107 free things to do in Malawi

107 Free Things To Do In Malawi

Malawi is heaven on earth. You might not be familiar wit it but there are a lot of free things to do in Malawi. It has stunning lakes, terrific mountains and a rich culture that takes tourists into unparalleled excitement. In her warm temperature, refreshing wind breezes and the terrific twilight, tourists relax and appreciate the beauty of life. Many tourists who have visited Malawi do not just romanticize their visit but they also speak of coming back.

Tourists love Malawi because even when a tourist does not have enough finances, he or she can always be sure of having wonderful time. The country offers numerous adventures with no cost at all. Some of the 107 free things to do in Malawi:

  1. Visit skeletons at Maravi mountain where the Ngoni perished under the wrath of the Lomwe
  2. Visit Chisi fortifications in Zomba. These Fortified settlements are particularly in the mountains of Chisi island at Lake Chilwa. These settlements were developed by local people in the 19th century in attempt to escape from slave trade.
  3. Visit Fort Mangochi in Mangochi where you will see preserved fortification at historical slave route built by British in the 19th century.
  4. See Mwalaumodzi in Nsanje. This is a sacred site of granite rock in Thangadzi river. Stone has imprints of buttocks, reportedly left by a deified priest Mbona.
  5. Attend Umthetho Cultural festival of the ngonis of Mzimba
  6. Attend  Umhlangano was angoni Maseko Festival in Ntcheu
  7. Attend Gonapamuhanya festival
  8. Attend Mulhako wa Alhomwe festival in Mulanje
  9. Visit Nguludi slave house in chiradzulu
  10. Admire the Mandala house which is the oldest European building in Malawi
  11. Visit Nkhota kota one of Malawi`s oldest town and once a centre for slave trade In Malawi
  12. Visit Kande beach and lie at the sand
  13. See Manchewe Waterfalls in Livingstonia
  14. See the Manchewe Caves in Livingstonia
  15.  Visit Maula prison and see how people suffered for democracy in Malawi.
  16. Visit Maula cathedral and be touched with what the poor Klaire are doing for the people
  17. See the Parliament building in Lilongwe and appreciate Malawi`s strides in democracy.
  18.  Visit Bembeke Cathedral and learn about catholic missions and paintings
  19. Visit tea estates in Mulanje and Thyolo. They have vast colonial history
  20.  Go cycling along Lake Malawi
  21. Learn about slavery at Phalombe which was a centre for slavery
  22. Visit Karonga and trace the history of slave trade under Mlozi
  23. See the first post office in Malawi at Nyungwi along Zomba  Blantyre road
  24. See the sugar plantations at sucoma
  25. See an amazing tree called Khuni la Nkhole in Ntchena-chena Rumphi. The locals think that it has roots in the leaves.
  26. See Anglican Cathedral, built by missionaries over 100 years ago, on Likoma Island.
  27. Some visitors enjoy visiting the Tobacco auction floors
  28. You can visit the site where there was the first school in Malawi at Cape Maclear
  29. You can see the tombs of early missionaries who died of Malaria at cape Maclear
  30. Visit Mikuyu prison where political prisoners were being kept and trace the changes that have happened at the prison.
  31.  Visit curio market in Lilongwe and just see what Malawians are capable of.
  32. Visit the Livingston tomb and house at Magomero. He died during chilembwe uprising.
  33. Visit providence industrial church in Chiradzulu and learn about John Chilembwe uprising against colonial rule.
  34. Visit Chancellor College in Zomba and learn of its role in the fight for democracy in Malawi.
  35. Meet Rose Chibambo, the only hero on the Malawi Bank notes who is still arrive. She was a freedom fighter.
  36. Find free accommodation in many houses across the country by simply joining church surfing.
  37. See the First and Second World War memorial in Zomba City near Cobbe barracks
  38. Visit Phopo Hill Iron Age site
  39. Visit Mwaurambo  Iron age site in Karonga
  40. Visit Mwamasapa Iron Age Site in Karonga
  41. See Mbande hill Iron Age Site in Karonga
  42. See  Nkope bay Iron Age Site in Rumphi
  43. Visit Bwanje Iron Age Site in Bwanje Valley
  44. Visit Kapeni hill Iron Age Site
  45.  In Dzalanyama there is a rock with footprints. It is believed that first people on earth were created there.
  46. See the source of Phalombe disaster at Mulanje Mountain
  47. Visit Vizala Rubber plantation in Nkhatabay
  48. See old planes at air wing in Zomba
  49. Join any community football team for free and enjoy football
  50. Visit Mvera in Dowa and appreciate the works of Dutch Reformed Church
  51. Go hiking to the peak of Zomba plateau
  52. You can go swimming in Mangochi
  53. You can go fishing in Malawi’s longest river, Shire River.
  54. Visit Mwala wa Mphini for free along Mangochi road
