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14 Sayulita hotels I love [location + prices explained]

While there are many good Sayulita hotels, the purpose of this article is to explain the distance to the center plus the prices of accommodations in Sayulita. Read on and get to know how to have great value for your money on your next Sayulita vacation!

📬 Reader Mail: Trisha, your blog is helping me a lot to plan my travels to Sayulita so thank you so much! I just booked on Vrbo and I was wondering if this is a platform that you guys use in Sayulita? I heard it is not pretty common and every country uses a different platform.

I just need your advice regarding the location of the Vrbo I rented and I also want to ask if you can recommend Sayulita hotels over apartments? We need a hotel that is near the center without renting a golf cart or taking a taxi.

What are the best Sayulita hotels you recommend? Can you please give me a description of the location and prices? Thank you for all your service!

– Barbara Dyer, Wilmington, NC

Hi Barbara!

Yes, we do use Vrbo here. I actually favor it more than Airbnb because of the crazy fees! However, you can also use if you are booking hotels in Sayulita.

I understand that the Sayulita layout is not very clear for first-timers. I actually mention that a lot to clients of mine so please feel free to send me the address and we will do an assessment!

Here are the best hotels in Sayulita that I recommend together with some tips for first-time travelers. Have fun and contact me when you’re here!


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What to expect from Sayulita hotels

Sayulita is a small town so before booking, you have to know that most Sayulita hotels in the center are boutique hotels and mainly for 2 people.

Buildings in Sayulita are not that big and there is always an impression that we are a resort area. Although there are big hotels in Sayulita, we are not the all-inclusive type of town.

The most common accommodation type in Sayulita is serviced apartments or boutique hotels. The Airbnbs are also popular because they are located in the jungles where you have a great view of Sayulita.

To date, there are no more properties to buy in Sayulita because they were all converted to vacation houses! If you are only going as a couple, staying in Sayulita hotels is the best and cheapest option. In fact, you’ll save a lot more in hotels!

For big groups, I have a few vacation rentals with pools that I can recommend. I don’t have them on this list because the owners are pretty private but they are super great for families and big groups of friends!

Just get in touch with me and I will show you some other options. For now, this article only focuses on Sayulita hotels.

Are Sayulita hotels expensive?

It really depends on the season like most popular destinations. In order to know that, you can visit my complete Sayulita travel guide and see when is the best time to visit Sayulita.

It also depends on what you are looking for but then again, we are going to be focused on Sayulita hotels ONLY in this post.


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If this is the accommodation type for you, expect to pay from $50 USD to $200 USD per night for 2 people. Most of the hotels on this list are super accessible without renting a golf cart or a car so that saves you a lot of money!

How to know if your hotel in Sayulita is well-located

Super quick tutorial: when looking for hotels in Sayulita, make sure to use ‘Sayulita Plaza’ on Google maps as a to and from points. Simply put it on Google maps and it will appear.

The Sayulita plaza is where all the restaurants, bars, and all the things to do in Sayulita so that’s going to be a popular landmark during your visit.

Once you have this on the maps, type the address of the hotel you want to book. From there, you will see the walking distance and/or if you need to drive.

Also note that some roads don’t appear on Google maps (especially our jungle roads) so if you need more information regarding the location of your accommodation, feel free to get in touch with me and I will give you feedback!

What are the best Sayulita hotels?

If you don’t have time to read, you can directly check the summary below. All prices below are for 2 people. In no particular order, the best Sayulita hotels are:

  1. Distrito 88: from $265 USD, 6-min walk to the center
  2. Hotel Vista Oceana Sayulita: from $162 USD, in the center
  3. Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas: from $214 USD, 10-min drive to the center
  4. Sayulita Central Hotel: from $70 USD, in the center
  5. Hotelito Los Sueños: from $82 USD, 10-min walk to the center
  6.  Puerto Sayulita: from $109 USD, 8-min walk to the center
  7. Aurinko Bungalows: from $81 USD, in the center
  8. Villa Vargas Sayulita, 8-min walk to the center
  9. Casa Curva: from $50 USD, 20-min walk to the center
  10. Petit Hafa Sayulita: from $75 USD, in the center
  11. Casa Pia: from $55 USD, in the center
  12. Villa Amor Sayulita: from $220 USD, 10-min walk to the center
  13. Hotel Ysuri Sayulita: from $140 USD, 5-min walk to the center
  14. Avela Boutique Hotel: from $173 USD, 12-min walk to the center

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14 best Sayulita hotels with location and prices

#1: Distrito 88: from $265 USD

📍 C. Primavera 35 | 📞 +52 331 417 3535 | 🚶‍♀️ 6 min walk to the center

Lies in close proximity to several leisure activities, Distrito 88 Hotel Sayulita Mexico offers a breathtaking view of the beach, lush tropical jungle, and mountain valley.

