Osaka Nightlife: best bars and karaoke stops

Explore the Osaka nightlife with these best bars in Osaka list. This list includes the world’s best bars (there’s 5 in Osaka), Karaoke bars, and everything you need to know about the nightlife culture in Japan.

📧 Reader Mail: Hello, Trisha! First off, thank you for inspiring many women to travel solo. I have been following you on Instagram and the amount of travel you’ve done is very impressive. I also appreciate all your generous tips and personal experiences. It does surely make your blog different!

I want to pick your brain because I am going for the Spring vacation in Japan. My friends and I are heavily leaning on the parties so I want to ask you about the best bars in Osaka?

If you can also give insights about what to avoid or how to stay safe, that would be appreciated. Thank you for all your tips!

– Sue Wells, Ohio

Konnichiwa, Sue!

Glad you are enjoying my Japan content. I love Osaka and I’ve traveled there for a month. The Osaka nightlife is definitely something worth checking out. It is very different from the North American culture!

To be honest, any bars in Osaka will be a great fit, but it all depends on what you are looking for. In this article, the bars in Osaka are categorized so feel free to browse and see which types of bars you are looking for.

solo travel

As for safety, you do not have to worry about this. I’ve walked alone many times in Osaka (even in the wee hours) and I never felt unsafe.

Good luck on your Spring break party and I hope you enjoy Osaka! If there’s anything else I can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Xx, Trisha

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Osaka nightlife: quick links

📍 Best areas for Osaka nightlife

The most famous area for Osaka nightlife is Dotonbori. Restaurants and bars in this area are open until the wee hours of the morning, perfect to visit during the night. 

The best areas to explore for Osaka nightlife is Umeda, Minami, Namba and Urunamba. For an extra local experience, check out Hozenji Yokocho and Ohatsu Tenjin Urasando, which are alleys with bars and clubs.

🗺️ Bars in Osaka Map

🏆 Must-visit Osaka bars

#1: Bar Hiramatsu Umeda

📍2-chōme-5-25 Umeda, Kita Ward
💲 from $14 USD 

Bar Hiramatsu is one of Japan’s tiny, standing-room-only cocktail establishments hidden in the luxury shopping mall Herbis Osaka.

You can expect a wide selection of Japanese whisky, Ginza-style seasonal fruit cocktails, martini, champagne, and classics on the menu. 

Bartenders in Bar Hiramatsu are highly skilled, so I suggest you try their cocktails (especially the persimmon drink).

The drinks and snacks in the Bar vary from $14 USD and may go as high as $100 USD, depending on what and how many you order.

bars in osaka japan
Their mojito and highball were also professionally crafted, so I highly recommend ordering them. Their menu is in English so you don’t have to worry about translating them while ordering. 

#2: Bar Juniper

📍Japan, 〒530-0003 Osaka, Kita Ward
💲 from $15 USD 

Bar Juniper is famous for its ambiance and spirit of an apothecary while, at the same time, remaining sleek and modern.

They have an impressive collection of local labels, classic cocktails, rare & vintage liquor, and local twists of gimlets and Martinis. There are only about ten bar seats, so make sure to visit early. 

As you visit Bar Juniper, I suggest you get drinks based on gin. They offer an incredible selection of rare gin, probably the best I had. The baristas also make fantastic cocktails for reasonable prices. 

bars in osaka
A drink in Bar Juniper starts at $15 USD, but you will need a budget of at least $25 USD per person to enjoy the place.

#3: Bar K

📍Japan, 〒530-0002 Osaka, Kita Ward
💲 from $15 USD 

Bar K is located in KitaShinchi District, known for its nightlife. The bar is tranquil and low-key that can only accommodate 16 drinkers inside the basement bar. It focuses on Japan’s liquor production, serving great cocktails and spirit collections. 

Bar K’s drinks and food are stylish and intimate. They serve the best cocktail, and the best I had from Bar K is their yuzu cocktail. Aside from this, their classic daiquiri is also a must-try.

bars in osaka japan
Drinks from Bar K start at $15. The suggested budget for one person is $30 USD. This way, you get to enjoy various beverages and some snacks.

