A letter to my 25-year-old self

All your birthday greetings are sincere, personal and made specially for me. It´s not just a simple “Happy birthday!” and I want to thank you for giving a second of your life, on the 20th of September 2013, to open your laptop/mobile device and craft a birthday greeting for me.

With this, I have written a letter for myself, derived from your greetings. You are all my inspiration!

solo travel

You are not old. I can see that you feel worried that life is passing you by — that everyone from back home are settling down, having kids and getting married, but come on, you are young!

You met people on the road who are 10 years older than you, single and having the best time of their life, right? Don´t get pressured by the society´s stereotype.

Age is just a number and this is not midlife crisis. Believe me, you are very young! You have been hurt in the past, felt like abused by giving too much and met negative people along the way but do not stop loving and seeing the good in people.

One day, you will get what’s due for you but until that time comes, do not raise your expectations but do what you feel is right. Whatever you do, keep writing.

Don´t you realize that this is one of the things that make you sane? It makes you feel good even if you are far away from home. In fact, it makes you feel alive so keep doing it. 

Speaking of home, never lose ties with your parents. You are an adult and now is the best time to connect with them, in a very matured manner. You might be surprised that they are the ones who understand you more than you can imagine.

Call them regularly, update them with your life, share what you feel. It´s okay to give but leave some for yourself. You cannot always give the whole plate without eating something.

You need strength to move and grow. You are not alone so when in need, seek for help. You have touched people´s lives and helped them in every way you can.

You have always put others first before yourself but you are only human. In fact, you are very lucky because you have a very supportive community and they were always there to guide, teach and help you pick yourself up when you fall. 

God gave you your family and friends. Remember when they were the ones in need and you were the stronger one? Remember when they were rock bottom and you were on top?

morocco solo travel
I’m in Morocco now and this is what’s been happening so far.

Humanity is made that way — not everyone is weak and strong in one time. It´s okay to be weak because your family and friends are strong now. Take your turn.

Honor what you feel and pat yourself on the back knowing that you are taking a step towards the right direction.

When you are right, everything will be right. The right person will come, the right places will emerge and you will attract all the positive opportunities that the world has to offer.

Take care of yourself and be responsible with your life. You are 25 and not 15! Slow down — eat at the right pace and savour the food in your mouth; look at everything beautiful (and ugly) while you are walking; avoid looking at your watch while waiting for people in a cafe/restaurant.

They will come when they will come; best of all, read a book without hurrying on the pages so that you will understand it better. It´s not about how many books you have read. It´s about how you understood it. 

brazil solo travel

Make peace with yourself. You will make mistakes but you need to forgive and accept it. You can do this by spiritually connecting with your self more. Have some quiet time. Listen to what your heart is saying but be logical too.

You are a warrior and one of the bravest girl I know. Go to war but study the warzone carefully. Jump on fire without getting toasted nor half cooked. You will be lonely, hungry, sad and happy all at the same time but let me remind you that you chose this life path.

Nobody asked you to do this. I believe that you will never do something dictated by others because all your life, you have been the girl who stayed firm with your decisions. You understand yourself better than anyone (I hope).

Before eating and loving, pray. There´s no other powerful connection in this world than getting in touch with the Higher Being. Talk, ask nicely, seek for guidance.

Along with this, do not lose your relationship with the Universe. As long as you are not craving obsessively, you will get what you want from them, one step at a time. Remeber what The Beatles told you? “There will be an answer so let it be.“

Self care is important. Do not go watching a movie finishing the whole bag of popcorn to yourself. Eat healthy, sleep early and drink lots of water. Never announce that you will be on a diet or a killer exercise if you don´t mean it.

Continue dancing with the waves, climbing mountains, doing yoga under the tree, punching the bag, mastering meditation like the Buddha boy, and most of all, don’t forget how football has always helped you have a sound mind and body. 

Always be grateful because you have all the reasons to be. There are more people fighting a harder battle than you. However, this does not give you the right to feel okay through the suffering of others.

Relax, appreciate and always tell yourself that life is beautiful. When you feel lonely, cross your arms close to your bossom and hug yourself. You will feel very good, you´ll see.

Be beautiful, feel beautiful.

Keep having adventures, even by yourself. Camp in Patagonia, get lost in Machu Picchu, wander the Amazon and experience the amazing World Cup in Brazil.

Take pictures, laugh, be silly, be happy, make funny faces, post ugly selfies, but never keep your guard down. Watch yourself. Make friends and gain insights and new perspectives.

Share what you know using your true genuine self. Be clear with your intentions all the time. Learn how to speak Spanish fluently, the South American way, how to cook paella, how to dance salsa. When you already know, teach.

Lastly, go home when you are ready. It´s just one plane ride away.

Brace yourself. Life at 25 is a beginning of something wonderful. 🙂

Love, Trisha

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