An adults-only hotel, this property features Mexican-style architecture. The ambiance is perfectly suitable for those eyeing a relaxed and quiet time with nature.

Room choices include suite, studio, and villa styles and all have a private yard. All are air-conditioned and differently designed.

sayulita hotels

There’s a kitchenette with a fridge and smart TV in the rooms. There’s a bar, restaurant, and coffee/tea in the common areas.

A stylish boutique hotel that’s built from the ground up, Distrito 88 is in the city center so guests have access to a variety of restaurants and shops. Onsite parking is available upon request. There’s wifi on the property free of charge.

Aside from all these amenities, there’s also an outdoor pool and a rooftop area. These two are the main attraction for the guests.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Distrito88

#2: Hotel Vista Oceana Sayulita: from $162 USD

📍 C. Marlín 17 | 📞 +52 322 980 0923 | ✨ in the center

A beachfront property, Hotel Vista Oceana Sayulita Mexico seamlessly combines contemporary design with the natural beauty of the Mexican landscape, offering you an unforgettable destination holiday.

Whether you come alone or bring family and friends, the place has room accommodations that would fit your needs. Some rooms have either a balcony or a terrace and so the view of the sea is there for certain. Some rooms have a patio in them.

sayulita hotels

There are private rooms, loft-style rooms, and a penthouse to choose from. There’s a great shared open rooftop patio where you can catch the sunrise and sunset every day.

This is the highlight of this property. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, flat-screen TV, and an ensuite bathroom.

There’s a bar on the ground floor. It’s also just a walking distance to all the restaurants and cafes in Sayulita town square. Food choices and availability won’t be a problem at all.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Hotel Vista Oceana Sayulita

#3: Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas: from $214 USD

📍 Camino Sin Nombre 714 | 📞 +52 322 182 2979 | 🚘 10-min drive to the center

The Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas is a tropical hotel located in the Riviera Nayarit. Placed up on the hillside overlooking the ocean, the property is composed of villas that are charming and intimate.

If you stay in this boutique hotel, you get the feel of the jungle and the sea combined together. It allows you a view from a hillside down to the beach.

sayulita hotels

Guests can delight in the intimacy with nature and opt for the thatched-roof accommodations designed in color palettes of beige, brown, blue, white, and cream.

The popular amenities of the hotel include an outdoor pool, bar, barbecue facilities, free wifi, and free parking. Massage and yoga sessions, motorcycle rides, horse rides, whale watching are just some of the additional services — activities that let your mind drift into relaxation mode while you still get out and about exploring natural wonders.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas

#4: Sayulita Central Hotel: from $70 USD

📍 Delfines 7 | 📞 +52 329 291 3845 | ✨ in the center

Living up to its name, Sayulita Central is literally in the heart of town – a few steps to the beach and 2 minutes to the plaza. I always recommend Sayulita Central Hotel to digital nomads because they have a co-working space!

Their newly opened space for Sayulita digital nomads is a hub for locals and expats who are working remotely. Non-guests can also avail the space for $7 USD per day.

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sayulita hotels

Apart from the co-working space, Sayulita Central Hotel is best for those who are traveling to Sayulita on a budget and but wants to be close to everything in town.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Sayulita Central Hotel

#5: Hotelito Los Sueños: from $82 USD

📍 Rosalio Tapia 10 | 📞 +52 329 291 3690 | 🚶‍♀️ 10 min walk to the center

Little Hotel Dreams as you call it in English, Hotelito Los Sueños is a charming old-fashioned property tucked in the lush greenery of Sayulita.

Located in the most famous Mexican destination for relaxation and romance, it provides access to the city center with its short walking distance.

With a free buffet of varied choices, use of bikes, free parking, on-site yoga classes, wellness services, outdoor pool, restaurant, free wifi, Hotelito Los Sueños Sayulita Mexico is uniquely designed for getaways.

sayulita hotels

Accommodation options include a villa, suite, and private rooms. They come with air conditioning, ceiling fans, and a fridge.