#4: Bar Nayuta

📍 Japan, 〒542-0086 Osaka, Chuo Ward
💲 from $13 USD

Bar Nayuta is tucked away from the Triangle Park in Osaka, marked by an occult-looking symbol in a quaint door. It is difficult to locate but well worth the effort because of its moody and intimate setting.

From infusions and liqueurs, Bar Nayuta offers any type of drink based on your preference. I recommend you ask for a mocktail and cocktail at once to see how they’re both made by a skilled bartender. 

You can easily order a drink for only $13 USD. This will now vary depending on your request and customized drink.

bars in osaka
The bar does not have a menu for you to choose from; rather, it lets you choose your drink, which will be custom created by the bartenders. 

#5: Bible Club Osaka

📍Japan, 〒542-0085 Osaka, Chuo Ward
💲 from $14 USD

The Bible Club Osaka is a speakeasy bar famously known for its detailed vintage decor that transports its guests to the pre-Prohibition times, including the Antique Crystal drinkware.

It offers a wide selection of spirits – whisky and cocktails thoughtfully built with fresh ingredients. This is a sister bar to the Bible Club Bari in Portland. 

Bartenders in the Bible Club Osaka are professionally skilled. They make the best cocktails, the Serendipity cocktail in particular. I also got to try their cheese board which was a perfect snack that goes with a drink. 

bars in osaka japan
To enjoy your visit to Bible Club Osaka, you will need a budget of at least $20 USD. Still, you can get a drink for only $14 USD.

🍸 Cocktail bars in Osaka

#6: Mixology & Factory Bar Gear

📍Japan, 〒542-0085 Osaka, Chuo Ward
💲 from $8 USD

Located at the heart of Shinsaibashi, the Mixology & Factory Bar Gear is open to serving their customers innovative and fusion drinks and food.

It can house up to 20 customers at a time inside the bar. They offer traditional sake, Japanese spirits, wines, mixology cocktails, and much more. 

The mixology & factory Bar Gear does not have any menu. Instead, you can ask for assistance from the bartender, and I suggest you request the Little Planet cocktail (best-seller). Of course, you must not miss their mixology cocktail as well.

#7: Bar Agréable

📍Japan, 〒542-0083 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Higashishinsaibashi, 1-chōme−12−6 吉田ビル 1F
💲 from $8 USD

Bar Agreable is an Osakan bar that was built in the mid ’90s. It is located in the city’s oasis, where customers can unwind inside a bar decked out in dark polished woods and sultry lighting.

It serves various whiskies, brandies, rums, and hand-shaken cocktails, making it a popular back-lit bar hangout. 

The bar has an impressive selection of liquors. Bartenders can create a cocktail based on your preference, but I suggest you try their classic whiskey and fresh fruit cocktails.

Should you get hungry after drinking and don’t want to go elsewhere, Bar Agreable has good food, too! The puff pastry pizza is a good food choice in this bar (as a snack).

osaka nightlife

#8: 뮤직 바 그루비 (Music Bar Groovy) 

📍1-chōme-6-12 Taishi, Nishinari Ward
💲 from $8 USD 

Music bar Groovy (뮤직 바 그루비) is an intimate Jazz Bar located in Osaka. Visitors visit not only for their food and drinks but also for the exciting music ambiance. They usually play Jazz and music from the 60s and 70s and serve reasonably priced Japanese food and drinks. 

With a great selection of spirits and alcohol, I recommend you order classic whiskey. This goes well with the vibe of the Jazz bar. Also, try their yuzu chuhi with a splash of calpis. 

You will need at least $8 USD to drink in Music Bar Groovy. 

osaka nightlife

#9: Leach Bar at the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka

📍Japan, 〒530-0005 Osaka, Kita Ward
💲 from $12 USD

The Leach Bar is located inside the RIHGA Royal Hotel in Osaka. It was designed by the British potter Bernard Leach, known for having a vital role in the folk craft movement.

The bar is designed to reflect the concept of the movement, which is made up of rocks, bricks, and cane and a quiet cottage-like atmosphere. 

