bloom, plus less crowds, visit Osaka in May. Temperature ranges between 15°C to 24°C.

During the first week of the month, Osaka celebrates the Golden Week Holiday, when most workers are on holiday – making hotels and sightseeing spots more expensive.

June in Osaka

By the time it reaches June, days in Osaka are still warm but not that hot. However, by the end of June, humidity increases, sunny skies roll from time to time, and the rainy season enters.

The average temperature during this month reaches 28ºC and could go as low as 20ºC. The good thing is, the city isn’t that packed with tourists yet. 

July in Osaka

July is the month when you can get the most rainfall and at the same time experience hot & wet and hot & sticky weather because of the summer season.

Expect that some days the temperature may exceed 30°C, so you have to be ready with some cool clothes.

But worry not, there are many things you can do under the sun in Osaka; stroll in parks or visit indoor museums. 

August in Osaka

August in Osaka will probably be the hottest month of the whole year. You will get to experience “extreme heat” with temperatures exceeding 35°C.

There is a high chance that you will be going to touring places while sweating, so keep yourself hydrated and protect yourself from the heat (bring sunblock with you).

Still, there’s a possibility of sudden and severe rains, so be ready and pack your clothes appropriately for this weather. 

September in Osaka

The transition from the hot, wet, and sticky summer weather happens during September. The average temperature reaches 25ºC, and the possibility of typhoons is still high.

During this month, tourist numbers are relatively low compared to other months, making it a cheap month to travel to Osaka. 

So if you want to enjoy Osaka on a budget, without the crowd, you can always book in September. Just make sure you’re okay with braving the rainy weather!

October in Osaka

Although temperatures in October are still warm, it is far more moderate compared to the past few months. The evening Osaka cools down, making it an excellent chance to visit pubs and restaurants at night.

The highest temperature reaches 23ºC while the lowest is at 15ºC. Be ready until the end of October because the autumn season ramps up. 

November in Osaka

Love seeing the beautiful fall colors? Expect the red, orange, and yellow hues to explode and hit their peak by November in Osaka.

The temperature is still relatively warm, but you can pack some fall clothes and enjoy the fall foliage while touring. 

December in Osaka

The season of holidays, which means it’s time for winter! Although you don’t get to experience snow in Osaka, expect the weather to transition from sunny skies to cold and chilly nights.

The temperature reaches around 8°C, and some days go a maximum of only around 10°C. The crowd is less than the rest of the year, plus you get to experience what a holiday is like in Japan! 

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🧳 What to pack for Osaka

Since the weather in Osaka can be pretty unpredictable, you must always be prepared and ready for the rain, a sunny day, or a cold and chilly night. 

More than that, you need to consider the culture of Japan, which can be pretty conservative. Although there are no dress codes to follow, it’s better to be dressed appropriately depending on the place you are visiting and the weather it has to make sure your trip goes smoothly as you want it to. 


Below are some of the things you will need for every season. Check out my packing list for Osaka: 

Spring in Osaka

You probably already know Spring in Osaka is the best time to visit the city. Aside from the moderate temperature, you can see the picturesque view of cherry blossoms around the city. But to fully enjoy this, among the things you should pack with you when you visit Osaka in March, April and May are:

Cardigans, Long Sleeves, or Light Coat

Months in Spring aren’t that warm. It would be perfect if you pack with you some warm clothing but also something you can balance out. Cardigans, long sleeves, or a light coat are perfect! This will be useful to keep you warm throughout the day and, simultaneously, prepare you for an extra layer during the night. 

Thin Scarf and Gloves 

Accessories are a must when traveling. Pack a thin scarf that you can layer around your neck whenever you feel cold. Bring some light gloves, which can be helpful if you feel extra cold at night. 

Comfortable Shoes 

Traveling around Osaka means you have to walk, walk and walk! So make sure you have extra comfortable shoes that can go with any of your outfits. Also, bring an extra pair of sandals or heels when you feel like dressing up for a night date. 

Summer in Osaka

Summer in Osaka can be sweltering and humid. This means you can get rid of thick coats and clothes and pack cool and trendy clothes. But take note, it’s better to prepare for the rain too! 

Thin Sweaters or Jackets  

During the start of Summer, that is in June; you will need a few thin sweaters or jackets that you can overlay with your clothes. Expect some rain during some days, so keep your coat or sweater on all the time. 

Dresses, Shorts, and Skirts 

To enjoy the summer fully, it is best to pack with you short-sleeved t-shirts, skirts, dresses, and shorts. This will be fine to wear around Osaka in June, July, and August. Although it can get chilly inside restaurants, bring your jacket (as mentioned earlier).

Hats and Sunglasses 

To complete your Japan trip summer look, don’t forget to pack some summer accessories too. Sunglasses and hats are a must to fight the intense sunlight. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen with you too! 

Fall/Autumn in Osaka

By the time it’s September, October, and November, the temperature will drop again, and there is a higher chance that most days will be rainy. You should bring rain-appropriate clothes and accessories and, of course, something that goes with the beautiful fall foliage.  

Long Coat 

Can you imagine yourself wearing that long trench coat while enjoying the colors of all in Osaka? Well, I can! Bring with you some coats you can wear whenever you go out. It can be chilly during the day, especially at night, so you better keep yourself warm. 


Boots are a must, not just because of the rain, but to keep you from the chills! Make sure you have the most comfortable boots so you won’t regret wearing them at night. 

Travel Umbrella 

Because it’s most likely to rain during the day in September, October and November, you must keep a small travel umbrella that can fit in your bag whenever you go around the city. This will save you from getting drenched in the rain. 

Winter in Osaka

During early December, the winter season starts in Osaka. Although they don’t get snow there, you may need thick coats, scarves and warm clothes. Here are some of the things I suggest packing with you: 

Thick Down Coat

What’s a better choice to keep you warm than a jacket and sweater? A thick and warm coat can help protect you from the cold whenever necessary. Osaka’s wind feels colder and stronger, so be prepared for it.

Disposable Heating Pads

If you are not a fan of the cold, I suggest you pack some disposable heating pads. You can bring this with you while strolling the city and at the same time throw it at once after use. 

Clothes to Layer 

Aside from the thick coat and jacket, it’s better to layer yourself with clothes when going out. This is especially helpful if you cannot stand the cold so much. Skirts, tights, warmers, and many more are good layering choices. 

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🚑 Do I need insurance to travel to Osaka Japan?
Yes, you do! This is the number one requirement when traveling to Japan. I use SafetyWing and I only pay $40 USD per month for my digital nomad travel insurance!

✈️ Where can I find cheap flights to Osaka Japan?
You can find cheap flights to Osaka, Japan by using WayAway. This is my current flight search favorite and I have proven that flights on this website are way cheaper!

🛏️ Where can I find cheap hotels in Osaka Japan?
Budget travelers, use Hostelworld when looking for accommodations in Japan. A bed in a hostel dorm starts at $25 USD per night. Booking.com is best for boutique hotels while you will find many luxury hotels on Expedia.

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