Note that all of the rooms do not have a television facility! Take this as something positive because the hotel wants their guests to get lost in nature which will truly take their breath away.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Hotelito Los Sueños 

#6: Puerto Sayulita: from $109 USD

📍 63728 Sayulita | 📞 +52 329 688 4700 | 🚶‍♀️ 8 min walk to the center

A 10-minute walk to the beach, Puerto Sayulita is the place for those who want to stay away from the nightlife scene. When you stay in this property, you won’t be looking for an active crowd at night.

Your stay in the daytime is enough to bring you joy the entire day. With a nice pool set up on the rooftop overlooking a terrific view of the ocean, you won’t want to step out of it.

sayulita hotels

You’re not in the center of the action, but there are restaurants and eateries around the area for your convenience.

Aside from the amazing pool, the property has amenities like free wifi, free parking, a tea/coffee maker in all rooms, and a bar. With well-spaced rooms, guests can enjoy the facility of a balcony, too, with a view of the mountains.

Rooms come with ensuite bathrooms, a private kitchen, air conditioning, flat TV screen, and cable channels.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Puerto Sayulita

#7: Aurinko Bungalows: from $81 USD

📍 C. Marlín 18 | 📞 +52 329 291 3150 | ✨ in the center

If you’re looking for a place that’s vibrantly and colorfully styled, then stay in the Aurinko Bungalows. With orange walls set alongside wooden materials and palapa, this boutique hotel offers 6 bungalows in 3 different categories. There’s a 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and a penthouse-style.

Tucked in between buildings and a hundred meters away from the beach, the property is set in a quiet location. It has a great ambiance for lounging around, reading, or doing some artwork.

best sayulita hotels

It’s a small property that gives this intimate feel to the guest. But with all these attributes, it is near to everything, too, like great restaurants, shops, cafes, a hideaway in a busy little town!

Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a private outside kitchen, a private bathroom, and a private outdoor relaxing area with a hammock. Their layout and amenities allow freedom and privacy for guests.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Aurinko Bungalows

#8: Villa Vargas Sayulita

📍 Av. Revolución 102A | 🚶‍♀️ 9 min walk to the center

Just 400 meters away from Sayulita Beach lies a luxurious and uniquely designed accommodation. A haven for those looking forward to an unforgettable stay in Sayulita. It’s an oasis with easy access to the beach, restaurants, nightlife while maintaining the vibe of the Mexican tradition.

As the name suggests, this hotel offers villa-type accommodations and it showcases sleek, modern, and cozy design. Villa Vargas looks like a resort, but with the privacy that the guests can enjoy, it feels like home.

best sayulita hotels

The villas are set in the tropical ground with a gorgeous pool, open concept kitchen, outdoor lounge area, and a garden terrace. There are standard, exclusive, and master villas to choose from.

Security is on for 24 hours and there’s CCTV outside the property. Private parking is also available. Guests don’t have to bring that much because the hotel is equipped with the essential amenities and facilities.

Off-site activities offered by the hotel include diving, fishing, canoeing, windsurfing, and horse riding.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Villa Vargas Sayulita

#9: Casa Curva: from $50 USD

📍 Libramiemto Punta de Mita 10 | 📞 +52 322 303 3135 | 🚶‍♀️ 20 min walk to the center

If you want to have an intimate local experience, then a stay in Casa Curva hotel is a sure way to suit that goal. Featuring four small and cozy rooms, the accommodations follow a theme of blue, orange, and yellow colors.

The rooms are just on the ground floor like in an apartment-style. The rooms have a private bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning, mini bar, a flat TV, and cable channels.

sayulita hotels

Free wired internet is accessible in public areas. There is a barbecue facility, too. Parking is free and available on a reservation basis.

The property is in a Mexican neighborhood in the middle of teeming greenery. There’s easy access to go anywhere as bikes are available to the guests free of charge.

Though it’s a little bit away from the center, Casa Curva is far from the noise and crowds of nightlife. It’s a pleasant private place worth its value.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Casa Curva

#10: Petit Hafa Sayulita: from $75 USD

📍 Av. Revolución 55 | 📞 +52 322 779 3573 | ✨ in the center

If you’re a fan of bohemian style and fusion designs, then you might love to stay at Petit Hotel Hafa. With a touch of Moroccan elements combined with Mexican charm, the vibe of this 8-bedroom boutique hotel will simply allure you.

Right in the hub of Sayulita, the popular facilities of the property include a swimming pool, a bar, a rooftop lounge area, and a courtyard.