Their signature cocktail is gin and tonic in a copper mug, which lived up to its title. I also suggest you get a classic fruit cocktail if you want something fruity.

bars in osaka

#10: Deepening Submarine Bar SHINKA

📍1-chōme-1-7 Andōjimachi, Chuo Ward
💲 from $10 USD

Deepening Submarine Bar is located in Osaka City and is called the Submarine Bar because its interior looks like a submarine.

The bar’s location is difficult to find because it has a unique presence as a hideout bar in Osaka and is known only to those who have been there. Shinka only offers limited seats for customers.

When ordering, I suggest you get some of their gin and tonic. Also, order beef jerky (which I liked) to go with your drink.

They do not have a menu so it’s recommended to let the barista know about your preference.

bars in osaka
This is my favorite experience as getting here is a journey! You will enter secret passages and alley – definitely a must when in Osaka!

#11: Cellar Bar|RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka

📍Japan, 〒530-0005 Osaka, Kita Ward
💲 from $7 USD

The Cellar Bar of RIHGA Royal Hotel in Osaka is located in the hotel’s basement. It offers a warm atmosphere accompanied by various whiskies and spirits that each customer can enjoy. Inside, the bar plays live music, perfect for enthusiasts. 

The gin tonic served in a copper mug is a must-try among their drinks. I also enjoyed the cocktails that were made at the counter bar. 

Osaka bars
You will need at least a budget of $7 USD to get a drink here.

🍺 Beer bars in Osaka Japan

#12: RBCB Rock Bar Cherry Bomb

📍5F, 2-chōme-4-4-8 Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo Ward
💲 from $6 USD 

RBCB Rock Bar Cherry Bomb is a lively tiny bar in Osaka that serves imported draft beer and cocktails. The bar’s eclectic decor is famous among guests, perfect for a late-night drink.

It is a small bar that can only fit 15 people, but you can quickly get a seat and have comfortable private conversations. 

The pub does not only serve beer and cocktails but also has incredible bar foods like tacos. I recommend you get their spicy shrimp tacos and pair them with their best-selling tequila shot. 

bars in osaka
Food and drinks in RBCB are affordable, starting at $6 USD.

#13: Craft Beer Works Kamikaze

📍Japan, 〒550-0014 Osaka, Nishi Ward
💲from $5 USD 

Craft Beer Works Kamikaze is a pub in Osaka that serves contemporary Italian pasta and mains, together with artisanal tap beers.

They are usually open daily from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM, perfect for enjoying the nightlife. They have an extensive selection of craft beer you can choose from. 

I find the light pilsner from Tottori the best among all their craft beer selections. There are also US and UK pints that you can try. 

osaka bars
The food here is primarily for sharing, ranging from $5 USD to more.

#14: Marciero

📍8-10 Dōyamachō, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0027, Japan
💲 from $5 USD 

Marciero is is a bar in Osaka that offers an excellent selection of craft beers straight from the tap. The concept of the bar is to have a standing room only and is decorated with concrete and wooden halls.

It is relatively small and can cater to a few people at a time. This helps keep the bar’s atmosphere cozy and comfortable.

With the different selections of craft beers, I mostly like the taste of the Norway and Oregon tap. Food is also good, especially their gobo fritters that go well with tap beer. 

Food and drinks in Marciero start at $5 USD. They do not accept credit cards so make sure to bring Japanese yen (cash).

osaka bars
Food and drinks in Marciero start at $5 USD. They do not accept credit cards, so be ready with cash when paying.

#15: Good Times Reggae Bar

📍Japan, 〒542-0086 Osaka, Chuo Ward
💲 from $5 USD

Good Times Reggae Bar is designed for those who are a fan of reggae, rock, pop, and even jazz. It’s a cozy and comfortable bar located in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. The bar serves various beers and cocktails, along with some bar food. 

I highly recommend their Chivas Cocktail. It was perfectly made by their skilled barista. Another drink to get is something customized, created, and requested by the barista himself. 

osaka bars

🎤 Karaoke bars in Osaka Japan

#16: Moonshine Karaoke Bar

📍Japan, 〒542-0086 Osaka, Chuo Ward
💲 from $5 USD 

Moonshine Karaoke Bar is an international bar located in the heart of Osaka, where many ex-pats, travelers, and world roamers visit.