  55. Hike to Sapitwa on Mount Mulanje for free
  56. Visit Kamuzu Museum for free
  57. See Kamuzu statue. Kamuzu was the first president of Malawi
  58. Watch sunrise at Boadzulu on Lake Malawi
  59. Visit Malawi Parliament
  60. Visit world fish centre in Zomba and have a chance to envy our fish
  61. Visit villages such as Ntchenachena and learn Malawian Culture.
  62. Watch birds at Lake Chilwa. Lake Chilwa was designated as a wetland of International importance importance in 1997.
  63. Visit Livingstonia mission in Livingstonia; one of the early mission centres in Malawi
  64. Visit Dziwe la Nkhalamba falls on Mulanje Mountain
  65. Visit Chingwe’s Hall at Zomba plateau for free and see where people with leprosy were being thrown in historical Malawi
  66.  Go to queens view at Zomba plateau and enjoy the beautiful scenery
  67. Have a quiet afternoon at William falls at Zomba plateau
  68. Climb Elemphant rock in Chikangawa
  69. You can take a bath at Mawira hot spring or simply see the place.
  70. Go swimming at Kande beach in Nkhatabay
  71. Hike at Nkhoma Mountain
  72. Visit old Bandawe mission station
  73. Visit world war 1 memorial in Lilongwe
  74. Visit Maula Cathedral in Lilongwe
  75. Visit Malingunde dam also known as kamuzu dam
  76. See rock paintings by early inhabitants of Malawi at Chongoni Rock art in Dedza
  77. You can spend a peaceful evening at Chisi Island in Lake Chilwa
  78. See a huge tree at Chilema, Malosa in Zomba. This tree is so big and the locals do not know where it starts or end. They have a rich history.
  79. Go to Pathabwa and see the splendid view of Shire river
  80. See the longest bridge in Malawi (Kamuzu Bridge) in Salina.
  81. Visit Lilongwe market and see the unique way in which trade is done and organised in Malawi
  82. Visit the khulubvi shrine and learn about Africa Tradition Language
  83. Learn the history of Universities Mission to Central Africa at Likoma Island.
  84. Visit St Michaels and all angels in Blantyre
  85. See colonial era monuments in Mangochi
  86. See the Bakili Muluzi bridge in Mangochi
  87. Do mountain biking at Viphya plateau
  88. Go hiking in Mafinga hill in Chitipa
  89. See old parliament building in Zomba
  90. See Chingwe`s hole at Zomba plateau. This hole was used for throwing people with leprosy so that they could die there.
  91. See sunset at lake Malombe
  92. Visit lake Kazuni
  93. See meteorite in Machinga
  94. See Mwala wa Mthuzi in Thyolo. Locals say that u cant move around it without getting tired unless you are whistling
  95. Visit Mbona cult and learn about African Tradition Religion
  96. Hike at Mwanda hill in Rumphi
  97. Near Malawi Institute of Tourism there is a river called pamizimu. Some people think there are spirits at the area. Don’t go into the river because the locals believe that if you go into the river you would not be found again.
  98. See Chikala Pillars in Zomba. It has beautiful features formed as a result of erosion
  99. See the view of Zomba at the Emperor view at Zomba plateau.
  100. See a gigantic tree on Chisi Island in Lake Chilwa. The trunk of tree is much wider than two humans standing side by side
  101. See Malema fossils in Karonga. See fossils of varied extinct animals. Here have been found fossils of early hominids (1 – 6 million years old) and dinosaurs (100 – 140 million years old).
  102. See Likhubula Falls in Mulanje.
  103. See Mwana wa Chencherere II monument
  104. See Namzeze ancient paintings
  105. See the fine art of Mphunzi shelters.
  106. See the Fingira rock paintings in Rumphi which is a group of prehistoric rock paintings in a rock shelter, here have been found also stone artefacts and shells.
  107. See Chifunda Lundu cult site in Nsanje.

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Mwaona is a local from Malawi staying in Zomba, the former capital city. He is currently pursuing a degree in communication and culture at the University of Malawi. He also teaches History and Geography at Mulunguzi Secondary School in Zomba. Every year, he travels with tourists across the country showing them beautiful places, sharing culture and the beauty of his country. He considers himself adventurous and gregarious.


  • December 11, 2015

    I’m looking forward to be able to do your 107 free tips adventure. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pascal
    February 18, 2016

    108. If you’re athletic, join the three peaks walk to hike Michiru, Soche and Ndirande Mountain in one day.

    109. Hike up Chiradzulu Mountain

    110. Drive down Chikwawa escarpment

    111. Watch a sunset or sunrise from any vantage point

  • Heather Katsonga-Woodward
    February 19, 2016

    This is fantastic. I didn’t know my beloved country had quite so much one can do…


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