The rooms are spacious enough for families or couples. The white-washed walls are a nice backdrop to the sound of the waves and the color of the sea.

sayulita hotelsSurrounded by restaurants, food options are not a problem. Free wifi in the public areas is available and free.

There’s nightlife for those active at night and free tequila is served at the rooftop lounge in the evening. There’s nature for adventurers in the morning. Four beaches are close by : Sayulita, La Lancha, San Pancho, and Burros.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Petit Hafa

#11: Casa Pia: from $55 USD

📍 Av. Revolución 15 | 📞 +52 329 298 8881 | ✨ in the center

A simple and unique property, Casa Pia features modern rooms that have an industrial rustic vibe to it but with a Mexican flair.

Situated just off the city center, the property is walkable to the beach and is surrounded by shops, eateries, flea & street markets, and a bus station. It’s great for those who want a quiet night as this place is not so active in the evenings.

sayulita hotels

Room choices range from standard, deluxe, double, and quadruple. Some rooms have a private bathroom and a minibar. The space is adequate for families, groups of friends, and couples alike.

The rooms come with a TV, free wifi, cable channels, and air conditioning. A bar and a restaurant are just within the vicinity.

If you’re looking for reasonably priced accommodation that is conveniently located but away from the noise, Casa Pia will surely meet your needs.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Casa Pia

#12: Villa Amor Sayulita: from $220 USD

📍 Camino a Playa los Muertos S/N | 📞 +52 329 291 3010 | 🚶‍♀️ 10 min walk to the center

Boasting gorgeous views of the beach and ocean, Villa Amor is an impelling catalog of villas where you can have the perfect vacation.

You may choose from charming one-bedroom and two-bedroom lodging to spacious three-bedroom accommodations that are covered by a lovely palapa.

The rooms have tea and coffee making facilities, a private kitchen, a private bathroom, and air conditioning.

sayulita hotels

Following a bohemian style, this beachfront resort with amenities such as a pool, outdoor yoga studio, bar, restaurant, sun loungers, terraces, room service, and a lush garden, can make guests have a really good time.

Activities and excursions could be arranged for an additional fee. These include diving, hiking, barbecuing, fishing, and massage.

Even if it’s in the heart of Sayulita, this place has a quiet vibe. The greenery, great service, location, and view make this place perfect for an all-inclusive holiday that’s free from the hustle and bustle of city life and work.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Villa Amor Sayulita

#13: Hotel Ysuri Sayulita: from $140 USD

📍 Pescadores 5 | 📞 +52 322 117 8082 | 🚶‍♀️ 5 min walk to the center

Ever wanted to experience a tropical paradise with your loved one? Hotel Ysuri Sayulita Mexico, a hotel with a sense of style, is here with you.

Its unique architecture and modern mixed with bohemian design will sweep you off your feet the moment you enter the lobby, while also providing an experience fit for luxury in every room.

Enjoy the sweeping views of sunrises when you stay in our spacious accommodations. Choices include a suite, private room, or a penthouse and guests can enjoy access to a garden and to a terrace. It’s suitable for couples and families who want to strengthen their bond over a vacation.

top sayulita hotels

Rooms come with air conditioning, flat TV, fridge, and cable channels. There’s free wifi throughout the entire property and there’s free parking on the site.

Aside from the hotel’s amazing location and facilities, there’s an outdoor pool overlooking the beach that guests always enjoy!

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Hotel Ysuri Sayulita

#14: Avela Boutique Hotel

📍 Libramiento Punta Mita 38 | 📞 +52 322 132 2664 | 🚶‍♀️ 12 min walk to the center

With your entire friends in tow, Avela Boutique Hotel Sayulita Mexico is the perfect destination for a stress-free and fun Mexican culture experience.

With air-conditioned rooms overlooking the quaint town of Sayulita, the beauty of the mountains in Cerro del Mono, or the waves of Playa Carricitos, you’re close to all that this area has to offer.

Not only best for a group of friends, business travelers or virtual workers can also take advantage of the leisure this hotel brings.

hotels in sayulitaThere’s free wifi in the entire property, a proper work seating area, and shuttle service for convenience. The rooms are spacious, organized, and brightly designed.

With a splendid outdoor pool and a relaxing jacuzzi in the center of the property, it’s enough reason to stay and lounge the whole day.

But for those who enjoy activities, there are off-site ones for an additional charge. Guests can join walking tours, local culture classes, diving, canoeing, snorkeling, horse riding, bike tours, pub crawls, and many more.

👉🏽 Check prices and availability at Avela Boutique Hotel