There are a lot of alcohol and beers being sold in the Karaoke Bar, which you can have while singing your heart out to different styles of music. Staff in the bar are Japanese and English speaking.

The place has great bartenders who create a mix of crazy cocktails. I recommend you try some of their pizza to go with your tequila shots and cocktail drinks. 

Moonshine’s menu varies from $5 USD to $80 USD. This will depend on the alcohol you order and the quantity of food.

osaka bars

#17: The Drunken Clam

📍喜久ビル 3F, 6-26 Souemonchō, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0084, Japan
💲 from $4 USD

The Drunken Clam is a karaoke bar in Osaka, Japan, that provides free karaoke service to all customers. You can easily enjoy a song to share with other guests while you sip on a choice of drink from the spirits, whiskey, beer, and cocktails they serve. 

Drinks and food in the Drunken Clam are pretty priced. I suggest you get a pint of draft Kirin Beer and cocktails like the Women Power and Jack HighBall when you visit. 

You will need at least $4 USD to get a drink in the Drunken Clam.

osaka bars

🍻 Sport Bars in Osaka

#18: The Australian Pub

📍1-chōme-16-30 Higashishinsaibashi
💲 from $3 USD 

The Australian Pub is an authentic Aussie Sports Bar and Pub located in Osaka. Seating can be indoor, where you can check out live games and matches on the screens, as well as lush green outdoor seating. The Pub serves Australian food and drinks put together by skilled staff. 

Among the various selections, their best-seller is the fish and chips, perfect with a pint of beer. I recommend you order a great bottle of wine and a Hibiki 21. 

Food and drinks in the Australian Pub price start at $3 USD. You will need at least $15 USD per person to enjoy a great night here. 

osaka bars

#19: The Blarney Stone

📍Japan, 〒542-0083 Osaka, Chuo Ward
💲 from $7 USD

The Blarney Stone is an Irish Pub located in Osaka. It serves a mix of Irish, British and American food and drinks while enjoying great music and sports games inside the pub. The pub is also famous for having great and friendly staff. 

The Blarney Stone’s best-selling food is their Hamburger and Fish & Chips. This will go well with a pint of craft beer, which I suggest you order. 

Have at least $7 USD for a starting budget when you go to the Blarney Stone.

osaka bars

#20: The Blackstock British Bar

📍 7-chōme-1-10 Fukushima, Fukushima Ward, Osaka, 553-0003, Japan
💲 from $5 USD

Enjoy game night in the Blackstock British Bar located in Osaka. It’s a quaint bar that serves an extensive selection of drinks and British alcohol. The place is tiny, but it is comfortable and cozy with friendly staff and skilled bartenders. 

The Blackstock British Bar serves one of the best fish and chips. I suggest you also get a taste of their Brewdog & Guinness from the UK. For non-beer drinkers, I suggest you get a Mojito.

A budget of $15 USD will be enough for one person. Menu item’s price range starts from $5 USD and can go as high as $1,071 USD.

osaka bars

#21: Murphys Bar

📍Japan, 〒542-0085 Osaka, Chuo Ward
💲 from $5 USD

Murphys Bar is an Irish pub in Osaka. The atmosphere in the pub is cozy and casual, perfect for late night-drinks while in Osaka.

The pub serves various kinds of food, beers, wine, spirits, cocktails, and even coffee. Visitors come to visit for their sports and live music offerings. 

They offer the best Irish whiskey selection, so I recommend you try at least one drink. Also, buy their beer which is relatively cheap for its quality.

osaka bars

#22: PC and Retro Bar Space Station

📍2-chōme-13-3 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0086, Japan

💲 from $5 USD

PC and Retro Bar Space Station is designed with dimly lit walls illuminated by neon lights and the glow of television screens. Inside the bar are various collections of alcohol, together with vintage game cartridges. It opened in 2011, being one of Osaka’s unique video game bars. 

They name their cocktails after a few famous games, and the best I’ve tried is their Gin Sonic and Chun Li cocktail. I highly suggest you also push a shot of their “Pikachu.”

You can get a drink from the bar for as low as $4 USD. Be prepared with cash because they do not currently accept credit cards.

osaka bars

#23: HUB Namba Ebisubashi

📍Japan, 〒542-0076 Osaka, Chuo Ward
💲 from $3 USD

Hub Namba Ebisubashi is a British Pub located in Namba, Osaka. Compared to usual Japanese pubs, the place is quite spacious and can seat at least 86 people. They offer casual choices of drinks and food, usually served in pubs (British in specific). 

Their fish and chips are a must-try if you wish to get some food. I recommend getting their Draft Beer, which will suit your taste. 

You can purchase a drink here for at least $3 USD only.

osaka bars

🏮 Does Osaka have good nightlife?

ABSOLUTELY! Osaka is definitely a nocturnal city. The parties here never stop until the wee hours of the morning. I did not expect this when I first came to Osaka as I was convinced it was milder than Tokyo.

There are different ways to explore Osaka nightlife be it a chill Izakaya evening, a Karaoke drinking party, or night clubbing.

Osaka’s nightlife is perfect for travelers who want to take it slow and savor the city’s food culture. And with the immense variety of food and drink in the town, I guarantee you will enjoy exploring Osaka day and night!

bars in osaka japan

🎉 Is Osaka a party city?

Osaka is home to a lot of bars, pubs, and clubs. It is renowned throughout Japan for having similar high-energy nightlife to Tokyo. So, the answer is a big YES! 

Osaka is the place to be if you’re looking to party all night without having to break your travel budget. Visit Kita, Umeda, and Minami, and you’ll find nightclubs and bars you can hop into from one place to another. 

The best thing about partying in Osaka is that travelers can quickly go from one place to another. With the accessible and good local transport system of the city, you won’t have to waste your time while bar hopping and checking other areas.

osaka nightlife

🥳 Do Japanese people go clubbing?

Of course! Japanese people also love going around clubs and partying all night. And since Japan is a country that has a thriving club scene that can cater to a wide variety of musical tastes, locals also fill up the nightclubs and party till sunrise. 

Although there are only a few clubs for dancing and partying, clubbing for Japanese people is more like hopping from one izakaya to another while they dance on their little way inside the bar. 

The legal age for the Japanese to be allowed to enter nightclubs is 20 years old. This is the minimum age for them to smoke and drink alcohol legally.

osaka nightlife
Karaoke is big in Osaka nightlife so even if you don’t know how to sing, you must go to Karaoke bars in Osaka to get to know their culture.

👯🏽‍♀️ What are Japanese nightclubs like?

Japanese nightclubs are not typical VIP clubs where people pop bottles and stay in their area. Instead, nightclubs in Japan are smaller and packed.

People drink by the glass or have shots in Japanese clubs, and there will not be much seating or tables.

Clubs in Japan are usually established with pop music, jazz, and other genres. And if you’re curious, Dancing at nightclubs in Japan is not illegal. Dance floors are usually packed with people.

osaka nightlife

🍺 How much is a beer in Osaka?

If you enjoy a beer (like I do), you have nothing to worry about when you visit Osaka. A local beer usually costs $3 USD per pint in a neighborhood pub.

Osaka is popular for its craft beer, and in between bars, you can experience different brews of beer and choose what best fits your preference.

Try visiting the local pubs and trying their draft beer to get a taste of the local beer they are having in Japan. Imported beer in Osaka can cost $4 USD when bought in restaurants or convenience stores.

osaka nightlife

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🇯🇵 Osaka Travel Resources

🚑 Do I need insurance to travel to Osaka Japan?
Yes, you do! This is the number one requirement when traveling to Japan. I use SafetyWing and I only pay $40 USD per month for my digital nomad travel insurance!

✈️ Where can I find cheap flights to Osaka Japan?
You can find cheap flights to Osaka, Japan by using WayAway. This is my current flight search favorite and I have proven that flights on this website are way cheaper!

🛏️ Where can I find cheap hotels in Osaka Japan?
Budget travelers, use Hostelworld when looking for accommodations in Japan. A bed in a hostel dorm starts at $25 USD per night. is best for boutique hotels while you will find many luxury hotels on Expedia.

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